tagLesbian SexThe Highway Stop Ch. 01

The Highway Stop Ch. 01


Chapter 1


Southwest state of fear and lust

The skies opened, a dark veil of heavy rain turned the hot pavement into a steam bed in the late summer heat of the suburban mall. Nina scampered to her beat up Toyota gas electric hybrid at the far end of the parking lot and threw the bags of clothing and perfumes into the rear seat.

Rivulets of water streaked down the windshield as she lit up a joint and took a hit. It had been too long since her last drag over an hour ago and she needed to escape the doldrums of this dreary day with a fresh intake of her fabulous weed. The Thai smelled great with an aroma as strong and intense as the Asian continent it came from. She started up the scraggily, heavily used, rental car the shop had loaned her in place of her late model Audi with the chrome wheels and the alloy ashtrays. The Audi had one of the newest fuel cell / electric systems that produced enough power on one large cylinder of H2 to go 200miles at speeds of up to 90mph.

Nina didn't care about range as much as she needed the biggest ashtrays for all the roaches she kept in case of the rare pot shortage. She started the water-cooled engine and it spit out a cloud of dark smog, which dispersed before she noticed it in the pouring rain. She flicked her wrist and the mp3 was playing her favorite salsa tune, the Dueling Hopango's doing "Mas que Prada," one of her favorites. The trombones roared through the rear speakers as she toked heavily on the potent weed. She turned on the defroster to minimize the inevitable fogged windshield so she could pull out into traffic.

Nina was so oblivious about her looks she didn't realize how fantastic she appeared in the soaking wet cotton top, her lovely full breasts completely visible with her nipples piercing through the soft wet fabric.

This woman spent her entire adolescence working out in gyms striving to attain a hard body. She had aspirations of going to the Olympics in swimming, her first real love. When her grades dropped and her interests in women gained, she ended up graduating high school and fell into one bad job after another.

She just wanted to get home and get into a hot tub and smoke another joint and watch some TV. Her days off were usually spent shopping and reading since she had forsaken any dating for months now, since her break up with one of the club's hottest dancers.

Nina worked as a lap dancer and cocktail waitress in various bars around the area and had very little motivation for any other activities except getting high and listening to her music. She was 25 and single and liked it that way. Since high school, many beautiful women had always been attracted to her. Additionally, she was always able to pick the man with the best body to engage casual sex She loved hitting from both sides of the plate, But recently she had just decided to be alone, and didn't want to put up with the phony dating scene for a while.

Men continued to hit on her regularly with her busty appearance at work and well rounded ass, she was more attractive than some of the dancers on stage. Her muscular legs got the attention of all the strippers and other dancers including many of the attractive females at her gym, where she also was a trainer.

Maria Nunez sat in her maroon unmarked, hydrogen powered patrol cruiser with the wipers on a slow delay and the radio on. She monitored the usual calls, waiting for an accident or carjacking on the 502, it was an intensely boring job. She was just outside the Vertical Mall on the border of the demilitarized zone. It was a region plagued with intense violent crime and rampant shootouts with drug cartel operatives who continued to work the area despite government insurrections.

She was supposed to be watching the customers leave and file onto the on ramp of the expressway, and watch for any suspicious gang activity. Instead she was viewing some lesbian porn on her cell phone. She got herself so aroused she needed to finger her pussy and felt its warmth emanate through her work pants.

Drugs like marijuana were sold online regularly in the black market but were still illegal especially in large quantities. However, if you were caught driving while smoking you only got a summons.

The police were given total authority to arrest anyone even remotely connected to drug running and subversion of the state. Attack helicopters with heat seeking capabilities continually scoured the streets, less than 500 feet up which annoyed everyone around.

Maria had just spent her last two weeks in stealth chopper duty working next to a sexy pilot named Donna with which she had developed a major crush. Donna knew it and flew the chopper with her ample tits hanging out, teasing Maria to no end. Donna had a partner and was an accepted lesbian in her unit. Maria was intensely jealous of her position and her lover.

Maria was riding alone because many of the men didn't want to take the abuse of this hot lesbian officer who was on the fast track to become the new sargent. Maria had a way of talking down to all the men and could handle her job just fine without any physical assistance. She had attained a black belt in Karate and knew street fighting techniques as well, and her marksmanship was excellent.

Her skills with the neighborhood kids had also proved to be useful and because of her bilingual skills, she identified with the kids at risk from the gangs. She had grown up in a middle class neighborhood and had friends who had lost their lives in gang fight and drug wars.

Nina cranked up her music and headed onto the 502 in the direction of her home, she didn't gauge the speed and distance of a heavy dump truck as it approached her vehicle. It came at her broadside, while she desperately tried to save the rest of the joint in her crowded ashtray. The big rig came extremely close to her front end and swerved at the last minute avoiding a nightmarish accident, the driver blasting his air horn with disgust.

The Highway cop had just taken a break from her lesbian porn video and saw the entire near miss unfold in front of her. She hit her siren and lights and went speeding after the the older Toyota with Nina in it. She caught up to Nina's rental car in seconds and used her loudspeaker to tell Nina to pull over to the side of the road and place both her hands on the steering wheel.

Maria hated doing traffic stops but knew it was an important part of her job. She donned her rain gear and hat with her right hand on her automatic she observed the driver to be a female as she approached the rain drenched window, she commanded Nina to turn off the engine and place the keys on the roof of the car.

Nina complied quickly not wanting any trouble from the police on her day off. She kept her eyes straight ahead as the officer, who's voice sounded familiar to her, told her to stay in the vehicle and to roll down the window and provide her license and registration.

Nina already had pulled it out while the officer was approaching and placed the two cards into Maria's wet hand as the window came down.

"Are you Nina Mercado?

"Yes officer, I am."

"You're lucky to be talking to me now you know!"

"I know officer I made a foolish mistake back there,"

"May be if you weren't smoking so much dope when you drive you would be more attentive to what's going on around you."

"I guess," Nina mumbled.

"Wait, I know you, you work at the strip club on Vine street don't you?"

"So, you know the place?" Nina asked her, as she looked at Maria's attractive, middle aged face. She realized that the cop must've worn something very unrevealing at the club or else she just missed her every time she was there. Nina was a very attentive woman at her job. She would have noticed Maria's sumptuous body as a club patron, even if most of it was hidden under that heavy rain gear.

"I've been there a few times to check out the dancers, on an investigation, of course." Maria said, as she took her hand off her weapon, she couldn't help but notice Nina's nipples piercing through the wet garment. It aroused her instantly. The seasoned cop knew she could get any i information on this lovely woman easily if she wanted it, but she wanted much more.

Maria had fantasies about taking a prisoner to a secluded part of the station house and fucking her, then letting the men do the same until the prisoner was weeping and sobbing for more. Maria would never even attempt anything like that unless she was sure the prisoner wanted sex. The woman she looked at through the rain, appeared so ready to be taken, but she would have to play it very carefully. Maria felt her sex get very moist from the quick fantasy of fucking this luscious woman.

"Of course," said Nina. The waitress and dancer knew she was a closet dyke who loved to watch younger women's tits bounce around the stage as men gawked and prodded them with their lustful eyes.

"I'll be right back Ms Mercado, just sit in your car there,"

"Can I start up my engine again, I promise not to leave."

"Sure, and put on your flashers too."

Maria went back to her cruiser, and despite the rain gear, her entire top was wet and her bulletproof vest was very uncomfortable under her uniform top. She wanted to fondle her own nipples as she was quite aroused by Nina's disposition and body. The aspiring officer had to run her plates and license to see if there were any outstanding warrants on her. That was just basic procedure.

Maria had fondled herself many times before in the car and even in the helicopter, last week with Donna. This woman could wait the few extra minutes she needed while she slipped her fingers under her vest and fondled her swollen nipples through the thin fabric of the work out bra.

In the few minutes Nina sat alone, she dumped almost all the weed she had in the car and let it wash down the highway. The gorgeous lap dancer opened her zipper quickly and stashed a large joint she had in her bag into her pussy like a mini tampon. Nina didn't care if she'd have to smoke weed that smelled like her cooze, in fact it only made it better.

She knew she had seen that cop before, but couldn't place it in her mind. Better to be safe than sorry, there was much more weed at home anyway.

The computer spit back in a few seconds that the rental car was not paid for and was taken illegally, which was totally wrong. But it didn't matter to Maria, she had to have the vehicle sent to impound and hand cuff this woman to detain her until it was straightened out at the precinct house. It would take hours.

The rain had stopped but vehicles were going so fast past the two stopped cars they spread a fine mist of dirty water in their wake, making it seem that the rain had turned to a jet spray in the direction of the traffic.

Nina got out of her cruiser and removed her handcuffs from their holder in her back.

"Ms. Mercado, your rental company says that this vehicle is not paid for and taken illegally. I will need you to come out of the vehicle slowly and put your hands against the top of the car.

"I paid the bill yesterday, this is total bullshit!" Nina said, in anguish at the inequity of the system.

Maria grabbed Nina's hands and pulled them in back of her clasping the handcuffs around her wrists in one sweeping motion.

"Spread your legs please, I need to pat you down quickly for weapons, don't worry I'll be gentle," Maria assured her as she bent over to begin her search.

Nina wore skimpy shorts, which were saturated by now and hugged her shapely figure as if they were glued on.

The cop quickly patted her muscular shoulders and moved her strong fingers to her perfectly round shaped breasts and held them tightly. Maria squeezed her full natural breasts as she felt for any foreign things that could have been stashed between Nina's lovely tits.

Nina felt a rush of sexual energy run down her spine as if she had just received a small shock. This woman really knew how to entice her and turn her on, she thought. Then Maria ran her fingers slowly down the sides of her beautiful legs, languished at her muscular calves and then headed up to her inner thighs. The highway cop felt around her thin waist for any weapons and then pat down those nice firm arms that Nina had acquired from years of working out. Maria ran her fingers inside the arch of her shoes for any hidden blades or contraband. She fingered the tiny pockets of the shorts too, and paused to inhale the aromatic scent of Nina's hot body as she frisked her.

"Hope your enjoying yourself, Officer Nunez?"

"I always do, and sometimes, so do my prisoners, so be nice to me or else," Maria said as she caught Nina's eyes.

Definitely a hard- core dyke, thought Nina. I bet she loves doing the pat downs with all the hookers too.

And then it hit her. This cop's manor and voice reminded Nina of the head mistress at a bording school her parents sent her to after grade school. The woman had seduced her and made her feel like a bad girl unless she obeyed everything she demanded. The two had a torrid affair that ended when the woman was fired suddenly.

"Okay, get into my cruiser. Do you have anything you want to take with you, besides the dope?" The officer said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I just bought a lot of clothing and perfumes at the Mall, I want that coming with me!"

The ride to the station house was uneventful. Maria didn't say much to her and Nina had spent too much time in station houses to know what the routine would be.

Maria had other ideas. She knew that there was an interrogation room in the basement that didn't get much use or traffic and it just happened to be right next to the back door and down the hall from a ladies room. She intended to take Nina there after logging her in as a possible suspect pending investigation. With any luck she would not be bothered by any of the male testosterone cases who would love to see Nina naked and in a prone position.

Nina's tits stood out so prominently in her wet top, with only her thin cotton top on. Maria could not help herself from looking at their lovely full shape in the rear view mirror. Most women would have squirmed around in that situation, but Nina just sat there and even opened her muscular legs apart. Maria could only fantasize at what her sex might smell and taste like.

She had a sense that Nina enjoyed being tied up and may not mind a bit of domination and fondling if the time was right. The entire thing depended upon the right timing.

She pulled to the station house and took out Maria and after the usual check in procedure, was able to place her quicly in the basement room.

A major drug running and terror case was being run and most of the precinct's force was involved with the surveillance and related activities.

It was 4pm by the time Nina was lead to the secluded interrogation room. There was a steel support pole right in the middle of the room and only one chair, and just a cold steel table. No windows to the outside, only the standard two way mirror for viewing suspects.

Maria led her prisoner into the room and quickly slipped a long cable tie which they used for temporary cuffs around the pole and through the cuffs. She tightened the plastic cuff to allow Nina to sit if she wanted but she had her arms behind her and could only swivel around the pole.

"I'll be back soon, don't go away," Maria said with a sarcastic voice.

"Hey, you're just going to leave me here, tied up to this pole when I have not committed a crime, what happened to my phone call?"

"You'll be out of here before you know it, just wait there a minute. I'll give you a break in a few minutes,"

Nina was annoyed, but uncharacteristically also very aroused by being tied up. She felt her thighs, they were very warm and even though her hands were tied behind her she was able to feel her ass and even run her fingers outside her pussy as she straddled the pole. After this ordeal was over she hoped she could smoke that weed in peace with some good wine or hard liquor.

Maria viewed the entire scene through the two- way mirror while she fondled herself. Maria locked the door to the room and no one could enter, besides she could hear them walking down the corridor if they were intent on entering. She undid her blue work shirt with her badge attached and took off her bra, then she put the shirt on and left the three top buttons open, allowing her 38DD tits stick out for maximum effect. She let her dark brown shoulder length down from the tie she usually used when on patrol. Her hard ceramic nightstick still rode in her service belt and she intended to keep it with her just in case she needed it later. She also brought another set of cuffs from her locker if needed too. Then she re- entered the room.

"You know Nina, you're car reeked of weed and other substances, you'll have strip off your clothes after I untie you for a moment so I can do a body crevice exam."

Maria cut the tie that kept the cuffs around the pole, but did not un-cuff her. She pushed her back against the pole and told her do disrobe quickly.

Although Maria had a wondrous body for an officer her age, she had a very homely face and was not secure asking women out on dates or even interacting with anyone for social reasons. She spent hours upon hours masturbating to porn and had fantasies of dominating a woman like Nina all the time.

"Oh shit, thought Nina, if she finds that joint, I'll just get a fine but if they find more weed in the car they could hold me over night," Nina gladly slipped off her wet cotton top and shorts. She stood there in her black thong as the officer took in her beauty.

Nina's wide brown nipples stood out erect, her shapely arms and shoulders a deep brown which contrasted with her jet black hair.

The lesbian highway cop pulled down Nina'a black thong panties very slowly and deliberately. She examined the texture of her coffee brown skin. Her lovely ass and the firmness of her quadracepts, turned the officer on immensely.

"Okay, bend over onto the table and let me exam your ass, bitch! If I find any drugs up there. you're in a world of shit,"

Maria examined her asshole first. Its puckered appearance could've been hiding anything so Nina just parted her soft cheeks and stuck her ungloved index finger inside without any lubricant.

"Ouch, you fuck, that hurts, go easy, you fuckin' dumb cop," Nina said with an serious air of disgust. But deep inside she trusted this cop and knew she would not get hurt, and was became aroused by the minute.

"Fuck, you're lucky I'm not gonna use my nightstick to examine you,"

After Maria poked around her anus and sufficiently squeezed her plump ass cheeks she moved on. "You're not holding anything foreign here, and you do have a great ass if I say so" Maria declared. She used a paper towel in her pocket to clean off her hand before re examining the sultry dancer.

"Now turn around and let me see you pussymound," Maria demanded. Her mouth watered like a hungry wolf as she knelt down and perused Nina's nicely trimmed pubic hairs. They were cut in a little V shape which accentuated her labia majora which made her pussy look totally inviting.

Nina knew she'd find it easily and just splayed her legs wide and revealed the tip of the large joint sticking out. Nina's cunt lips were already moist from that anal penetration, as brief as it was.

Maria pulled it out slowly and said,

"Hummnn, this doesn't look like a tampon! I would say your busted little girl. I'm gonna have to punish you for bringing drugs into the stationhouse, especially not enough to share them with me or my friends," Maria said in a way that made Nina think she may want to bring others into the room to abuse her.

"You don't have any friends you horny son a bitch!"

"Better watch that mouth you or I'll have to slap you around and it WILL hurt!"

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