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As I reached my mid-thirties, I definitely started becoming more casual in my approach to sexuality. It was due to a multiplicity of factors, to be sure. First, I was successful professionally as the supervisor of the legal department of a large insurance company, so financially I was not just independent and secure, but wealthy. Being comfortable with my personal and professional life made it much easier for me to start living out fantasies instead of just thinking about them. Secondly, many of the hang-ups I had in my twenties about relationships had gradually faded away, once I realized how insignificant some of them were.

Although I never found someone to whom I wanted to be married, it didn’t matter, because I was very comfortable in my decision to be in my mid-thirties and remain single. After all, I look great for my age: I’m 5’8”, 125 lbs., with blonde hair, 36C breasts, and a nice, shapely frame. I find that one of the great advantages of being a nice looking single woman is the ability to enjoy seducing others with an enormously high rate of success. How bad can that be?

For the last several years, my best friend has been Kara, who, even though she is a larger girl, is still an extremely beautiful woman. She is six feet tall, and although she probably weighs close to two hundred pounds, her face is young and radiant. She is definitely a very pretty girl. It also doesn’t hurt that she sports 44DD breasts--they hang beautifully off her full frame that is actually pretty darn proportionate. We went to law school together and, coincidentally, we started working together a few years later. Metaphorically and literally speaking (because we are attorneys who prosecute insurance fraud), she has been my “partner in crime” for over ten years. Kara, like myself, has mild bisexual tendencies, which we’ve discussed because we have known each other long enough to be comfortable mentioning such things.

Not too long ago, Kara started dating a guy from our company named Juan, who was six years younger than us at twenty-nine. Juan is of Cuban decent and is a pretty muscular guy, since body building is one of his hobbies. Over the course of a couple months, I could tell that their relationship was becoming increasingly more serious until one day, out of the blue, Kara told me they were getting married. At first I had mixed feelings about this, probably because I didn’t really understand the concept of marriage, since I was not married myself. I also initially felt a little jealous that my friend, whom I had known as a single woman for so many years, was finally “taken.” It took a few days, but the pangs of jealousy subsided, and I eventually felt very happy for her and Juan.

Shortly thereafter, Kara and Juan moved in together in a nice condominium and soon invited me to their place to have a housewarming party. As my partner to the dinner, I took a young man who worked in my department named Eric. Eric was twenty years old, a college student, and worked part-time as our copy boy. He was 6’3”, athletic, and had gorgeous, short dark hair and strong, muscular hands. Although I realize I’m a “cradle robber,” since I am fifteen years older than him, we had actually kept our relationship private to everyone in the office except Kara. That did not matter much, because she was always good at keeping secrets. Kara knew that occasionally on the job Eric and I would engage in “heavy physical flirtations” (or, in other words, I enjoyed fucking him in my office during lunch), but, knowing me well, she thought it was highly amusing. However, it was interesting to see Juan’s response when Eric and I arrived on his and Kara’s doorstep.

“Oh my God, Jill,” said Juan, in amazement, after seeing Eric and I holding hands, “You sure like to pick them young, don’t you, girl?”

“Well, Juan,” I replied, “Let’s just say that after supervising him for a few weeks at work, I decided he was ripe for picking.”

Juan and Kara giggled and invited us inside. The food was not yet finished, so Kara and Juan graciously took us through their condo to give us a tour of their place. It was very beautifully decorated with art prints of various Spanish painters and icons from Cuba. As we sipped a nice French red wine, we continued walking throughout their home until we finally reached the room containing their home theater. Their theater setup must have cost a fortune. There was an actual ten-foot tall by fifteen-foot wide film screen that ran the length of the wall, and from the ceiling hung a projector that was run by a computer program that could play DVDs through it. Juan had also installed those small Bose surround sound speakers throughout the room, which I was sure gave the room a wonderful sound. The room featured some nice, long leather couches that were very comfortable. Curiously, he also had a mirrored ceiling, which I thought was a little bizarre, considering one would conceivably be spending their time watching the movie screen, not the ceiling.

“This is incredible, Juan,” I said. “However, what is up with the mirrors on the ceiling?”

He looked a little uneasy for a moment. “Oh, they were there when we moved in, that’s all. I think they look good in here, though, so I’ll probably keep them.”

“How much did this movie setup cost, Juan?” added Eric, who was a little shy being among older folks.

“The projector alone cost $4000, the screen cost $1000, and the sound system was another $3500, but I think it was all worth it. I wanted to do it right.”

“Maybe after dinner you can play a movie for us, so we can get the full effect?” I asked.

“Sure, Jill,” said Kara, “You will not believe the clarity of the sound in here. I can spend entire days in here just watching movies.”

We proceeded to make our way out of the theater room and went into the dining room. For the next couple of hours, we continued to drink the lovely French wine with which Juan and Kara had provided us and eat the wonderful food they had prepared. After awhile we were all feeling pretty buzzed and satisfied. Eric, who was pretty shy when we first arrived, was also loosening up and seemed to get along nicely with Juan in particular. They both enjoyed discussing exercise equipment, cars, and stereo and theater equipment. Although I knew my relationship with Eric was merely a temporary proposition, that evening I really began to feel how lucky Kara was to have Juan in her life. They clearly adored each other. Someday, I thought, I will find my prince charming too.

After we were all nutritionally satisfied and relaxed, Kara led us back into the room with the home theater and we proceeded to sink comfortably into the huge leather couches that adorned the room. Eric and I sat on one couch, while Kara and Juan were on the other.

“Eric, do you think you can go to the DVD player and turn it on?” requested Juan, because we were closer to it.

“Sure, I’d be happy to. I’ve used one of these units at my uncle’s house, because he just bought one too.”

Eric got up, and because the lights had been dimmed in the room, he had a little trouble figuring out which button to press to get everything started. He hit a few different buttons and nothing happened.

“No, Eric--it’s the one on the lower right hand side . . . that’s it,” instructed Juan.

Juan and Kara had one of those DVD players that will immediately load whatever disc was left in there and, as we soon found out, it is sometimes beneficial to make sure that you put your discs away after watching them, if you are expecting to turn it on in front of company. Surprisingly, the first image that shot onto the ten-foot tall by fifteen-foot wide movie screen was a group sex scene involving ten people, some of whom were completely intertwined, fucking and sucking like rabbits! I knew Kara was a little kinky, but I didn’t know that she and Juan were fans of group sex porn! Wow, girl!

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry,” said Juan, huffing embarrassingly, as he jumped from the couch on which he was sitting to turn off the steamy sex movie that beamed onto the entire wall.

As he ran to the other side of the room to turn it off, the funky porn soundtrack music, coupled with the moans of those girls being fucked by gorgeous men, blasted through the powerful Bose surround sound speakers throughout the room. The sonic and visual assault on the senses was purely electric.

I had seen my fair share of porn in my life, but I had neither seen it nor heard it like that before. We got a chance to see about thirty seconds of the porn film before Juan was able to shut everything off. It was a hot scene too: there were two large breasted white women (one was a platinum blonde, while the other was a curly brunette) on their knees sucking two white guys sitting on a couch in front of them. While they were using their mouths expertly to coax the creamy cum out of their thick cocks, two muscular black guys were behind them, rhythmically drilling their pussies doggy style. Next to them, two other white women (a redhead and another hot blonde) were on a table getting fucked by a couple well-endowed, athletic white guys in the missionary position. It was unbelievable to see and hear porn so vividly. Of course, although I was enjoying it (and I’m sure Eric didn’t mind), it was clear that Kara and Juan felt terrible about it.

“I’m so completely sorry,” said Juan emphatically. “I totally didn’t mean for that to be in there. I forgot to put that shit away the last time I used the DVD player. Please accept my apologies.”

Juan was clearly embarrassed, as was Kara. Even though we had been great friends for a long time, I could tell that she too was extremely embarrassed about the situation. It must have been difficult for her to see Juan in that distraught state of mind, and to have what was a nice evening between friends become suddenly awkward. Eric too didn’t say anything, so I felt it was my duty as Kara’s friend to help diffuse the situation.

“It’s okay, Juan, it’s okay,” I consoled. “I watch porn sometimes too, hon, so don’t be embarrassed about it.” After saying that, I noticed Juan’s posture showing signs of relaxing slightly. “At least you are not watching the cheap stuff, Juan. That was one steamy scene that we had up there,” I joked, making sure to use the collective “we” to imply that we were all in this situation together and that it was okay.

“I’m so sorry, Jill,” said Kara. “We don’t have a lot of secrets, but our love of quality porn films is definitely one of them. I’m sorry you had to be confronted with that stuff.”

“Give me a break, Kara,” I replied, “You have known me for so damn long that you should known damn well that I don’t care if you two watch porn. At least you have a great theater in which to watch it. I guess that explains why you have the mirrored ceiling too, doesn’t it?” I giggled.

Everyone in the room let out a collective chuckle and seemed to relax a little.

“Yeah, I lied, maybe the mirrors weren’t here when we moved in,” admitted Juan, smiling. “It does make things a little nicer when you are watching erotic videos in here, though.”

“I bet,” I said, pausing for a moment to measure my words carefully before speaking again. “Actually, Juan, you can just keep running that video, if you would like. I still would like to experience the theater you have here, and a porn film seems as good as any to gauge how nice it is. Besides, I’d kinda like to see the rest of that scene. I’m sure it had a happy ending.”

“Yeah, porn is definitely better to play on this system--or any system, for that matter--than Travolta’s ‘Battlefield Earth’ or Costner’s ‘Waterworld’,” added Eric, noticing those two movies in Juan's collection on the shelf.

“Okay,” said Juan in near disbelief, “I want to keep my guests happy. But I do feel a little uncomfortable about this, so please do let me know when you have seen enough and I’ll turn it off.”

“We’ll let you know,” I replied.

Juan then walked over to the DVD player, pressed a few of the buttons, and dimmed the lights a little for effect. The scene of which we had only seen a little was back up on the screen, and it was just as hot and tasty as it was the first time. Seeing those luscious women on their knees, getting fucked doggy style by large-cocked, hard-bodied men was too hot, especially when the image was a good 10’ tall by 15’ wide and the moans were emanating loudly and clearly though a Bose sound system. Oh, I was getting really creamy really fast. After a few seconds, I could feel the moisture slowly build in my pussy, and my breathing became deeper as I fixated on the hot girls on the screen taking those hard cocks effortlessly. I so badly wanted to be in their places, with a hard cock in my mouth and a stiff dick in my dripping cunt. The camera work was nice too, especially the close-ups of the penetrations. Seeing those pink pussies wrap around those thrusting black cocks on the big screen was really hot.

We continued to watch this scene for a few minutes, and no one really said a word as the movie played--the on-screen fucking was too riveting. After a good eight minutes, the scene (and the guys in the scene) reached its climax: the white guy on the couch being sucked by the platinum blonde shot his load all over her face and hair. Seconds later, the black guy fucking her doggy style unloaded his huge nuts deeply into her shaved pussy, giving her a massive creampie. He continued to fuck her as cum dripped out around his cock, out of her snatch, down her legs, and onto the carpet. The brunette getting fucked in a similar manner met the same fate within seconds, although once her pussy was filled, the black guy who was fucking her pulled out immediately. The brunette, on her knees, reached between her legs and, cupping her hand underneath her pussy, captured all the warm spunk that dripped out of her snatch. She then fed it erotically to the platinum blonde alongside her and began to snowball with her.

The action we were watching in front of us was a little too hot for me. I totally needed a cock, and I didn’t care whose house I was in. Kara had been my friend for many years, so I knew she would understand. Besides, who can really watch porn without getting off? Sexual release was certainly in order. During the sex scene we watched, I noticed Eric shifting uncomfortably, so I knew that he was dealing with a very hard cock. Once the scene we watched was complete, I put my hand onto his slacks and could feel his aching member straining through his clothes. We both needed help, so I thought I would quietly take the initiative.

I got off the couch and, without even looking at Kara and Juan across the room, settled between Eric’s legs and started to unzip his fly. His young cock was totally straining and ready for sex. I had been intimate with Eric’s cock for a few months, and loved that he was uncircumcised. The extra skin was just that much more with which to play, and I loved sucking him hard and feeling the folds of his cock roll back on my tongue. This time, however, he was all ready to go. Along with the sounds of the next group sex scene that continued to play through the Bose speakers, I watched Eric unbutton his pants and shimmy down his black sport briefs. Taking the base of his hard eight-inch member in my left hand, I lowered my mouth onto his prick and slowly began to deep throat him while moaning slowly. He tilted his head backward, closed his eyes, and clearly looked as though he was in heaven. While bobbing up and down on his manly, cream-shooting stick, I used my right hand to squeeze his balls gently, which were turning rhythmically in his sac, getting ready to deliver forth a creamy, succulent load. I wanted this boy’s cum and I was going to take it from him.

I worked his cock like a woman possessed. “Mmmm, Mmmmm, give me your cum, baby, come on,” I ordered, “Give me your recipe for fuck cream, honey.” I bobbed, stroked, sucked, blew--you name it--on his cock, and after just four minutes he let out a deep moan as several creamy loads shot from his cock at least six inches into the air, coating me completely. I was totally cum covered, and hotter for it. My pussy was absolutely on fire.

Looking over across the room, I noticed that Kara and Juan were half-undressed, with Kara on Juan’s lap on the couch. They must have been watching us and became “inspired.” That was okay with me. I took off my cum-covered blouse and unzipped my black mini-skirt, letting it fall freely to the floor. Carefully, I rolled down my white, thigh-high stockings and underwear, which partially filled the room with the aroma of my pussy, because it had been literally dripping for several minutes into my undergarments. Nature was indeed telling me that I needed a cock badly. I was clad only by my bra, which, for some reason, gave me a sense of security. Before getting closer to Kara and Juan, I wanted to consult with Eric to see if it was okay.

“Is it okay if I go over to them, honey?”

He was still a little dazed from his orgasm, but he was able to muster up an answer. “Go ahead, Jill--go enjoy yourself, girl,” he replied.

“Is it okay for me to join in, if they ask?” I inquired, wanting to make sure I did not offend him. He simply nodded his head in approval, as he continued to recover from his thundering orgasm.

Knowing that I had the okay to proceed if asked, I took a chair and placed it right by the couch on which Juan and Kara were making out. I sat down and watched them intently, while rubbing my right hand up and down the dripping slit of my pussy and onto my clit. Kara was topless, wearing only her pantyhose that fit snugly on her large frame, while Juan was bottomless, wearing only a T-shirt. I could not yet see his cock, because she was straddling his legs. His cock was likely pressed up against her lower mid-section. As they continued to caress each other, I worked my pussy with my right hand while kneading my breasts with my left hand. God, I was so fucking hot and ready to fuck from watching them make out. They were really beautiful. After only a couple minutes, I thought, “Fuck it,” and took off my bra, which was my last remaining garment. I could tell that Juan loved seeing my thin, athletic frame in its full nakedness. At 29, he looked quite nice too, with a dark, Cuban, muscular physique.

After a few minutes, Juan and Kara got off the couch and began to disrobe completely. As Kara took off her pantyhose, I looked over at Eric, who was alternating between watching Kara undress and the porn film that continued to play on the large screen on the wall. He was stroking his cock gently, and it was now about three-quarters erect. I’m not sure what was going on in the movie, because I was too engrossed in what was becoming reality, but the loud moans emanating from the Bose speakers certainly kept the room sexually charged.

Beautiful Kara proceeded to get onto her knees, and Juan, with his thick, seven-inch cock standing at full attention, got behind her large, gorgeous ass and rubbed his right hand between her legs, urging her already juicy slit to become even creamier and wetter. As he rubbed her pussy with his right hand, he stroked his hard cock gently with his left hand, waiting for the proper moment to begin their carnal union. Kara, on her knees, rocked back and forth on his hand as her pussy continued to drip its nectar freely.

“Oh, fuck me, Juanito, fuck me now, baby,” Kara demanded, huffing, aching for a hard cock to give her relief and sexual salvation. “Give me your cock, baby.”

Juan gave his cock a few more strokes, and slowly and deliberately pushed the swollen mushroom head of his cock into her tight, dripping snatch.

“Oh, GOD, Juanito, that’s it, baby, fuck your big baby girl, honey,” Kara moaned, rocking back onto his cock, which instantly was covered in a slick sheen from her wet pussy.

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