tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 06b

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 06b


The next morning, Cori woke up with the taste of semen still fresh on her tongue. She rolled over and felt Harris next to her. They were both naked under the sheets. She looked at the clock -- it was only 6 a.m., but she was too excited about her new job to sleep any longer. She wondered if Harris would want a blowjob to start his day or if he would be mad if she woke him up. Silly, she thought, what man had ever been upset about a morning blowjob?

She lifted the covers back and slid between his legs, which were splayed across the bed. Watching his eyes, she knelt down and grazed his balls with her nose. No reaction. She dipped her head and let her hair fall onto his cock. He stirred, smiling in his sleep, then slowly opened his eyes.

"Good morning," Cori smiled. "I, um, couldn't sleep. I was, um, hungry." She looked at him then at his cock, making sure he got the not-at-all subtle message.

"Eat up," Harris said, smiling and closing his eyes. She licked the head of his cock, then nuzzled his balls, feeling him harden slowly. She licked from the base of his shaft to his head, then back down, stopping at the base of his balls. He was fully hard now and she filled her mouth with his cock. She felt him touch the back of her head, lightly stroking her hair, gently pressing down, urging her to keep him all the way inside her.

He lay motionless, letting her do all the work. "Damn, why don't we say fuck the job and you and I just stay in bed together for the next two months?" Harris said, only half joking. "Mmm-hmmm," was Cori's muffled response.

"Wow, that's good," Harris moaned, "you're amazing. You have to wake me up this way every time I sleep over," he said. "Mmm-mmm", Cori said, letting him know that she understood and agreed. He stroked her soft, golden blonde hair, imagining how good even that would feel on his cock. Fuck, this girl was so hot, she could fuck you with her hair and it would be one of the best fucks you'd ever had.

"You're going to take a shower this morning, right?" he asked, feeling his orgasm rising up. "Mmm-hmm," Cori responded.

"Good, then I'm going to cum all over hair," Harris said. He pulled his cock out and shoved Cori's face into the bed between his legs and rubbed his throbbing cock on top of her head. He wrapped a handful of hair around his cock and started firing bolts of jism into her hair, one long blast splattering between her shoulder blades, matting several strands of hair to her back. More cum seeped down the side of her head and into her ears. Cori, gasping for breath against the sheets, thought back to her childhood and having swimmers ear when water got into it. She wondered what the doctor would say if she had to go in and be treated for a load of cum in her ear.

When the last of his cum had finished dribbling onto the top of her head, Harris let her up and stuffed his cock into her mouth for a quick cleanup. "Might want to brush your teeth, too," Harris chuckled. "Go get ready for work."

Cori showered, quickly rinsing the cum out of her hair before it dried. Even after she showered, however, she still felt like something was clogging her left ear. She knew what it was, of course, and used a Q-tip to see if she could swab it out. Sure enough, when she pulled the cotton swab out, it was soaked with a sticky white goo.

"Doesn't look like ear wax to me," Harris chuckled. He had entered the bathroom as soon as he heard her get out of the shower and was shaving.

"More like nut wax," Cori laughed. "Going to shoot it up my nose next time?"

"Maybe," Harris grinned. "And if I do, you'd better snort it and inhale every drop."

"You know I will," Cori said.

Harris stepped into the shower and Cori went to pick out something to wear for her first day on the job. She hadn't really thought about it until now, but surely she could find a suitable skirt and blouse for her first day. Then, she'd use Harris' gift certificate to buy some more tonight after she had a better idea of what would be most appropriate.

But, as Cori sorted through her clothes, she realized she didn't have any real business attire. Oh, the guys had thought it was fun to have her dress up like a slutty secretary, with an obscenely short skirt with a slit all the way up the side. They would put her in a too-small white blouse with the buttons ripped off or let her wear a short jacket with one button and nothing underneath. Well, she could still wear the jacket if she could find a suitable top. Top, hell, she just realized she didn't even have a bra. Or panties. What was she thinking? She finally had a job where sex was not part of the deal and she was going to go in there looking like a tramp on the first day. She kicked herself for not thinking ahead. Normally, she planned way ahead, but she had gotten so caught up in the deal with Harris and the deal with Ty and all the fucking and moving and, well, it had slipped her mind completely.

She frantically flipped through her closet, looking for anything that wouldn't be too revealing, too sexy. And, preferably, something that would hide her nipples from view until she could get a bra.

She found a very unique top that she thought could work. It had been ordered from a specialty catalog, like many of the outfits the guys had purchased for her. It was basically the top of a catsuit -- a form-fitting, long-sleeved white top that narrowed down to a single strap that ran between her ass cheeks and buttoned in the crotch. What made it sexy was that, in addition to being form-fitting, the guys would often have her wear it with nothing else, so she was effectively walking around in a thong with only one button separating them from her pussy. Also, across the breasts, there was a series of three large rips. The top had been made that way on purpose, naturally revealing ample amounts of cleavage or, depending on how it was positioned, allowing a nipple to poke through. Cori, though, put a white tube top on under the skin-tight top to hide the bare skin under the tears. Still, her dark nipples were evident, poking out firmly against the skin-tight tops. She put a navy blue vest on. It had no buttons, but as long as she kept it on, it would help cover her nipples. Then, she put on a tight navy blue skirt. It had a slit up the side and was far shorter than she should wear, but she had little choice. She found the least slutty pair of dark pumps she could find.

She looked at herself disapprovingly in the mirror, but what else could she do? "Interesting outfit," Harris nodded, flipping back her vest and studying her breasts. "No bra?"

"I, uh, don't have one," Cori said, shaking her head.

He tugged up the back of her short skirt, eyeing the narrow piece of white cloth from her catsuit top tucked tucked between her ass cheeks. "No panties either?"

"No," Cori said, ashamed. "I only have thongs and g-strings, so this top works just as well as they do."

"Good girl," Harris smiled. "That is so hot. But after work, we'll use that gift card I got you and get you some more suitable clothes -- for work purposes only, of course. Around here, the clothes you already have will be just fine."

"Thank you," Cori said. "Do you think this will be OK? I couldn't find anything else. I'm sorry, I guess I'm just not used to dressing this way."

"It will be fine," Harris said. "Just don't bend over or lose your vest."

Harris drove Cori to her job -- it was about a 20-minute drive with the morning rush hour traffic. The building was in an office park and stood five stories high.

"Benson Sports Marketing has the whole fourth floor," Harris told her. "When you go in, ask for Claire Benson -- well, ask for Mrs. Benson. She's the owner, of course. She's expecting you. I'll plan on picking you up at 5, but if you need me to come earlier or later, just call me."

"Thank you so much for this," Cori said. "I'll see you tonight."

She walked hurriedly into the building, even though she was 15 minutes early. She was excited to get started. Finally, a real job doing what she loved and without any sexual strings attached. This was going to be so much fun. She would feel even more business-like tomorrow when she could wear more appropriate clothes. Still, other than showing off her legs with the heels and short skirt, this outfit wasn't too bad -- so long as she didn't inadvertently flash her tits or ass to someone. But as her wardrobe went, this definitely qualified as conservative and she didn't feel the least bit like she was overexposed. It was more that she was oddly dressed than being too sexy.

A security guard stopped her when she entered the lobby, asking to see her ID badge.

"I don't have one," Cori frowned. "It's my first day at Benson Sports Marketing."

"You must be Ms. Banks," the man smiled. "They're expecting you. Take the elevator to the 4th floor. They'll give you a badge and you'll just use that to scan in every morning."

"Great, thanks!" Cori smiled. She rode up the elevator, taking a deep breath as the doors opened and she prepared to take that first step into her new job -- and maybe the path to a new life.

There was a young man sitting at the receptionist desk. "May I help you," the man asked, smiling. He was young looking -- probably in his early 20s -- with dark features and curly dark hair. He was very handsome. Well, men usually hired pretty women to be receptionists, why couldn't Mrs. Benson hire herself a little eye candy, Cori mused.

"Yes, I'm Cori Banks. This is my first day working here and I'm supposed to ask for Mrs. Benson."

"Hi, Cori," he said, standing up and coming around the desk to shake her hand. "I'm Douglas, Mrs. Benson's personal assistant. Welcome to Benson Sports Marketing. We're glad to have you."

"Thanks, I'm glad to be here."

"Mrs. Benson is expecting you. Follow me, please."

He led her down a corridor filled lined on both sides with offices, all of which were empty. "Most of the guys come in between 8 and 8:30," Douglas explained. "They work late hours sometimes, so Mrs. Benson is very flexible with their arrival times."

Mrs. Benson's office was at the end of the hallway. The door was open and Douglas rapped once before entering. Cori followed him in, immediately spotting the elderly woman who stood with her back to the door, gazing out her window that overlooked the parking lot and a park across the street. She turned when she heard them enter.

"Mrs. Benson," Douglas said, "this is Cori Banks, our new intern."

"Welcome, Cori," Mrs. Benson said warmly, shaking her hand.

"Thank you, Mrs. Benson," Cori said. "It's very nice to meet you."

"Anything else, ma'am?" Douglas asked.

"No, that will be all for now," Mrs. Benson said. Douglas left, closing the door behind him. Mrs. Benson ushered Cori into a seat at her conference table, then sat down across from her. Cori studied the woman who was quite beautiful and elegant for her age, which Cori guessed to be in her 60s. She had light gray hair, sparkling blue eyes that hinted at kindness and a good sense of humor and a warm smile. She was slender and appeared to be in great shape. She wore a dark gray business suit with a knee-length skirt, hose, a cream-colored blouse and a dark gray jacket. She looked professional and confident. Cori wanted to dress just like her tomorrow.

"So, Cori, tell me about yourself and why you're here," Mrs. Benson said pleasantly.

Cori smiled to herself for a minute. "Where do I begin?" she thought. So much of her recent life had been defined by her sexuality. But that's not what she wanted to tell Mrs. Benson and it certainly wasn't how she wanted to define the rest of her life -- the next year or so, obviously, with Harris and the other university folks, but after that ...

"Well, I'm from a small town in Georgia," Cori smiled. "I went to college for a couple years, working on a business degree, then the money ran out and I worked at a car repair shop where I sort of taught myself about marketing. By the time I left about a month ago, we had tripled profits in less than two years and had secured a major municipal contract. I always liked sports and, working with male co-workers and customers all the time, I realized that I actually knew as much about sports as most of them did. And coming up with new marketing ideas really interests me. So, sports marketing seems like a natural fit. I received a scholarship offer from BJU and I plan to complete a marketing degree and see where things go from there."

"Very good," Mrs. Benson said. "You look athletic. Did you play sports?"

"Yes, tennis and gymnastics," Cori said. "I was too tall to be a very good gymnast, though. I was a cheerleader too."

"You do have a nice sports background," Mrs. Benson said. "That's good. And I'm glad you're used to working with men. You and I are the only female employees here. I hope you don't mind. My husband started this company 25 years ago and it's always been sort of a good ol' boys club. Well, even though that's not the case anymore, that's just sort of the way the staff worked out right now. We had a couple women about a year ago, but they moved on and, well, here we are with a staff full of men again."

"That's fine," Cori assured her. As long as Mrs. Benson is around and I'm not dressed like a slut, there's no reason for the guys to think of me as anything but a co-worker, Cori figured.

"Well, it's a small staff, too," Mrs. Benson said. "We've had opportunities to grow, but my husband wanted to keep it small and we never sold out to the big boys. We have a staff of six full-timers, not counting myself. We have my assistant, a manager, a graphic designer and three account representatives. We outsource our computer care, maintenance and accounting. So, what questions do you have?"

"Well, a couple," Cori said. "I apologize for not doing my homework and knowing this in advance, but I just found out yesterday about this job. So, what sort of sports marketing do you do here exactly? And, what will my role be?"

"Excellent questions," Mrs. Benson said. "And I understand your situation, so I don't mind that you aren't up to speed on our company. We're not a household name, and that's the way we like it. We operate under the radar, in that respect, but you definitely have seen our clients and our work.

"When sports agents started taking over the big business angle of sports years ago, my husband had the foresight to realize that the money wasn't going to come from the athletes themselves, but from the companies demanding the services of those athletes. So, we set ourselves up as a sort of headhunter agency and we serve both athletes and companies. Not all athletes have the luxury of top-flight agents and managers. To get endorsements, speaking engagements, appearance fees, etc., they come to us and we put them in touch with companies looking for spokespeople, organizations who want a headlining athlete for a charity function, businesses looking for guest speakers. We're sort of like a modeling agency for athletes. We keep a database on all the athletes in the major sports as well as some from the minor sports. We offer services to handle the promotion of events, including design of materials and even staffing for the event if required. In exchange, we are paid a commission off every contract we negotiate."

"That sounds great," Cori said. "I had no idea ... I mean, you never think about all the work that goes on behind the scenes."

"And a lot of that is what you'll be tasked with. Most days, you'll be logging data on new and existing athletes. We track their charitable giving, public appearances and red flag any public issues, like drugs or domestic abuse, that might affect their effectiveness as a representative. So, you'll do lots of research, data entry, filing -- you get the idea. But I'd also like to get you involved in some events and some of the proposals that we put together to attract new clients. We are always looking for new ideas to set us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on our service to our clients and we have gained a great reputation as a family-owned business with solid values and integrity in business."

"This sounds perfect," Cori said. "I can't thank you enough for this opportunity."

"You're welcome," Mrs. Benson said. "Now, Douglas will show you around and introduce you to everyone. But, one bit of advice, if I may. Tomorrow, please wear a bra."

Cori was stunned. How had she noticed? She looked down and saw that the her vest was caught on the arm of the chair. It was pulled back, revealing her right breast and yes, her dark, hard nipple was evident -- though not obscenely so -- through the skin-tight, thin double layer of white.

"Oh," Cori blushed. She didn't want to lie, but what would the woman think if she told her the truth? "I'm ... I'm so sorry. I, well, not to make excuses, but in my rush to move here this weekend, I neglected to pack my bras, I'm afraid. I didn't realize it until this morning and it was too late. I promise, I'm going shopping and will be more appropriately dressed tomorrow."

"That's fine, dear," Mrs. Benson said. "Just try to keep that vest closed. The guys won't hassle you, but I don't need to tell you that a little too much skin can be very distracting in a male-dominated office."

"I understand," Cori said softly. "I'm so sorry. I don't want to distract anyone, I promise."

Mrs. Benson called Douglas in and he led Cori back out into the hallway. Cori heard voices and phones and keyboards now -- the office had come to life. She was so eager to meet everyone and get started.

She met Ted, the staff manager, who was a black man in his late 40s, medium build with a shaved head. He had a deep voice and strong hands that Cori knew could have crushed hers when they shook hands.

Barry, the graphic designer, was in his late 30s with long hair and a goatee. He had a very "artsy" look, Cori thought, noting his slender, wiry build.

Ted and Barry each had their own offices. The account reps shared the third office, which provided ample space for their three work stations. Jason was the oldest and seemed to be the self-appointed leader of the trio. He was in his late 20s and had dark hair. A former basketball player, he was well over six feet tall and had a slender but toned body. Greg was of Asian descent and had the short, powerful body of a former catcher, which he was. Like Greg, Wes was in his mid 20s. He had reddish brown hair, pale skin and was skinny. Cori wasn't surprised to learn that he had never played competitive sports at a high level.

Everyone was polite and Cori did a good job of shielding her tits and standing straight to keep the slits in her skirt from being too noticeable. Sure, she knew the guys were checking her out to some degree -- they were guys, after all. But there were no inappropriate looks or touches or comments. She wasn't sending out that kind of vibe and these were professional men who were above such immature acts. Wow, it sure was nice to be in a real office setting for a change.

The three main offices -- Claire's, Ted's and Barry's -- were located in the corridor to the left away from the reception area where Douglas' desk sat. Directly behind the reception area, however, separated by a glass wall decorated with pictures of famous athletes Cori assumed were clients, was a large open area. In it were a conference table, two large video monitors, a library of books and media materials, a drawing table and a lone desk with a computer on it. To the right of this large area were three more rooms -- the large office housing the account reps, a room which held the copy machine and other office supplies and a break room with lunch tables, a refrigerator and vending machines. A hallway out the back side of the room led to the restrooms.

The lone desk in the middle of the large room, Cori, learned, was to be hers. While the others all had name tags on their doors, Cori's desk had a simple sign that said "Staff Assistant". Obviously, this was where they always put their interns. Which made sense, since this allowed her to see and hear a lot of what was going on and to be accessible to anyone needing her help.

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