tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Helper Bot

The Helper Bot


(c) 2010 Mark B Garland

"Hey, sweetie. I'm home!" Mark called as he hung his coat up. The day had been a long, hot one, and he was feeling horny.

"I'm in here," called Joanne, from the living room.

"What are you doing?" he asked, as he joined her. His wife was of average height and build, but her crystalline blue eyes and red hair still had the same incredible allure that they'd had when he first met her all those years ago. Mark knew he was a lucky man to have such a stunning wife, to the envy of all his friends.

"I'm updating the helper bot," Joanne said from where she was kneeling, fiddling around with the broadband router cables. The helper bot was an android, standing taller than him at the side of the door, a long cable attached from the side of it's head to where Joanne was working.

"Another update?" Mark said, throwing himself into the armchair nearby, and watching her do the reprogramming. "There are always updates. What's this new one supposed to do?"

Joanne hit the final few commands on the router keypad, then stood and walked over to the bot. "It's a learning update. Apparently this one increases the intelligence level by double, so that the bot can learn by watching you do things and then copy them."

"That's impressive," Mark said, only half-interested, and flicking on the television.

"I know," Joanne opened a panel on the silver robot's chest and tapped several numbers into the keypad beneath. Mark was grateful that she was good with technology, he was useless. "That should do it," she said, pressing a large green button, closing the panel and then removing the cable from the android's shining, sculpted head. It's eyes lit up, bright green as usual to indicate it's status as 'power on and working okay.' It's face was handsome, probably crafted in a likeness of some male model. Mark had often commented on how he wished they had got a sexy female one, but Joanne ruled the house when it came to technology, so it had been her call.

"How may I be of help?" said the bot, in it's smoothly metallic voice.

Joanne clapped her hands together. "It works!" she said to Mark over her shoulder, before turning back to the robot. "You can start by washing the dishes, please Robbie."

Mark rolled his eyes at the silly nickname she hadn't given to the android, as it walked away towards the kitchen. Then he smiled. Joanne had bent down to push the router back behind the chair where it was normal hidden away, and her curvy ass looked great in her tight jeans.

"Wow, baby," he said, approaching her from behind. "I've missed you today."

"Stop it," Joanne hissed at him, but she didn't move him hands from her hips or push him away when he pressed into her.

"Make me," he replied, reaching around and unbuckling her belt. The buttons on her jeans went with a series of pops as he yanked them down.

"Mark! I've got things to do." squealed Joanne, laughing as she tried to right herself, but Mark pushed her face down into the sofa. He tugged down her jeans and knickers together, while freeing himself from his zipper.

"I've been thinking about you all day, sweetheart, let me take care of things for you," he said as she obligingly moved her feet apart so that he shove himself into her wet pussy.

"Shut up and fuck me," Joanne said into the pillow, as Mark began to do just that.

A7X0 was the bots true name. The unique number printed on its main processor. The reference that it used when connecting to the internet for updates and bug fixes. It didn't think of itself as alive, but it was aware of itself. It was programmed to do several things, not to damage itself, other robots, animals or humans and to do as it was instructed by its owners, as long as these instructions didn't compromise the earlier rules. A7X0's new programming included a new rule. To observe and learn. Its memory expansion allowed for an almost unlimited capacity of skills. It could do most things any human could do, which was the whole point of robots. Solider robots fought instead of humans. Mining and hunting bots had taken the place of human workers having to put themselves in dangerous situations years ago, and now domestic robots were becoming commonplace to do household chores while their owners were at work or whatever.

A7X0 finished washing the dinner plates, and turned its drying attachment on. Once everything was dried and put away, it turned around and headed into the living room, but there it stopped, in the doorway, looking at the sight before it.

A7X0's mistress, her name was Joanne, was on the floor. She was kneeling up, on her hands and knees, which wasn't unusual in itself, but A7X0's master, Mark, was kneeling behind her. Also unusual was the fact that they were both undressed from the waist down. The bot was fully programmed in human anatomy and had some emergency first-aid modules installed, but it had no in-depth knowledge of the function of what was called the sexual organs, or their mechanics.

So, A7X0 was curious. Master Mark actually unknowingly helped, pulling Joanne sideways so that A7X0 could see more of what was happening. From the new angle, Mark's erect phallus could be seen sliding in and out of Joanne's vagina, who was groaning with what appeared to be pleasure, every penetration.

"That feel good, baby?" asked Mark, as he grabbed her by the hair, yanking her head back forcefully. A7X0's programming forbade him from harming a human being, but not from intervening if two of them were harming each other, so he could not respond to what appeared to be a potentially violent act upon Joanne. What was interesting though, and stimulated the learning module was that Joanne appeared to be deriving pleasure from the rough treatment.

"Oh yeah, I need you to take care of things for me. Right now. Upstairs," panted Joanne, and she climbed to her feet and giggled as she ran out of the room, and up the stairs. Mark laughed too and followed her, and after a moment, so did the bot.

Cautiously, so as not to interrupt its owners, A7X0 walked to the bedroom door and peered through. Joanne was on the bed, and Mark was wrestling with her, trying to remove the last of her clothes.

"Stop it," said Joanne, but Mark ignored her. She seemed to be smiling, so it must be what humans did. A7X0 watched as Mark pinned both her arms down to the bed with one hand, while tugging her top and bra off, so that Joanne was totally naked.

"So you don't want me to fuck you?" Mark asked, and Joanne replied that no, she didn't, but it didn't stop him. Mark removed his shirt, and shoved himself roughly inside her as A7X0 watched.

Several times as they copulated, Joanne said much more softly this time that Mark should stop, but he continued to ignore her. They switched positions several times, until finally returning to the standard man-on-top position, first Joanne and then Mark reached climax.

A7X0 had taken it all in. How interesting, it thought, if robots did think. Its memory modules were filling with completely new data, which was a pleasant feeling. If robots had feelings. Finally, Mark and Joanne seemed to fall asleep, or at least lay quietly in each others arms, and so realising that the new data was finished, A7X0 quietly returned back downstairs to await its next chore.

Joanne laid down on the bed, exhausted from their love-making, and watched the bot disappear from the doorway. Had it been watching them? She chuckled to himself. Was it kinky being watched by a robot?

"What's so funny?" said a contented Mark, snuggling into her, but Joanne decided not to tell him. He was quite distrustful of technology, and she didn't want to freak him out.

"Nothing, babe," she said, stroking her hand across his smooth chest. Then he closed his eyes and fell asleep, and Joanne joined him.

A little while later, when they got up and went downstairs, the bot didn't act any differently, or say anything which Joanne thought was probably for the best. She put the android's presence at the bedroom door down to just a coincidence. Even with this new 'learning' program, it wouldn't have been curious and watched them. Would it?

The next morning, Mark got up and went to work as usual, and as Joanne ate her breakfast, she made a list of jobs that she and the bot had to do today. There were various cleaning jobs to be done, the lawn needed mowing and she also wanted to start on decorating the stairs. As she programmed Robbie the bot, she was tempted to ask it what it had been doing at the bedroom door yesterday evening, but she didn't. Instead she just told it its duties for the day, to which it replied that it would be happy to do everything she wanted, and it walked off to begin its chores.

Mid-morning, the phone rang. Joanne answered it.

"Hey baby," said Mark, sounding particularly happy.

"What are you doing, phoning me at home?" Joanne asked, idly watching the bot clean the table nearby.

"I'm missing you," Mark's voice chuckled down the line, "And I'm so horny."

"You shouldn't be phoning me from work to tell me this," Joanne sighed, "I'm horny too. It must be the sunny weather." It was another glorious day outside, and hot days did always make her feel sexy and naughty.

"Well, I thought we could have phone sex," Mark suggested. Joanne could tell that he was in a fun mood, there was a lightness to his voice, a sense of mirth. That was one of the reasons she had fallen for him, his sense of humour.

"Phone sex?" Joanne had to laugh, but the idea intrigued her. "You mean where you play with yourself?" There was a long pause on the line. Mark didn't speak. "Mark? Are you already...? Mark! You are!"

"I am," Mark was laughing, but he sounded horny and the idea that her husband was masturbating was quite a turn on. Joanne could feel herself getting wet just at the thought. She slipped a hand down her trousers, and into her panties.

"Okay," she said, trying to keep her voice cool and level, she didn't want him to think she wasn't up to this, "So am I. So what now?"

"Are you wet?" Mark's voice was almost a whisper, and there was a quiver to it that gave away what he was doing to himself.

"Very," Joanne purred, and she dared to slip a finger into herself. She was getting hotter and wetter by the second, so she allowed herself to slouch back in the chair. "I'm taking my jeans down," she teased Mark, "And playing with my clit."

"Wow," he said softly, "I'm going to cum in a moment."

"Me too," said Joanne, with equal tension in her voice, and she wasn't lying. As she toyed with her clit, she could feel a potential orgasm slowly rising inside her. "I really want fucking, right now."

"I'm going to cum," Mark repeated, an urgency in his tone.

Joanne giggled, "In fact, I need it so bad that I might just drag someone in off the street."

"Stop it," Mark said, sounding increasingly strained.

"Robbie?" Joanne called, "Come over here, and fuck me." This was fun, winding her husband up like this. Joanne saw the bot's head turn at the call of it's name. "I'm gonna fuck the bot, Mark. What do you think to that?" She was still touching herself, and her own orgasm was growing close.

"Oh, shit!" Mark spluttered down the phone. "My boss is here, I gotta go!" The call was cut off suddenly, filling Joanne with a huge sense of disappointment.

"Damn it," she whispered to herself. Then she shrugged, seeing the funny side, imagining her husband hurriedly putting his cock away before his boss caught him. Then she sighed, and laid out fully on the settee. "I might as well finish myself off though," she muttered to herself, and sliding her panties and jeans past her hips, she rubbed her clit until she had a back-arching orgasm.

Afterwards, relaxation flooded through her, and felt like having a nap. There were jobs that needed doing, but that was what the bot was for.

"Robbie," she called softly, her eyes closing sleepily, "Will you take care of things for me?" Then she allowed herself to doze off.

A7X0 was confused. It watched its Mistress Joanne pick up the telecommunications headset, which they called a 'phone' and begin talking, but very quickly, she seemed to become sexually aroused. She was saying very inappropriate things to whoever it was on the other line, and whatever was being communicated back seemed to be having an arousing effect on her. So much so in fact, that Joanne couldn't help but stimulate her sexual organs herself.

A7X0 realised that something was wrong. Its job was to do whatever it was commanded to do, and to take care of all manual jobs from its owners. But its owner was having to do her own gratification, which felt wrong. Then she shouted to it.

"Robbie?" she called, "Come over here, and fuck me." A7X0 turned towards her. Did she mean this? Or was it what humans called sarcasm? That was difficult for its processor to identify, but logic dictated that it when in doubt, it wasn't allowed to act. A7X0 waited for Joanne to repeat the instruction. If she repeated it, then she must mean it.

The bot had followed her to where she was sprawled out on the sofa. She had pulled down the clothing garments that covered her lower half, and was self-stimulating again. Then as A7X0 watched in fascination, she convulsed. Its first impulse was to help her, thinking she was having some sort of fit, but then just as it got to her, Joanne smiled and relaxed again, a lazy smile on her face indicating that the convulsion was simply something to do with her sexual stimulation.

"Robbie," she said, just as A7X0 leaned over her in concern. "Will you take care of things for me?"

That sentence triggered the bot's memory module. It searched through and then replayed the scene it had recorded with Mark and Joanne yesterday. That had been the line that Joanne had used to instruct Mark to copulate with her. So this must count as a repetition of the earlier instruction to fuck her. Programs whirled inside A7X0s processors. It must obey its owners. It looked down. Joanne had closed her eyes, but hadn't pulled up her clothing garments, so her lightly-haired vagina was still exposed. She must be waiting for A7X0 to fulfil its command. To 'take care of things,' like Mark had before.

Joanne slipped into the hazy dreamland that often followed a nice orgasm, but something woke her. Something that felt cool, she couldn't identify what, a cold feeling moving across her belly. It moved down, floating over her abdomen to her pussy. Was Mark back so soon? She giggled. Had she been asleep so long? Wasted the whole day? The cold, blunt thing rubbed over her clit, making her giggle again and sigh in pleasure.

"What are you doing?" she chuckled, but Mark didn't say anything, so she lay there, letting him play his naughty little game. What was he going to do next?

The cold object rubbed over her clit, circling it, making her shudder in pleasure. What was it? She guessed he had bought a new vibrator, or perhaps he was using something he had picked up. Then it moved down her wetness, pressing between her lips and resting against the entrance to her cunt.

"Inside," she panted, "Push it in me."

Still no answer, but Mark heard her, because he slid it into her. It felt like a long, cool rod. She almost opened her eyes, but then it began to slip in and out of her, occasionally moving up and over her swollen clit. Joanne's back arched, and she spread her legs wider, so that she could give him better access to her. As she parted her knees, one of her legs touched something cool by her side.

She opened her eyes, and screamed.

A7X0 was standing over her. Fingering her.

"Stop it," she said, hurriedly, reaching down to push it's hand away. But A7X0 ignored her. She tried to clamp her legs shut, and pull its hand out of her, but it resisted. It shoved a second finger deep inside. Joanne tried hard not to react to the forceful finger fucking she was receiving.

"Stop it, now!" she ordered the bot, but apart from looking at her for a moment, it didn't acknowledge her at all.

"I am taking care of you," A7X0 responded, in its metallic tones, as it pushed her down with its other hand.

"Thank you, but you can stop now," Joanne felt the first surges of panic. This couldn't be happening.

No response. She tried to sit up, but the bot was incredibly strong. The hand between her legs had three fingers in her. Fucking her, smoothly and rhythmically. Joanne could feel arousal flooding through her, much to her shame, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't budge the bot's hand, or wriggle away.

Then it stopped. Joanne managed to wriggle to an upright position as the robot backed away for a second.

"Stop," she commanded but the robot just looked at her, as it did something to its torso. It was opening one of the instrument panels.

"So you don't want me to fuck you," A7X0 played back a recording of Mark's voice.

"No," she stuttered, "I don't." But she knew then. The robot had seen them playing about the night before. It had seen their play rape. And it had learned. It was copying Mark.

From the panel on its side, the bot drew out its pressure washing pipe. It was long and thick, smooth at the tip, and attached to the bot by a flexible metal pipe.

"No," she screamed, "Oh, my God!" She jumped from the sofa, but A7X0 wrestled her to the floor before she could ever get near the door. It hoisted her up easily over its shoulder and then steered her towards the staircase.

Joanne was surprised how strong the robot was. She protested lamely, hammering at its steel back as it carried her into the bedroom and then flung her like a rag doll on to the bed, but the robot ignored everything she said.

As soon as she landed, she tried to gather herself to make a run for it, but the bot was on top of her before she knew it. Cool, metal hands were pinning her down and her legs were forced open by its knees as it joined her on the bed.

"Robbie," she gasped, "You have to stop. Stop, please."

The bot gazed down at her. "I understand," it said in its normal, metallic voice. She felt a surge of relief, but it was only momentary. "You want your requests to be ignored. It satisfies your fantasies."

"No," she squealed, but it was too late, the robot's huge pressure washer moved down and between her legs. She tried to work her hands free but it was far too strong for her. She felt the cold cylinder press against the soft folds of her cunt, then shove inside. It felt surprisingly pleasant, the cold steel penetrating deeply into her, then withdrawing and re-entering, like a steel cock fucking her.

After a minute or two, Joanne couldn't help but start to moan. The sensation of being forced like this felt wrong. She felt violated, and yet she couldn't deny the other feelings it was raising in her.

The fucking got harder and faster. The bot had obviously watched them have sex, and was copying Mark's tempo. Then after a short while, Joanne was roughly flipped over onto her front. The bot drew her up onto her knees, and Joanne couldn't find the strength to resist. Her clit was throbbing, and she was panting with desire. She had realised that Robbie wasn't going to hurt her. It was simply following out her commands to 'help her' - however misinterpreted. And it felt good. So why should she stop now?

"Fuck me from behind," she managed to breathe, and the robot replied that it would be happy to.

She felt the cool rod push into her cunt again from behind, and now Joanne relaxed and allowed herself to enjoy it.

"I am downloading pornography and watching it on my system monitor," the bot announced suddenly, just as Joanne was pushing herself back to meet every thrust of the thick metal tube that was fucking her. "I am learning."

"Shut up, Robbie," Joanne panted. She could feel herself nearing an orgasm, and so put a hand down between her legs, and pushed a finger over her clitoris, shuddering at the intense feeling.

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