The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 07


"Well?" Barry asked.

"This is nice," Cori said. "It's classic and sexy and very feminine. The downsides are that the bustier isn't all that comfortable nor does it come off easily. Plus, if she has a flat tummy, this kind of hides it."

She returned to the room to more whistles and cheers and came back out in a sheer white nighty with a matching white g-string. Nipples, ass and pussy were all on display with this one and she was a little self-conscious in front of her co-workers, but decided the show must go on. If she didn't make a deal out of it, chances were they wouldn't either.

"I like that one a lot," Wes said softly.

"Me too," Barry said. "What do you think, Cori?"

"Very sexy," she admitted. "It's comfortable and you have easy access to everything. The only downside is that many men find that something like this doesn't leave enough to the imagination. But that's a personal preference for you. Does your fiancée wear thongs? If not, she might not feel comfortable with this."

"Not very often," Barry admitted.

Next was a pink lace body suit that fit snugly around her neck and arms and tucked in between her legs, similar in design to a one-piece bathing suit.

"I'm not crazy about this one," Cori admitted. "It looks cute, but even with the crotch snaps, it's time-consuming to get all the way off if you want to get to her tits. It also tends to push the tits down and make them look smaller."

"I agree," Barry said. "This is my least favorite so far."

The second-to-last outfit was a light yellow camisole with matching yellow panties.

"This one is pretty basic too," Cori said. "It's nice, but I don't think it's the sexy surprise you're looking for.

The last outfit was an all white catsuit, made of a soft semi-sheer material that clung to every curve and bump on her body.

"The only downside to this is access," Cori said.

"What about the little flap over the pussy?" Barry said.

"Yeah, it's there," Cori said. "But if you get a little aggressive, it can rip easily and then you've ruined a very expensive outfit. Also, there's no access to the tits or ass. Sure, you can see them very well and feel them through the material, but as a woman, it's nice to have that skin-on-skin feel, ya know?"

"Yep," Barry said. "I get it. I think I'm going to go with the sheer white nighty and g-string. Thanks for doing this, Cori."

"You know," Greg chimed in, "I don't think we're expecting any clients this afternoon. You could just keep that catsuit on the rest of the day."

"Thanks," Cori laughed. "But I think I should dress a little more appropriately, don't you?"

"With that body," Jason said, "nothing is more appropriate than that catsuit."

"Well, thank you, I guess," Cori said. "But still, I think I should change."

"I don't," Barry said.

"OK," Cori laughed. "We'll just play dress up all afternoon." She started toward the office to change, assuming she had successfully played it off, but Barry's voice stopped her.

"Really, Cori, I don't think you should change," he said. "You look amazing and, frankly, this office could use a little spicing up. Just a few hours won't hurt anything, will it?"

"Well, I," Cori wasn't sure what to say. She didn't want to go against Barry, who was in charge, or appear to be anything but a good sport and team player. Still, this request was certainly unprofessional and not at all befitting the image she was trying to build. "I have work to do and I think I should wear proper business attire. I think if I keep this on I'll distract you and none of us will get any work done."

"Oh, we're all pros here," Barry said. "We can handle it, I think."

"What if I say no?" Cori said, not challenging yet, just testing.

"I don't know," Greg chimed in. "You seem pretty interested in keeping things in house. But I know Douglas has a picture of you in your thong. I'm assuming you wouldn't want that to be circulated to Mrs. Benson and Ted, our clients, the university."

Cori turned to face them. "OK, I get it," she said. She saw instantly where this was going. Blackmail to get her to wear that damn catsuit. Well, if they wanted to play that game, she was at least going to do her best to make the rules. "I see what you're planning to do and I get it. Yes, it's important to me to keep those pictures private. You know that and I'm going to have to pay a price to keep it that way. But just wearing this catsuit today won't be enough, will it? You'll want something else tomorrow. So, here's what we're going to do right now. We're going to figure out a set of rules we can live with. You want me to dress sexy for you, right?"


"OK, I'm very disappointed. I didn't want this job to go this way. I was hoping you guys were different, but I overestimated you. Fine. My fault. I'll dress sexy for you, but I get to decide what to wear and it's all confined to this office and this week. If I find out you've sent pictures to your friends or posted anything on the internet, deal's off."

"I think we can live with that," Barry said.

"Why don't you just wear one of those outfits every day this week?" Jason suggested.

"I'll decide what to wear," Cori said.

"Wait, we get to decide," Greg said. "You're dressing for us."

"You'll have to trust me," Cori said. "I guarantee you'll like what I wear."

"And if I don't?"

"You can take all the pictures you want," Cori said. "Give me 15 minutes every morning and if you don't each have a hard-on by then, I lose."

"Sounds like an offer we can't refuse," Barry said.

Here we go again, Cori thought. Well, at least this was a sex-free deal so far. She was getting as much cock as she needed from Harris and Ty. She didn't need five more guys stuffing her at work. She'd flash some T&A for a week and hopefully this would be over.

"Douglas," Barry said, "cancel all of our appointments for this week. We want no guests, no meetings. And tell the security guy to alert us before allowing any deliveries. If anyone asks why, tell them we're doing some inventory and filing updates and are shutting down normal operations as much as possible for the week. Now, we've still got work to do, gentlemen, but I think it's only fair to Cori to make sure that we keep this all in-house."

"Thanks," Cori said. "Also, remember that I'll have to wear normal clothes when I come in and leave, so I'll change when I get here."

Sex hadn't been brought up yet and Cori decided to leave it that way. Sure, they would have those thoughts, but they had fiancées and girlfriends. Maybe they were actually going to be content with just looking and playing around. She'd address that if and when someone broached the subject. Until then, she'd assume they understood it wasn't an option. Maybe she could compromise by offering handjobs if things got too crazy.

Not surprisingly, Cori was in much demand the rest of the afternoon. She had lots of filing to do -- all of it on the top drawer of a large filing cabinet that she could only reach by using a step ladder. She knew they were watching her ass the whole time. The catsuit fit so snugly, too, that she had a blatant cameltoe, which no doubt they were noticing. She returned to her desk to find that her computer wasn't working. She had to crawl under her desk to plug it back in and by the time she stood back up, five hard cocks were bulging through those khakis and dress slacks.

At the end of the day, Barry called her over to a light table to show her some designs. He wanted her input -- and more. As she bent over to look, he reached between her legs and let his fingers trace the outline of her camel toe. He pushed in gently, testing the softness of her pussy lips, then trailed his finger between the lips, barely pushing the catsuit inside her outer lips and scraping across her clit. Cori had to admit he had a nice touch, but she didn't respond.

"I like the third one," she said, referring to the designs he presented. "It's very colorful and eye-catching." She purposely did not respond to his touch because she wanted to let him know it was OK without saying so. If she said, "Oh, that feels so good," he'd want more and if she said, "Hey, stop it," that would bring the issue to the fore. This was an unspoken message that he could look and touch but she wasn't going to encourage anything more. It was an, "OK, but don't push your luck" message and Barry seemed to receive it.

She changed back into her regular clothes and headed home, happy to see Ty waiting for her in the truck. She hoped he didn't want to go off-roading again. She needed time to think. She thought about telling him what was going on, but Ty was the type to take action. He wouldn't just let it go. And if he didn't, she might lose her job and if she lost her job, things could get really messy. Harris could get spooked about being caught and send her packing. No, it was just four more days. She could do this, keep it quiet and then get back to the plan. Everything had worked so well last week, she just wanted it to go back to that. When Ted and Mrs. Benson returned, she was sure it would and she could get into her routine.

After she got home and Harris fucked her in the pool, Cori was granted time to go workout. She ran for 45 minutes on the treadmill, mapping out her strategy for the week. By the time she was done, she knew what she was going to wear, how she was going to present it and even how she would combat a demand for sexual favors. She decided first and foremost to set the tone by following the basic business tenants of underpromising and overdelivering. Since she was picking out the clothes, they wouldn't expect too much. She'd catch them off guard by giving them her sexiest stuff. That would put them on their heels and put her in control of the situation. Second, she'd tease them as much as she could. She wouldn't wait for them to find excuses to have her bend over or whatever. She'd create them herself -- the best defense was a good offense. Their ideas might be too wild, too aggressive. If she implemented her own first, that took the pressure off.

She even had a couple of ideas for how to incorporate her new look into the office setting. Make it fun, a game. She'd show them she was going along with it, having fun and they would be more apt to respect her request for secrecy. Don't give them anything to complain about, she thought. Hit them with something new each morning to think about so by the time they're over it, the day's almost over.

Finally, if it did come down to a fuck or else situation, she would first offer the handjobs and second find a way to videotape them or take their picture and them blackmail them against their girlfriends. It was a last resort, but she'd been blackmailed enough times to know it could work.

Later that night, she gave Harris a world-class blowjob in bed with her hands cuffed behind her back, then fell asleep with the taste of cum on her tongue and thoughts of exactly how she could pull this off without anyone knowing about her crazy week at Benson Sports Marketing.

The next morning, while Harris was in the shower, Cori stuffed the professional work bag that Ms. Chloe had given her with her outfit for the day. She then got dressed in one of her nice new suits.

"What's in the bag?" Harris asked in the car.

"Nothing," Cori laughed. "It's just for show right now. But maybe someday I'll have some important papers or need it for a meeting. I just like it and thought I'd start carrying it."

"Looks nice," Harris said. "Have a good day. I'll be here to pick you up."

As soon as she got in the office, Cori was greeted by the guys. They were all there and looked disappointed by her appearance. "I told you I would have to wear regular clothes in and out of here," Cori reminded them. "Give me five minutes and see if you're still disappointed."

Cori should have been angry or disappointed that her professional career had already turned to this, but she really didn't feel that way. She was kind of looking forward to it. Dressing up, teasing, watching guys ooh and ahh -- well, it was fun. It was also fun being the one in control, calling the shots, dictating the action. At least she hoped that's how it would go.

Her plan for today was to try to shock them a little bit. Underpromise, overdeliver, she reminded herself. Make it a game. Make it fun. She changed from her gray and white business suit into ... a gray and white business suit. At first glance, the guys would be disappointed, but that was her plan. Then the show would begin, the jaws would drop and they'd be putty in her hands for the rest of the day.

The suit she put on consisted of a white button down blouse, only this was a very small blouse with just one very small button. Under her gray jacket -- the same one she had worn in that morning -- it would look like a normal blouse. But take the jacket off and they would see that she was wearing nipple rings, no bra and that her shirt was better suited for a Barbie doll than a grown woman. The one button was at the bottom of the blouse, about halfway between the bottom of her breasts and her navel. Her belly button ring was clearly visible, as was the top of her black thong, which stuck out above the back of her skirt. Her skirt was less than half the length of her original, just reaching the tops of her thighs and the bottom of her ass cheeks. It was tight and clung to her curves and would ride up over her ass with the slightest bend or twist. Anyone behind her might see her barely covered pussy mound and might even notice that she was wearing a ring in her clit. She wasn't sure if she'd put it to use today or not, but she had a plan for that ring and the others, depending on how things went.

Her black thigh-high stockings didn't come close to reaching the bottom of her skirt and her 6-inch black stilettos made her legs look like they went on for days. She put on a pair of fake reading glasses with thick dark rims and put her hair in a ponytail. She added her usual candy-red lipstick and prepared to make her entrance. They would like the heels and short skirt right off the bat, she knew, but they would disappointed with the jacket. Taking that off would give her the impact she was looking for -- hard-ons all around.

She came out and the guys were all seated around the conference table. Douglas had sent all the calls to voice mail and reminded security to alert them of any visitors. Anyone who got off the elevator on their floor would be able to see Cori right now through those big glass doors and that glass wall.

'Nice skirt!" Barry said when she came out. "Nice thong!" he added when she spun around for them.

"What's up with the jacket and blouse?" Greg complained. "It looks like the same thing you wore in here. I like the skirt and heels, but come on."

"Oh, this isn't what you wanted?" Cori teased. "Hmm, well how about this?" She peeled back her jacket and slid it off her arms onto the floor in one quick, practiced move. Instantly their vision was filled with bare belly, cleavage and a rack on the verge of spilling out of its feeble constraints.

"Whoo, yeah!" Jason yelled. "That's more like it!"

'Check out the nipple rings," Douglas said. "Nice touch."

"Those are definitely some 38D's," Greg crowed.

Wes remained silent, just staring at Cori wide-eyed and smiling.

"Do you think this outfit is professional enough?" she asked them teasingly. "I wouldn't want to distract anyone when I bend over." She dropped a pen in front of her, looked them all in the eye, then bent over at the waist, giving them a clean look down her blouse. She picked it up, pretended to fumble it and tossed it behind her. She turned around and bent over again, feeling her skirt ride up as she gave them a view from the rear.

"No, that's not distracting at all," Barry deadpanned. "I can work with a hard-on, can't you, fellas?"

"Damn straight," Jason said.

"I bet she can do some good work with a hard-on, too," Greg said, rubbing his through his khakis.

"Now, what would Nora say if she heard you talking like that," Wes chided. "You poor saps with your girlfriends better look but not touch. Now us single guys..."

Everyone laughed, including Wes and Cori. Things were working perfectly. Obviously, they liked her outfit. They were happy and she could spend the day bending over and teasing them. She had brought a whole pack of big red cherry lollipops and planned to suck on them all day. Something about big-titted blondes sucking on things got guys all weak in the knees and hard in the crotch, she smiled to herself.

With her initial mission accomplished, Cori sat at her desk and busied herself with her work. She knew everyone was looking at her and talking about her as they went off to their offices to return phone calls and emails and perform their daily tasks. But as the morning wore on, Cori was pulled in different directions, being asked to climb the little step ladder to change a light bulb or retrieve a file on top of a shelf. She was asked to change the paper in the copy machine -- the paper in the bottom drawer, of course. And there were more pens and papers dropped than she had ever seen before. None of this surprised or disappointed her, though. She knew what to expect when the day started. This was what the whole week would be like. At least she hoped so. Teasing and flirting would be just fine. The problem was, it was only noon and she knew their balls were probably already aching for release. As the day and week wore on, just looking and the occasional grope wouldn't be enough. She hoped handjobs would suffice, but doubt crept into her mind.

She pushed it aside, reminding herself that this was her show. She was in control. Keep them off balance. Under promise and over deliver. That was the way to avoid a gang bang orgy, blackmail, firing, losing her scholarship, her career, etc. Her life, as she saw it, rode on how she handled this week. That was why she reminded herself to be aggressive, stay two steps ahead of them, offer them a little before they asked for a lot.

"Man, you have a great body," Jason said as they sat down for lunch. "How often do you work out?"

"As much as I can," Cori said. "I try to every day, but sometimes I run out of time." She saw an opportunity. Pounce before they do, she told herself. "In fact," she continued, "I missed my workout yesterday. Do you guys mind if I do a quick 15-minute set during lunch?"

"In that outfit?" Greg grunted. "Go right ahead."

"Well, usually I like run on the treadmill or use the stairmaster to get warmed up," Cori began. "And I like to stretch, too." She put a leg up on the counter where the microwave sat and leaned over, touching her head to her leg. Her tight skirt rode up over her ass to avoid ripping. Greg acted like he was trying to help pull it down, but really just squeezed her ass for a few seconds before letting go. When she put her leg down, he reached out again and pulled her skirt down for her, smoothing it out over her ass, caressing her firm cheeks.

"Thanks," Cori said. "Guess it's a little tight for this sort of exercise. Maybe I should just take it off." She unsnapped the front and wriggled out of her skirt, wagging her hips too and fro, her thigh-highs swishing together as she squeezed her knees together and let the skirt slide down her long legs. She stepped out of to much applause, doing her next leg stretch wearing just the white blouse, black thong, black thigh-highs and black heels. Then, she climbed onto the counter, facing away from them as she did the splits, her ass at eye level.

Knowing they were distracted by her ass and legs and probably craning to get a look between her legs at her pussy mound, Cori deftly ripped the button off her blouse, then arched her back, tossing the button on the floor at the same time, making them think that her tits had popped the button off.

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