tagRomanceThe Harley Rider

The Harley Rider


Driving along, Fran heard a motorbike coming up behind her. She pulled over slightly to allow him to pass. Then looked on with pleasure and a little lust as she saw a very sexy looking guy on his Harley.

“Mmmm” she thought, “he could park that in my garage any time and not necessarily the bike.” “Hell why don’t I ever meet guys like that.”

She was heading to her friends house in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. She thought she would surprise her with a visit as they hadn’t seen each other for such a long time. As she watched the rider just ahead of her, she felt something stir in her loins.

“Hell girl, you need a man badly” she told herself.

It had been so long since she had made love and that had been with the ex whose idea of foreplay was to ask if she was in the mood. She had her ‘toy’ of course and used it regularly but it was a poor comparison to the real thing. Only that morning she had used it, rubbing it across her clit to slide it into her hot, wet pussy, while her other hand rolled her nipple firmly between thumb and finger. Fucking herself with the vibrator she had cum to a riotous climax. But after she felt incomplete. Was it just the cuddles after that she missed she had wondered. But no it couldn’t have been that because the ex didn’t like to cuddle.

As she drove, she thought back and wondered if it was the love, the giving, she missed.

“Well you wont know by staying celibate” she told herself.

The Harley was out of sight by now and she felt a little sad. She had enjoyed watching his strong wide shoulders covered in the leather jacket.

“At least he has picked a good ride” she thought as she looked about her at the scenery.

Knowing there was a roadhouse up ahead, Fran decided to stop for a cup of tea and a bite to eat. She had left early that morning and without breakfast. And now was more than a little peckish. As she pulled into the car park, she noticed the red Harley parked out front. “Mm maybe this is my lucky day” she thought as she entered the cafe.

Walking to the counter, she saw her rider there perusing the blackboard menu. She eyed off his great physique from behind for a few minutes before going to stand next to him.

“You go ahead miss,” he said to her with a sexy Canadian accent, “I am not sure yet what I want.”

“Thank you” said Fran, thinking “I know what I would like but it’s not on the menu.”

She ordered her tea and a sandwich and turned to sit at the only empty table left. The hot Canadian placed his order and turned to look for a seat. As he scanned the room, he looked at her and she smiled and gestured to him to share her table. He walked over and she looked up at him and smiled.

“It’s the least I can offer” she said.

He smiled and held out his hand. “My name is Larry and thank you.”

Fran held his hand and introduced herself.

“Is that a Canadian accent I detect?” she asked him.

“Yes Fran, born and bred” he replied as he sat down.

She went onto to ask him if he was on holidays and he answered that he was.

“I am hoping to do a bit of riding around your beautiful country.”

“I was admiring your Harley up the highway a bit” said Fran.

He looked at her quizzically and she told him that she was the blue Toyota four wheel drive that had let him pass.

“Most courteous of you Fran. Lots of people treat us bikers like lepers and wont let you pass them at all,” he told her.

Fran asked, “are you heading up Kenilworth way? It is a beautiful drive up there past Obi Obi Creek. Lots of good swimming holes if you get hot.”

“Sounds great but I wont get lost will I?” he replied.

“You need a guide” Fran said, shocking herself with her audacity.

“Well if you are offering...” he answered with a smile.

Fran smiled back and told him she would love to and didn’t have any pressing engagements.

“I have always wanted to ride on a Harley but you will have to drop me back here later to get my car.” she added.

They finished their food and drinks, chatting away merrily. Fran was both happy and amazed at how well they clicked. Once finished they went to the car park. Fran locked her four wheel drive up and walked over to his bike. He had retrieved a spare helmet and passed it to her. Hopping on Larry started the engine and Fran climbed up behind him. She put her hands on his hips and he said

“Hold on tight.”

So she wrapped her arms around him. It felt soooo good pressing against him with the engine thrumming between her legs. She wondered how she would be able to contain herself. She pointed the way and they set off. It didn’t take long and she was feeling a wet patch growing in the crotch of her pants. Her nipples were rock hard as she pressed herself against his broad back. And the engine of the bike felt like a giant vibrator between her legs. She wondered if she could make it through the ride without raping this poor man.

Meanwhile Larry was enjoying the ride as much as his companion. He could feel her nipples poking into his back and he knew full well how the engine would be affecting her. He smiled to himself as they rode along.

After about 30 minutes of riding, Fran indicated to him to pull over. They pulled up to a stop and both removed their helmets.

Fran said, “there is a spot through here that I am sure you would love to see. It is where Obi Obi and Walli Creeks join together. The view is fantastic.”

“Sounds great” he countered. “Lead the way.”

She took his hand and led him down the overgrown path.

“Doesn’t look like many come this way”

“No” replied Fran. “Not many people know about it. We came here as a family when I was a young girl.” “Mum would pack the picnic and we would be in a swimmers all day. Either swimming, playing footie or cricket or eating the feast my mother would have for us. Many special memories here” said Fran.

She was feeling extremely horny from the ride and wondered if they would have a swim. Hoping it might cool her down before they rode again. The sun was streaming down making her tshirt cling to her body. Her nipples were poking their way through her bra and tshirt like they were headlights lighting the way and she tried to pull her shirt away from herself. But as soon as she let go, it clung straight back to her. Larry was walking behind her, watching the sway of her hips and the way that her shirt clung, accentuating her body. He was hoping there would be some swimming involved too as he knew she didn’t have a swimsuit with her and the way those jeans rode she must be wearing a gstring.

“Great view” he told her.

“Can’t see much yet” she said, then blushed when she realised what he had meant.

Just then they came to the clearing on the banks of the creek. Finding a smooth grassy patch, Fran plopped herself down. Bringing her knees up to her chin, she looked wistfully at the creek.

“You certainly must have great memories of this place” Larry said, as he sat next to her. “I can see it in your eyes.”

She looked at him and smiled broadly. “Would you mind terribly if we had a swim?” she asked. “We can just get down to our underwear and it wont take long for them to dry in this sun. And it is so warm” she added.

“I was hoping you would suggest that” he countered with a very cheeky grin.

They started to strip their clothes off. Larry was a bit slower having to take off his boots first. And he noticed that she was blushing and when she took her shirt off the blush had travelled down her body. “Mmmm, very attractive look” he thought to himself hungrily. He had been right about the gstring. It was a creamy silk one and the bra she wore matched. The bra was very low cut and her ample breasts threatened to pour over the top. The gstring was cut high making her long legs seem even longer. And he also noticed she shaved as no pubic hair was showing at all.

He had by this time got down to his shorts, which were by now bulging slightly at the front. And which he knew would be bulging a lot sooner if he didn’t get in that water quickly. He followed her lead and ran to the waters edge before jumping in. The water was like a tepid bath. But was none the less invigorating. He playfully chased her and she turned to splash water at him. He watched in desire as her breasts once more looked ready to spill over and said a little prayer. She turned and dove starting to swim away with strong steady strokes. He followed quickly catching up to her and then passing, he stopped in front of her.

Standing there the water came halfway up his chest and just to her nipples he noticed. She stopped just short of him and standing flicked the water back from her red hair and looked up at him laughing. Rivulets of water ran down from her neck to between her breasts, making Larry wish he could reach out and lick them off with his tongue. Even though the water was warm, her nipples pushed against the silk of her bra. Just then Fran sort of tripped over a river rock and fell straight into his arms. She put her arms up automatically to stop her fall and her hands came to rest on his broad shoulders. She looked up into his eyes, ready to apologise, but saw the same longing in his eyes as she was feeling.

She took a step forward so that their bodies pressed against each other. Raising her face to his, she closed her eyes as he started to kiss her passionately. The feel of her body next to his, her nipples digging into his chest, was more giving him such a hard on as he moved from her lips to her neck and ear lobes. Her hands went from his shoulders to his back, descending down to his buttocks and she pulled him even closer. He stopped and pushed her away just a little.

“Shall we get out of the water?” he asked.

“I don’t know if I trust my legs enough to walk” she replied.

With that he swooped her up into his arms and strode out of the water. She held him tight, her heart beating rapidly. Soon he had reached the grassy area where they had left their clothes. He gently put her down, still holding her close to him and once more seeking out her mouth. His tongue found hers and they snaked around each others. He slowly started kissing her neck, her earlobes until she was moaning with desire. His hands went to her back and he deftly unclipped her bra, her breasts springing loose from their confines. And he bent his head to gently lick and suck one nipple while the other was attended by his hands. Pressing her nipple and then rolling it between his thumb and forefinger.

Fran, leaning her head back, moaned and squirmed as her desire mounted. She couldn’t believe how horny he was making her. She wanted him and needed him so much. She moved her hands downwards and felt his hard erection and knew he was feeling the same yearnings. As her hand brushed across his hard cock, she felt the shiver run through him.

He lowered down onto the grass. He removed her panties and his shorts and then leaned back to kiss her again. Starting at her lips and heading down her body, stopping at her nipples for a while before trailing his way across her stomach. Passing her cute pussy which he noticed was shaved as he had thought but had a snail trail, a thin red line, he went down her inner thighs. She opened her legs for him with bent knees, holding the back of his head and gently trying to pull him back up. He reached her knee and changed legs starting his way up. As he neared her hot wet pussy, he breathed deeply, enjoying that sweet musky smell.

He parted her glistening pink lips and bought the tip of his tongue to her hard little clit. She moaned and arched her back to him as her hand trailed back down his body fingertips running down his spine, across his buttocks and around to his hard erect cock. She tried to gently tease it with her fingertips but was so aroused that she took a firmer hold running her hands down its length to caress his balls and then back up.

Meanwhile Larry’s tongue was flickering it’s way over clit down to her wet pussy. His tongue found the entrance and he poked it in a little. Then Fran pushed her crotch further onto his face. He took the hint and proceeded to tongue fuck her until she came with a shuddering climax. In the interim, he was trying hard not to cum himself because he wanted to fuck this sexy Australian soo much.

When she had finished cumming he moved up on top of her and rubbed the eye of his cock over her clit coming to stop just at her entrance and just sliding back and forth along this line as he licked and sucked at her nipples, her neck, her ears and occasionally kissing her passionately and sensuously.

He soon had her grinding her hips at him, wanting more. She whispered in his ear.

“Please fuck me, fuck me now. I want you so much.”

He could hold back no longer and pushing his cock in he went all the way until he felt his cock hitting the back wall of her womb. Slowly he picked up momentum as he continued to suck on her nipples. He held himself back until he could feel her reaching her second orgasm. He then let go shooting his seed deep into her. She quaked to her second orgasm at the same time and as their bodies were both shuddering together he pulled her close and held her tight.

“Mmmmmmm“, she thought. “This is definitely part of love making I missed.” Then she blushed when it suddenly hit her that she had just made love to a complete stranger. Larry felt the heat go through her as she blushed and feeling a bit guilty himself that they had rushed into it with no thought of protection said to her;

“Hell Fran that was beautiful but I am sorry I rushed and never gave protection a thought.”

“That’s ok hun,” she replied, “I could have stopped you if I wanted. I am on the pill so there should be no problem.”

They continued to lay in the sun, snuggling as their wet undergarments lay over a nearby bush drying. Fran asked him if he had planned any more trips in the area.

“Are you offering to be my guide?” he asked her playfully.

Fran lifter her hand so that the palm faced the sun and replied in a serious voice,

“Well I do know the area like the back of my hand.”

Then she burst into the giggles. He looked at her, smiled and then gently kissed her on the lips. Fran groaned, her nipples hardening and she leaned into him and kissed him back with more passion. Her hands went around his back and she pulled him towards her again.

“But this time,” he thought to himself, “it will not be a frenzied rush.”

He wanted to explore every part of her beautiful body. He pushed her back gently. Kissing her lips tenderly. He took her hand away from his hard cock and putting her fingertips to his mouth, he licked, sucked and kissed each finger and her thumb, not missing one before taking her other hand. He then did the same not stopping until he got to her palm. He kissed the centre of her palm and her hand involuntarily closed gently over his face, holding his kiss as tremors of delight ran through her body.

He opened her hand and gently with the tip of his tongue he licked across her palm, over her wrist, up the inside of her forearm till he reached the crook in her elbow. He stopped to kiss it there softly then with a little tongue.

Fran was by this time writhing with desire and yearning to touch him but every time she put her hand on him, he would take it off. It was driving Fran wild. She moaned and squirmed, lifting her crotch up towards him but he continued kissing and licking up her arm to her neck and ears and then down to her breasts.

Taking her right nipple in his mouth, he sucked at it gently while his tongue brushed across the tip. His hand, meanwhile, was squeezing and teasing her left nipple. Then when both her nipples were hard as rocks and she thought she could take no more without begging him to fuck her, he started to move down her belly. He licked and kissed her navel for a bit before moving lower. He kissed in the cease where her long legs met her body, moving down her inner thigh, tasting her warm salty skin. He moved further.

Caressing her calves, he sucked on the toes before starting to work his way up her other leg. finally reaching her glistening wet pussy. He parted her sweet pink lips and with the very tip of his tongue, he followed the line from her clit all the way to her arsehole. Here he circled and flickered with his tongue and watched with delight as he saw her sweet tight little hole react. His tongue just gently probed it. Fran responded by pushing herself onto his tongue, her arsehole puckering. The muscles tightened trying to hold his elusive tongue. But he had moved on, with his finger taking the place of his tongue.

He returned to her delightful pussy and sucked on her sweet lips for a while before gently nibbling and sucking on her hard little clit.

Then going back to the entrance of her pussy, he tongue fucked, licked and sucked, teased and tickled, both inside and out until Fran could no longer lay back.

She moaned to him “Oh pleasssse Larry hun. Fuck me now. I need you inside me.” Only then did he move his face away from her sweet nectar.

He got her to roll over onto all fours and she pointed her bum in the air. Kneeling between her legs, he rubbed the head of his cock along the line he had licked earlier. Starting at the clit once more, his hard cock slid along through her juices across her arsehole, probing a little there but coming back to sit just at the entrance of Fran’s pulsating pussy.

Larry slowly entered her, a half inch at a time. He felt her muscles contracting around his member and fought for control of himself. Fran was bucking and writhing pushing her pussy down at him trying to get more of him. But Larry took his time entering a little more each time to slide back out to the tip. Until eventually his balls rested against her clit. He pulled it out slowly again holding it just in for a few seconds. Then ramming it home, causing Fran to cry out in ecstasy.

He started to fuck her harder and faster but held himself back as he wasn’t ready to stop yet. Finally when Fran came to a roisterous climax, Larry withdrew to tease her clit once more with the tip of his cock. In the meantime his hands were fondling her nipples tweaking and pinching them gently. Once he felt that she was ready again he pushed the tip of his throbbing cock slowly into her arsehole. He felt the muscles contract at first and then relax a little as he teased her clit with one hand. Slowly he entered her and at the same time he had put his index and middle finger into her dripping wet pussy. As he entered her behind, his fingers kept time and entered her cunt, slowly pushing in further and further. Until with one thrust both cock and fingers reached their destinations completely. Maintaining a steady rhythm, he fucked her in both holes at once, while he squeezed and teased her tits with his other hand. Until he felt her spurt her creamy cum all over his hand. Then finally able to let go he shot into her arse with his own hot cum.

He stayed bent over her a few seconds to catch his wind before withdrawing and turning her around to hold her once again.

Looking into his eyes, Fran whispered, “that was unbelievable....”

“You are unbelievable” replied Larry.

“You know,” said Fran, “I should feel so cheap now but I really feel this was meant to happen.”

“I know exactly what you mean. Do you believe in soul mates?” he asked.

“Yes” answered Fran “I think I just found mine.”

And they looked into each others eyes as they lips met once more for another long passionate kiss.

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