tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath Ch. 06

The Horror Beneath Ch. 06


Apologies (again!) for the delay in posting. This is the last in The Horror Beneath series but a second set of adventures is planned. I'd like to thank everyone who wrote to me saying they enjoyed these stories - I got more mail for this series than any of my others!

Please write back and tell me what you think and what you'd like to see in the sequel and thanks again for all the encouragement.

As ever, everyone in this story is 18 or over!

Jessica and Holly awoke at the same time, both wondering where they were. They lay on a large four poster bed in a room whose walls were made of bare stone. There was little other furnishings: just a chair, a dresser and a stone statue of a hunchbacked gnome like creature in one corner near the large wooden door. Torches flamed on each wall, giving them plenty of light.

"Where the hell are we, mom?" Jessica asked, standing up and looking around.

"I don't know, baby." Holly said. "Morenna's kidnapped us and brought us here, wherever here is." She looked over at her daughter. "And wherever we are, we're here for a party by the looks of it."

Jessica looked at herself and then her mother, noting that they were dressed identically. Both wore stockings and suspenders, tiny lace g-strings and matching bras, and fuck-me shoes with heels almost six inches high. The whole ensemble was in black trimmed with red.

Holly stepped over to her daughter, slipping her hand round her waist and pulling her close, their huge breasts pressing against each other.

"We're probably in great danger." She said. "But I'll be damned if I still don't find you hot enough to fuck here and now."

Holly kissed her daughter, sliding her hand into her lace g-string and stroking at her pussy for a moment, Jessica kissing her back, the two women gasping in pleasure for a moment before Jessica broke the kiss.

"I'm sorry, mom, but this isn't the time. Much as I'd like you to fuck me, we've got to think about getting out of here."

"You're right, baby." Holly stepped back, the two women composing themselves.

"Don't stop." Said a voice from the corner. They both looked to see what they'd thought of as a statue of a goblin-like creature was actually alive. The horrid, hunchbacked thing was busy stroking its small, hard cock, leering at the incestuous busty women. "Carry on: I want to watch you fucking." The creature cackled.

"Who the hell are you?" Holly cried.

"I'm Kaylith, servant of Mistress Morenna. If you want to get out of here, you'd best talk to me."

"You can get us out?" Jessica asked.

"Sure. I know a secret way out of this room which will take you out of Blackhold Keep and into the countryside. But it'll cost you."

"How much?"

Kaylith leered at them both, licking his dry lips. "I get to fuck each of you in every hole you've got, here and now."

Holly and Jessica stared in disgust at the small, warty creature. As high as their libidos were, both naturally and as an effect of the Ctholoid cum, neither relished the idea of letting this horrible goblin at them. However, they were stuck with no other option.

"So you fuck us and then you let us out of here?" Jessica asked. Kaylith nodded. "What do you think, mom?" she asked Holly.

"I think it's amazing that you'd even contemplate letting this ghastly thing fuck either of you." A voice said from the doorway.

Holly, Jessica and Kaylith turned to see Morenna standing in the now open door, a smile on her face. She was definitely the same girl that Jessica had "rescued" from the tentacles, but she was subtly different: she looked like a slightly older version of the Goth chick she'd pretended to be. She wore a long, form fitting dress that showed off her stunning figure and was cut low in the front. Her big tits still drew Jessica's gaze despite everything that had happened and, Jessica was horrified to realise, she was still attracted to Morenna.

The Hexen lashed out with a long, shapely leg, her foot connecting squarely with Kaylith's butt, sending him sprawling on the floor.

"Get out of here, you little shit." She hissed at him. "Fuck off back to the Low People where you belong."

Kaylith picked himself up and, not looking at any of the women, scuttled out of the room.

Morenna stepped inside the room fully and moved over to the chair, sitting down in it, indicating that Jessica and Holly should sit on the bed. They did so, Holly putting her arm round her daughter's shoulders and pulling her close.

"You're obviously wondering what's happened, who I am and why I've brought you here, correct?" Morenna asked them with a smile. "Holly, you were right: I am a Hexen and I'm sure the nuns at the Church of The Protectors have told you a little about my kind."

"Only that you're shape shifters and are in league with the Abandoned Ones." Jessica said.

"That's true, as far as it goes." Morenna said. "As you can see, I look a little different: the shape-shifting is limited, but it comes in handy every now and then if I want to appear younger or older. As to being in league with the Abandoned Ones . . . well, I'm actually in league with the Dark Lord Gardo who serves them, but I'm also something of an independent operative also."

"So what do you want with us?" Holly asked, her hand dropping from Jessica's shoulders and stroking her back.

"The Ctholoid that attacked you initially identified one of you as something we call a Treasured One. Being somewhat limited in intelligence, it couldn't differentiate which one of you it was so I posed as the young Goth girl in order to get into the Church of the Protectors and find you both. Of course, when I finally had the pair of you together, it was easy enough to tell which of you was the Treasured One."

Morenna stood and walked over to the bed, Holly and Jessica torn between trying to run away and wanting to find out more. The Hexen sat beside Holly, sandwiching her with Jessica.

"Treasured Ones, you see, are simply Hexens waiting to be created. I wasn't born with my powers or this." She stuck her incredibly long tongue out to its full length of six or seven inches, licking at her own eyebrows. "I was once a mortal girl like Jessica." Morenna ran her hand up Holly's silk clad thigh and slipped it inside her g-string, stroking quickly at her clit.

"Oh fuck . . . you bitch . . . fuck that feels so good!" Holly gasped, unable to stop herself writhing beneath Morenna's hand. In moments, the lace of her panties bulged obscenely before her huge cock formed and pushed free, standing proud in Morenna's grasp.

"Unfortunately," Morenna continued, stroking Holly's cock, grinning as she saw Jessica lick her lips. "No woman given one of these by the Ctholoid spunk can be a Treasured One. Which means, my darling Jessica, that you are."

"And you want me to become a Hexen?" Jessica asked, trying hard not to stare at her mother's foot long cock. "No way, uh-huh."

"Ah but my darling you have no choice." Morenna purred, still stroking Holly's cock. "Before you woke, you were both injected with an extremely potent aphrodisiac which, coupled with your heightened libidos, renders you a pair of raging nymphos. That's why, instead of trying to escape, you're happy for me to do this."

Morenna dipped her head and sucked on the flared knob of Holly's dick, licking at it with her long tongue, tilting her head and watching Jessica.

"God damn it, Jess . . . she's so fucking good at that." Holly gasped, unable to stop herself reacting to the Hexen's blow job. She leaned in close to her daughter and kissed her, Jessica returning the kiss with passion, reaching up and stroking her mother's huge tits.

With a last lick at the engorged cock, Morenna lifted her head and smiled at the incestuous couple.

"I'd really like to continue this, but we have an appointment to keep. There's a rite that needs to be performed, Jessica, one which will give you the same powers that I have."

She stood and beckoned to them, smiling as they followed her, Holly's cock still standing proud and slapping gently at her taut belly as she walked. Morenna led them from the room, down a long stone corridor and into another, much larger room.

The far wall was taken up with the same sort of glass cage that was in the basement of the Church of the Protectors – behind it was a large Ctholoid, its many tentacle cocks allowed to poke through holes in the glass and held in place with clamps. Six women were in front of it, busy sucking and fucking as many of the cocks as they could handle but when the creature shuddered and came, each of the cocks were pointed downwards. The Ctholoid's cum splattered against the floor and then ran in channels into a large, sunken, circular pool in the centre of the room which was already over half full with the stuff. On the opposite side of the pool, nearest Jessica, Holly and Morenna, was a small raised dais covered in cushions.

Around the edges of the room, sprawled over cushions, sofas and pillows, were men and women, all naked, all fucking. Moans and gasps filled the air which was heavy with the scent of sex and neither Jessica nor Holly could prevent themselves becoming extremely aroused at the sight of it all.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Morenna called out. The people fucking on the sofas and cushions looked up at her. "May I present Jessica Chambers, the Treasured One, and her mother, Holly."

Everyone smiled, many of them winking at them or licking their lips lasciviously. One woman looked over her shoulder at them and blew them a kiss as the two men double fucking her ass and pussy slid their big cocks in and out of her.

Morenna took a hand each of Jessica and Holly and led them down the couple of steps to the dais, positioning them in front of it. She clapped her hands and, from the same door they had just come through, two young women stepped out, both wearing full length robes of deep blue. They stepped up behind Morenna and undid the clasp at the back of her neck, peeling her dress from her until she stood naked in front of everyone.

"This is Tala." Morenna said, indicating the girl to her right. "And this is her twin sister, Neela." The girls opened their robes, revealing that they, too, were naked and possessed of bodies that had been altered by the Ctholoid cum: their long legs led up to perfect asses; their waists were tiny; their breasts huge but firm; their faces beautiful. "And, like you Holly, the Ctholoids have given them a gift."

Both girls opened their legs slightly and stroked gently at their clits, Holly and Jessica watching all the while as the flesh at the top of their pussies stretched and grew until they both sported long, Ctholoid cocks above their twats. When their huge cocks were fully grown, they moved over to Jessica, Tala behind her, Neela in front, and began kissing and caressing her.

Jessica knew she should resist but couldn't – the feel of the twins rubbing against her, their soft skin, their huge breasts and big cocks was driving her wild and she could feel her pussy flooding with her juices. Everyone in the room watched Tala kneel behind her and pull her thong down, allowing Jessica to step out of it, before pulling her butt cheeks apart and licking at her asshole.

"Oh fucking hell . . . oh god don't stop!" she moaned, looking over at her mother who was busy wanking her own huge cock.

"Everything is ready, then?" said a man's voice.

Jessica looked over to see a tall, dark, handsome man standing behind Morenna, reaching round and cupping her big tits, making her gasp.

"Yes, Lord Gardo." Morenna said. "It's just the rite to perform and Jessica will become a Hexen."

"Then let us begin." He said.

At his command, Neela climbed on to the small dais, laying down on her back, stroking her big cock. Jessica knew what was expected and, despite her rational mind wanting her to stop, climbed on top of the girl, easing her pussy down on to her dick.

"Mmm . . . fuck that's big." She gasped, slowly moving down until the entire length was stuffed inside her cunt. Neela cupped Jessica's huge tits and lifted them up, allowing her to lick at Jessica's nipples as she started sliding up and down the big shaft. Tala climbed up behind her and parted her ass cheeks again with one hand, using the other to guide her big cock into Jessica's asshole, stretching her wide as she pushed inside her. "Oh god yes! Fuck me!" Jessica cried despite herself as the twins began moving their cocks in and out of both her holes at the same time.

"Holly?" Morenna asked with a smile. "There's still one hole left."

Unable to stop herself, Holly climbed onto the dais, her knees either side of Neela's head, and held her own cock up for her daughter. Jessica didn't hesitate but plunged her mouth over the bulbous knob and swallowed as much of her mother's cock as she could.

Beside them, Morenna knelt on her hands and knees, her eyes closed. Behind her, Lord Gardo took hold of his own, not inconsiderable length, and slowly pushed it into the Hexen's pussy.

"Oh fuck . . . oh I've wanted this . . . for so long." Morenna sighed.

"As have I, Morenna." Lord Gardo said, fucking her gently with long slow strokes, holding her ass in both hands as he fucked her. "Begin the rite."

Dimly aware of what was happening, Jessica heard the Hexen begin speaking in an unintelligible language while she was being fucked by the man she'd called Lord Gardo. The twins were still fucking Jessica's ass and pussy, speeding up and thrusting their huge cocks into her holes while she sucked and licked at Holly's dick. The spectators were watching all the while, still fucking each other, but always with one eye on the proceedings. Against the far wall, the six women were still sucking and fucking the Ctholoid which hadn't stopped cumming it seemed; the pool was now almost overflowing with spunk.

Morenna's voice began to get louder in between her gasps of pleasure and Jessica could feel a warmth spreading through her body which wasn't just down to being triple fucked. The twins and her mother were all moaning as they picked up on it, their dicks seeming to thicken and swell, causing Jessica to take Holly's cock out of her mouth to gasp for air, before cramming it back down her throat. She had no idea how long it lasted; all she was aware of was the fucking she was receiving and wishing it would never end.

End it did, though, with Morenna crying out, either in orgasm or as part of the ritual. As she came, Lord Gardo pulled his dick free of her pussy and shot his load over her back, covering her in spunk. Tala and Neela both groaned as their dicks thrust deep into Jessica's pussy and asshole, blasting huge amounts of jism deep into her body. Holly gasped and cried out, gripping her daughter's hair and shoving her cock down her throat as she too came, flooding Jessica with cum.

Tala pulled her dick out of Jessica's ravaged asshole and pulled her up and away from both Holly and Neela, spinning her round and threw her bodily into the pool of cum before she knew what was happening.

"Jessica!" Holly cried, her maternal instincts overcoming the aphrodisiac she'd been forced to take, but before she could rush to her aid, both Neela and Tala grabbed her and held her back.

Morenna stood and kissed Lord Gardo before walking to the edge of the pool of Ctholoid cum. The surface rippled and bubbled, but for a while there was no sign of Jessica.

She spoke a few more words in the strange language she had used for the ritual and watched as the cum began draining away until, covered in the slimy liquid, Jessica was revealed. She lay on her back, her hair thick with spunk, her body dripping with jism, her eyes closed and, strangest of all, a big smile on her face.

"Jessica?" Holly said.

At the sound of her name, Jessica lifted her hands and wiped away the thick cum from her eyes before opening them. She carefully stood up, accepting the hand Morenna held out to help her out of the pool.

"How do you feel?" Morenna asked.

In reply, Jessica's tongue slipped out of her mouth a full seven inches and slowly licked the spunk from her own face.

"Mmm, yummy." She said with a grin.

"Oh Jessica, no, baby, no." Holly cried.

"Don't worry, mom." Jessica said, stepping over to her. "Think how much fun we can have with this." She slid her tongue out again, bending her head and licking at the tops of her mother's large tits.

"You are now a Hexen." Morenna said with joy. "You can join us in our struggle."

Jessica stepped closer to her mother and slipped both her arms around her waist before looking over her shoulder at Morenna and smiling.

"I don't think so, honey." She said. There was a burst of light and, before the eyes of everyone watching, both Jessica and Holly disappeared.

Silence filled the room.

Slowly, Morenna turned to Lord Gardo who looked at her with a scowl.

* * *

"Jessica?" Holly asked. She blinked and looked around her. Despite the lateness of the hour, she could see well enough to realise that they were outside the Church of The Protectors. "How . . .?"

Her daughter shrugged.

"Morenna said I'd have all the same powers as her. I figured if she could transport us to that place, I could transport us here."

"Oh baby, I thought I'd lost you." Holly said, hugging her daughter close, feeling the Ctholoid spunk sliding across their bodies.

"No way, mom. I may be a Hexen now, but I'm not some evil witch. And who knows, these powers might come in handy."

They kissed, tenderly at first, then with more passion.

"I think that aphrodisiac's still in our systems." Holly said.

"I think so too." Jessica said. "Let's go find Corina." She said with a wicked grin.

Arms around each other, they hurried to the door of the Church and the safety within.

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