The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 09.2


Wes ordered her softly but firmly to "Babe, raise your leg" or "Slut, raise your ass" as he worked the catsuit up her body. When he got to her pussy, he rubbed her pussy lips through the catsuit until the fabric grew damp and began to seep into the crevice between her lips, obscenely outlining her juicy cameltoe.

Cori forgot that it had an opening over the belly button until he pulled it up over her smooth torso. Then she remembered that it had a slit about an inch wide and three inches high right over the belly button. She remembered that Ty, who had ordered an outfit like this for her back when they worked together at the shop, described it as a "starter hole". When Cori had asked what he meant, he had said, "you know, to grab it and rip that thing off you – rip it down to get to your pussy or up to get to your tits or both ways to get to everything." She vividly remembered now how he had attacked a red version of the same outfit like piranha after a fresh piece of meat. She wondered if Wes would be as aggressive. She imagined him taking his time a little more, unless he was so excited he just couldn't wait. From the corner of her eye she could see his cock bobbing around, rigid and wet at the tip, and guessed the outfit would be short-lived once the office door closed.

He pulled it up over her breasts, pulling the fabric taut and watching as her dark nipples tented the material. Then he slid her arms into the sleeves, sliding her fingers into each the fingers of the gloved ends. With feet and gloves built in, this was a complete body stocking as it left only Cori's navel and head exposed. It had a very high collar that wrapped tightly around her neck. Wes rolled her over onto her belly and zipped it up to the very top, pulling her hair out of the way to keep from snagging it in the zipper. The only thing left was to put her stilettos back on and Submissive Barbie was dressed and ready to play.

Wes had her stand up and twirl around, showing off to her horny admirers. "There's only one way for a slut in a catsuit to get to that office," Wes grinned. "Crawl, slut."

Cori dropped to all fours, bending her arms slightly and sticking her ass high in the air, trying to mimic a cat with its tail sticking straight up. With slow, sensuous moves, Cori channeled her inner cat and slinked down the hallway toward the office where a major cock-pounding awaited. Yes, this kitty was going to have her cream soon. She fought the urge to purr, instead mewing like a little lost kitten, looking seductively over her shoulder at Wes, who followed, hands at his sides, cock rigid and pointed right at her twitching tail. He looked ridiculous and oddly sexy wearing only red tennis shoes and a red cape, the rest of his superhero costume – including the mask – long-since gone.

"Looks like this little kitten is lost," Wes boomed in a mock superhero voice to the rest of the guys. "I think it's wet and hungry. I will use my thunder sword to protect it and feed it. As a sworn defender of little lost pussy, I vow that this mission will be a success so that all good citizens of the city of Manhood may continue to enjoy the company of sweet, tender pussy."

Bowing to the mock cheers of his co-workers, Wes followed Cori into the office and pulled the door shut, glancing at the clock on the wall to keep track of his time. Cori was prepared for anything at this point. She would remain in character as Submissive Barbie pretending to be a little lost kitten as long as he wanted or she would be just regular ol' Cori if her preferred. He wanted to play games.

"Here kitty, kitty," he said. Cori turned, still on her hands and knees, but now looking up at him, her gaze stopping at his hard cock, then looking longingly up at his face, which wasn't classicly handsome by any means, but was cute in its own way. She meowed, then moved forward and rubbed her head against his bare leg like a cat rubbing up against its owner. She purred softly, then meowed again.

"You must be hungry," Wes said, bending down to pat her on the head. She nuzzled her head against his thigh and spread his legs, letting his cock point straight at her face. She licked her lips hungrily and meowed loudly, as if to say yes. "Good," Wes said. "Then eat all you want. He stood up, hands on his hips in a classic superhero pose, and looked down as she raised up on her knees, meowed again and started rubbing her face along the side of his cock. Finally, she lapped at the head with her tongue, pulling back a sticky string of pre-cum, which she followed to the source. She took him fully in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth, going balls deep with every dip of her head.

She could tell from his excitement and throbbing cock that he wasn't going to last anywhere near 30 minutes, so she doubled her efforts, determined to get him off as fast as possible this first time and give him as much time as possible to recuperate and nail her again before their time was up. Wes seemed to read her thoughts – or at least knew what it meant when the suction doubled, her cheeks hollowing while her tongue performed seemingly impossible acrobat moves on his shaft and head. Wes didn't even think about holding back as he put his hands on her head and held her in place while he filled her mouth and throat with what felt like the biggest load he had ever had. His hungry kitten lapped up every drop, though, and Wes slumped back in Mrs. Benson's plush office chair, tapping his lap for Cori to join him. She crawled up into his lap, cuddling against him, purring and licking her lips.

"Wow, you make a good fucking cat, Cori," Wes said, letting her know that the role play was over.

"Thanks, you're a pretty impressive superhero," Cori replied. "Man of steel, indeed."

"Not right now."

"No, but we've got time. Let's see if he can make a triumphant return in time to wield his superpowers and dispense his wonder cream one more time."

"I'm game if you are," Wes said, filling his hands with her breasts, rubbing them through the thin nylon. Already there were runs in the fabric where her rigid nipples had scraped against it. Who needs a starter hole when you have nipples like these? Cori wondered to herself.

Wes put his mouth over the dark shadows of her nipples and sucked them through the fabric. He closed his mouth over her right nipple and gently chewed on it. As he pulled back, he clenched his teeth and caught the nylon between them. Playfully shaking his head like a puppy playing with an old shoe, he tore a hole with his teeth. He spat out the bit of fabric stuck in his teeth and attacked the other breast, a bit more aggressively this time, tearing a larger hole that left her entire left breast exposed. Cori's nipples pointed straight up, teasing and triumphant, as if to say, "See, we knew you couldn't keep us down for long!"

Wes put his hands inside both of the holes around her breasts and ripped the fabric to the sides, tearing the top of the catsuit completely open as he once again attacked her nipples, sucking and chewing on them. They were so long and hard and rubbery that they were simply irresistible, and it didn't hurt that Cori moaned and put her hands behind his head, holding him tightly against her breasts. Wes hadn't had a lot of experience with women – not like his co-workers seemed to – but the little experience he had was more than enough to tell him that Cori wasn't just another pretty face or tight body. She was special – beautiful, for sure, but sexy in so many ways. She seemed to be able to read minds and morph into whatever kind of girl you wanted – slutty, sweet, vulnerable, fun-loving, aggressive, athletic, feminine. She had it all and a fantastic smile and attitude and the sexiest damn giggle he'd ever heard. And where did she learn to purr like that. She could turn him on no matter what she was wearing. Just her eyes, her pouty lips and that fuck-me giggle would do it every time. Throw in the huge breasts, long legs and rock hard body and it was hard to imagine not getting a hard-on every time he looked at her.

He was almost hard again already and he still had 20 minutes left. He just hoped he could last longer this time. Every second he was with her was precious and it only got better when his cock was hard and she was working her magic.

He pushed her back on the conference table and she circled her legs around him. The catsuit was still covering the lower half of her body, but her pussy was so wet that the crotch was soaked and ready to fall apart. Wes destroyed it with one quick thrust of his cock, climbing on top of her, her head in his hands, their noses touching as he drilled her sweet pussy. Cori groaned and lifted her legs, wrapping them around him, urging him to deeper and faster as her own orgasm mounted. She wanted to let the guys outside know how good Wes was fucking her and started moaning loudly, the sound of her own erotic groans making her all the hotter. She pictured the others huddled outside the door, listening to Wes fuck her. She wondered if they could hear the wetness of her pussy as his cock slapped against her wet lips and her pussy sucked on his shaft. She knew for sure – even if they were out by the elevator – that they could hear her moaning. The people in the office below probably could too.

Cori wasn't usually a loud fuck – a screamer. But some guys liked it and once in a while it was fun. In this case, it was for Wes' ego. It wasn't fake at all – she was cumming, no doubt about it – but she wanted to let him and everyone know just how good he was. And he'd probably feel even better about it later when the moaning was much quieter later when she was with the other guys – that's the way she planned to be, at least, unless one of them requested a screamer. While Wes was special, she wouldn't deny the others any of their reasonable requests or pleasures today either.

Cori announced her orgasm to Wes, all the guys in the office and everyone on the third floor and still had enough left in her lungs to let the guys in the office know when it happened again. By then, Wes, who was now dripping with sweat and consumed by lust, was on the verge of exhaustion. Her man of steel had proven to be just that, pumping furiously without slowing or stopping, each thrust just as hard and deep as the last. Cori had no idea if they had 10 minutes left or had gone over by an hour. Frankly, she didn't care. If her man of steel could last until noon and keep making her cum, she'd let him and pay the others back later.

Cori hit her third orgasm, which came so quickly that all she could muster was a simple "Oh God!" and a high-pitched shriek. Wes pulled out splattered his second load all over her flat belly, then rolled off, landing roughly on the thickly carpeted floor. Cori giggled, catching her breath. Wes sat up and saw her running her fingers through his cum on her flat belly. What a sight. What a woman. She casually lifted her fingers to her lips and tasted his jism, the smile on her face so genuine that there was no doubt she loved the taste. Wes used some of the tattered top of her catsuit to wipe off the rest of her belly and Cori quickly washed her face in Mrs. Benson's executive restroom.

She glanced at the clock and saw that they had gone a full 15 minutes over. Wes had fucked her as hard as anyone besides Ty had ever fucked her and lasted a full 30 minutes. He made her cum three times. All the other guys in the office kind of pretended to be studs, but she was finding out that there was a lot more to Wes and his average looks and average cock than met the eye.

They walked out, Wes bowing triumphantly as Cori staggered along playfully behind him, her "fuck-so-hard-I-can-barely-walk" routine only partially fake. She looked like she had been ravaged, bare to the waist, then her catsuit hanging in tatters around her hips and thighs, rips and tears up and down the legs.

"Damn, you really tore that pussy up!" Jason said, high-fiving Wes.

"And from the sound of things, she loved every second," Greg added, licking his lips. His turn was next and he was ready. "And it's just going to get better and better, baby. That was just the warm up. Come here and let me get you ready for the main event."

Greg was dressed as a football player, with eye black under his eyes, shoulder pads, a jersey and even the tight white pants that you could see his jock strap through. Fittingly, he had picked out the cheerleading outfit to dress Cori in.

"It's game time," Greg said, already in character. "And I need a little help warming up from my biggest fan and favorite cheerleader."

"Go team!" Cori said.

"That's the spirit," Greg said. He sat her on top of her desk and finished ripping off her catsuit and pulled off her stilettos. She was completely nude as he began dressing her in the cheerleader outfit. Cori remembered that Ty used to like to mess with her by ordering junior sizes on some things and this was one of them. The skirt was made for a junior high cheerleader, not a grown woman with toned thighs, round ass and long legs like Cori's. So the skirt was even more pathetic than most of her outfits. This one didn't even go all the way around her narrow waist and Jason and Barry quickly fashioned together a chain of paper clips to bridge the four-inch gap between the ends of the waist band and Greg used two safety pins to hold them in place. He turned the gap so that it was in the back, perfectly centered around the crack of her ass. The skirt was comically short, too. They had it pulled up as high as they could to reach around the narrowest part of her waist. As a result, it fit more like an apron than a skirt, extending only about a third of the way down her ass and only the top of her pussy mound.

The bright red skirt was paired with a tight white spandex tube top that was stretched so tightly across her breasts that the red lettering that spelled out "Fuckaneers" – a not-so-clever play on words by Ty, who was a Buccaneers fan – was wrapped all the way around her sides, under her armpits. The actual lettering on her tits was distorted and stretched and only "ckanee" was visible if she put her arms down. The tube top would have fit a much younger girl or a thin, less busty woman, but a grown woman with 38D breasts was more than the top was built to handle. It looked like a rubber band stretched to its limits, about to snap. Greg put her hair in a ponytail with a red ribbon tied around it and gave her some red-and-white saddle shoes with no socks.

"Now, that's what I call a cheerleader," Greg said, stepping back to take a good look at his work. "Give us a little cheer."

Cori stood up and started bouncing up and down as she yelled, "Give me a C"!


"Give me an O!"


"Give me another C!"


"Give me a K!"


"What's that spell?"


"What do I want?"


"What do I need?"


"What are you going to give me?"


Cori bounced and shook her tits and kicked her legs, then dropped to the ground in a perfect splits. "Come on and do that on my cock," Greg grinned, grabbing her wrist and pulling her up. He led her quickly to Mrs. Benson's office, slammed the door behind them and turned to face his prize.

"I played a good game today," he grinned, letting Cori know he was in character. "Coach said if I played well, he'd let me do anything to you I wanted for half an hour. Funny that the coach cares more about the team than his own daughter, but what the hell. We all know you're the team slut and I guess he does too, huh? If he's going to have a hot slut for a daughter, he might as well put her to good use. Come on, slut, show me your team spirit."

Greg reached for her tube top and yanked it down below her breasts and it snapped sharply against her rib cage. "Splits, now, bitch," he barked, pointing at the floor. Cori dropped quickly onto the carpet, her bare snatch pressed against the soft shag. "For the next 30 minutes, you are not to get out of the splits. Understood?"

"Of course, sir," Cori said. "Whatever is best for the team."

"Well, the star of the team deserves a hot piece of ass, don't ya think?"

"The hottest he can find," Cori said, wiggling her ass playfully, enjoying the feel of the carpet rubbing against her engorged clit.

"Good," Greg said. "Splits on the table, now."

Cori scrambled up onto the conference table, her knee hitting a slick spot that she knew was likely either her juice or Wes' – or a combination of the two. It didn't show against the dark table, but she'd have to make sure and clean it very well before Mrs. Benson came back. She watched Greg pull down his tight football pants and remove his cup and jock strap and set them on the table. He kept removed his pads and then put his jersey back on. He guided her as she did the splits on the edge of the table, making her face away from him. "Put your forehead on the table," he said.

Always-flexible Cori was being tested. With her legs spread as wide as they could go, she now bent at the waist until her forehead touched the table. She felt Greg's hand on the back of her head, holding it there. Her hips were now rotated enough that her ass was presented to him. He rubbed the pre-cum from his cock all over his shaft and then drove the only slightly lubricated prick deep into her asshole. She moaned from a combination of pleasure and pain and wished he would put some more lubrication on or at least rub some of her pussy juice on his cock. But she could feel his cock swell almost instantly and knew he wouldn't last long at all. Like Wes, he was going to cum fast the first time and probably have plenty of time for a second go 'round. She realized all of the guys would probably be this way – after all, they weren't getting any less horny waiting for their turn. By the time they got playing dress up with her, they were ready to explode.

Greg's left hand kept her head pinned to the table and his right stung her ass cheek half a dozen times with sharp slaps while his cock pumped furiously inside her. She thought he was going to break their unwritten rule about coming inside her anywhere but her mouth – no one wanted sloppy seconds – but at the last second he pulled out. She expected to feel it spray across her back or ass, but felt nothing. She glanced over her shoulder and saw that he was dumping his load inside his support cup. She knew what would happen next.

He put the cup over her nose and mouth and then put the jock strap over her face and around her head to hold the cup in place. "Clean it out, slut," he said. "The only liquid in there when I pull this off better be your saliva. And you know you better swallow."

Cori couldn't see where the cum was, of course, so she licked up and down and around the sides – everywhere her tongue could reach. A glob dripped off the top and landed on the side of her nose, eventually running into her mouth. She got all of it she could and then Greg pulled off the jock strap and cup and tossed them aside without even inspecting the contents. He knew she would do as told and he'd seen her swallow several mouthfuls.

"That was fun," Greg said. "Coach is good at football, but he's even better at making hot daughters. Damn, those are some fine titties." Greg came around the table, his cock mostly soft now, but not for long, Cori guessed. He made Cori slide her arms inside the sides of the tube top, then gradually worked it up her arms until he got it over her shoulders. The elastic material snapped around her neck just as he hoped, forming a tight sling that wrapped around her neck and cupped her tits, pulling them up and together in a mass of tit flesh right under her throat. He grabbed the strap of material on the back of her neck and, using it like a handle, pulled up and down, watching her tits bounce around inside the makeshift sling. He liked this show so much he ordered her back on the floor where he could get more leverage. She did the splits again and he stood over her now, pulling the tube top up as high as he could – lifting her part way off the floor with it – placing more and more strain on her firm tits until the top finally gave way and Cori slumped to the floor, banging her head against one of the conference table chairs.

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