tagLoving WivesThe Hitch Hiker: Elise

The Hitch Hiker: Elise

byJust Plain Bob©

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It had been one of my longer hauls - Denver to Seattle to Los Angeles to St. Louis and the back to Denver. I had stopped at the Flying J Travel Plaza in Salina, Kansas for food and fuel and I was browsing the aisles in the convenience store when I noticed a stunning brunette standing at the bank of pay phones. What intrigued me was the way that she was dressed - mini-skirt and 'come fuck me' high heels. Not the normal attire you see in a truck stop unless the lady is a hooker. But this woman didn't really look like a hooker even though she was dressed like one. Most of the hookers that I had seen at truck stops, while not bad looking, had a certain hard edge to them that the brunette didn't have. It might be that she was new at the game and hadn't hardened up yet, or it might be that I totally misread what I was seeing, but either way she was way too nice for me to pass up. If she was a foxy lady who had stopped for a bite to eat on the way home from a party I might get my face slapped, but hey - no pain, no gain, right?

I walked over to her and waited until she hung up the phone. She finished her call, turned to me and gave me what I can only call a "What do you want" look and I jumped in feet first.

"You looking for some company?"

The look on her face turned to one of puzzlement and then understanding and I was almost sure that I had misjudged and I clenched my teeth and waited for the blow. She took a quick look around and then said, "Just what did you have in mind?"

I relaxed my jaw, thought 'hot damn' and said, "I thought that maybe we could take a little walk out to my rig and check out the sleeper."

She took another look around and then said, "Lets go."

I could feel a hundred pair of eyes on us as we walked across the lot to my truck and I knew that most of them were eating their hearts out - she was that nice! Once in the sleeper she said, "By the way, my name is Elise. You didn't ask, so I assume you don't care, but I am a little expensive. I get a hundred dollars for a blow job and two hundred for a straight fuck. If you want my ass it's another hundred and fifty. If you want all three as a package deal it is three seventy-five."

That got my attention in a hurry. I was used to fifty dollar blow jobs and a half and half for one fifty, but I knew that I would never get a shot at something this nice again so I said, "Blow job and a straight fuck" and I pulled out my wallet. As I counted out the money into her hand I commented, "Just my luck. Fifty bucks short of being able to get all three."

She grinned at me, "If you want my ass sailor, I'll take your watch for the difference."

I didn't even hesitate - I peeled that twenty-dollar Casio off and handed it to her with the rest of my cash. I might not eat for two days, but it would be worth it. She stripped and I almost came just looking at her tits. I asked her to leave her high heels on and as soon as I was undressed she went for my cock. I was surprised when she twisted around so I could taste her pussy while she sucked my cock. Just before her mouth closed on me she said, "Do a good job sailor and I might give you back your watch."

I buried my face in her bush and did my absolute best to get that cheap Casio back while she gave me the best head I'd ever gotten. She had me ready to blow in minutes and knowing that whores don't swallow I warned her that I was ready to come. She took her mouth off me long enough to say, "Just keep eating me sugar" and she went back to sucking me and when I came she clamped her lips around me and gulped down everything I shot. She kept on working on me with her mouth until I was hard again and then she rolled off me and spread her legs, "Hurry up sailor, time is money."

I got on top of her and pushed myself in. She locked her legs behind mine and her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me to her, "Come on sailor, get your moneys worth, fuck me hard."

For a whore she sure was tight and she was one hell of an actress. She made me believe that I was really turning her on and getting her off. She faked an orgasm that could have won her an Academy Award, but hell, I didn't care because I was looking down into one of the most beautiful faces that I had ever seen. I knew that the memory of this evening was going to be with me for the rest of my life. It took me almost ten minutes before I was ready to come and about a nano-second before I shot my load I realized that she hadn't asked me to put on a rubber. I began to think that my initial assessment of her was right - she was new at this and she hadn't yet learned that whores were not supposed to swallow and that they always used rubbers. Hell, I might even be her first customer! I stayed in her, slowly pumping, until I was soft.

She was looking up at me with a look I couldn't decipher and then she said, "You want to earn some of your money back?"

This was a new one on me so I said, "What's the catch?"

"No catch sailor, I just like to have my pussy eaten after I've been fucked and not many guys want to do it when I have cum in it. Clean me out and I'll give you back a hundred. Oh by the way, you've already earned your watch back."

I looked down at her in amazement. I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming and it hurt so I knew that I was awake. The only other possibility was that I had died and gone to Heaven. A whore with a gorgeous face and a killer body, who swallowed, didn't use rubbers and who was willing to pay me to eat her pussy? No way! Not in real life. But dream or Heaven I didn't care and I dove in. I love to eat pussy and it's something that my ex-wife used to tell me that I did well and I never have minded when they had cum in them. Well, that's a lie. I didn't mind when they had MY cum in them, but I wasn't all that keen on them when they had some one else's - that's why she was my ex-wife. Anyway, I worked on Elise's cum muffin for a good five minutes while she bucked her hips up at me and moaned.

By the end of that five minutes my cock was hard again and she giggled and said, "I guess you are ready for my ass now" and she got up on her knees and put her head on my pillow. I slid my thumb in her pussy to get a little juice on it and then I worked on her rosebud a bit to open it up and then I poked her pussy a couple of times to get my dick wet. Slowly I began to work my dick into her asshole and she groaned, "Easy sailor, easy. Let me get used to it."

I took my time; I was in no hurry because I wanted her around as long as I could manage. I was halfway in when a cell phone chirped. I knew it wasn't mine because mine beeped. Elise reached for her purse and pulled her phone out and I stopped plunging in and out of her while she took the call.


"Out on the lot with a truck driver. He's showing me his sleeper. (She giggled)"

"What do you think I'm doing?" "No baby, I'm doing what you always said you wanted."

"That's right. I'm finally doing it. Right now he's buried in my ass." (I felt her body stiffen)

"You miserable fucking rotten cocksucking bastard! You've begged me for this for five goddamned years and now you are calling me a whore? Well fuck you Stan!" She disconnected and threw the phone at her purse.

"Trouble" I asked.

"Just fuck me sailor, fuck me hard. We can talk later."

I went back to stroking into her butt and in a minute or so she was back to moaning, "Oh yes oh yes oh god yes" and in a couple of minutes more she did something that I had never seen before - she had an orgasm from being fucked anally. A minute later I came and we both laid down next to each other on the mattress.

She stared up at the roof of the cab for a bit and then she looked at me, "How long before you have to pull out?"

I thought about it and then told her that I really didn't have to be on the road till the morning. Then she said, "How would you like to get all of your money back and maybe make a little extra?"

I didn't know what to say to that so I just looked at her and she said, "I'm not kidding."

She had a determined look on her face so I asked, "What's this all about?"

She was quiet and stared at the roof for several seconds and then, "I'm not a prostitute. Oh, I know that by taking your money tonight and letting you do what you did I made myself one, but I have never done it before. What happened is that for the last five years now my husband has been begging me, actually begging me to have sex with another man. I would never do it because even though he swore up and down it was what he wanted most I didn't think he would be able to handle it if I did. Tonight we were at a party and half a dozen times he pointed at a guy and said 'how about him? Why don't you take him out to the car and give him a little?' We stopped here on the way home for a bite to eat and I was using the phone to call the babysitter and tell her we were going to be a little later than we had planned. I had just enough to drink tonight to loosen me up and when you came up and hit on me I thought, why not? I'd never seen you before and I would never see you again so lets give hubby what he wants. That was him on the phone and I was right all along - he couldn't handle it. He called me a cheating bitch and a fucking whore and, well, you heard my side of it. The long and short of it is that he took off and left me here. I'm going to have to ask you to give me a ride home, but before I go there is something that I want to do."

I looked at her expectantly and she said, "He called me a fucking whore and I'm going to rub his nose in it. It might, no - it probably will - cost me my marriage, but right now I don't care. If I can use your sleeper for the rest of the night and if you will go out and find guys willing to fuck me for fifty bucks I'll give you all your money back and a third of whatever I make. Plus - you can fuck me as much as you want for free."

Elise had a busy night. She fucked thirty-one guys before the sun started peeking up over the horizon and I managed to do her three more times before she called it quits.

"I don't want to go into the truck stop and clean up; I want the bastard to see me just like this."

She gave me directions and as I pulled up in front of the house she asked me if I would mind waiting for a few minutes, "I might need to go to a motel or something."

Five minutes later she came out with a small suitcase and climbed up into the cab.

"Where to" I asked.

She shrugged and said, "I don't know. Where are you going?"

"Home to Denver."

"Want company?"

"What about your kids?"

"They are his from a previous marriage. He made it pretty plain that he doesn't want me around so it's hit the road for me."

"What will you do when we get to Denver?"

She looked at me, "Hopefully you liked what you got last night enough to let me stay with you for a couple of days while I try to figure it out."

"But I'm only home for five days and then I go on my next run."

"So I'll go with you."

"Not a good idea. You run into a lot of the same people at truck stops. We will always be running into those guys you did last night and to them you are a fifty dollar whore."

She stared out the window at the passing scenery and without looking at me said, "It will keep us in food and fuel money."

That was a year ago and Elise is still with me. Sometimes she rides with me and sometimes she stays home. When she rides with me it is a rare visit to a truck stop when Elise doesn't make five hundred bucks (she did raise her price to a hundred). I keep telling her that she doesn't have to do it, that I'm perfectly capable of taking care of her. She just smiles and says she has to do it to keep in touch with her roots. I keep after her to divorce her husband and marry me, but she won't do it. She called him and told him where to send the stuff she left behind and he begged her to forgive him and come home, but she said no. In an interesting twist he came to visit her while I was on a six day run and spent four days with her. Imagine that! Cheating on me with her own husband!

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by Anonymous08/08/18

An interesting twist, which is not surprising from JPFUB!

Silly, but intriguing. Wonder how her husband responds when he finds he's gotten every truck stop venereal disease known to medicine?

I know, its just fiction. In this case, science fiction.

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