tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 11

The Hard Body Shop Clerk Ch. 11



It was thong Thusday and Cori, knowing how much the guys appreciated last week's thong swimsuit, wore another one just like it today. Well, not exactly like it. As promised, John had ordered different colors and even smaller sizes. This one could have been mailed in a standard business envelope.

What there was of it was cherry red and Cori wore matching cherry red heels and lipstick. This one was so small and so tight, there was nothing Cori could do to keep it from dividing her pussy lips. In the end, the suit really only covered three things — her nipples and her clit. The rest of her pussy lips, her ass and about 98 percent of her tits were totally bare. Man, the tan lines this would leave, Cori mused.

She remembered how much the guys had liked seeing her oiled up last week and decided to apply the first coat herself, slathering her body in baby oil. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticing how the oil made her skin glisten and look that much softer and darker. She looked sexy, sleek and ever-so-exposed. She wasn't sure she'd be able to keep the suit on, but as revealing as it was, she doubted it much mattered if it was on or not.

Not that bookkeeping, filing and answering phones ever dominated her day, but Cori spent even less time than usual on these daily office tasks. So enamored was everyone with her attire — or lack thereof — that Cori spent her entire day being ogled, fondled and fucked. Of course, those were her top three job duties, so she prioritized her work accordingly.

"Damn, that's even hotter than last week," Ben said when Cori strolled in. She was aware of the suit rubbing across her swollen clit with each stride. "Let me get a good look. Turn around. Yeah ... nice thong. Bend over. Legs a little wider. Yeah, very nice." Ben pulled the thong out of her ass and pussy, impressed by how snug it was. The suit was fully taut and seemed on the verge of snapping at any moment. He dipped his finger inside her pussy, pleased to find it as moist and slick as her exterior skin.

"There's nothing better than a girl who's slick and wet inside and out," Ben said approvingly. "Stand back up and turn around." Cori did, facing him again now. Her dark, oiled breasts looked good enough to eat; if they were the main course, her golden thighs and the treasure held between them would have made a sweet dessert. He gave the thong a good tug to make sure it was properly wedged back between her pussy lips.

"Does that rub on your clit?" he asked.

"Yeah," Cori said. "It rubs on my clit and on my tits. It doesn't hurt, but it makes them all really hard. I think my pussy will probably be wet all day because of that."

"Glad to hear it," Ben said, "because I plan to have some of that pussy in a little while. I've got several floating fucks left, you know. We might just have to take a few extra coffee breaks today."

"Well, you know where to find me," Cori smiled. She turned, wiggling her ass for him as she walked around behind the counter. Moments later, John came out of the back and Cori repeated the show for him. John was delighted by the suit he had ordered and anxious for his Thursday night date with Cori.

"You and me all night tonight," he smiled. "Did you get a good night's sleep?"

"Yeah, I slept great," Cori said. "I almost didn't have time to give Ty a blowjob this morning before we came to work."

"Well, don't plan on lots of sleep tonight," John said.

"All right," Cori said. "I'm ready, willing and able!"

"Well, that's music to my ears!" a loud voice boomed from the door as a large man entered the shop. Cori recognized him instantly as Vern Holman, a powerful local attorney whose family owned half of the county. He was far and away the front-runner in the upcoming mayoral election. Holman was in his mid-40s, but looked older. He had jet black hair that he dyed to keep the gray out, a big round nose and a wide mouth that matched his powerful voice. He was 6-6 and weighed nearly 300 pounds. He had a larger-than-life personality to match his large body. He was dressed in a flashy, pinstriped suit, carried a cane and wore black alligator-skin shoes. He was accompanied by a slender man in his mid-30s who carried a briefcase and was also dressed in a suit, albeit a much cheaper one.

"Hello Mr. Holman," Ben said, coming out of the back and stepping forward to shake his hand. Mr. Holman had never even been to the shop before, but everyone knew who he was. He wasn't the sort of man who spent his own time getting his car fixed. He had people to handle such menial tasks. "What can we do for you today?"

"Well, my car doesn't need to be fixed, if that's what you're asking," the powerful voice boomed. "I've heard a lot about this pretty little filly over here and figured it was about time I took a look for myself. I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. She's as hot as a firecracker on the 4th of July. Cops or the holier-than-thoughs ever give you any trouble about her walking around like that?"

"Oh, we get a few complaints now and then," Ben said. "But the cops refuse to issue an indecent exposure citation. They say anything that looks that good could never be considered indecent."

"Can't say I disagree," Holman said. "What's your name, little lady?" he said, extending his hand to Cori. She was impressed that he looked her squarely in the eye.

"Cori," she responded. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Holman."

"Pleasure's all mine," he said, now allowing his eyes to trail up and down her tan, curvy, oil-slicked body. "This is my associate, Mr. Tanner. We were wondering if you and your boss here might be able to have a private discussion."

"Of course," Ben said. "We can use my office."

Ben led them Mr. Holman and Cori into his office where they sat around the small, four-person conference table.

"Coffee and Danish, Mr. Holman, Mr. Tanner?" Cori asked.

"That sounds nice, thank you. Cream and sugar, please."

"I like mine black, please," Tanner said, speaking for the first time.

Cori went back into the lounge area and brought back their coffee and Danish. She made another trip to bring the same for Ben and grabbed bottled water for herself.

"No Danish for you, I see," Holman said, eyeing Cori and smiling knowingly.

"No sir," Cori said. "I had breakfast before I came to work." She lied, unless you considered a mouthful of cum breakfast. Actually, Cori didn't starve herself because she was naturally thin and worked out enough to maintain her figure, but she did try to watch what she ate, ever mindful of her job's weight requirements. Ben had never hassled her about her weight or anything else about her appearance. She just understood that she was expected to maintain her body to the best of her ability, within reason, for the added pleasure of her co-workers and customers. But if she had felt like eating a Danish, she would have and Ben would never have said a word.

"Well, Ben — may I call you Ben?" Holman asked. Ben assured him he could. "Well, Ben, as you might know, I am running for the open mayoral seat being vacated by our dear friend Bart Chalmers."

"From what I hear, you've all but got it locked up," Ben said.

"I hope you're right," Holman said. "But it is my experience that it just when you're feeling most comfortable that you're most vulnerable. I think I need to make one last push, and I think you and this hot little lady here can help get us there."

"Oh, with all due respect, we try not to get caught up in politics, Mr. Holman," Ben said.

"I understand," Holman said. "You've got a nice business here, very successful. No need to take sides in a political fight. I totally understand and respect your position. However, as mayor, I would have a lot of power in this town and could make life very comfortable for you indeed. I own a lot of land and buildings — newer ones in better locations. They can be rented or sold very cheaply. I also would have the power to contract all city vehicle repairs and maintenance to the shop of my choice. A very large contract, indeed, I assure you. Does any of that interest you at all?"

"I'll admit I'm intrigued," Ben said. "I'm still inclined to say no, but what exactly did you have in mind? I don't see how our shop can really help you in a political race."

"It's very simple, really," Holman said. "Am I correct in assuming that the presence of Cori has not only benefited your morale but your bottom line as well?"

"Oh yes," Ben said. "It's fair to say she saved our business."

"That's because sex sells, my friend," Holman said. "Especially when it is presented in such a perfect, sweet but sexy, accessible — at least to the eye — package. Every man fantasizes about the girl next door, the supermodel cheerleader and — pardon the expression — the slut. You have successfully marketed Cori as a mixture of all three. That is a credit to both you and her and I have to admit I'm very impressed."

"Thank you," Ben said. "It has worked well for us, but isn't selling sex a little risky for a political campaign?"

"Could be," Holman admitted, "but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Over the next few weeks before the election, I'm really going to be targeting the male vote. I have several events and advertising opportunities coming up that cater almost exclusively to men. I believe Cori's presence can help me in those events without tarnishing my overall image. I understand that Mr. German at the paper is a trusted client of yours and thus would not be likely to print any scandalous pictures or scathing editorials."

"That's true," Ben said. "He did a feature story on Cori about a year ago. As most people do, he fell in love with her instantly. I can't imagine him doing anything to make Cori — or anyone around her — look bad."

"That's what I hear, too," Holman said, glancing at Tanner. "So, I believe Cori's presence will attract far more voters than it will turn away. It's a risk, yes, but one I'm willing to take if you are."

"What exactly would Cori have to do? She has a lot of responsibilities with us, basically 24 hours a day."

"I suspected as much," Holman said. "I understand working here comes with some very nice perks. I don't wish to infringe on those, um, benefits any more than necessary. I would require her presence at various functions — let's say 10 — over the next eight weeks leading up to the election. And I would require her to be available for a few photo and video shoots for advertising purposes. I would imagine it would work out to something like 8 to 10 hours per week over the next two months.

"At the events — political parties, speeches, dinners and the like — I would ask Cori to dress in specifically revealing attire, much as you do now. Generally, she would be my 'first lady' for the evening, if you will, and accompany me as my date. She would be required to be an ambassador for my campaign, mingling with the crowd and reminding them to vote for me. I think we can all agree that Cori would get their attention better than any of us ever could. In the print and TV ads, which would run in male-dominated media, the general concept is for Cori to be dressed in some sort of tight t-shirt or halter top and to urge voters to vote for Holman and Brown — my vice-mayor candidate — 'a winning pair.' It's cheesy and sexist, I know, but all you have to do is look at strip clubs, Maxim and 'Baywatch' to know that cheesy and sexy are very popular with a large percentage of the population."

"Well, I see you've given this a lot of thought," Ben said. "Can you give me more details or assurances as to what would be in it for us?"

"Certainly," Holman said. "Mr. Tanner, will you please show him our proposal."

Tanner pulled out a neatly typed document on thick parchment that outline exactly what Cori, Ben and the The Hard Body Shop would receive in exchange for Cori's services.

"As you'll see, there are two levels to your reimbursement," Holman said. "The first is what you receive, win or lose. It includes an invitation to you or any member of your staff to be present at any of the functions Cori attends so that you may monitor the situation and also do a bit of advertising. I can't actively advertise for you, but each of these functions has promoting sponsors. You would be listed as a promoting sponsor at no cost. You would also be allowed to distribute coupons or buttons or flyers or whatever as promotional pieces. I just can't have my name on any of it, which I'm sure you understand.

"You would also receive $5,000 as reimbursement for Cori's time and any inconveniences that might result. I admit, the package is much more attractive if we win. In that case, you receive the above items plus the cities vehicle maintenance contract, which we assure will be no less than $750,000 annually and will be in effect for as long as either I or Mr. Brown are in office.

"You will also be given first choice of location if you decide to move. The values of all my properties are listed on the second sheet there and, as the contract states, you would have the opportunity to rent or purchase any of those properties at one-half of the listed value. Any financing would be done at a very friendly rate of 2 percent."

"You certainly put together an attractive proposal," Ben said.

"I believe your commodity is equally attractive," Holman said, nodding toward Cori.

"What's this line here: 'Special services bonus of $10,000?'" Ben asked.

"Ahh, that is a delicate manner to discuss and I trust that you will not take offense. Regardless of your reaction to that clause, the first two parts of the offer remain on the table. This is a totally separate and, I must say, personal matter.

"I, as you know, am a bachelor and happy to be so. Thanks much more to my wealth and standing in the community than any sort of charm or looks, I have been fortunate to have my share of attractive female acquaintances. I've had strippers, former beauty queens and debutantes, but none have ever come close to this young lady right here. I would be honored to have the opportunity to partake of her body at or during some of these special appearances. For that privilege, I would be willing to pay $10,000 for you to do with as you like. Again, you or someone from your staff would be close enough by to be sure that I did not take unwarranted advantage of the agreement. "

"Well, this is certainly an interesting proposal, Mr. Holman," Ben said. "I'm going to have to discuss this with my staff and Cori. How soon do you need an answer?"

"End of the day if possible," Holman said. "There's a fundraising dinner I'm speaking at on Monday at the lodge. That would be Cori's first appearance. We would also want to proceed with the advertising campaigns next week."

"Fair enough," Ben said. "I'll call you by the end of the day."

"Mr. Tanner, please give him my card and the tentative appearance schedule. Please note that this schedule is only tentative and is subject to change. All changes will, of course, be passed by you for approval."

"Understood," Ben said.

"Thank you both very much for your time," Holman said, standing up, signaling the end of the meeting. "I look forward to your response."

"Thanks," Ben said. "Either way, we wish you the best of luck in the election."

Cori showed the men out to the front door, then returned to Ben's office where he was waiting to speak with her.

"Well, what do you think about all that?" Ben asked. "Be honest. Don't feel obligated to do anything you're not comfortable with."

"Normally I'd say no," Cori said, sitting down on Ben's lap, "but it's a great offer. I mean, that's a lot of money for the shop if he wins."

"True, but it's not your responsibility to earn it for us."

"Sure it is. It's my job to do anything I can to help the shop," Cori said. "As long as one of you guys are there, I think it will be fine. Do you think everyone would be all right with the reduced dating time?"

"We'd have to talk about that too," Ben said. "Of course, Chad's leaving, so you'll only have three of us to deal with until we hire his replacement."

"If everyone else is all right with it, I think it's worth the gamble. Even if he loses, we still do all right. And if he wins..."

"What about the 'special services?'" Ben asked.

"That's 100 percent your call," Cori said. "You know I will do it if you ask and be glad to help make the money. And if you decide you don't want to, I respect that too."

"If we did it," Ben said, "that $10,000 would be used to send you and your friends on a on a week vacation to some island paradise."

"Really?" Cori asked. "Wow! Thanks!"

"So I think we agree that this is worth pitching to the other guys?" Ben asked.

"Definitely," Cori said. "Let's see what they think."

"We'll meet at lunch to talk it over."

"Sounds good," Cori started to get up, but Ben grabbed her thong and pulled her back down on his lap.

"While I've got you here..." he said, unzipping his pants. "Lay down."

Cori lay down on the conference table and Ben stood between her legs, which she clamped around his waist. He pushed her thong aside and slipped his cock into her juicy twat. It was moist and hot, just as she had promised it would be. Ben drove his cock in and out of her for a few minutes, then picked her up off the table. He held her around the waist while she kept her strong legs locked around his waist and her arms around his neck. She held herself upright while Ben impaled her on his urgently erect shaft.

Her oiled skin made her slippery, but he put his hands on her ass and succeeded in lifting her up and down on his cock. With gravity's aid, he slammed balls-deep into her each time, stuffing her cunt with his pulsing member. She buried her face in his chest, clinging to him and focusing all her attention on his pleasure-giving cock. She came just seconds before he did, both of them creaming each other as they panted, struggling to regain their breath.

Somehow during that flurry of activity, Cori's swimsuit managed to not to snap. After cleaning first Ben, then herself, she carefully put the micro-fibers back in their strategic places and returned to the front desk. By now, Ty and Chad were also at work and anxious to look over Cori's skimpiest of outfits. They put her through the usual bending, turning and twisting poses, looking at her and the suit from every angle.

Since much of her oil had come off on the table and on Ben, they decided she needed a fresh coat and lathered it on her, rubbing their hands over every inch of her body.

"Man, this is the best oil change I've ever done," Ty said, getting a chuckle from the guys.

"I already topped off her fluids," Ben said, "so you can keep your dipsticks in your pants. She's been lubed up inside already." More laughs, including a cute giggle from Cori.

Everyone seemed to be in a good mood, even Chad, who had been grumpy all week. At lunchtime, Cori created her usual stir walking to the diner and bringing back lunch. Jarvis was nowhere around this time, but had he been, he would have seen her suit slip completely off her tits twice. The combination of the tightness of the suit and the slippery oil made it virtually impossible to keep in place. And the constant rubbing across her clit was driving her crazy. It was like she had an itch that only a big hard cock could scratch.

When she returned with the meals, Chad manned the front desk while everyone else met in the break room and Ben explained the proposal from Holman. John and Ty listened intently, shaking their heads at first at the mention of the hours Cori would be away from them. But when Ben described the contract and building, they were left with mouths wide open, unable to comprehend how much this could change their business and their lives.

"Wow," John said. "That's quite an offer. What do you think about all this, Cori?"

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