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The Hike


After nearly an hour of packing I was finally ready to go. I sat in my chair, relaxing for a moment as I watched her sleep. The heat from the coffee warming my hands and throat, as I slowly sipped it.

I was up earlier than normal, as I had planned a day for us. During last night's required journal reading I had learned she still had an unfulfilled fantasy. She had always wanted to be fucked against a tree. I had been somewhat surprised, as we had been living the D/s lifestyle for many years.

Sara was my masochist sub. I had been a Dom in the lifestyle for many years practicing bondage and discipline with various subs. It was frightening how quickly we hit it off when meeting for the first time at a local underground club. It was obvious very quickly of her need for pain. Sara helped me realize just how sadistic I could be.

As Sara began to stir I knew she would be awake soon. I'm certain she could feel when I watched her in her sleep. I quietly walked to the kitchen to get her a cup of tea and to refill my coffee.

As I approached the bed, I admired the curves of her body under the thin sheets. Her round ass and breasts created little mounds in the covers. My cock hardened somewhat as she spread her legs, stretching as she awakened. God, I loved how moist her pussy was in the morning.

As I scanned back to her face, I watched her eyes open. She was obviously confused, likely at finding me awake. For a quick moment she took me in, fully clothed with two cups in my hand. I watched as the uncertainty filled her face. This was not our routine. She was supposed to be awake, have made coffee, the dogs fed, and back into bed for her breakfast, my come.

I sat down in my chair as she sat up wide-awake. I placed both cups on the small table, as she jumped out of bed and into my lap. She assumed her position, curled up, legs tucked to her breasts, head on my chest.

"Michael, I'm so sorry," she began. "I did not mean to oversleep, what time is it?"

"Shh." I said softly. I figured not being able to see my face was killing her. A smile crossed my face as I held her tightly feeling her warmth.

I reached for her tea, handing it to her. "Your tea, my pet," I said. I watched as her small hands wrapped around the mug, feeling its warmth.

"Thank you Michael," she replied. She was out of her element because of the change in our routine.

"Tell me of your dreams, my pet," I said softly. She began to fill me in on an elaborate dream where she was not allowed to come. It weaved across several different environments, bright colors, and interesting characters.

I laughed at the end as I added, "I dreamed of a line of girls that needed to be spanked." Apparently, our differences were not so big in dream land either.

As we spoke my hand glided across her tight ass; my fingers followed its contours, occasionally sliding across her crack. Her glutes were tight even as she relaxed. The miles of running had been great for her, and for me. I tried to ascertain by feel alone if the welts from yesterday's spanking were still present.

"We have a very busy day today," I began. "Please hurry, and do as I say." The soft tone of my voice appeared to relax her somewhat, though from experience she knew that my voice could be deceptive.

She set her cup down and I could feel her lust. As she had awakened so had her ache, her need. She placed her open hand on my chest, feeling my muscles. I placed my empty cup down as well, as my hand began to explore between her legs. My hand hot from the cup, I found her pussy wet and yearning.

She moaned in my ear as I teased her clit for a quick second. Moistening my fingers with her sweet juices for a moment before stopping. Kissing her head I whispered, "Not now my pet, we have a lot to do today."

Looking at her face I could see her lip pouting. "Shush!" I said, as I smacked her ass firmly. "I have clothes set out for you. Make sure you pull your hair up today and stay light on the make-up and perfume," I directed.

I easily lifted her small frame off of me and sent her to the bathroom to get ready. I headed to our closet to retrieve the last few items that I would need for the day.

As I passed the bathroom I watched as she checked out the clothes I'd laid out, pink tank top, white cotton panties, short blue denim shorts, long socks and hiking boots. Surely, she had figured out we were going hiking today.

She pulled her hair into a simple ponytail; she pulled it back almost a little too tightly with a hair tie. She quickly brushed her teeth and applied make-up as directed.

After she finished, she found me in the kitchen waiting for her, leaning against the counter, walking stick in hand, and backpack at my feet. I smiled in approval of how she looked. "Thank you for getting ready so quickly," I said. "We have just enough time to wake up that sweet ass of yours."

Stepping close, I bent her over the counter. Her face quickly went from surprise to pain as I placed several spanks across her backside. The rivets of her shorts stung my hand, as I spanked each cheek. She expertly stretched her arms outward along the counter as I continued to spank.

The sound of my hand spanking her ass was loud in the quiet of the morning. She began to cry out as the sharp pain began to run down her legs. I admired her ass in the shorts that I had picked out. With her bent over, there was just a thin strip of material covering her pussy. I knew it wouldn't be long before it was soaked.

I slowed down for a moment and pulled her ponytail hard, lifting her face from the counter. "Did you think I would forget your morning spanking?" I asked quietly.

"No, Michael," she replied, breathing hard. Reaching under her chest I found her breast and then a nipple. I smiled, knowing that she would be mad that I did not select a bra for her to wear today.

Squeezing hard as she began to scream out. She squirmed and began to cry as I started the countdown from ten. "10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4." Then I counted much more slowly, "3. 2. 1."

As I finished counting, I immediately released my grip on her nipple. Her sobs came loudly as I felt her desire to curl on top of the counter in pain. I ran my hand softly across her back. I spoke to her quietly, "You please me, my pet." The soft tone and low level of my voice calmed her as she strained to hear me over her cries.

After a few minutes of caring for her I knew that the sharp pain of her nipple would be replaced with a warm burn. I smiled, as her tear stained face appeared relaxed and ready for more spankings

I began again. My hand turned red, throbbing, as I increased my intensity on her ass. My hand lifting her cheeks each time I struck. Her sobs were constant as she shook her ass to and fro to meet my hand. Again I slowed the pace as I ran my hand between her legs. The material was now soaked through; it moistened my fingers. I placed my fingers in my mouth to taste her sweetness. She slowly arched her back as I began to rub on the material covering her clit. I could almost feel her ache, her desire to come.

I took a step back and picked up my walking stick. The knots of the smooth wood were slightly rough in my sensitized hand. I delivered two quick strikes with the thick stick, before she could react to the first one.

Her arched back looked amazing as she screamed out in pain. Her cries of "Oww oww oww!" filled the room. Her hands clenched as she tried to grab at the tile countertop. I knew that the two strikes would have left immediate welts on even her seasoned ass. I set the stick aside and stepped close and allowed her to cry into my chest for a moment.

My arms held her tightly as I spoke, using a quiet, soothing tone. "You please me. You are a great pet, my little one. Now come, we must go."

I felt her shock before she spoke through her sobs. "We are finished? Please, may I come Michael?" she pleaded. Her clit was obviously aching from not being able to release.

She eyed the bulge in my shorts, her desire teetered at a dangerous level. She reached out and grabbed at my cock. "Please, may I come?" she pleaded again.

Smiling I removed her hand, kissing her wet face. "We must go my pet, there is not time," I whispered.

I picked up the backpack and grabbed her hand as we headed to the truck. During our trip, I watched as she moved uncomfortably in her seat. She switched from side to side, the pain relentless in her ass. Her clit and body were clearly tormented as she tried to keep her legs spread just a bit. I turned on the radio, trying to concentrate on something other than her sexy body.

After a two-hour drive, we arrived at the gates of Zion National Park. I assumed she knew that we would be hiking a trail called Angel's Landing. It was a beautiful trail I knew well, as I had hiked it often. I had told her about it, and knew she would have a hard time with it because of her fear of heights. I imagined the hardest section would be the chains. The chains were about a mile long section of thin rock, with a chain handrail to keep from falling thousands of feet to the ground.

We hit the trail before the sun came up. The cool breeze from the river hit us as we crossed the bridge to the trailhead. The soft sand under our boots made it feel as if we were walking on the beach.

Soon enough we were climbing. The sand dropped away to packed dirt, as the switchback sections appeared. We ascended at a good pace, the sound of crickets began to diminish as the sun peeked over the red mountains.

I stopped for a moment and had her sit on a rock wall. I took out my phone to get a picture of her with the sunrise. The overlook matched her beauty, with the far off mountains and high desert scene.

We set off again. I had her lead, knowing that I wanted to watch her ass for a bit. I smiled as I occasionally caught a glimpse of the redness under her shorts.

I knew that as we hiked the morning's spankings tormented her. Her shorts had to be rubbing on her raw ass. The steep incline caused her to lift her legs higher continuing to torment her already swollen clit.

The air cooled and thinned the higher we hiked. Our breathing became harder with the increased effort. I stopped so we could rest and catch our breath for a moment; we enjoyed the view and the sounds of the birds.

I noticed her cold hard nipples poking through her tank top as she took a drink of water. Reaching out I squeezed the same nipple I'd tormented earlier.

Water sprayed from her mouth as she gasped, "Michael!" The intense pain nearly dropped her to her knees. I smiled, satisfied as I kissed her forehead.

"Come on my pet, let's get moving" I said playfully. I began to spank her ass as she started walking. The angry look that she shot at me over her shoulder had me smiling as we hiked higher.

I had us start early so that we would be the only ones on the trail, so far it had worked. I was surprised when we came upon another couple. We must have been hiking quietly, as we caught them making out and groping each other, his hand up her shirt.

They were obviously embarrassed as I said, "Good Morning." Both scrambled to appear normal, turning red in the faces. Sara and I were both unable to keep from laughing as we continued to walk.

The landscape began to change. The high desert had melted far below us, with the juniper trees and sagebrush changing to pine and ponderosa. The temperature had also started to climb with the ascent of the sun. I felt my chest beginning to sweat and watched the sweat run down Sara's legs.

The trail began to plateau as we came to a fork. We sat for a moment on a small hand carved wooden bench near the trail. I pulled some fresh blueberries and strawberries from my bag; I teased her lips, feeding her. The sweet juices of the berries moistened our parched throats.

I caught her looking forward to the trail where the chains could be easily seen. They shone from the sun and swayed slightly in the breeze. The beautiful red sandstone appeared to jut out in crazy angles, barely wide enough for a trail at some points. Her uncertainty was obvious as she played with a frayed edge of her shorts.

We started again, with me leading this time. "Step where I step," I instructed, as we came to our first set of chains. Slowly making our way across the trail, I could feel her very close to me. I looked back noticing her white knuckles gripping the chains. I smiled as she peered over the cliff and inhaled sharply.

Finishing the first set, we stopped for a moment, she was trembling. "Only three more sets to go," I coached.

She shook her head slowly from side to side but answered, "As you wish Michael."

Slowly, chain by chain we passed along the cliffs nearing Angel's landing. Just as we finished the last set of chains, I saw the tree I had been watching for. We scrambled up the flat rock towards the summit.

I stopped at a huge boulder, setting my backpack against it. Breathing in the mountain air for a moment as she walked several feet away, checking out a flowering cactus. She must have felt my eyes on her ass because she turned towards me. She looked at me curiously, with her eyebrows raised.

"Submit." My voice was loud on top of the mountain.

Her eyes grew wide as she immediately dropped to her knees. The hard pebbles cut into her knees as she crawled towards me. As she crawled, I led her to our tree.

The pine tree grew unnaturally out of the cliff. Its branches bare and wind-whipped. The bark was rough and blotchy from all of the hikers no doubt. She reached me and began to plant kisses across my dust covered boots and legs. Reaching down I felt her soft hair, stroking lovingly, and then lifting her to her feet by her ponytail.

Looking her over I noticed that her knees were bleeding a small amount from the rough crawl. I quickly pulled her tank top over her head, slapping each breast. She gasped with the pain as I shoved her against the tree. Her back struck the rough bark causing her body to arch along the curve of the trunk.

I watched her uncertainty with the strength of the tree. Her boots were mere feet from the cliff edge. I smiled again and stepped close, my hand around her throat squeezing. "I want to hurt you so bad," I whispered.

I began to press her hard into the tree. The sharp points of the bark cutting into her back and shoulders. With the other hand I stripped her of her shorts and panties, leaving only the boots. She screamed out as I pressed against her pelvis. Her tormented ass rested against the ruthless tree.

I raised her arms above her head, as she spread her legs wide for me. Still holding her throat, I slid my other hand between her legs. She was obviously ready for my fingers as her juices ran down my hand. I slid two fingers into her quickly. I finger fucked her for a moment as she moaned in my ear. Her clit was engorged and more than ready for the release it had been denied all day.

Slowly I pulled my fingers from her hole. She was breathing hard as I stepped to my bag. I unzipped it to retrieve my tools of torture for the day. I turned back to her with rope and a flogger. For a moment, I only gazed upon her beauty. Her thin and muscular build, full red and swollen perky breasts, my pet opened for me against our tree.

I held the rope for her to see that I was about to bind her. I figured she was thinking of the couple that we had passed. Would they come this way? How much time did we have? Being caught naked, tied to a tree wasn't a fantasy of hers.

I didn't give her much time to think as I began my knots. Unable to walk behind the tree, I did all of my ties from the front and sides. I stretched her arms behind her and around the trunk of the tree, pulling them tight. She cried out as the bark dug in once she was securely fastened.

Next, I dropped to my knees. I tied each ankle to the tree as well, attaching them at just above her boots.

"Michael," she whispered as I worked.

"Shush, my pet," I assured her. Her eyes caught me throwing the rope up and over a limb above her head. Pulling her ponytail up, I slowly braided the rope into her hair. Once complete, I cinched the rope pulling her head high, totally immobilized.

The first slap across her face took her off guard. The rope held her head in place as I slapped her again. Her left eye began to tear as I whispered, "Are you going to be my good little girl?"

Her answer was beautiful to my ears. "Yes, Michael, I'm your good little girl."

I watched as she tried to grind her tormented back against the tree.

Picking up the flogger, I began to warm up the front of her body. Taking my time I worked her chest and stomach. Slowly, I moved to her thighs and pussy. The strikes slowly increased in intensity.

I stopped several times as I worked her to slide my fingers inside of her. I smiled as I realized her juices had reached her knees. Finally, the strikes had become hard enough to redden her entire front side. Her movements with the flogger had her grinding harder and harder into the bark of our tree.

Content and sweaty, I stopped and stepped forward. Using the rough leather handle of the flogger I began to explore between her legs. She appeared angry as I ground it into her swollen clit. Her anger transformed to pleasure as she began to moan. Though she hated the handle, she began to grind on it as I slowly inserted it into her tight pussy. The bulb of the handle slowly pressed inside her tender cunt.

Her juices began to run down the leather handle as I slid it in deeper. Slowly I handle fucked her. Her cries were loud in the early morning air. I watched as the handle tormented her insides as our tree tormented her outsides.

Slowly, her pain moved further and further from her mind as her clit screamed for release. Her breathing became labored and I knew she was approaching climax.

I placed my other hand around her neck, pulling her from her state for a moment.

"Not yet my pet."

I slowly pulled the flogger handle from her gaping pussy as she moaned almost crying for release.

"Do you want to come my pet?" I whispered.

"Yes, Michael I need to come." She appeared almost too calm in my opinion.

"Not yet little one," I said, as I pulled some clothes pins from the bag. Her lip trembled as I set the first clamp. Her scream and total body shudder made my cock come alive. My ears rang with her scream as I set the second pin.

A continuous flow of tears ran down her face as I felt my cock engorge and fill with blood. Her breathing became haggard with the pain; she was slowly losing her ability to cope. I slapped her face, demanding focus. Next I struck her scraped knees with the flogger, pulling her attention from her tortured chest.

She took several deep breaths, as I stepped close to her blotchy tear soaked face.

"Focus, my pet," I soothed. Unable to wipe her face, her drool and snot ran freely. Stepping back, I began a fresh set of whippings.

She looked truly tormented now. I watched as she began to slip far away. I knew that if I didn't make her come soon, it wouldn't happen. Slowly, I eased up with the flogger before stopping completely.

Her glazed eyes opened as I neared. I whispered in her ear. "Do you want to come?"

Her scream, "Please let me come!" rang in my ears.

I drug several of my fingernails down her stomach to her pussy. It was swollen and ready. It wouldn't take but a minute for her to explode.

My buckle clinked as I unbuckled it. I watched as she licked her dry lips, ready, wanting me. My shorts and underwear dropped to the ground releasing my swollen, thick cock. As I slid my shorts over my boots, I thought she looked more an animal than a woman.

Her eyes seemed to pierce me; she was like an addict, needing a fix. I wiped the tears from her face with my hand, and then used them to moisten my cock. Pressing hard against her, I slid my thick cock deep between her swollen lips. Her silky insides clenched me as she moaned in my ear.

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