tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 10

The Hard Body's Continuing Education Ch. 10



The day after Halloween, Cori woke up sore from a day full of both tricks and treats, but in a good mood. As hectic as Friday had been, Saturday was shaping up to be an abnormally quiet day. Harris was going on a trip with the university president and the chair of the board of directors to visit the other universities in the system and the region. It was an annual fact-sharing trip and "chance to play golf," as Harris put it. He would be gone for a week. Ty had spent the night at Jordan's, calling to report that he would be spending most of the day collecting on all the handy work he had done Friday at her house. Cori wondered if maybe Ty and Jordan were starting to build a relationship. Cori loved him like a brother and fucked him like an animal. She had mixed feelings about him with another woman -- she didn't hate it, but she didn't love it either. She loved being with Ty, but if she was going to be getting fucked by several different men, was it fair to expect him to wait around for his turn with her? Hardly. Plus, Jordan was awesome. Cori liked her a lot and she could tell Ty did too. She hoped they were having fun.

Meanwhile, she had the house to herself and enjoyed it with a nice breakfast on the couch watching bad reality shows on MTV and took a long hot shower. Then, she dressed in the decidedly un-Cori like outfit of a loose fitting t-shirt, gray cotton athletic shorts that were actually the right size, white cotton panties and white tennis shoes. She still didn't wear a bra, but otherwise, her look was like any young, fit woman might wear.

She thought about her day and decided that she would go to the office and clean it up in preparation for Mrs. Benson's return on Monday. She had to remove all of the party stuff and clean any stains that the day-long orgy might have left. After that, she'd maybe go to a movie or do a little shopping. In the evening, she might hang out with Ty or Jordan or both, or she might just decide to do both the shopping and the movie in the same day. Cori very seldom had this kind of time to herself and she was determined to enjoy it. She would probably take a little jog later this evening and she thought about old-man Waters with his camera in one hand in cock in the other, taking pictures as she stretched on his front lawn.

She drove to work and let herself in with the key Wes had given her. She wondered what he was doing today. Maybe he'd like to catch a movie with her. Now that was an idea.

She took the elevator up to the office and started tackling the mess they had left behind. She grabbed large industrial garbage bags out of the supply closet and started dumping in the leftover snacks and drinks and plates. She found remnants of her shredded clothes all over the place, salvaging a few pieces but throwing most in the bag. She turned Wes' desk radio on and enjoyed some good ol' Top 40 fluff while she cleaned.

Cori finished picking up the trash and straightened the open conference area and break room. The bathrooms were fine as were the offices for Barry and Ted. The front lobby was OK. All that was left to do was clean a few stains on the carpet near her desk and the conference table and then tackle the germ-field that was Mrs. Benson's office. Cori put carpet cleaner on the carpet stains and wiped all the desks and tables with disinfectant wipes. She dabbed at the spots on the carpet, happy to see it all coming more or less clean. The final step would be to vacuum and then she would be done.

She was vacuuming in Mrs. Benson's office and didn't hear the elevator open. She didn't hear the door being unlocked, closed and locked again. She didn't hear the man's heavy breathing or see him slowly rubbing his cock through his pants while he watched her move. She didn't see him taking pictures of her from behind. She knew no one was there until she felt a tap on her shoulder. Cori jumped forward and turned around.

"Hey Harold," she beamed, shutting off the vacumm cleaner. "You scared me!"

"Sorry about that," he said. "Just wanted to drop by and say hi."

"Are you working today?" Cori asked, noticing that he wasn't in uniform. Maybe they got to dress casual like the jeans and t-shirt he now wore on weekends.

"Nah," Harold said. "I just saw your note on the door last night so I thought I'd stop by and see if you needed any help."

"Aw, that's sweet," Cori said. She noticed the bulge in his pants and the camera in his hand, but didn't say anything. She had offered sex yesterday, he had declined. She really wasn't in the mood today. A sex-free day sounded really good to her right now. She was having fun. Hopefully, if he really wanted something, he'd be willing to wait until Monday. She could blow him at lunch time if he wanted. "Thanks, but I'm just about done. It wasn't as bad as I thought once I got started."

"That's good," Harold said. "It's good to see you in regular clothes today. You still look great, by the way."

"Thanks," Cori said. "Well, it was good seeing you. I'm just going to finish up and get out of here."

"I'm not ready to go yet," Harold said.

"Oh, well, OK," Cori said. "Do you mind if I go ahead and finish vacuuming?"

"Not as long as you don't mind doing it topless," Harold said firmly.


"You heard me."

"I don't understand. You said you have my back. You said you didn't want to fuck me. What's going on?"

"I can't fuck you on duty. I'd lose my job, plain and simple. And I do have your back, which is why you owe me a little gratitude. You fucked half the building in the last week. Seems to me that a little topless show isn't too much to ask."

"I don't understand what's going on," Cori said. "You've seen me naked or half-naked all week. You could have fucked me just about any time you wanted. You keep trying to make sure I'm safe. Now, all of the sudden you think you can just come in here, tell me what to do and have what you want? I trusted you. I'm not a whore for you or anyone else. You might think I'm a slut, but I do what I do for a reason. It might not be the best idea, but it's working so far. If you don't want to watch my back, fine, just get out of my way."

"You're getting all fired up," Harold chuckled. "I like that. Look, I think you've got me all wrong here. I'm still a good guy and I'm in your corner. But I'm also human and I gotta be honest, when I went home last night and replayed what I saw yesterday in my head, well, there's only so much a man can take. Now, I'm not here to fuck you and I sure ain't no rapist. But I am an amateur photographer and, I'll admit, a bit of a voyeur. So, I was thinking if you could give me a little show today, let me take some pictures, have a little fun, that wouldn't be too much to ask. How many guys shoved their cocks in your ass yesterday? All I want is a picture of it -- and maybe a little feel."

Cori lowered her eyes and shook her head. Nothing was ever easy, was it? "What if I say no?" Cori asked.

"Well, I'd lose a lot of respect for you," Harold said matter-of-factly. "You talk all high and mighty about not being a slut or a whore, about how you can control things and want more out of life. Then, the one guy in the building whose cum you haven't tasted and who has gone out of his way to make sure you're safe is the one guy you say no to? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me. Is it just because I'm not offering money or a job or trying to blackmail you? I could give you five bucks or threaten to tell Mrs. Benson, but that's not how I operate. Despite what you think of me right now, I have integrity. I've been honest with you about what I want and, quite frankly, what I think I deserve. If you say no, I'll leave. Just don't ask me any favors on Monday, OK?"

"Wait," Cori said. "You're right. You've done nothing wrong. I'm sorry. I just, well, I was kinda looking forward to a day that had nothing to do with sex, ya know. Just a break from all that stuff. But look, if you want to take a few pictures, feel me up, whatever, you've earned that. What do you want me to do?"

"Like I said, take your top off," Harold said. "You don't have to pose or anything yet. Just do what you're doing and I'll tell you if I want you to do anything else."

Cori pulled off her shirt and started vacuuming again while Harold circled her with the camera, taking pictures from all angles. He had her take off her shorts and bunched her panties between her ass cheeks and took some close-ups while Cori moved about the room, pushing the vacuum cleaner back and forth.

She turned the vacuum off and looked around, but Harold was gone. Shrugging her shoulders, she unplugged the vacuum and put it back in the closet.

"I found these in one of your bags," Harold said, appearing suddenly behind her. "Put them on, please." He was holding a pair of her heels -- red stilettos -- and a red thong that she had not worn yesterday. She didn't argue and soon stood before him with the red stilettos and red thong and nothing else.

"Very nice," Harold said. He spent the next 20 minutes taking pictures of her in various positions as she crawled, did jumping jacks, bent over at the waist, made copies of her breasts on the copy machine, did the splits and pulled on her own nipples.

"OK, gotta wrap up soon," Harold said. "I've only got a few pictures left. I bought the extra memory card, but it still fills up too fast. There are a couple more shots I want to get. Special shots. Kneel down and rest your chin on the desk. Cori did and Harold pulled out his cock. He moved next to her, stroking it and she turned to put her mouth on it.

"No," he said, pulling away. "I want to be able to say I never had sex with you and tell the truth. This is just me jacking off and you happening to get in the way and catching a bunch of it on your face." Just saying the words got him off and he started spurting cum from the end of his cock. He pasted her right cheek, then turned her head and draped a long strand across the bridge of her nose. He dotted both eyelids with cum bubbles and wiped the residue on her upper lip.

"Hold still," he said, breathing hard. He picked up the camera and snapped another dozen shots of her cum-covered face. In some, he had her close her eyes to show off the cum-drenched lids. In some he had her stick out her tongue as if she were licking it off. He snapped pictures until his memory card was full, then set down the camera.

Cori went to the bathroom to wash her face and, when she came back, Harold was gone.

"Well, that was weird," she muttered to herself. She gathered up her things and left, deciding not to let the odd encounter with Harold alter her plans. She went shopping and saw a movie, her full tub of buttered popcorn serving as her lunch. She received messages from Ty and Jordan. Ty was going to poker night with some of his new friends from work and Jordan had to work at the club -- Cori was invited to come over to either place if she wanted. She considered it, but knew that somehow she'd end up fucking Ty in front of his poker buddies and possibly get gangbanged by the whole crew. And if she went to the strip club, someone would mistake her for one of the dancers or Jordan would make her get on stage or something crazy. As much as she liked them both, she reminded herself that this was her day and she called them both back, leaving messages that she was going to enjoy some much-needed personal time.

She decided to take a jog, then maybe order in for dinner and rent a movie. Just her, a pizza and some comfortable pajamas, a warm blanket and a good movie sounded like a great night.

When she got home, she found a plain brown bag on the doorstep. Her name was handwritten on the outside with a note attached. She opened the note, afraid of what she might read. So many men had blackmailed her and used her, to find the plain package and know she was going to be alone sent shivers up her spine. She laughed, though, when she read the note: "This would be a really nice outfit to jog in. And remember, my driveway is a great place to stretch and warmup and cool down." It was signed by Waters, of course.

Cori took the package inside and opened it. She pulled out a tiny white tank top that looked at first glance like a typical crop top. It wasn't until she put it on that she realized what made it uniquely sexy. Waters had used scissors or a knife to make a series of slashes in the front of the tank top. If she wore no bra, as she moved about, various parts of her breasts -- including her nipples -- would be visible. She wouldn't run without her sports bra, but she could do the warmup and cool down in Waters' driveway without it, she supposed. She held up the yellow shorts and they were regular cotton athletic shorts, but the little notches in the sides had been sliced right up the side, all the way to the waistband. He had obviously decided to error on the small side in terms of size and done a fine job of getting clothes a couple sizes too small -- or exactly the same size she wore most of the time.

Cori decided to play along and let him have his harmless fun. She put on a black thong that would contrast well with the yellow shorts. Then she pulled on the shorts and rolled down the waist band, which was now three inches below her belly button and gave her the "whale tail" look in the back. She put on the tank top with no bra and ran in place, testing the movement of her breasts. The bottom of the tank flopped around a lot. She thought it would look and feel better if it was a snugger fit, so she pulled the excess material around her narrow waist -- the only part of her body where the tank wasn't too small -- and tied it in a knot just below her breasts. This made the top wrap tightly around her breasts, encasing them top and bottom. She jogged in place again and within seconds her hard nipples had searched out and discovered open air, parting the thin cotton fabric and drinking in the open air.

She put regular white running shoes and put her hair in a red bow. She looked at herself again and decided she was good to go. She'd warm up, then change into her sports bra in his garage or on his porch, jog, then lose the sports bra and do her cool down stretching. It was a bit more work than her jogs usually were, but she had time and thought it was a simple way to please a kind but horny old man. It was the neighborly thing to do.

She remembered the orange tube top he had cum all over the night before and decided that would be a good way to make sure he knew she was there. She bounded across the yard to his front door and made sure one of her nipples was poking out between a slit in her tank top. When Waters opened the door, his eyes immediately locked in on the exposed nipple and he smiled. "Well, wherever did you find such a lovely tank top?" he grinned mischievously. "It seems to fit you quite well."

"Oh, thank you," Cori said. "I was just getting ready to go for a jog and thought I'd stop by and see if you had a chance to wash that orange tube top."

"It's in the dryer now," Waters said. "Why don't you stop by when you come back from your run and it should be ready for you. Have you properly warmed up? Don't want you to pull anything."

"No, I haven't," Cori said, "but you're right, I should stretch first. Do you mind if I use your railing?" Cori nodded toward a waist-high cream-colored railing that surrounded Waters expansive wrap-around front porch.

"Of course, my dear," Waters said. "Oh, it's such a beautiful day, I think I'll take a few pictures of the trees and flowers and whatever other scenery I happen to see."

"Naughty old man," Cori teased.

Waters grabbed his camera quickly and sat in a rocking chair on the porch, focusing his camera on Cori, getting an assortment close-ups and wide shots as she alternated putting her legs up on the railing and bent her head to her toes. Then she climbed on the railing and did the splits, first facing away from him, then facing him, giving him great view of ass, legs, pussy and tits. Her nipples were both popping through the tank top now. A young couple walked by on the sidewalk, doing a double-take as they saw Cori's scantily clad body straddling the railing. They were far enough away that they couldn't tell her nipples were sticking out, but close enough to recognize her unbelievable curves, firm body and lots of bare skin. Did old man Waters have a niece or granddaughter they didn't know about? They walked on and a few other neighbors strolled by, but no saw enough to be truly concerned or overly curious. At least not until Cori started running.

"Oh dear," Cori said, looking down at her tank top and pretending to notice the tears for the first time, "I can't go running like this. I better put on my jogging bra."

"Nonsense," Waters said, unabashedly reaching for her breasts. He tugged the scraps of material over her nipples and patted them in place.

"Thanks, but that won't stay," Cori said. "Watch." She started jumping up and down, making her tits bounce up to her chin and slap together. Soon, both nipples had found open crevices once again.

"I see," Waters said, "I think I know how to fix that. Stay here." He went into the house came back with a handful of a dark brown substance. "I dabble a bit in ceramics and sculpture from time to time," Waters said. "This is some modeling clay. It's just a bit wet and when it's wet it's sticky. Lift your shirt."

"You're going to put that on my nipples?" Cori asked, untying the knotted shirt.

"Yeah, if we put just a little on each nipple, then press the shirt around your nipple, it should hold the shirt in place," Waters grinned. "Then you job bra-free, the way a girl like you was meant to be seen."

"You are a silly, naughty old man," Cori teased. "I don't think it will work, but we can try if you want. Don't say I never did you any favors, though." She lifted her shirt and felt him place a dollop of the cool, wet clay over her left nipple. He used his thumb and index finger to carefully mold the clay around her nipple, covering the areola all the way to the tip. His fingers worked with an uncanny deftness for his age and Cori felt her nipple tingling in appreciation of the fine finger-work. He wiped away excess and smoothed away bumps and creases in the clay until it looked like an exact replica of her nipple, perfectly shaped. The only difference was that it was now even longer and bit darker. He did the same thing with her right nipple, then began blowing gently on each nipple, helping the clay dry and harden.

"I thought it would stick better if it's wet," Cori said, trying to ignore the fact that the combination of being topless 100 feet from the street, Waters talented fingers, the pleasingly cool clay and the cool tingle of his breath on her breasts was making her a little horny.

"It will," Waters said. "But we only need it to be wet at the base, around your areola. That's where it will stick best because of the larger surface area."

"Then why did you put the clay all over my nipples?" Cori asked.

"Because," he laughed, "they are going to look amazing when you pull that shirt down and they are sticking out an extra half an-inch and are so dark, like a Brazilian girls nipples. Won't help the shirt stick any better, but it will make me happy."

"Anything to make you happy," Cori laughed, shaking her head.

He blew on them a little more until he was satisfied the clay wouldn't break down when they put her shirt on. He helped her pull her the white tank top back down, careful to make sure that both nipples were covered by part of the material. Cori knotted the bottom under her breasts again and Waters set about sticking the shirt to her areola.

Starting with her left breasts, he smoothed the tank top over her nipple, stretching it tight, then pinched the fabric around the base of her nipple, pressing it firmly against the wet ring of clay there. Sure enough, it stuck like brick and mortar. Cori felt the moist clay ooze and grab onto the fabric as he pressed it against her. The rest of the fabric was pulled taut over her nipple, encasing it in a sheath of white cotton. Waters did the same thing with the other nipple, then stood back and admired his work. Even a half-inch longer made her already large nipples look almost cartoonish, especially the way the dark, reddish-brown clay showed through her thin white top. The obscene erectness of her nipples, the way the top clung to her nipples and the way they were so visible made it look like she was wearing a wet t-shirt, only it wasn't wet.

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