tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 01

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 01



Cori Banks thought she'd fall asleep right away on the flight from San Diego to St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Why shouldn't she? She had just survived a busy opening night at her step-father's restaurant, a vicious rape attempt and subsequent fight, followed by a hasty retreat. She had escaped sore but relatively unharmed thanks to Tony, her hero, who had not only saved her, but also paid for this 10-day vacation.

Thanks to her attacker, she had been stripped of her clothes and had been too scared to go home and pack her things. So, she wore only what Tony had bought her at a convenience store -- a thin, white "California Girl" t-shirt, yellow athletic shorts and a pair of black heels, which were the only part of her evening attire that had survived Crisp's attack.

She had no underwear, no personal belongings of any kind, no bags -- nothing except the clothes she was wearing and $1,000 in an envelope -- again, courtesy of Tony.

She should have been exhausted -- and she was -- but she couldn't sleep. The whirlwind of the past 8 hours had her mind racing. Now, she was going from all that to nothing but peace and quiet for 10 days in a luxurious island resort. Wow, did she ever need a rest. "Especially my mouth and pussy," Cori mused, her eyes half-closed as she lounged in her seat. She was lucky. She had a row to herself. No interruptions, no awkward conversations, just quiet time to think.

Even though her current attire was far more conservative than she normally wore -- OK, the hardened nipples poking through the thin shirt, the lack of any underwear and the fuck-me heels were still hotter than your average woman's daily wear -- Cori was still a knockout. At 22 years old, she was in her prime physically, a hard-bodied stunner with a phenomenal, all-natural 36C-22-34 body. She was 5-6, 120 pounds with golden blonde hair which she wore just past her shoulders or in a ponytail. She had blue eyes, a pert nose, soft full lips and just a hint of dimples when she smiled, which was often.

Her breasts were very full, round and firm, sitting high on her chest and every guy she had ever met or dated appreciated her long, rubbery nipples which were extremely sensitive and seemed to be erect — or at least partially so — all the time. Even now, those hard buds were rubbing against the inside of her soft t-shirt, denting it noticeably. She had a firm, round, bubble-butt of an ass and a tight little pussy with juicy thick lips and light blonde hair carefully trimmed into a tiny "landing strip". Her legs were long, and shapely with athletic thighs and slender calves and ankles.

She had a naturally golden brown complexion enhanced by frequent tanning. She had only subtle, very small tan lines as she generally sunbathed nude. When she didn't, she wore only the skimpiest of string bikinis. She had a small red heart tattooed on her left ass cheek and a pierced navel with a small gold ring in it.

That body had been both a blessing and curse for her. She found that it opened many doors and opportunities, such as her position as a receptionist at the Hard Body Shop back in Georgia. She was overpaid significantly because of her looks and her willingness to fuck each of the four male employees on staff. She had loved those guys and missed the three guys who were still there dearly. But that same body -- and her willingness to display it so much -- had provoked several unwanted attacks and had even led her ailing stepfather to take advantage of her. It was because of him that she had moved to San Diego, trying to help him. Instead, he had used her and allowed her to be used by others.

It seemed like her body either made men like her former co-workers or Tony overly generous or insanely and dangerously violent. She needed some middle ground. Maybe, just maybe, 10 days in St. Thomas would provide not only the rest she needed, but also a chance to clear her mind. For the first time in who knows how long, she was going to put herself first. She didn't even know where she was going after her vacation was over -- back to Georgia? Back to Tony in San Diego? Who knew? It was both scary and exciting.

When Cori finally did fall asleep, she dreamt of warm beaches, sun and the beautiful blue ocean. She didn't wake up until the plane was ready to land. Cori sat up, excited, looking out the window at the beautiful paradise that would be her home for the next 10 days.

As Tony had promised, there was a shuttle waiting for her and other new arrivals, ready to take them to the resort. All of the arriving guests at the resort were greeted personally by an attendant who helped verify their check-in and escorted them to their room. Cori was greeted by Gerald, whose dark skin contrasted brilliantly with his stark white uniform, which consisted of a button down shirt and knee-length shorts. He was short -- about 5-7 -- with a well-toned but wiry build, shaved head and a friendly, smiling face marred by a deep scar on the left side of his face. Cori guessed him to be in his early 20s, like her.

"You're all set, Miss Banks," he grinned politely at her as he finished checking her in on the computer. He had a slight island accent, indicative of the fact that he was a local. "May I take your bags? I will escort you to your room."

"I don't have any bags," Cori shrugged.

"No bags? Were your items shipped ahead or lost by the airline? I can help track them for you..."

"No," Cori interrupted, smiling. "It's a long story, but I have no bags, period. I'll need to buy some clothes and other items. Is there a store here at the resort where I can get what I need for tonight? I'll do some sightseeing tomorrow and do some more shopping then."

"Of course, ma'am," Gerald said. "There is a market here where you can pick up toiletries and some snacks. There is also a surf shop with swimwear and a souvenir shop with t-shirts, shorts and things like that. You may charge any purchases to your room if you like. Would you like me to take you there now, or would you prefer to see your room first?"

"Let's go to the room first, please," Cori said.

"Of course, ma'am," Gerald said, nodding toward a golf cart. "Your room is in one of our hillside suites. Please allow me to take you in the golf cart." He stole a quick glance at her long legs as she walked toward the cart, her heels clicking on the smooth pavement. He had seen many beautiful women come through the resort, dressed in all sorts of revealing ways, so Cori's appearance, though appreciated, was no cause for ogling. He maintained his professional demeanor while admiring her swaying ass, catching up to hold her hand as she stepped up into the cart. As she did so, he caught site of her hardened nipples pressed against her t-shirt, struck by the fact that she wasn't wearing a bikini top or bra underneath.

While Gerald enjoyed her landscape, Cori checked out the resort. Looking over her shoulder as they drove up the hill, she saw two gorgeous pools, beautifully landscaped grounds with brilliant green grass and gorgeous flowers everywhere, all of it overlooking the blue ocean waters and white sandy beach. Her first purchase, she realized, would need to be a bathing suit if she wanted to take advantage of that pool tonight. It was already late afternoon, so she figured a quick shopping trip, dinner and a dip in the pool would be about it for her first day in paradise.

The room itself was very nice. It had a balcony overlooking the grounds, a king-size bed, Jacuzzi tub and stand-alone shower. There was a small desk, a chair, small love seat and a small TV set. The room even had a small refrigerator and microwave for convenience.

"Is the room to your liking, ma'am?" Gerald asked.

"It's beautiful," Cori said.

"Would you like a ride back down to the shops?" Gerald asked. "Or is there something I can get for you until you have a chance to do your own shopping?"

"Oh, no thank you," Cori said. "But I will take you up on that ride." As they rode back down, she asked Gerald, "So, I know this might sound like an odd question since I'm vacationing here, but I was given this trip as a gift and didn't have a chance to do any research. What is there to do here?"

"Oh, very much, ma'am," Gerald said. "We have much shopping, snorkeling, an aquarium, scuba diving, fishing, boat cruises, hiking, golf, tennis, dance clubs. If you'd like, I can put together a proposed schedule of activities for you and then make any reservations you like for the activities you want to do."

"That would be so nice," Cori said.

"Will you be dining with us tonight?"

"I guess so," Cori said.

"Excellent. I'll have it for you at dinner. Here's the surf shop. I believe you'll find a nice selection of swimwear here. The market and souvenir shops are both just on the other side of the tennis courts."

"I see them," Cori said. "Thank you so much, Gerald. You've been extremely helpful."

She went inside the surf shop and, as Gerald had mentioned, there was a wide assortment of swimwear to choose from. As she was looking, she noticed three men come in the door; they were all older -- 40s, she guessed -- their collared shirts, khaki shorts and expensive sunglasses telling Cori that they probably had money.

Cori didn't give them a second thought until she heard one say to the other, "Hottie, 10 o'clock." Great, here comes the cheesy pick-up line, Cori thought. They had no idea how uninterested she was in finding a man on this trip. She had no dislike for men; in fact, despite the actions of a few, she loved men. But this trip was about her and her alone. Her rest. Her relaxation. Clearing her mind and figuring out her life. She didn't need some horny guy in a mid-life crisis screwing things up.

"Might I suggest this one?" one of the guys said, approaching her and holding up a skimpy string bikini. "I think you would look terrific in it."

Cori looked up at him. He was tall -- about 6-4 with thinning light brown hair that had turned gray on the sides. He was handsome, she had to admit, but had leering eyes and a used-car-dealer smile that turned her off instantly.

"Thanks," Cori nodded, not smiling. "I'm doing just fine."

"Oh, you're fine all right," the man said. "But you'd be doing better if you had dinner with me tonight. You're here alone, right? I saw you get off the plane by yourself. A pretty girl like you shouldn't be alone on vacation. My name's Sam Clayton. Let me buy you dinner tonight. And breakfast tomorrow."

Cori kept her eyes trained on the clothes in front of her, careful to avoid the shark-like grin. She almost puked at the breakfast comment and thought sure she'd hurl if she looked at this jerk.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I appreciate the offer, but I already have plans for dinner. And, no offense, but I'm really looking forward to enjoying my vacation ... alone."

"Ouch! Shot down!" she heard one of Sam's buddies cackle from a few feet away. 40-year-old frat boys, she thought. They probably had a bet on who got to nail her first. Well, sorry, boys, but no winners this time around.

"Well, at least let me buy your swimsuit for you," Sam said, not giving up. "All I ask is that I get to see you model it for me."

"Sorry," Cori said again, "but no thanks." She took two suits and walked briskly toward the dressing room, doing her best to ignore them as they commented on her legs and ass as she walked away.

"Can I help you try those on?" Sam called out, laughing. "Damn, she's hot!" he said, spinning around to his friends who were already halfway out the door.

"Too bad that's as close as you're going to get to that," one of the guys taunted him.

"Oh yeah, we'll see. I bet she's here for at least a week. That gives me time. Double the bet, gentlemen. I'll have her before the end of the week."

"Hey, rape doesn't count," one sad.

"Neither does paying her," the other added.

"I know," Sam said. "Trust me, I'm going to fuck her and she's going to ask for it."

"Why her? I mean, yeah, she's hot, but look at all the babes around here. There's pussy everywhere you look."

"Yeah, and 95 percent of them are here with other guys. Plus, you gotta admit, she's about as hot as it gets. Except there's something wrong with her face.

"Her face? I think her face is perfect. Besides, with a body like that, who cares about her face?"

"No, no, it's like there's something missing," Sam said.

"I don't get it. Something missing on her face?"

"Yeah, my cum!" Sam laughed heartily at his own joke and they walked off to the bar, a trio of very wealthy, over-aged frat boys who always got what they wanted.

Most of this conversation took place outside of the shop, so Cori didn't hear it. She thought she had seen Sam for the first and last time. At least that's what she hoped. She tried on several swimsuits, picking out two that she charged to the room. She made a mental note to call Tony and tell him that she'd pay him back for the extra room charges.

She then went to the souvenir shop and bought a couple of tank tops, a halter top, a tube top, a few pairs of shorts, some sunglasses and some sandals. At the market she picked up a toothbrush, hair brush, suntan lotion, lipstick and some bottled water to keep in her room. The only thing she was really missing now was some underwear and maybe a nice dress if she wanted to go out to the clubs some evening. She could find all that tomorrow.

Fortunately, she saw no signs of Sam or his cohorts at either store, but was quite happy to see Gerald as she came out of the market, her arms full of bags. "Need some help?" he asked.

"Would you mind?"

"Not at all, ma'am," he said, rushing over to her and taking all of the bags.

"You don't have to take them all," Cori laughed.

"My pleasure, ma'am."

"Well, thank you," Cori smiled. "But please stop calling me ma'am. I'm Cori."

"Nice to meet you, Cori," Gerald smiled. "I'm sorry, but I don't have a cart right now. We can wait for one or we can walk."

"Walking's fine," Cori said. "But I insist on carrying something." She took two of the smaller bags and they started down the smooth path which gradually snaked up toward her room.

"So, did you find everything you need?" Gerald asked.

"Most of it. I'll get the rest tomorrow. I might need your help finding some good shopping spots."

"I knew you wanted to shop tomorrow, so I already have that on your schedule for tomorrow along with a list of recommended stops. I can have a taxi waiting for you whenever you like."

"You're amazing," Cori said, truly impressed. "How long have you been working here?"

"10 years."

"10? You don't look old enough for that. How old are you?"

"20," Gerald said.

"You started working here when you were 10?"

"Yes," Gerald said. "My mom worked here as a maid and I came with her to help. Then, I moved into the kitchen, then janitorial, then grounds crew. I've been in customer service for about a year now."

"Well, you're great at it," Cori said. "Why did you start working so young? What about school? Does your mom still work here?"

"No, my mother is sick and my older sister has a young baby," Gerald said. "I started working when I was 10 to help make extra money for our family and there's always been a need, so I never went back to school."

"I'm sorry," Cori said.

"No, really, it's fine," Gerald said, smiling. "They pay me well here and I am treated well. I have plenty of money to take care of my family. We are not rich, but we're OK. We're happy and I really like my job."

"Good," Cori smiled. She handed him a $20 bill after he put her bags on the desk in her room.

"No, that is too much," Gerald said.

"I never tipped you earlier and you can consider this a pre-tip for when you bring me my agenda this evening at dinner."

"Well, thank you, Cori," Gerald said. "It's a pleasure to have you here. I hope you enjoy your stay."

"If everyone's as sweet as you, I'm sure I will. I'm going to change clothes and relax a little bit, but I'll see you in about an hour."

"I look forward to it," Gerald smiled and left the room.

Cori flopped down on the bed, closed her eyes and listened to the sweet sound of silence. She thought about Gerald and how sweet he was. She had no physical attraction to him, but she had a good sense of character and could tell that he was a genuinely nice guy. She was glad she had met him. He would be a pleasant person to talk to without having to worry about him wanting to intrude on her overall desire for a quiet, peaceful vacation.

After about 15 minutes of pure relaxation, she took a shower, then dressed in a gold colored bikini. It had small cups that covered about half her breasts and a small triangle that covered her pussy mound. The rest consisted of string so thin it could be more aptly be described as thread. It connected the two bra cups and tied around her neck and her back. Below, the string tied at her hips and widened only slightly as it plunged between her ass cheeks, which were both left bare. It was a very revealing bikini, but, contrary to her usual circumstances, Cori didn't wear it to tease or please anyone. She simply had become very accustomed to skimpy clothing and found herself comfortable in it. She was proud of her body and was willing to show it off under the right circumstances. Finally, she had a killer tan with minimal tan lines to speak of -- bikinis like the ones she had purchased would allow her to maintain that look. Besides, Cori had seen plenty of women already walking around in thongs and similarly revealing outfits. Hers would hardly stand out as any sexier than the rest.

She pulled on a pair of white cotton athletic shorts, the kind with the notch cut out on the outside of the thigh, but wore nothing else over her bikini top. She put on her new sandals, which were tan, open-toed with a short heel on them. She put on fresh lipstick and put her hair in a pony tail that would be easier to keep from getting wet if she decided to take a dip in the pool after dinner.

She walked down the gentle incline to the main part of the resort, enjoying the manicured lawns, beautiful flowers and trees and the great view of the ocean. What a magnificent place to be! Her smile quickly wiped away, however, as she approached the restaurant. It was an open-air dining area under a roof but no walls. It was located in the space between the pool and the beach, the tables adorned by candles, soft music piping through the overhead speakers. It was a lovely setting, marred only by the three men Cori had encountered earlier. They were sitting at the bar, hitting on every woman that walked by and berating the bartender for anything they could think of. What jerks, she thought. Seeing how they treated everyone else made her feel better only in that she assumed they hadn't singled her out and thus, wouldn't be any more apt to disrupt her meal than anyone else's.

She seated herself at a table off to the side and out of their direct line of sight. A waitress promptly brought her a drink and menu and Cori asked her to please let Gerald know she was there whenever he had time to talk to her. She had just ordered a shrimp salad when she heard the commotion. It was coming from the bar and, no surprise, the three jerks were in the middle of it. The surprise was that poor Gerald was the most recent target of their abuse.

He was picking himself up off the floor and Cori quickly surmised that he had collided with one of the men -- not Sam, but one of the others. He was one of those guys who you couldn't tell how old he was because he had completely white hair, but the face of a much younger man. Because of the age of the other two guys, Cori had guessed him to be in his mid 40s to early 50s, but who knew? Apparently, his name was Miles Crawford -- or Crawford Miles -- because the other guys were referring to him either as "Miles" or "Crawford" with comments like, "are you going to take that from him, Miles?" and "I don't think he knows who you are, Crawford."

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