The Haunting in Hollow Brooke


We ran down the stairs and yelled to everyone. "Fire! Everyone get out! Now!"

We grabbed two random coats as we ran out the front door. When we got half way down the drive way we turned around. There were flames already coming out of the roof and we could see the old woman and man standing in the doorway. Through the crackling of flame you could hear their eerie laughter.

The entire house burnt down. The Sherman's did not make it out. I guess that old man and his wife were trying to claim some more victims, even long after their deaths. The police began their investigation into the fire. Sissy and I were both worried that the fire, and the destruction it caused would be traced back to the nude siblings who were upstairs alone. However, their investigation came to a much more chilling conclusion. The cops concluded it was the basement furnace that started it. The bizarre thing about it is that the furnace was covered up after Davis died. As you can imagine this was a big relief for Sissy and I. Things between us are fantastic, and full of even more sexual tension and desire. I catch her giving me flirtatious winks at the dinner table. Sometimes she even rubs her foot against my crotch while the family eats, as I try not to squirm. As for our next adventure together, I suppose you'll have to wait until next Halloween to see what happens.

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by Anonymous04/07/15

Identical twins?

I stopped reading at that point because I knew this story was written by an ignorant fuck head. You can't be a guy and have an identical twin sister. Is her pussy "identical" to your cock? Do your titsmore...

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