tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 05

The Hot Mom Ch. 05


With Sharon leaving town Davey was going to concentrate on one woman and that woman was Angela the wife of his friend Al. He now knew she was having an affair with the star of the town's high school basketball team. He spent the entire week trying to figure out a way to get Angela alone so he could blackmail her for sex.

He sat at his desk at work during his lunch hour watching the video on his phone and jerking off to it. Then one day after talking to Al he finds out Al is leaving town for a business trip and will not be back for a week. Davey decides to take full advantage of this week; he looked into the sports section of the paper and found that the boys were going on an away game that Friday.

Then he saw Jimmy and Kevin one day at the burger joint and found out that Angela was staying home with Al out of town and it being such a long drive. He waited until after work and then he went over to the winter's house to see Angela. He eagerly knocked on the door until she answered; he knew the boys would not be home until after eleven o clocks and he knew from when he stayed with them she put her daughter to bed by eight.

"Davey you know Al is out of town, what the hell are you doing here?" She asked him holding the door open.

"I have something to show you Angela, something you may not want your husband to see." He said to her.

"Come in and don't get too comfortable you won't be staying long." She said to him.

Angela watched as he came inside and sat down on the couch, and then he patted a cushion next to him for her to sit down. He pulled out his phone after she sat down and showed her the video. Angela was in shock that he found out about her and Kevin; he looked at her with smugness as she held her hands to her face in disbelief.

"So I think you know what you need to do and keep doing to keep your husband from finding out about this." He said running a hand up her back.

"Please don't touch me." She said standing up. "I will need time to think."

"Think about what, satisfying me who won't be all that bad or me telling your husband, ending your marriage, the whole town finding out what a slut you are." He said to her.

Another knock at the door startled both of them; Angela went over to see who it could be at this hour at night. It was Sharon Adams, Mister Arthur Collins the vice president of the company they Sharon and her husband worked for and one man she did not recognize.

"Sorry to stop too late, I had a late meeting with Mister Collins and this is Mister Benton the company attorney." Sharon explained shocked to see Davey come to the door now.

"No problem Davey was just getting ready to leave." She said.

"Davey Morton!" Mister Collins said aloud.

"Good you save us the trouble of doing this Monday morning down at the office." Mister Benton added.

"Doing what?" Davey asked.

"Firing you for sexual harassment and out of all my managers the least amount of work is done from your office." Mister Collins said firmly.

"Sharon you lying bitch you wanted me to fuck you in your office, tell the goddamn truth!" Davey shouted.

"You lying bastard." She spat and tried to hit him if Mister Benton did not stop her.

"Davey, Ms. Adams has an impeccable record with our company; meanwhile you have moved from several different locations with several allegations of sexual harassment and poor job performance. We will send you your things and you will receive no severance from this company." Mister Collins continued as Davey went from being smug predator to jobless.

"Oh you two think you are so perfect just look at this video I took on phone." He said handing it to Mister Collins.

The company vice president did not even look at it; he took the phone and broke it in half. Then he threw down on the floor breaking it even more and he proceeded to stomp it into little tiny bits.

"Davey get out of my house and stay the hell away from me and my family." Angela spat.

Davey pushed past everyone and got into his car, he burned out of the driveway leaving the four of them behind. Angela offered to make everyone coffee and they all accepted sitting at the dining room table. Mister Collins said they still had some things they would need to talk to her about.

"Angela, you don't mind if I call you Angela do you?" Mister Collins asked politely and she nodded it was okay. "Sharon is taking a paid leave from the company, I talked her out of selling her house, and her son is going to stay there by himself provided if you agree to look in on him. You know making sure he is doing his laundry and eating right, of course no big parties."

"Sure we were looking forward to him staying here but I could do that if you would like, maybe every Wednesday I will stop in to check on him and then on Saturday morning I will come by, clean up a little, get his laundry done and shop for good food. He is also welcome to come over anytime for dinner as well." She said.

"Thank you Angela it will only be for a month." Sharon said to her touching her hand to thank her.

"No problem we are very fond of Kevin." She said holding on Sharon's hand to let her know her boy would be in good hands.

"Don't worry about money for groceries either, Ms. Adams has been very helpful in this matter with Mister Morton and not filing any legal action against the company that we will provide her son with a spending allowance for food and necessitates while his mother is gone." Mister Benton explained.

The three left after they finished their coffee and Angela picked up the broken pieces of cell phone. She made sure all of the doors were locked and then she went back to the couch to try to relax before Jimmy would be home.

The boys won another game, Jimmy and Mary Beth made out all the way home and Kevin slept dreaming of Angela. When he got home he was happy his mother decided to stay and she told him all about what happened with Davey. He knew that at least twice a week he would also get to be with Angela.

The following week came and his mother was off on a long vacation, she was going to spend time away to get some counseling and relax. The boys had a game on Tuesday and they won again, Kevin was now getting the rest of the team more involved and they now had a good balanced team.

Everyone was talking how they could win the sectionals, and then go on to win the state for their school size. After practice on Wednesday Kevin took Jimmy home and then he went back home to find Angela waiting for him. He led her into the house and the two of them were kissing as soon as the door was shut behind them.

"Oh god you look so hot tonight." He said to her.

"I don't usually look hot every night." She said teasingly.

"You know what I mean; I don't usually get to see you in your work clothes." He said stepping back to look at her.

She was wearing a tight white blouse that hugged her shape and made her breasts look great. She unbuttoned it for him to reveal the white lace bra she had on underneath it, then she unhooked it to reveal her small, firm perky breasts, her nipples standing out hard and ready. He looked further down at her and saw the short denim skirt she was wearing; she undid the button to the skirt and let it drop to the floor. Her panties matched the bra which was now lying on the floor with the rest of her clothes.

Kevin swept her up in his arms and carried her up to his mothers' bedroom; he put her down gently on her bed. Angela slid her panties off as she watched him get undressed, once he was naked too, he started at her feet and kissed his way up her long legs. He stopped at her pussy and pushed her legs apart for better access, she was sopping wet as he ran his tongue up her sensitive slit.

Kevin felt her body tense up and she arched her pussy up to his mouth, he feverishly licked her pussy, concentrating on her clit. He then slid a couple fingers up her tight snatch and fingered her at a quick pace. Soon her pussy was literally squirting its juices out for his eager mouth to lap up as shuddered in orgasm.

Her young lover climbed up between her legs and slid his hardness into her pussy easily. Kevin pulled her legs up as far as they could go and he could feel his cock plunge deeply into her pussy. Angela was panting, moaning and clawing underneath him, as his cock was now making her pussy cum.

"Oh baby that was great, now roll off so I can ride you." She moaned.

She climbed on top of him and eased herself down on to his big hard manhood, she moaned as it was all of the way into her. He grabbed onto her fabulous round ass and she was now bouncing up and down on his large cock. She was moaning and grunting at how good it felt to have him inside of her. She now sat straight up on top of him, one had was on the bed as she leaned back for support the other was roughly fondling her small firm breasts.

"OOOOOHHHHH Kevin I love fucking you, oh yes baby, you made me cum so many times tonight now shoot it baby shoot it into me." She said to him urging him too finally cum.

"Ugh. Agh." He grunted shooting several large shots into her pussy.

The two of the laid on the bed holding each other and kissing, then she finally climbed off of him. She asked him to go downstairs and get her clothes for her and her pocketbook. When he came back up he found her in the bathroom, she just finished washing up and then she took her make up out of the bag to reapply some of it. She sprayed on a couple of squirts of her perfume, redressed and kissed Kevin at the door for several long minutes. Then she left her young lover to return home to her own family, Kevin made himself a t.v. dinner, did his homework, showered and went to bed.

The next day after school Jimmy and Mary Beth had to have a serious talk about their future together. She was obviously bothered by something and she was anxious to talk to Jimmy about it.

"Jimmy I'm late." She said.

"No I have you home right on time." He said dumbfounded.

"No silly, I'm going to have a baby." She said and began to cry.

"Oh shit, really." He said to her. "You want to keep it right?"

"Yes I do, I'm more worried at telling our parents and what will we do for work, if don't go to college next fall?" She sobbed.

"Mary Beth I love you and our baby, I guess I'm going to have to step up and be the man, I'll work while you go to school." He said putting an arm around her to reassure her.

"We should tell our parents together that might make it easier and hopefully they won't kill us or at least my dad won't try to kill you." She said wiping away her tears.

Jimmy pulled his phone out and called his mother first and then his father, he asked them if they could meet him at Mary Beth's when they got out of work. When his parents arrived they left the sanctuary of Mary Beth's room and went to the living room. Her mother was ushering in Al and Angela in surprise, she led them to the living room, Mary Beth's father stood up putting his paper down to introduce himself to them.

"Hi I'm Jack Johnson and this is my wife Amanda, I guess your boy is dating our girl." He said shaking Al's hand and then sitting back down in his easy chair.

"Yes I guess he is, I'm Al Winter and this is my wife Angela." He said.

"Ah there is the happy couple." Angela said watching the two of them holding hands and coming down the stairs.

"Mom, Dad, I see you met the Johnson's." Jimmy said "You might want to sit down while I say what I have to say."

"Okay son." Said Al sitting down with Angela on the couch and Amanda sat on the arm of the chair her husband was sitting in.

"Mister Johnson I want you to know I love your daughter deeply and would never ever do anything to hurt her. Unfortunately we let our passions get the better of us and we made love without using any protection, what I'm trying to say is that Mary Beth is pregnant." He explained waiting for Jack Johnson to come over and pummel him.

Instead he saw her mother start to cry, Jack put an arm around her waist and then he rubbed her back. His own parents stared at him in shock and disbelief, the silence in the room was very long and uncomfortable.

"Would someone say something, anything?" Mary Beth said as she started to cry and Jimmy pulled her close to him.

"Mary Beth I want you and Jimmy to go back up to your room so your mother and I can talk to his parents." Her father said.

For over an hour the two couples sat and talked, Jimmy and Mary Beth were shocked not to hear any raised voices. After over an hour of talking they called the two of them back down to the living room.

"Jimmy, Mary Beth we are all very disappointed in the two of you about your poor judgment." Angela said to them.

"But what is done is done." Amanda said her eyes puffy and red from crying.

"Son this is what we propose, you will work at the plant during the summer, the work will hard and long. All of the money you make will go directly into the bank, and then you and Mary Beth will both go to college. We will take turns helping care for the baby while the two of you have classes. Neither one of you can afford not to get a good education; you will need to get a good job so you can raise your family." Al explained.

"The money I make from my job can go to cover medical expenses; you know I put every dime I make in the bank." Angela said. "I have a pretty good amount saved up."

"Your mother is going to quit her job after the baby is born to help you take care of it." Jack said. "I have been looking for a good excuse to get her to quit it, you two are lucky to have parents that make good enough livings to help you. You know how many kids in this country don't have the luxury you have."

"Oh I love you." Amanda said crying and ran to her daughter to hug her tightly in her arms. The two of them stood in the living room hugging and crying, Jimmy watched Mister Johnson get up and walk over to him.

"You're a good man Jimmy; I think you will do right by my daughter and my future grandchild." He said shaking his hand hard and firm, he then pulled him closer to him so he could whisper in his ear. "If you don't me will cut you're fucking balls off?"

When he pulled back the father of his girlfriend was laughing and his parents got up to join him. Poor Jimmy knew that deep inside he loved Mary Beth and he did not have to live in fear of a threat of losing his testicles to her father.

"Well everyone thanks to the untimely departure of Davey Morton at the plant, I just got a raise and put in charge of his projects. So if the Johnson's are up for it, why don't we go out to dinner tonight, my treat so we can get to know each other better?" Al suggested.

Everyone agreed and the six of them were off to a nice enjoyable meal at a good local restaurant. Jimmy whispered in Mary Beth's ear that he loved her and will marry her someday and she whispered back that she too would look forward to being Mary Beth Winters.

The team won the home game on Friday night, Jimmy had an incredible game he accounted for forty points as the team won 83 to 44 in a blow out. The whole school and probably the whole town knew about him and Mary Beth. After the game he took out a diamond engagement ring, he picked out one with Kevin earlier for a few hundred bucks.

Kevin who really did not need the expense money his mother's company was giving him while she took her leave of absence gave him a couple hundred more so he could buy one that was a little better.

On the way into the locker room the two of them were kissing outside in the hallway and Kevin came back out of the locker room. He handed Jimmy the little black box without Mary Beth noticing and then Jimmy dropped to one knee and opened the box showing her the ring.

"Mary Beth, we have known each other practically all our lives and I have loved you for a longtime. You are having my child and I want you to be my wife." He said to her with a hallway full of people.

"Oh Jimmy yes oh yes." She sobbed as he slid the ring on her finger.

Everyone in the hallway applauded at the romantic scene they had just witnessed, Jimmy kissed her as he went to take a shower. Everyone on the team and in the locker room razed him pretty good over his getting engaged.

The following Saturday morning Angela came over to check on Kevin, she did up the dishes and ran the vacuum cleaner. Then she went into his room grabbing his gym bag and his dirty laundry. She got a load going in the washer when she came back out in the living room he was sitting on the couch with nothing on.

"Well someone is a little bold this morning." She said sitting down next to him kissing him.

The two of them began making out on the couch, he had tee shirt lifted up and her bra undone. He kept trying to get her jeans unbuttoned but she kept stopping him, he was growing more and more persistent.

"Sorry there lover, but my Aunt Flow is here for a week long visit." She said to him.

"Aw shit. What am I supposed to do with this?" He referred to his hard cock.

"Well I guess I will have to take care of that for you." She said taking off her tee shirt and bra.

She got up off of the couch and got down on her knees in front of him, she stroked his hard cock up and down with both hands until he was good and hard, then she engulfed the head of his prick into her mouth.

"Oh Angie that feels so good, oh yeah suck my big cock baby." He said as she was sucking the first four inches into her mouth and stroking his cock with one hand at the same time.

You could here her loud slurping noises fill the living room as she sucked young lover's big cock. He pushed his hips up to her warm wet mouth as she eagerly sucked his hardness deeper in. She used her free hand to fondle his large egg shaped balls gently; she could here him breathing faster as she picked up her pace.

She was working his hard tool like she saw in a video one time with her husband's favorite porn star Nina Hartley. She could feel his body tense, and then she felt his balls tense in her hand. Kevin was now shooting spurt after delicious spurt into her hungry mouth, she drank as much of his cum down as she could some of it ran out onto her chin.

"Oh damn that was so good." He said watching her swallow his load.

She sat up and continued milking his cock with one hand, she used her other hand to get the excess cum off of her chin and into her mouth. She smiled at him and then an unexpected shot came out of his softening cock and landed on one of her breasts. She scooped that up with her fingers and licked them off. The she stood up and kissed him on the mouth, he was apprehensive at first but did so anyway.

"That was pretty good for a grandmother." She said.

"Well at least you are lucky enough to be a hot grandmother." He said to her. "I'm glad to hear everyone is accepting of Jimmy and Mary Beth"

"So am I." She said putting her bra back on.

"So is Aunt Flow going back on Wednesday?" He asked.

"I hope so." She said putting her tee shirt on and going back out to the laundry room to put his clothes into the dryer.

She stuck around for a little while longer and invited him to supper on Sunday if he wanted to come and then she went home. Kevin could not wait for Wednesday to come around again and he knew he would take her up on supper on Sunday.

I'll dedicate this story to don87654 he always wants a baby in somebody's belly, I just decided to this in a romantic way so I hope everyone is happy. In the next chapter Kevin and Angela continue to heat things up as do Mary Beth and Jimmy.

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