tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Harvest Ch. 02

The Harvest Ch. 02


Her smiled looked genuine. He couldn't find his voice, he couldn't even blink.

She tilted her head slightly, still smiling and spoke in a cheery tone, "Good morning, my name is Tova Ishana. I don't believe we've been formally introduced." She extended her hand in an apparent gesture of introduction. He stared at her. Her smile shifted to a flat line and her eye brows lifted slightly. "Normally," she motioned with her head, "this would be the point where you introduce yourself."

Jerome only then realized he'd been holding his breath. He shook his head slightly trying to find his thoughts. "Uh.." his voice faltered as he fumbled for a response, "excuse me...I..uh.." His voice croaked slightly. "Pardon me," he opened the door and extended his hand, "my name is Jerome....uhm..." He paused trying to find the right words. Tova grasped his hand with a gentle but firm grip and shook lightly. He knew those hands. He realized he was staring at her hand and mentally kicked himself. Cocking his head, he looked back at her brown eyes, "I'm sorry....but have we met before?"

Her smile returned and she inclined her head in a slightly surrendering manner looking away briefly before looking back at him. "Not exactly." She released his and clasped her fingers and intertwined them slightly as she searched for words. "Those I represent have taken an interest in you and I've been assigned to both assess your abilities and provide whatever aid you may require." She motioned at the door, "May I come in?" Her eyes twinkled in a familiar way.

Jerome stepped back, nearly tripping over his briefcase and less than gracefully motioned for her to enter. As she walked by he noticed with rising worry that her dark brown hair fell just to below her waist. He closed the door and adjusted the crotch of his pants, trying to make sure that his body was calm enough to not be terribly visible. Satisfied, for the moment he followed into the sitting room. He gestured for her to sit across from him on the plush blue couch opposite his matching recliner.

He studied her intently but tried to avoid looking at anything that would elicit of response from his groin. He tried to smile kindly but he knew it probably came off as a grimace rather than a smile. Tova sat on the edge of one of the cushions and leaned forward again clasping her hands.

Jerome glanced at the clock and knew he wasn't going to make it to work on time. Still, he needed to know who she was and maybe try to figure out why she was in his dreams. He pushed the images from his mind as he looked back to her face. He gestured his hand out, "So, these people you work for, who are they and why are they interested in a 24 year-old small time marketing director like me?"

She glanced down briefly and then looked up at him, "Those I represent have a place for all sorts of people, many in a vast assortment of occupational training." She glanced down again. Pausing for effect, "They are very impressed with you Mr. Harrison."

"Jerome," he broke in, "please."

She studied him for a moment and then smiled, silently acquiescing with the inclination of her head. With one hand she pushed a few strands that had managed to move up her shoulder and tucked them behind her ear. "Jerome." She smiled. "As I said, they have a place for many varied occupations, but many are do not actually function in their educated roles. Depending on their particular strengths, each is assigned what will benefit the whole."

Jerome noted, that she really hadn't told him anything about who "they" were, what they specialized in, or why he was on their radar. He thought it strange hiring practice to send a representative to the potential employee's home, not to mention someone this casually dressed. She was avoiding his previous question by speaking in vague generalities. He leaned forward to look at her with a serious expression. "Forgive me if I seem a bit direct and hopefully not rude but, Who is it that you work for again?"

He fixed her with his gaze. The vision of the restraints on a lab table with a windowed wall passed through his mind sending a slight shiver down his spine. He forced the images away. This wasn't some nightmare, this was real life. No matter how some aspects thrilled him or terrified him, it was just his imagination. Tova took a few moments in responding, as if trying to phrase the answer just right.

"Actually, they focus mostly in a somewhat agricultural function. Use of genetic engineering and other methods are used to provide large quantities of seed to the population." She paused again. "As I said each person they bring on has something that helps contribute."

Jerome couldn't help but pale slightly at the mention of the word "seed." He found it disconcerting that she had used that particular word. He shook his head to remove the thought and looked up at her. "You still haven't told me who "they" are."

She produced a small oval shape from a pocket and set it on the coffee table in front of him. "It would be easier to show you, if you like." I'm afraid on this I must have your agreement as, some of the technology used is very sensitive and we cannot allow anyone else to have it." She looked to him for confirmation.

He didn't move but studied the object on the table. It was a flat oval shape, gray and smooth as a river rock. The size was no bigger than Jerome's leather wallet. He looked up from the device into her eyes. She held a serious countenance about her. This was her job; she was all business. He glanced to the object on the table again. "Very well, show me."

He glanced back at her face. The smile had returned. She picked up the object and held half of it offering it to him. He reached for it. As his hand touched it, the object looked as though it began to glow faintly. A slight hum sounded in his ears and the glow intensified. He felt the pain in his abdomen suddenly flare. He winced as the sharp pain ignited. He wanted to let go of the rock like thing but he couldn't get his hand to let go.

He heard her voice through the growing hum that filled his ears, "Don't worry, it won't be long now."

He felt the pain increase and was about to cry out when the glow extinguished, the hum silenced, and the pain ceased. He realized his eyes were clamped shut. He opened them and looked up to Tova's face.

She wasn't there.

Jerome bolted up from his chair. He turned around franticly looking to see where she'd gone. He walked quickly to the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom in the apartment, and saw no-one. He looked out the window and froze. He went walked to it and looked out at the highway that ran by his complex. Traffic lights blinked red and yellow, signaling that it was past eleven in the evening. He looked to the clock hanging on the wall; it was 02:43 AM. He couldn't figure out what had happened to the day. He walked over to his recliner and sank into it. Something was definitely wrong; he couldn't make sense of it. All he could think of was how he was losing his mind. Clenching his fists in frustration ne noticed that he was gripping something hard in his hand. Looking down he saw the flat stone like object the woman had offered him. He took it and looked it over carefully. On one side, it had a symbol embossed in a blue crystalline emblem. It looked like a river on a map, snaking from one end to the other. He turned it over. The figure of a man was etched in the same crystalline veins, depicting a starburst pattern emanating from the center of the figure. No, that wasn't quite right. The starburst emanated from the crotch of the man, the rays extending to the edge of the stone. As he looked closer at the stone, the tip of each ray ended in a small tear drop.

Taking the stone his desk he grabbed a magnifying glass and switched on the reading lamp. What he first thought to be tears were actually very small and intricate dots with zigzag lines extending from them. Jerome looked closer trying to make out the actual symbol. He readjusted the rock like object to get at a better angle. As his thumb touched the center of the starburst, the crystalline figures began to glow. Again he tried to let go but the object simply wouldn't drop. An unknown force held it securely to his hand like a magnet to metal. The hum intensified into a whine as light shot from the blue designs. Jerome felt the stone vibrate with building power. He couldn't look directly at the stone it was glowing so intensely. He felt his body being lifted off the floor. The crackle of energy began to flow up his arm. The blue energy focused just above his groin and he felt his whole body go rigid. A loud crack resounded as the light extinguished, blowing back everything around him and dropping him to the floor.

He lay there for a few moments; the deafening roar still rang in his ears. Unlike the first time he'd touched the stone, connected to Tova, this time he'd experienced no pain. He raised his hand, the stone was gone. He glanced down, he was completely naked. The faint smell of burnt material left little doubt what had happened to them. The carpet beneath him was charred and all of his furniture was against the far walls as if a blast had forced everything far from him.

He tried to get up, but suddenly felt light headed. Shafts of light coalesced around him with a faint hum resounded in the air as two forms began to take shape from the light. He looked up to see a gray skinned being in a flowing robe bend to lift him. The other figure became clear, Tova. She wore a similar robe to the gray being that now supported him. The faint pinch of a needle signaled an injection of something into his neck. He looked up at Tova.

"Don't be afraid." She took a step toward him and glanced down at his groin, then back to his face. Great pleasure awaits you." Her hand reached down between his legs and cupped his balls in her soft hand, squeezing very gently. "and a great harvest will be ours."


Jerome's eyes flew open as he felt the most exquisite and enjoyable sensation. There was no mistaking the feeling of a tongue running up the length of his shaft. He moaned as he looked down as the woman he now knew was called Tova engulfed his cock in her warm and wet mouth. Tova moved her hands in time with her mouth stroked him and sucking him as she tugged his cock.

She wasn't taking her time, or prolonging the process. Instead she seemed to be trying to push him over the edge as fast as he would go. Her mouth moved like a moist vacuum up and down his cock. The pleasure built with insane speed he felt his whole body tingle and felt the pressure behind his cock build. He felt an overwhelming urge to release. He felt his control evaporate as her tongue swirled around the head of his cock. He moaned loudly and his hips bucked. She stopped stroking him using only her tongue and the suction to stimulate him. He bellowed a moan as he felt the flood of fluid begin pumping. He groin convulsed and his penis pulsed as his semen began erupting from the sensitive tip. Tova moan greedily as she began to swallow his seed. Wave upon wave radiated through him. He felt spurt after spurt of thick cum shoot into her waiting mouth. Through the torrent of pleasure, he realized that he was still pumping fluid. Normally he'd spurt three or four massive shots and it would subside. But somehow, his cock continued to flood more and more of his hot semen into her mouth. The pleasure radiating from his cock threatened to overtake him. After he felt eleven strong gushes of his fluid fill her mouth, they finally started to ease. His hips rocked with his orgasm.

Tova brought her hand back to his shaft as the last contraction shuddered through him. He sat up as she milked the last of his cum up his shaft and siphoned it from his cock. To his surprise, he was not bound to the table restraints. He couldn't believe the amount of cum he'd produced. Tova raised her head and smiled as she swallowed the last of his juice. She showed him a seductive grin and touched his sac with her hand. His whole body felt completely relaxed. I was certain he'd never cum that hard or that long in his life.

He could barely find his voice. "What did you do." Each word came out in a breath as he fought to keep from succumbing to the intense feeling of fatigue that washed over him.

"We enhanced you. Did you not feel more pleasure this time?" her slightly tilted head and curious eyes watched him.

"Oh hell..." He tried to keeping his thoughts moving. "It was unbelievable! I've never cum like that." He could feel her soft hands massaging his balls gently. He fought for control, he had to think. "What do you mean enhanced?" he said with some alarm.

Tova touched his balls with her other hand, caressing them. "We must feed on your emission. We have enhanced your body to produce more than you naturally would. In turn, we provide the stimulation necessary to harvest your...: she paused as if searching for the right words. "...cum? You call it cum, is that correct?" Again, Tova tilted her head inquisitively.

"Jerome felt his eyes roll back in his head before he shook himself awake. "Cum? Yes, my sperm and....fluid. That's what it's called, or at least that's what it's called now."

She nodded as if accepting a fact, but not knowing how to verify it. "Your...cum...is the only way we can survive. We visit most males with they are young, like you and produce their greatest amounts of emission. It is through you night visions that we gain are able to stimulate you. We then extract what we need to live." She looked at him and started to stroke his semi-limp cock before she continued. "Rarely, we find a male that has virulence beyond that of most. Usually the time between emissions is four or five cycles." She grinned at him as his cock began to harden. "It takes less than half a cycle for your body to replenish your emission. For that reason, we have enhanced your body's production and storage of your emission. As long as you have the proper nutrient feeds, your body will produce more than fourteen times its natural volume of emission."

She looked seriously at him. "If we do not harvest it from you, it may cause damage to you." She began stroking his cock firmly in her hand. "But do not worry, you will be harvested twice each cycle."

He could feel his balls churning. He could feel the need to cum slowly start to grow in his groin. He felt her stroking increase and then felt her mouth begin to suck on him. Beyond his control he felt the process repeated. As pleasure assaulted his senses with each surge of cum flowing out of his cock and into her sucking mouth, his single realization began to fade: she was feeding off him. As rope after rope of thick white cum erupted from the tip of his penis, he felt the pleasure overwhelm him entirely and the world went black.

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