tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath Ch. 03

The Horror Beneath Ch. 03


As always, it might help if you've read the first chapters to know what's going on. Thanks to everyone who sent feedback; please keep sending it as I try to reply to everyone. Oh, and, as ever, everyone in the story's 18 or over!

Jessica and her mother woke some time later having dozed off, to find Sister Corina had left. A note, however, explained that the nun had a meeting to attend and asked that Jessica and Holly make their way to room 203 where they would be expected. Directions were included and, after showering together – struggling hard not to end up fucking each other senseless again – the pair dressed in jeans and T-shirts and made their way to room 203.

“Jessica and Holly Chambers, right?” said the man who opened the door to them after they knocked. He was maybe in his forties or fifties, but still ruggedly handsome and looked as though he still worked out. “Come on in and sit down. I’m Professor Thomas Palmer.”

Jessica and Holly thanked him and took seats next to each other in the front row of what looked like a classroom; there were about two dozen seats arranged facing the front of the room where Professor Palmer stood, fiddling with a large television set and a video recorder.

“I apologise if this video gets a little boring; I’ve given this talk to new recruits so many times, I can do the voice over without even thinking about it.” The Professor said, smiling at them as the TV came on and, after a brief burst of static, the screen went black as the tape started. He sat next to Jessica, sandwiching her between himself and her mother, and turned to look at both of them. “I have to warn you that some scenes on this tape are quite disturbing. There’s a fair bit of blood and guts and none of it’s fake.” He said quietly. “However, some of it is also quite . . . arousing.” He glanced at their breasts that pulled the T-shirts tight across their chests. “I’ll understand if you need to . . . ahem . . . relieve yourselves at any point.”

“Thank you Professor. It’s always nice to meet an understanding man.” Holly said with a sly smile aimed at her daughter.

The Professor turned to the TV and began talking as the video started.

“The Church of The Protectors was started 75 years ago by this woman, Edwina Markham.” The screen showed a stern, middle-aged woman in an unrevealing and unflattering costume that showed she had no figure to speak of whatsoever. “She and her mother were attacked by the tentacle creatures; her mother, who had been quite ill previously, didn’t survive the encounter, but Edwina did. I’m sure Sister Corina has mentioned the side effects of the creatures’ semen; this is what it did to Edwina after two months.”

The picture changed showing a radically different looking Edwina; her stern features had softened, her hair lengthened, her lips fuller. The flat, straight costume was gone, replaced by an almost obscenely low cut bodice that revealed her large breasts and was pulled in tight around her small waist. Her long legs could be seen through the split in her skirt that ran up to her waist.

“Wow.” Whispered Jessica, clearly impressed.

“Edwina was an intelligent woman. She realised the addictive nature of the semen and managed to capture the small beast that had attacked her and her mother; had it been larger, it is unlikely that she would have succeeded. She began researching them, discovering mention of them in certain forbidden texts, and learned they were called Ctholoids. She found other women who had been attacked by them and survived, and gave them refuge here in Markham Manor. Many of the women were married and, in some cases, their husbands joined them here; with the libido increasing effects of the Ctholoid’s semen, the men enjoyed themselves immensely.”

Jessica and Holly glanced at the Professor who smiled broadly.

“But it was not all fun and games. Edwina’s research discovered that the creatures were merely one of a group of otherworldly beings – called the Abandoned Ones – who were intent upon ruining mankind and all his works. There were even some who joined with these Abandoned Ones, helping them; these are the self-styled Dark Lords and Ladies who use powers granted to them by the Abandoned Ones that we would call magic. Edwina and her fledgling group decided to combat them, discovering certain incantations and spells to banish them.”

The scene changed to black and white grainy footage of a group of men approaching a pit which held one of the tentacled creatures, the Ctholoids.

“At first, the men in the group tried to fight the things. They were not successful.”

Jessica and Holly winced as the tentacles grabbed the men and literally tore them apart, wrapping tight around their limbs and pulling, their arms and legs parting from their torsos in great gouts of blood.

“Oh god, that’s horrible.” Holly said.

“The Ctholoids had no interest in men; their only reason for existing was to propagate their species and for that, they needed women. Every man who tried to fight them ended up dead, but the incantations Edwina had discovered stated they should be spoken by men. Things looked dire until Edwina stumbled on the solution.”

The TV screen flickered, showing footage of Edwina wearing what was obviously a prototype of the nun’s outfit that Sister Corina had worn: it left a large amount of her bosom exposed and had a very short skirt but was still more demure than Corina’s.

“The Ctholoids are not very intelligent. They can be easily distracted by an attractive woman wearing not very much, and so, from then on, both men and women worked together, the nuns distracting the creature while they both speak the incantation. Sadly, however, there are other, more intelligent creatures beside the Ctholoids.”

The screen changed, showing a hunched figure, massively muscled, covered in fur, looking like some sort of werewolf. Beneath it, on her hands and knees, obviously being fucked judging by the expression of pleasure and pain on her face, was a nun, her costume torn and bloodied, her large breasts moving beneath her as the thing pounded away at her pussy.

“This is a Lupus, a wolf-like creature that isn’t distracted by the nuns’ costume at all. It’s not a werewolf in that it doesn’t change back and forth from a man; this is its natural form.”

The screen changed again, showing a beautiful woman, naked and voluptuous, holding her own large breasts up and licking at the nipples with an extremely long tongue.

“This is a Hexen, a witch-woman, extremely seductive, very intelligent and in league with the Abandoned Ones. They’re believed to be shape changers, though we can’t really confirm that. This one was caught on tape while she was . . . ah . . . distracted.”

The camera pulled back, revealing that the woman was sat on one of the Ctholoids, a cock in both her ass and her pussy. As Jessica, Holly and the Professor watched, more of the tentacle cocks joined her, slipping into her mouth, wrapping themselves round her big tits and fucking her cleavage.

“Lucky bitch.” Jessica whispered, her own nipples hard, her pussy moist. Remembering what the Professor had said about understanding if they had to relieve themselves, she quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down, pushing two fingers into her pussy as she watched the Hexen being fucked on the screen.

“Need a hand there, baby?” Holly said, leaning over and slipping her hand down her daughter’s stomach, her fingers joining Jessica’s in her pussy.

“Oh god, mom! Mmmm, yeah, that’s good.” Jessica moaned.

The Professor stood and turned the TV off.

“I . . . er . . . I should leave you two to . . . ah . . . “ he muttered.

“Hey, Prof, don’t go.” Jessica said. “Bring that cock of yours over here.”

“Yeah, come on, Professor. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Holly said, her fingers still in her daughter’s pussy.

Professor Palmer coughed nervously before stepping over to the two women and unzipping his trousers. Jessica reached in and pulled out his hard cock, holding and stroking it as Holly leaned forward and began sucking on it.

“Not bad, Prof.” Jessica moaned as her fingers struggled to meet around the girth of his dick. It wasn’t as long as Corina’s, but it was certainly thick enough she thought, watching her mother open her mouth wide to accept it.

“Oh god I love this job!” the Professor gasped, making both women laugh.

Jessica moved her hand and her mother’s from her pussy and turned on to her side, sliding down in her seat a little and pushing her firm ass toward the Professor, her legs still trapped together by her jeans which were still round her thighs.

“Come on, Prof. Get that thick cock of yours in me.” Jessica panted. Holly moved off him, letting him bend his knees, guiding him with one hand into her daughter’s pussy. “Oh fuck yeah! Oh that’s it!” she cried as he pushed his dick into her cunt, easing it in slowly, Holly pulling her butt cheeks apart to allow him to get deeper.

“Fuck her, Professor.” Holly said. “Fuck my daughter.” She looked at Jessica as she spat on her fingers, a moment later jamming them into Jessica’s asshole, making her cum instantly.

“Oh mom! Oh yeah! Fuck my ass!” Jessica cried as her mother and the Professor fucked both her holes at the same time, her with her fingers, him with his cock.

“I can’t . . . last much . . . longer!” the Professor gasped, fucking Jessica’s tight pussy.

“Cum in my mouth.” Holly said, bending down and waiting, mouth open as he speeded up his pumping. As he groaned with his orgasm, he withdrew, Holly grabbing his cock and wrapping her lips around it, taking his load in her mouth. He fired off four or five strong shots before slowing, leaving Holly with a mouthful of cum.

She knelt up and leaned over her daughter who opened her mouth to accept her mother’s cum-laden kiss, the two of them snowballing the Professor’s jism as he watched.

“I think you two are going to fit in just fine.” He said once he had his breath back.

Somewhere else, a small, hunched figure waddled through a large pair of doors, ignoring the looks of disdain from the men and women who stood in small groups. The figure walked through the centre of the room, down the long black carpet until it stood in front of the throne. It had to tilt its head slightly in order to look up at the woman sat there, the hunch on its back preventing it from straightening its neck.

“What is it, Kaylith?” she asked, ignoring the lecherous look that entered the figure’s eyes. She wore a dress that barely warranted the description; two thin strips of silk tied behind her neck came forward and strained to encase her huge breasts, managing to cover her nipples and little else. The silk was pulled in tight at her tiny waist before flaring out across her smooth, round hips, splitting at the top of her thighs to reveal her long legs. Her jet black hair spilled across her bare shoulders and down her back, pouring across her breasts, framing her beautiful face, her full lips painted black to match her hair. A simple necklace was the only jewellery she wore, a small key on a long chain that nestled in the impressive cleavage formed by her tits.

At her voice, several of the other people in the room turned to look at her.

“One of the Ctholoids, Mistress Morenna. It has given us an image which we think . . . may be a Treasured One.”

What little speech there was in the large hall stopped instantly.

The woman on the throne leaned forward eagerly, Kaylith’s gaze dropping to her breasts which hung firm and heavy in front of it.

“Show me.” She said.

The hunched figure reached inside it’s robe and withdrew a small silver disc. As Kaylith held it flat on its gnarled hand, an image began to form in the air above it: two women, both wearing the tattered remnants of their clothes, were being fucked by the tentacles that had burst through the floor of their basement. Morenna gasped in delight as she watched the pair taking the tentacles in every hole and eagerly drinking the cum that they produced. Her delight was spoilt, however, by the image showing the arrival of a nun and a priest who quickly banished the tentacles, ending the show.

“The Ctholoids are not very intelligent, Mistress, as you know.” Kaylith said, handing her the silver disc. “But this one felt something strange when it was . . . mating . . . with the women. Something which we think may indicate that one of the women was a Treasured One.”

“But you don’t know which one, do you?” Morenna said, holding the disc flat in her hand and watching the image form and play out again.

“No, Mistress.” Kaylith said quietly.

Morenna watched the scene again, scowling as the nun and priest appeared at the end, before looking back at the hunchback.

“Well, no matter. It’s not the first time you people think you’ve found a Treasured One. And it’s a fair bet we know these two will be in the Church of The Protectors. Despite what those bitches think, it shouldn’t be too hard to get to them.” Morenna stood up, towering above Kaylith who could do little apart from stare up at her and drool slightly. “I shall report your findings to our Lord. If he is pleased, you will be rewarded. If not . . . “

She let the threat hang in the air as she walked behind the throne, parting the curtains that hung there and along a stone corridor lit not with electric light, but flaming torches. She opened a large wooden door at the end of the corridor and entered a large room that looked more suited to a castle than anything else. High backed wooden chairs sat at a long table; a screen stood in one corner to allow modesty when dressing; a wooden dresser and wardrobe stood beside it; a deep tin bath sat alone in another corner, no plumbing in evidence; a large rectangular mirror hung a few feet up one wall, framed in ornately carved wood; a large, four-poster bed dominated the room.

Morenna stood in front of the mirror, the silver disc clasped between her hands which she held together between her breasts. She closed her eyes and bowed her head.

“Lord Gardo, hear me, I beg. I bring news from Blackhold Keep.”

Her reflection in the mirror shimmered and moved, fading out to be replaced by another image, that of a man sat on a large throne. He was handsome, dressed smartly in a dark grey suit, a slim cigar held in one hand.

“My dear Morenna. How lovely to see you again.” He said, his gaze running over her body. Unlike Kaylith’s obvious lust, however, Morenna welcomed Lord Gardo’s interest. “What news do you have?”

“The low people have found a possible candidate for a Treasured One. One of the women in this scene – “ she held out the disc and watched as it played back. “ – was thought to be a possible.”

Lord Gardo leaned forward and watched the taking of the two women with interest. “Even if they were not, they’d make fine additions to our ranks. I see the Protectors have them now?” he said as the scene ended.

“Yes, my Lord. However, as you know, we have people within the Church who could help us find them.”

“Excellent. See to it, Morenna. As we’re unsure which one could be a Treasured One, bring them both to Blackhold.” He paused, again ogling her. “You have done well, my dear. What would you claim as a reward?”

Morenna blushed slightly. “I would not presume to name anything, my Lord. I do only your bidding and your thanks are reward enough.”

Gardo chuckled. “Very well. Enjoy yourself.” He said, making a pass in the air with his hand. His image shimmed and rippled, fading as the mirror returned to normal, revealing nothing but the reflection of Morenna.

“One day, my Lord.” Morenna whispered, running a hand across her huge breasts, feeling her nipples harden at her touch.

“How about today, my Lady?” her reflection said. Morenna watched wide-eyed as her twin reached out to the edges of the mirror and began to pull herself through, into Morenna’s chamber. She hooked her long legs up and over the edge, sitting on the carved frame, half in the mirror, half out. “Would you be kind enough to let me down, my Lady?”

Morenna smiled and stepped forward, taking her reflection’s tiny waist in her hands and helping her out, her equally huge breasts moving gently as she dropped the foot or so down to the floor.

“I am Annerom, my Lady, a gift from Lord Gardo. Unfortunately, I cannot stay long so he recommends you using me while you can.” The reflection said with a smile.

Morenna pulled her close, their large tits mashing together, and kissed her deeply. Both their tongues were unnaturally long, extending out perhaps four or five inches from their lips, entwining around each other, saliva dripping from them and dropping on to their tits. Annerom pulled roughly at the silk dress Morenna wore, tugging at it until it split, quickly rendering her naked before grabbing her butt cheeks in both hands and pulling her into herself.

“What the hell?” Morenna said suddenly, stepping back and looking down between them. Bulging out of Annerom’s groin was a foot long cock, exactly like that of a Ctholoid.

“Lord Gardo thought you might enjoy this little modification.” Annerom said with a grin, tearing her own dress off her body before grabbing her tits with one hand and wanking her cock with the other.

“I’d hardly call this little.” Morenna said, dropping to her knees and opening her mouth. Annerom moved forward slightly and began feeding her twin her cock, watching Morenna’s long tongue slip out and snake around the head, covering it in spit. When it was good and wet, she knelt up and let her reflection guide her cock between her tits, fucking her cleavage as Morenna bent her head and licked at Annerom’s cock head.

“Fuck that feels good.” Annerom gasped, her slick cock sliding between Morenna’s tits.

“You think this feels good, you ought to try fucking me.” Morenna said.

“It would be a shame to let that bed go to waste.” Her reflection chuckled.

The two identical women walked over to the bed, Annerom laying on her back, Morenna climbing on top of her in a sixty nine. Morenna took a hold of Annerom’s huge cock and began sucking and licking at it again, shuddering in pleasure as she felt her twin’s long tongue slip between her pussy lips and delve deep into her sopping cunt.

“Ahhhh . . . I’ve done that . . . to so many girls.” Morenna sighed, feeling her reflection’s tongue moving inside her pussy. “And always wondered . . . what it felt like . . . to be on the receiving end.” She moaned and gasped, Annerom easily bringing her to orgasm, her juices flowing out and into her twin’s mouth. She sucked on Annerom’s cock one last time before lifting herself off and turning around, reaching between her legs to guide her twin’s cock into her pussy. Annerom thrust upward at the same time that Morenna pushed back and down, the reflection’s big dick sliding effortlessly into Morenna in one move. “Oh fucking hell! Oh fuck me!” Morenna cried.

Annerom grabbed her hips and began pistoning her cock in and out of Morenna’s cunt, lifting her head slightly and licking at her nipples as she did so.

“Yeah, suck my tits!” Morenna gasped, feeding her twin her one of her jugs, pushing as much of her tit-flesh into her hungry mouth as she could, cumming again as she felt Annerom slide two fingers deep into her asshole. “I want you to stuff that big cock of yours up my ass!” she moaned, moving up so that Annerom could pull her dick out of Morenna’s pussy and position it against her ass.

Once again, as Annerom pushed upwards, Morenna pushed back, the pair working together, each knowing what the other was doing, and Annerom’s cock slid easily into Morenna’s asshole.

“Oh fuck my ass! Oh you gorgeous fucker!” she cried, Annerom still latched onto her tit as she buttfucked her, her thick cock spreading her reflection’s ass wide. Morenna came again, crying out as her twin pushed as much of her cock up her ass as she could, the thick length filling her up completely.

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