tagErotic CouplingsThe Heat of The Day

The Heat of The Day


Monica glanced at her watch, she was ten minutes early. Bobby's plane would touch down to Dallas soon enough. A mob of cars swarmed the entryway, as she looked for a place to park. Walking serenely into the airport, and to gate A-6, she plopped herself into a chair and took out her pocket mirror. A passerby stared at her daring ensemble as he walked by. She smirked, and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. "He has a good reason to look," she thought.

She looked over her dress, and smiled. The forest green sleeveless shirt complemented her jet-black hair, her orange and olive slitted scarf skirt completed the outfit, accompanied by her hefty silver necklace that gleamed off her well tanned skin. Her braided hair was pushed back, and her intense eyes stared out the window of the airport. Her fingers jittered around the arm of the chair. She peered into her purse, took out a wallet sized picture of the passenger she was to meet, and traced the outline of his figure with her nail. Her pearl whites gleamed as she smiled at the handsome man. He was well built, had brown hair, chocolate eyes, and was fairly tall. She tucked the picture back into her purse, imprinting the face into her mind and gazed out the window.

Bobby looked out of the descending plane. He saw the buildings of the Dallas airport come closer into view. *Thump...Skirt...Skirt...Screech* The plane had finally landed. He thought of her coming into view as he walked out the gate. He could hardly wait. In his mind, he could already see her smiling and waving already. He gathered his belongings and waited for the seat belt sign to dim before he got up.

Stepping into the airport, he was greeted by a mob of people. His eyes searched for her, and spotted her to the right of him. Although his heart was thumping, he kept his cool, and walked calmly over to her. Dropping his belongings to the floor, he gathered her into his arms, and kissed her passionately. Oh, the touch of her lips upon his, was pure joy, and he pulled her closer to his body. Her arms wrapped around his neck, and she sighed in content as she kissed him some more. Their surroundings dimmed and spun around, but they didn't care. They were finally together after much planning and talking. Finally, they broke away and he declared huskily, "Hey babe, I'm finally here." He smiled at her, and she smiled back, kissing him on the nose.

Leading him to her car, she opened the trunk of her Jeep, and he put his bags into it. The drive back home consisted of small talk. How his music writing was going. How her painting and sculpting were going. How school was going, and so on. Arriving back at her apartment, she saw that her roommate had already left for Wisconsin. They opened some windows to let the breeze blow through the room. She led him to her room, and told him to make himself comfortable. "Don't mind if I do," he replied, and lay on the bed, pulled her next to him. She smiled, laid down, and stroked his hair. He pulled her over his body, and she straddled his waist.

He could hardly believe this was happening. Only a couple of months ago did he discover her. Now this heavenly woman was on top of him, and kissing him fervently. Her eyes were shielded, hidden away by the heat of the kiss. His arms wound around her body, and he moved her body so that she was now on the bottom. Trapping her to the confines of the bed, his hands explored her body. Stopping at her breasts, he squeezed them through the cloth of her shirt. He kissed her neck, and proceeded to move down from there. Taking off her clothes slowly, he kissed each part as it was being revealed. Her creamy tanned skin was soft like silk and was burning for him when his lips descended onto it. When the shirt was off, he proceeded to remove the skirt. When the waist line moved further down, past her wet and awaiting pussy, he snaked his tongue between the swollen lips and started to press upon her clit.

His fingers moved to her ass, and started to put his index finger into her tight hole. This allowed him to push her pussy up to his tongue where he rotated it around, and pushed further into her, she moaned loud and trembled at such rapture. He pushed his tongue into her swollen cunt, and sucked on it intently. His fingers moved in and out quicker, as he sucked on her harder. She cried out at such ecstasy, and her cum flowed out over his awaiting tongue. Lapping it up eagerly, he licked it dry and kissed her pussy lovingly. Proceeding to remove his fingers from her tight ass, and her skirt fully, he dropped it to the floor.

Standing up, he looked down onto her beautiful body, and laid beside her. He pulled her to him, and kissed her sensually. His tongue intertwined with hers, allowing her to taste her own juice. Her hands moved all over his chest and hastily pulled off his T-shirt. His hands came around and slowly kneaded her breasts, pinching her nipples. She pushed him to his back, and her tongue traveled down his well-sculpted body. Stopping at the waist, her fingers quickly undid the button and zipper of the khakis.

Tugging his shorts, and khakis off, she flung them to the floor, and started to tease his big hard cock. Her tongue flicked the head like a feather brushing upon it, and her lips descended onto it. She had long fantasized about this magnanimous cock, and she had planned to prolong his cumming to make it as intense as ever. Her tongue traced around the head slowly and lightly. Gradually adding on pressure, she took the very tip of his cock into her mouth, and sucked on it. His groans were loud, so she took in more of his cock. As more of it comes into her mouth, she sucks on it harder. Her tongue stroking the head, while her hands do likewise to the rest. Her hands squeezed, massaged, and stroked his large cock, while her mouth sucked him until he was to the point of releasing. Stopping just short, she took it out of her mouth, and played with it until he shot out his cum all over her breasts and face. Catching as much as she can in her mouth, she let it spray all over her, savoring the taste.

He groaned while seeing her splashed with his essence. She was great at teasing his cock till the point of cumming. And this release was the best he had ever felt. She climbed back up, and laid next to him, head on his chest. He pulled her closer, wrapped his arm around her body, untangled the braid in her hair, letting the hair fall free, and started to kiss her neck slowly. He pulled her seductive body onto his, and his hands traveled down her body to her breasts, where he squeezed and massaged them. She was grinding her ass onto his still hard cock, making it even harder than before.

His groans vibrated on her neck as he kissed her again. He turned her over and got her off the bed. Seeing where this was going, she held onto the bedpost, and positioned herself for impact. The head of his cock pushed in slowly, seeing how incredibly tight it was. She groaned at the pain, but was slowly getting accustomed to it. He pushed in more and more, until it was all the way in. Letting it rest for a moment to let her get used to this feeling, his hands came around to her pussy, and started fingering it. She moaned loudly as he slowly withdrew from her. This pain was new to her, yet she didn't want it to stop. She pushed her body against his cock to plunge him deeper into her. Burying it into her, they moved in sync to get the best penetration. The pain now gone, only replaced by extreme passion, he rode her until she cummed. His fingers drenched in her juices, he sucked them off. One last thrust, and he cummed in her. Letting out his cum in her tight ass, he slowly pulled out.

She was dripping in his cum, so he took his finger pushed it into her ass, and brought out some cum to her lips. She sucked it off quickly, and begged for more. This time, he dug two fingers and brought out even more. She sucked it off his fingers eagerly. This went on until there was none left. She pulled him around, and kissed him passionately, intertwining her tongue with his. Bobby pulled away, and suggested, "I think we should get cleaned up, don't you think?" Monica looked down, and saw that they were drenched in sweat, and cum.

He carried her to the bathroom, and started to fill the tub with water and bubbles. She tied up her hair into a bun, and peered into the tub. It was half full. "I think we should get in now, so it won't overflow," she advised. He agreed, picked her up, and laid her into the tub. Getting in himself, he took a towel from the rack, and started to lather it up. He beckoned her to him, and she went over. Sitting her on his lap, he took the towel, and started to scrub the cum and sweat from her skin. Paying special attention to her breasts, he kissed her neck.

Her eyes closed, as she sank into ecstasy. Seeing her body totally tranquil, his hand crept down to her pussy, and he started to push two fingers into it. Her moans echoed the bathroom walls, and she started to grind her pussy against his fingers. One last thrust, then she started cumming onto his fingers. Her body trembled against his chest, and he held her tightly, resuming the cleaning. She opened her eyes, and gazed up at him. He smiled at her as if nothing had happened, and started to dab her face with the towel, wiping off the sweat.

After he was done, she turned to face him, and started to scrub off the sweat and cum off his sculpted chest. As she got down to his waist, and cock, she smiled and started to stroke it with her hands. Her hands massaged and rubbed it firmly, until it was hard again. She stroked it intently, and squeezed his balls teasingly. He groaned loudly, and strained, not willing to cum just yet. Her hands left his cock, and she straddled him. Taking him all in one thrust, she moaned as she touched base.

She ground into him, going up and down slowly, squeezing her pussy walls against his cock. Going faster, she kissed his lips, sucked on his tongue, and massaged his chest. She was near to cumming again, so she thrust faster, until her cum coated his cock. Feeling this, he emptied his cum into her tight pussy, as she thrust and squeezed even harder, wanting all his cum in her pussy. She kissed him, resumed cleaning his body and face. Her pussy now filled with his cum, started to seep out, so she cleaned herself by fingering her cunt, letting her juice clean it away. They stood, let the water out of the tub, and dried each other up.

Heading back into the bedroom, they pulled off the cum-soaked sheets, and tossed it in the hamper. Spreading clean sheets on, they gathered into bed, exhausted, and fell into a deep sleep, with Monica in Bobby's arms.

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