tagNonHumanThe Haunted House Ch. 05

The Haunted House Ch. 05


Chapter 5 - From a Mirror Darkly

Jennifer slept until nearly noon the next day after her second Lady Godiva ride through the town. She had bought enough groceries to last her several days so she would not have to return to the garden perform the obscene ritual with the horse / statue. The thought of having been seen by the boys last night preyed on her mind. The story of her riding was probably the hot topic of conversation in Palmerville and how could she ever show her face there again? Even worse she knew that she would soon have to make another midnight ride through the town where anyone might see her.

With these despairing thoughts running through her mind, it took all the will power she had left to get out of bed to face yet another day in this demented house. She feared that if she stayed here much longer, she would soon sink to the sick level of the creatures that infested it. After eating, Jennifer summoned her courage to take another look at Samantha Lee's diary. The entries in the book might hold the key to her freedom, but they also terrorized her with the vague warnings of what was to happen to her next. Perhaps it was better not to know, Jennifer thought, but she found she could not resist opening the diary to see if there were any new entries to read.

Hello Jennifer, I imagine you met Hlar and Hlox last night. I must admit that they were the most gentle lovers that I have met in the house so far. During the day, like the other demons, they can not manifest themselves completely, but you will still feel their presence every time you bath or use that modern contrivance you call a shower. It is quite pleasurable and oh so seductive but do not give in to the temptation of their company to much, for they steal a bit of your soul and will with every visit.

The house is restless today. I think they sense that I am trying to warn you with this diary and I must be careful what I right even though the words are hidden from them. There are many demons in this house, some of the most powerful are fearsome indeed and you have not met them yet. The only warning I can give you today is to beware of yourself. Today you will be your own worst enemy."

Jennifer closed the diary and a shudder ran through her. What did Samantha mean with her cryptic remark? Surely there must be some way to escape the demons and this house, something that they had overlooked! As she pondered, an idea came to Jennifer and she wondered why she had not thought of it before. Trying to remain calm, Jennifer went to the garden door and it let her outside. She was sure the smug statue had left the door open so that she might visit it, but Jennifer thought she had a way to use that smugness to escape. The horse had jumped the fence to go into town, now that she was outside, why could she not just climb over that same fence and leave? If she did not perform the ritual, there would be no returning spell and she would be free of this place. She didn't care if she had to leave everything she owned here as long as she never saw this horrid place again.

The fence around the garden was an old rickety picket fence about four feet high. Glancing around fearfully, Jennifer quickly crossed to it and awkwardly climbed over it to freedom or so she thought. The moment her foot touched the ground on the other side, however, all hell broke loose. The landscape around her changed from the high grass and weeds she had seen to scorching hot desert scene of sand dunes stretching away as far as the eye could see while two white hot suns beat down on her. Looking around Jennifer could see no sign of the fence she had just climbed or of her weed infested garden. Slowly, Jennifer began to walk across the sand, hoping that this was some kind of illusion that would fade in a moment and reveal itself as a last trick to try and prevent her escape. The heat and the sand stayed very real, however, and she stopped, wondering if she should go on. What exactly was this place? It reminded her uncomfortably of the scene from Beetlejuice when the sand worms had erupted to terrorize them. Jennifer looked about nervously but saw no sign of anything hostile. She laughed aloud nervously. That had been only a movie not reality and there was nothing here to fear.

Jennifer was still telling herself that when the sand around her erupted in a flurry and something grabbed her legs and pulled her down. Jennifer screamed and struggled but something had coiled around her waist and was pulling her under the sand. I will suffocate she thought in rising panic, but suddenly she felt herself being lifted up and when she got a good look at why, Jennifer thought that maybe suffocating had not been such a bad fate after all. Dangling several feet above the ground, Jennifer found herself eye to eye with some type of tentacled beast. One of its tentacles was what held her while a dozen more writhed in the air. The thing was sort of a putrid green in color, the flesh semi-transparent to reveal pulsing liquids and organs. It also had a very impressive looking set of teeth in a mouth that looked big enough to just bite her in two, which is what she thought was going to happen to her. Jennifer opened her mouth determined to get in one last scream in the grand tradition of the helpless B movie heroine when a very amused voice stopped her.

"My, my what kind of a sweet little thing have I found?" Startled, Jennifer realized that the voice was coming from the tentacled monster who was holding her.

"Please don't eat me," she begged the creature. "I would probably not taste very good and I am just trying to escape from the demons who have taken over my house. There was this fence around the garden you see, or rather you can't see it now, but it was there and I climbed over it and tried to run away."

"Oh I know all about the demons in your house girl," laughed the creature. "I was put here by them to prevent your escape and I have no intention of eating you! They would be most unhappy if I did that." Jennifer was just starting to breathe a sigh of relief when the creature added, "I will of course return you to the garden after I have fucked you." It was said in so matter of fact a tone that Jennifer was not certain at first she had heard it correctly.

"I beg your pardon?" she managed to stammer. "What did you say?"

"That I am going to fuck you my dear," said the creature and it managed a passable smile on its face. "My tentacles are quite flexible and I will fuck every hole you have at the same time. I am sure I will quite enjoy it. I doubt you will, but that is no concern of mine." Before Jennifer could think about asking anything more of screaming (who would hear she wondered?), several of the other tentacles reached out and without any effort quickly ripped her blouse off and bra off then pulled down her jeans and shredded her panties. For some odd reason, Jennifer could almost swear she could hear her mother's voice admonishing her when she left the house. Be sure to always wear clean underwear in case you get raped by a demon. Jennifer giggled at the thought and knew that she was on the verge of hysteria but then she gasped in shock as the tip of of one of the huge tentacles ploughed into her pussy and buried 12 inches of it inside her in one stroke. A second gasp was forced from her as a second tentacle put another 12 inches up her ass and Jennifer dangled in midair suspended now only by the two tentacles that were raping her. The creature was right was probably the last coherent thought she managed for a while as a mixture of pleasure and pain overtook her...I doubt I am going to enjoy this much. That was about when the third tentacle forced itself into her mouth.

Time seemed to have no meaning in this arid land and Jennifer was only dimly aware of the passage of time as the tentacles fucked her. Against all the rules of nature that she knew, each tentacle acted like a cock and would gush a load of what passed for tentacled monster cum into. The cum overflowed her pussy and ass and mouth until there was thin layer of it covering her entire body. When three of the tentacles would finish, three more would take their place and her rape would continue. Finally at some point she lost consciousness and she awoke to find herself lying once more in the garden, stark naked and covered in cum. She was sure she heard the gravelly voice of the statue laughing as she struggled to her feet and into the house.

Jennifer ran hot water into the bathtub and with a sigh slipped into the tub to soak off her latest degradation. As she lay there with her eyes closed, she could swear she felt soft hands caress her flesh and she remembered with a start about Hlar and Hlox. Samantha was right, the water demons could still make their presence felt, if only weakly, during the day and it did feel very nice. Of course anything would feel nice after being raped by some tentacled monster. After a long soak and an orgasm or two Jennifer reluctantly got out of the tub and shuffled off to find something to eat. Perhaps she would be spared a midnight encounter tonight after her ordeal in the desert but she was not betting on it.

The now almost expected creaking awoke Jennifer at midnight and she looked around the room for any sign of what was to come. The noise seemed to be close at hand and as she stumbled naked from the bed to the window, she realized it was the shutter outside her window. As she leaned out to grab it and pull it closed, thunder and lightning flashed and boomed. We are back to that huh, Jennifer thought. How predictable. Just then something brushed against her legs and ass lightly and she jumped. Startled she looked down and saw only the gauzy curtains waving in the wind though they seemed to have a life of their own as they caressed her thighs gently.

Jennifer backed away from the window with alacrity and when she turned around she found herself looking into the full length mirror on the wall. Jennifer smiled at her reflection and it smiled back at her. Jennifer could not help but feel a little pride in her body. At thirty her breasts were full and large and didn't sag in the slightest and moreover they were all natural and not he work of some silicone implants. Her tummy was flat from the many hours she spent running and playing tennis and other sports. Her hips were wide and her long legs drove men crazy with lust. She had a nearly perfect body she thought and turned away from the mirror and her reflection, intending to go back to bed. Suddenly she heard a noise behind her and she whirled around just in time to see her reflection step out of the mirror and into the bedroom.

"So you are proud of your body are you slut?" asked her reflection in Jennifer's own voice. The same voice, but tinged with cruelty and malice. "Your pride has released me from the mirror whore," and I am so going to enjoy doing you. The reflection advanced on the stunned Jennifer and gave her a shove that toppled her back onto the bed. In a flash the reflected twin was on top of Jennifer, pressing her naked body against her and kissing her full on the lips. Jennifer tried vainly to push her reflection away, but it was too strong and her tongue slipped into Jennifer's mouth and twined around her own tongue. Sick with horror, Jennifer lay there staring at her own face as it french kissed her and she felt her large boobs pressing against the identical boobs of her reflection. After several minutes, her twin broke the kiss and pushed up to straddle Jennifer's body and leer down at her. The hands of her twin pinched Jennifer's nipples and made them stand up. "What a whore you are," said the twin as slapped Jennifer across the mouth. "You have enjoyed all those demons fucking you. You deserve whatever happens to you, whatever I do to you!"

"No, please don't" moaned Jennifer. "I didn't enjoy it, I swear. They raped me"

"I was there slut," replied her double. "You loved every sick second of it. You enjoyed sucking that horse statue's cock. You did it twice and you will do it again. You loved the teddy bear fucking your face in the dark. You used to have dreams about that when you were younger. You liked being gang raped by the demons under the stairs. You loved that monster taking you today on the sand, suspended above the ground with its slimy tentacles in your pussy and ass and mouth. You begged it to fuck you harder." The twin slapped Jennifer again. "Admit it Jennifer, you are nothing but a cheap whore who likes to be fucked."

Her own doubts boiled over, reinforced by the words of her twin and Jennifer sobbed out a faint "Yes" which made her twin laugh.

"Well then, my little slut, I guess I will have to fuck you as well to keep you happy!" Jennifer gulped in fear as her double stood up and snapped her fingers. Suddenly her reflection had a very realistic looking strap on dildo which she put on and stood there gazing down at Jennifer. "I will make you eat my pussy, your own pussy, in a while, but first I want to sink this into you!" As she spoke her reflection stroked the strap on cock like it was real and climbed back onto the bed. The reflection spread Jennifer's legs and rubbed the head of the dildo against Jennifer's pussy lips. "Just remember Jennifer that as I rape you, it is your own dark desires that are raping you. I am you and you want to do this. You want to rape someone and you want to be raped. How nice that you can do both at once!" With that the reflection plunged down and speared Jennifer with her strap on cock and began to fuck her with wild abandon."

Jennifer was near catatonic as she lay there watching the exact image of herself drive a cock into her pussy. Her reflection was no gentle lover as Hlar and Hlox were. Her reflection had an intensity and force that equaled the monster in the desert and it was worse because Jennifer knew her twin was right. The motivation for this savage rape was coming from inside her, was feeding off her own most innermost thoughts and fantasies that she had never dared to tell anyone. Jennifer's tits were bouncing wildly up and down as her twin fucked her and she watched in a trance as her twin's large jugs also bounced and flopped. In a trance, she reached up and cupped her twin's tits in her hands and began to caress them. At her touch, her twin grinned down at her. "Yes, that feels good Jennifer you slut. You are enjoying this now aren't you?"

Jennifer blushed but continued to caress the large tits of her duplicate as the strap on cock plunged in and out of her. The moans of the two women got louder as they fucked and finally the twin pulled her fake cock out of Jennifer and to the astonished eyes of the blonde, began to shoot a load of cum over Jennifer's face and boobs. It can't be real thought Jennifer just as a warm splash of liquid landed in her gaping mouth and more splattered her hair. The duplicate moaned and stroked her cock as more and more cum poured out of it. Finally after Jennifer was once more a cum covered fuck toy. The dark Jennifer leaned down, warm body pressing against Jennifer and began licking her own cum off Jennifer's tits and face.

"Now lick my pussy whore," ordered her twin after a few minutes of sampling her own jizm on Jennifer's naked body. The mirror Jennifer lay back on the bed and spread her legs in invitation. Jennifer blushed, but her twin was not taking no for an answer and Jennifer kissed her way down her duplicate's body (her own body!) until she found her pussy. My second pussy, she thought grimly as her tongue slipped inside and she felt her twin moan. My first visible pussy though, she amended with another hint of hysteria as she began to lap at the freely flowing juices of her reflection. I wonder if making love to yourself is incest or still masturbation? she wonder as her tongue dipped in and out of herself. Her reflection certainly seemed to be enjoying it and Jennifer took a perverse pride in that and redoubled her licking. She slipped two fingers into her reflection's pussy and began to slide them in and out as she flicked her tongue at her clit.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh," moaned her reflection loudly and she writhed under the licking that Jennifer was giving her until finally she came and it was almost like a man cumming as juices drenched Jennifer's face once more.

With a sigh, her double stood up and smirked down at Jennifer. "You are a good pussy licking lesbian whore Jennifer. I always knew you were." With that her double walked to the mirror and stepped back into it. "I bet you will come and look in the mirror again soon," were her reflection's last words and they slowly faded away as dawn lit the sky outside of Jennifer's window.

End Of Chapter 5.

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