tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 09

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 09



"So, where are we supposed to meet your friends?" Cori asked as they got out of the SUV. Immediately, heads turned and whistles and cat-calls could be heard from the throng of people milling around the outside of the stadium. There were plenty of gorgeous, sexily dressed babes scampering around on this southern campus, but none quite as gorgeous or quite as scantily clad as Cori. Her nipples were once again poking through her mesh jersey, holding it in place over her tits. Her tight ass wiggled fantastically in the white shorts, her ass cheeks split by the red thong.

"They're supposed to be near Gate J, tailgating in the parking lot," Ty said. "They're just a few of my old college and high school buddies. They said they'd have lots of food and beer. We've got two hours until kickoff, so we have plenty of time to hang out with them."

"I can't wait to meet them," Cori said.

"And I can't wait until they get a look at you. They'll never believe you're with me. I didn't date that often in high school or college, either one. They won't believe a babe like you is hanging out with me."

"Well, I'm proud to," Cori said. "They'll be able to see that, I promise. I bet I can make them jealous."

"I'm sure you can," Ty said.

"Do they know I'm coming with you?"

"No. They think it's just a guy thing today. 'No women allowed' was the rule. But, I think they'll make an exception when they see you."

"Oh, look at that, how cute!" Cori said, pointing to a stand where people were lined up, getting temporary tattoos applied to their faces. They were tattoos of the team's mascot, a bulldog in red, white and black colors.

"Want one?" Ty asked. "Come on, let's go." They went over to the stand and waited in line behind about a half dozen other people, mostly kids or college girls. Everyone took note of Cori, of course, but nothing was said until she reached the front of the line. There, a young man — presumably a college student — greeted her, eyes and mouth both wide open.

"Wow," he said, unable to contain himself. "Uhh, I mean, hi, would you like a tattoo?

"Sure," Cori said, "but can I get it somewhere besides my face?"

"No problem," he said, his imagination running wild with thoughts of where he would like to put a tattoo on her. "Where do you want it?"

"Here," Cori said, turning around and sticking her ass out. "I'd like one on my hip." She pulled her shorts down a few more precious inches, revealing still more perfect tan skin.

"Of course," he said, "but aren't you worried no one will see it?"

"Oh, they'll see it," Ty said, handing over a $5 for the tattoo.

"No, sir," the guy said, "believe me, this one's my pleasure. It's on the house."

"Thanks," Ty said. "Seeing as how you're an expert, don't you think the tattoo would look better a little further down than that? Like maybe down here?" Ty dug his hand inside Cori's shorts, indicating a spot in the middle of her ass cheek.

"Oh yes," the guy said. "The lower the better, I think."

"Well, Cori, you heard the expert," Ty said. "Pull down those shorts and let him do his work."

Wriggling her hips in oh-so-sexy fashion, Cori peeled her shorts over her taut, round ass and revealed both dark, fleshy ass cheeks to the appreciative crowd. The temporary tattoo took only a few seconds to apply, but the guy took his sweet time while he eyed the thong-covered pouch of her pussy, clearly visible between her lean thighs. He'd seen plenty of babes on this college campus, but never one this hot, this daring or this sexy. He dabbed the tattoo into place, then reluctantly told her he was done. He watched the best ass he had ever seen slide back inside its shorts, then walk away.

Ignoring the groans from the onlookers, Cori and Ty kept on moving, looking for his friends. They found them easily, right where they had said they would be. Ty saw them first and pointed them out to Cori. She quickly counted 10 guys — all black — gathered around a van. The back doors were open and they had a table set up with all kinds of food and drinks. They were sitting around in lawn and camping chairs, laughing and joking loudly.

One of them caught sight of Ty, then Cori, and let out a yell, "There he is fellas! And look what he's got with him!"

Hoots and hollers followed, all friendly, excited to see both Ty and his hot, nearly nude blonde companion. They jumped up to shake his hand and slap him on the back and welcomed Cori with open arms — literally — each giving her a hug, feeling up her tits and slender waist in the process.

"Damn, Ty, you old dog, when did you start dating women this fine?" said Gerald, a tall slender man who was wearing a standard issue Georgia Bulldog jersey and a black baseball cap. "Shit, she's hot!"

"Thank you," Cori smiled.

"Yeah, she's hot all right," Ty said, "but you know I always have hot women."

"Whatever," Shaun, a handsome, model-looking type, said. "Hanging on your wall, maybe, but never on your arm. You dated your right hand and Hustler all through college."

Everyone laughed and encouraged Cori and Ty to grab some food and drinks. They filled plates with wings, brats and chips and each grabbed a beer before sitting down in two of the camping chairs.

"Don't they arrest you for dressing like that with your nipples hanging out?" Bobby, a bulky guy who looked like he might have played football once, but had since put on about 20 pounds of flab. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. Be fine with me if you walked around naked."

"Well, we've already had our run-in with the law today," Ty said, proceeding to tell them about their encounter with the cop, including the strip search but leaving out the fist-fucking and jacking off.

"Shit, that's messed up," Gerald said. "I'm glad you made it all right."

"Well, Miss Cori," Sammy, a distinguished looking man with a sweater and khakis on, said, "you may dress any way you like around us. We don't know how you got mixed up with Ty, but for our sake and his, we're glad you did."

"Thank you, Sammy," Cori said. "You guys are all so nice. I know you weren't expecting me to come. I really appreciate you letting me crash your party. I just couldn't stand to be away from Ty for a whole day."

"Really?" one of the guys asked. "You're talking about Ty, right?"

"Yeah," Cori said, rubbing Ty's thigh now. "I'm a young, energetic woman. Ty's the only guy I've found who can keep up with me and keep me ... um ... satisfied. I can't go a whole day without his, you know. Besides, I love football."

"So you don't mind dressing like this for him?"

"Not at all," Cori said. "I like dressing like this — makes me feel sexy. And if he likes it, I'm happy."

"You look pretty happy right now," Gerald said. "Those nips are rock hard."

"They're always like that," Ty said proudly. "If she had fake tits, I'd say they filled them with Viagra instead of silicone."

"You mean those tits are real?

"Oh yeah," Ty said. "She all natural, except sometimes she uses a tanning bed instead of sunbathing. Everything else is the real deal, right Cori."

"That's right," Cori said, devouring a chicken wing, purposely teasing the meat with her lips and tongue before biting, chewing and swallowing it. "Never been operated on in my life."

"Damn, you sure make eating chicken look sexy,"said James, a wiry-looking man with a handsome mustache and bright smile.

"I bet she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch," one guys said.

"Or a golf ball through a garden hose," another added.

"Or your balls right through your dick," a third said, causing an eruption of laughter and high fives.

"I suck whatever Ty tells me too, as hard as he tells me," Cori said, in a steamy, matter-of-fact fashion that implicated her sincerity. "I was born with a gift," she shrugged, "it would be a waste not to use it, right."

"Damn straight, girl!" Gerald shouted. "If you were born with the power of suction, you better fucking use it to bring joy and happiness to the world!"

"That's why I tell her to dress like that, too," Ty said. "Cock-sucking isn't her only gift. Look at that body. It would be a shame to keep it to myself or hide it under a bunch of clothes. Show it off and make the world a more beautiful, happier place, I say."

"Hey, can I get a picture taken with her?" Shaun asked.

"Sure," Ty said. "Anyone else want a picture?"

Naturally, everyone did, and Ty happily used their cameras, snapping photos of Cori with his friends. They put her in a variety of poses and positions, all sexy, but nothing she hadn't done before. There were the kisses on the cheeks, the heads against her chest or ass, the shots bending over or arching her back, and, of course, kneeling in front of the guys as is preparing to show them how she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. Cori was happy to serve as their fantasy model, giving them each a chance to think of her as their very own sex toy. Of course, today she was Ty's exclusive toy and he was choosing to play with her in front of 70,000 people.

By the time they finished eating, drinking and taking pictures, it was almost game time. They packed everything up in the van and then headed inside the staidum. The man taking tickets looked Cori up and down, both suspiciously and appreciatively, his eyes popping even more when he noticed her bare nipples poking through her jersey. He smiled at Ty and said, "Thank you, sir. Enjoy the game."

Once they were inside, an usher rushed to show them to their seats. Being polite, he let Cori go first up the steps, then followed right behind until they reached their row. The usher got a great view of her "Tight End" right in his face, but the magical moment was far too short as they were only 10 rows up at about the 40-yard-line.

They all had tickets together in a block, four seats side-by-side in three consecutive rows. They had Ty and Cori sit in the middle two seats of the middle row, so that Shaun and Gerald sat beside them, four guys sat in front of them and four sat in back.

The seats were all in the middle of the rows, meaning they had to squeeze past the already seated fans. There were about half a dozen people between them and their seats, including three guys who reminded Ty of the Larry, Darrell, Darrell brothers from the old "Newhart" show. They didn't have a full set of teeth between them, probably hadn't bathed in a couple days and reeked of alcohol. Ty just hoped they were happy drunks. Angry, violent drunk rednecks could be a problem — especially when eight 11 black guys showed up with one very sexy white girl who looked like she was dressed to please, which she was.

The other three people were two men and a woman. The men were preppy looking white men in their 50s or 60s who looked like lawyers or businessmen. The woman was much younger — probably close to Cori's age, maybe a year or two younger — and was quite attractive in a tight white t-shirt (with a bra) and some cutoff denim shorts and white tennis shoes. She was cute with dimples, dark brown hair, small but perky tits and nicely tanned thighs. At first, Ty assumed she was the daughter — or even granddaughter — of one of the men she was sitting between. But then Ty noticed they both had their hands on her thighs and guessed this was no family setting. He figured she was either a paid escort — although she was dressed relatively conservatively — or else this was a kind of sugar-daddy sort of situation. Ty didn't know, but he assumed they would receive little hassle from this trio.

Sure enough, the rednecks were loud, crude and ignorant, making several insulting comments that they seemed to think were clever. They giggled like junior high boys when they first saw Cori standing next to them on the stairs, then tried to get some sort of response from her. Of course, Cori had seen and heard it all before. She was flustered by guys like the jerk in the bar last night or the cop today, not drunk jerks like these. She didn't even respond when the first man, looking up at her jutting tits before she walked in front of him, said, "Hello, Hot 'n Wet." Apparently, he thought it was funny to try to call her by the name on the jersey.

She turned and began sidestepping down the aisle in front of them, her ass naturally in their faces. "No, you mean hello 'Tight End,'" the second jerk joked. Frankly, Cori was stunned they could read the words, so their feeble attempts at humor were not surprising. The third guy actually opened his mouth and chomped his sparse teeth as if wishing to take a bite out of Cori's admittedly appetizing ass.

Flanked by Gerald and Ty with Shaun trailing, Cori kept moving and soon had her ass in front of one of the sugar-daddies. He took in an eyeful of Cori's ass, licking his lips and, Ty noticed, squeezing his own sex toy's thigh a bit tighter.

Ty nodded at the man, who nodded back as if to say, "I like yours too." The girl didn't care about Cori's body, of course, but paid attention to her outfit, stunned by its skimpiness. The other sugar-daddy spoke to Ty, saying, "Nice outfit."

"Thanks," Ty said. "I can't take much credit, though. She's the one who makes it look good."

"True," the man said, as Gerald, Cori, Ty and Shaun slid into their seats. "Still, I'd like to get this one," he patted the brunette's slender thigh, "in outfits like that."

"Why don't you?" Ty asked.

"She's a little shy about things like that."

"But we're working on that, aren't we?" the other man said, leaning over the girl to join in the conversation. She just nodded silently in response.

"How long have you three been together?" Ty asked, not sure how else to phrase it.

"Oh, just about a month. She started working in our law firm as an intern and needed some money for college — she's a sophomore right now. We are helping her with her finances and will help her with her law school applications when the time comes. She's paying us back in her own special ways."

"She's shy in public, but you should see her in a hotel room. She's a sex-crazed, 19-year-old animal."

"I bet,"Ty said, acknowledging that the girl did indeed have a nice body, though she was no match for Cori, not even in the legs, which were clearly this girl's strong suit. "Don't worry, she'll get over the shyness."

"How long did it take her? My name's Gil, by the way. He's Al and this hot little thing is Ashley." They all shook hands and Ty introduced himself and Cori.

"It took me a couple weeks to get used to dressing like this," Cori answered their question. "At first, it's a little awkward, but then you get used to it and it's no big deal."

"How long has she been with all you guys?" Gil asked.

"Oh, she's just with me," Ty said. "These are just some of my friends. Cori and I been together for about two years."

"Well, I can see you're a very lucky man," Gil said. "Care to offer any suggestions on some clothing options for Ashley here? Seems like you're pretty creative in what you do with Cori."

"Sure,"Ty said. "I'm no expert or anything, but I can tell you what I like. My co-workers and I have her wear a different outfit to work every day — Monday is for mini-dresses, Thursday is for thongs, and so forth. Then, we just try to pick out outfits that accentuate her body as much as possible. We focus on her strongest attributes — her tits, her ass, her legs and her tan — and dress her accordingly."

"We are crazy about Ashley's legs, ass and stomach," Al said.

"We might pay for her to get a boob job — she'd look great with some 38DD's, don't you think?" Gil interjected.

"In the meantime," Al continued, "what would you recommend to accentuate her legs and ass?"

"High heels, for sure," Ty said. "Cori wears them almost every day, with almost every outfit. She's got over 100 pair, all styles and colors and all at least four inches high.

"Thongs are another great thing," Ty continued. "Cori either wears thongs or no panties at all. Then the other stuff is all according to what you like and are in the mood for. We like her legs bare, so we seldom put her in stockings and garters, but some guys love that. We go with short skirts, cutoff jeans, hot pants, that sort of stuff. We usually buy things a size or two too small. We know it's right if we can see the bottom part of her ass cheeks."

"Stand up, Ashley," Gil said, and Ashley stood up. "I know this is a pretty standard outfit, but what would you change on her?"

"Well, first off, she's got really nice tits, even if they are a little small, so you can show them off more, even if you don't get the implants," Ty said. "I'd lose the bra — let those nipples show through. Also, you say she has a nice belly. Go with halter tops or crop tops or tube tops — things like that — to show that off.

"I see what you mean about her legs and ass — very nice," Ty said. "I like the cutoffs, but I'd buy them about two sizes smaller. They'll be tighter and shorter that way, and I think you'll like the difference. And like I said, heels for sure. I don't care about fashion or what goes with what, I just want to show off Cori's body as much as possible. Keep that in mind and you'll do fine."

Ashley looked a Ty with disdain, clearly displeased that he was making these suggestions which her sugar-daddies would no doubt implement. Better get used to it, babe, Ty thought, either you'll give these guys what they want or they'll bail on you the next time a hot little thing walks into the office asking for help.

Ty was glad Cori never gave them that sort of attitude. She knew her role, embraced it and had long ago gained their respect and admiration as a result. They didn't look down on her because she dressed this way willingly, they had an even great appreciation for her as both a co-worker and a friend. At the same time, not every woman was cut out for this sort of thing, and though Ashley had the body, he wasn't sure she had the attitude. Maybe she was a hell-cat in the bedroom and a good-looker, but it took more than that to be a good sex toy for a long period of time like Cori.

The difference, Ty thought, was that Cori wasn't using the guys at the shop and they weren't using her. Everyone got along well, respected one another and everyone benefited. But these men didn't respect Ashley and she didn't respect them. It was nothing more than high-priced prostitution in Ty's opinion.

"Thanks for the tips,"Gil said. "Hopefully a year from now we'll see you here and they'll both be dressed like Cori."

The teams took the field for the kickoff and they all stood up to watch the start of the game. Cori felt a pinch on her ass and turned around to see Bones, one of Ty's friends who was very fat and had to weigh close to 350 pounds, smiling at her. Ty had let the guys know they could feel free to cop a feel or two, so Cori just smiled back, letting him know she was fine with it.

After the first couple of plays, everyone sat down and Ty put his hand on the inside of Cori's thigh, occasionally brushing his fingertips across her crotch. When Georgia scored midway through the first quarter, they all jumped up and Ty gave Cori a big hug, grabbing her ass firmly in his hands and picking her up. She wrapped her legs around him and he bounced her up and down in a fucking motion as they all yelled and cheered. Her tits bounced free of the jersey. With Ty holding her ass, he told her to lean back and offer her naked tits to each of the guys in the row behind them.

They took full advantage, nearly ripping her top completely off before Ty pulled her back and they sat back down. Cori pulled her jersey back into place while Ty once again stuffed his hand between her smooth, warm thighs.

A few minutes later, Georgia intercepted a pass and scored again. This time, the guys noticed a lot of the students were celebrating by holding one of their classmates up, then throwing them up in the air and then catching them. They were thrown up in the air once for every point scored — currently 14. They decided to do this with Cori.

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