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The Hot Tub


part 2 of Curiosity Laid the Bachelorette

Warning, this is a tale that deals with adultery. If you do not like such stories then move on to something you will like better. If you read and then post nasty or hateful comments then I will laugh at how pathetic you are. If you actually have constructive criticism that could help me improve my next story, then I would love to hear from you.

Thank you.


It had been almost a year since Mark and I were married and I had my bachelorette party misadventure. I look back on it with mixed emotions. I did regret that I lost control, but at the same time was glad it happened because I was able to get it out of my system for good. It was all my own private secret, which actually was a bit of a turn on, but not enough to go for a repeat performance.

Everything was going smoothly. Mark and I were getting settled into our house and couple routines were beginning to take over and soon perhaps there would be a baby.

I had just stopped taking birth control and the resulting period was just about done.

Sitting on the couch drinking coffee reading the paper one morning, Mark suggested that we should get a hot tub and install it on the back porch.

Half listening I said, "Sure."

"Great!" Mark answered, "let's go to the home supply store that's by the mall today."

Feeling the blood drain from my cheeks, I remembered that James worked at that store.

Suddenly the memory of that night came crashing back. Remembering what I had done. I really didn't want to go in case he was there.

"Maybe we can talk to that manager and get a good deal," Mark said.

"What manager?"

"The guy whose card you have in your purse ... Jack ... John ... here let me check," he said as he took out my wallet.

"Yeah, James, since he knows you, maybe we can get a break."

"Shit!" I thought, 'Why the fuck did I keep that card?'

I couldn't very well refuse, so I agreed to go with Mark to the store, but first I felt I needed to change into something more presentable and more flattering.

We arrived at the store and walked in. Looking around I didn't notice James around and breathed a sigh or relief. The knot in my stomach was beginning to relax when it instantly hardened after hearing from behind, "Well hello!"

Turning around, we were greeted with the rotund James.

Seeing him standing there I immediately recalled that the last time I saw him he was naked on the bed having been sucked off by me just hours before my wedding. Reaching out, his large, dark hand engulfed my tiny and white one, "Wonderful to see you again ... how long has it been?"

Not giving me time to answer he jumps back in with, "Oh, yeah ... you were still a single woman the last time I saw you ... and this," turning and extending his hand to Mark, "... must be the lucky man."

"I'm Mark, good to meet you."

"So how can I help you two lovebirds?" he said giving me a sideways glance and a smile.

Mark explained what we wanted to do, so James took us to the appropriate locations and gave some excellent advice and suggestions. He genuinely seemed interested and I felt much more at ease being there.

After we decided what to buy, James even helped us out by giving us a break on the delivery charges, he would just find the driver and work something out. As James was about to leave Mark turned to me and said, "I'm so glad you held on to James's card honey."

James looked at me and said, "Hey, I'm glad I was able to get your business," while fumbling with his pen which he proceeded to drop to his side, "excuse me a sec". He turned around bent down to retrieve his pen, giving me and Mark a long look at his extremely wide ass.

Staring in disbelief at what he was doing, Mark jabbed me in the arm with his elbow. Looking at him, he motioned to James and gave a broad smile. Feeling extremely embarrassed and ashamed because I had kissed and tongued that very ass and, worst of all, had enjoyed it.

James then stood back up and looked at both of us with a hint of a smile that told me he wanted a repeat, then said, "I hope we can do more business in the future." At that he walked off to do whatever he needed to do.

I gave Mark an angry stare and he just looked back in innocence. As we walked around some more Mark said, "You know, he is a nice guy, but jeez, he looks awful."

Without thinking I jumped defend James and said, "He probably can't help it."

Mark just scoffs and says, "Yes he can, leave the table sooner."

I just take a breath and don't reply. Mark continues by saying, "He really seems like a cool guy, and could be good looking ... who knows ... if he got into shape, he could probably land someone as hot as you."

Trying not to have a reaction, I just continued walking, desperately wanting to change the topic.

After wandering around in silence, James came walking back up to us. "Guys, unfortunately our driver is going to be busy with deliveries all week and we won't be able to schedule it until sometime next week."

"I was really hoping to get the stuff this afternoon ... but I can't fit it all in my SUV ... are we able to store things here?"

"Unfortunately," James replied, "we really do not have the space ... mmm ... Ya' know, I was supposed to be off about ten minutes ago. If you like, I have a large truck and I could give you a hand," he said. "Besides, I have done this type of thing before and I could give you some suggestions and tips."

Much to my relief, Mark said that he couldn't ask James to do that. However, James insisted saying that he'd like to do it and besides, it would be nice to use his truck to actually haul stuff.

"If you sure it is no probl ..." James cut Mark off saying, "None at all."

We made our purchase and got the truck loaded up and were ready to head out. A couple of hard bodied young men helped us load up the vehicles. James asked for directions and Mark began giving them, then stopped.

"Well, we live in kind of a new subdivision and the signs and markers are not all up yet and it can be confusing." Turning to me he said, "Hon, why don't you ride with James? That way I can get home and get the gate open."

Before he finished the final word I enthusiastically said, "OK!"

Catching myself, I then more calmly said, "I mean, if you guys think that is the best way."

"Good," said Mark, as he kissed me on the cheek then headed to our car to go back home.

Turning to look at James, he had the a huge toothy grin on his face.

He entered his truck as I walked around to the passenger side and climbed in and closed the door. The butterflies in my stomach felt like they were on speed and caffeine.

Feeling the need to set the record straight, I began to tell James not to get the wrong idea.

Before I could complete my thought he reached behind my head, grabbed my hair and pushed me towards him. I tried to resist but he was too strong. Our mouths met and I responded by almost climbing onto his lap but couldn't fit between him and the steering wheel.

I next heard a "daayummmm" through the open drivers side window and looked to see we had an audience of a couple of his young co-workers who had help us load up the truck. Feeling my cheeks flush I sat back down in the passenger seat and slunk down as low as I could. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice James give a thumbs up while he drove off.

Humming, he drove out of the lot glancing at me. Once we were out of the parking lot, I sat up and trying to maintain some cool directed James where we needed to go.

At a stop light he looked over at me and said, "You've gained weight!"

It was not a question.

Annoyed, I looked at him as he continued to watched the road.

"Ya' know, I could've mention that you have gained weight as well?"

He simply shrugged is shoulders and casually said, "I'd still fuck ya'."

Peeved, I looked straight ahead and responded with, "Don't count on it!"

He then pulled into the first parking lot which happened to be for a gas station, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me towards him again. To my surprise I offered no resistance as our tongues met again.

He then guided my head to his crotch where I fumbled with his belt and got finally got his pants unzipped. Since his penis was smaller than I was used to and since he was so large, I couldn't do much more than bat him around with my tongue as I massaged him with my hand. It didn't take long for him to ejaculate into my open mouth. After cleaning him off as best I could, I sat up and noticed a big stream running down my chin and onto my shirt. Wiping it up with my hand, then licking it off, I cleaned myself up as best I could as I sat back contentedly.

Backing up in the driveway, Mark was standing there waiting for us inside the garage. Hopping down from the cap, I walk to Mark and kiss him. Hearing James walk around the cab, I quickly turn around with a huge smile on my face.

Mark said to us, "I was starting to think ya'll ran off or something."

James immediately responds with, "Naa', that really wouldn't be good customer service," to which all three of us laughed.

After getting the materials into the garage, we took James to the back porch where we wanted to install the hot tub. Instantly the two seemed to connect and I felt the odd person out. Sitting on the swing, the men talk and toss out ideas. Mark accepted just about every suggestion James made. Finally, as they begin to wrap up Mark said, "Well, this might turn out to be more your tub than ours."

"Don't worry, I'll let you use her occasionally." James answered as he slyly glanced at me causing my face to redden.

"When do you plan on finishing it?"

"I was hoping to start on it this weekend, but unfortunately, I have to go out of town Thursday for a business meeting and won't be back until Monday, so right now it'll just have to sit there."

"Really?" said James, then added, "Well, I should be getting back to the shop. But, if I may, have you ever installed anything like this before?"

"No," said Mark, "but I'm usually pretty good at this kind of thing."

"Well ..." said James, "you might find it is more difficult than you think. Tell ya' what, I'm off this Thursday and have installed several of these units. If you and the little lady agree, I could come over and have this sucker up and working in a couple of hours and ready to be broken in when you return."

"What do you think, hon?"

"I think it is a good idea, but I'd hate to have James waste his day off working here."

James cut in, "It's no bother. I love doing this stuff and I think we can work something out."

"She'll be taking me to the airport around noon, you want to come over in the evening?"

"Sounds good," said James with a beaming smile. "I can probably be here around 2:30. That way it will be up and running before sundown."

Mark replied, "Amber will be home by then, just come on over."

I agreed and the tingle that had been between my legs since the truck ride grew exponentially.

James left shortly after and Mark and I proceeded to get things organized.

The next few days went very slowly, but Thursday finally arrived. I drove Mark to the airport.

On the way we made idle chit chat. Out of nowhere I stated, "I've gained weight!"

Mark looked over to me and replied, "Hey, I've gained some as well and believe me we both have a looong way to go before we need to worry about it."

"Still, I think I'm going to go on a diet and start working out again."

"OK, if it's important to you, I'll join you as well when I get back ... maybe we should invite James as well," Mark said humorously.

"Ya' know, you don't have to be a dick about it," I said somewhat defensively.

He chuckled, even though I wasn't being funny.

As we approached the airport he suggested just dropping him off at the gate. Still a bit annoyed with Mark, I put up a token resistance not really wanting to go inside. He again resisted and I quickly gave in.

After kissing me, he left the car, grabbed his luggage and said, "Feel free to break in the tub if it gets done in time."

"Don't worry," I answered smiling big. "I will."

As soon as he was at the check-in stand, I took off. Feeling guilty for pushing him away like that and for what I was thinking, I almost turned towards the parking garage so I could go in and see him off. Instead, I pulled out my cell and called James.

When James finally picked up I felt as nervous as schoolgirl.

"Hi! It's Amber, how are you James?"

"Oh ... yeah ... what do you need?" he replied rather brusquely.

I should be home in about an hour, when can you come over?"

Perking up he replies, "Then I'll be there a little after an hour."

"Great! I'll be waiting for you."

Laughing, he hangs up the phone without even a goodbye.

Feeling a little annoyed at his apparent lack of excitement, it never occurred to me that he wasn't as excited as I was.

I arrived home and hadn't even finished changing when I heard the doorbell ring. Opening the door and saw James standing there in a dirty t-shirt and old jeans. Not even thinking I leapt into his arms and kissed him.

James pushed me off him, pushed me back, entered the house and closed the door. "Relax babe," he said, "you'll get some."

I just stood there surprised at my reaction as he filed past me and went out the back door.

Feeling extremely embarrassed, I sat down on the closest chair and did not move for a while.

A couple of hours had passed and I spent most of my time watching from the couch as James installed and filled up the tub. Watching him, I couldn't believe how horny I was getting and how I wish he'd hurry up and finish so he could come in and work on me. Knowing that I should make him leave as soon as he was done didn't mean I would . Unfortunately, even though I hadn't admitted it to myself, I knew he would likely end up staying.

James opened the door. "Almost finished; just filling the tub now and are getting ready to 'break it in' with ya'," he said smiling devilishly as he headed back to the work site.

Walking around the house the tingling in my crotch became almost unbearable. Looking outside James was finishing cleaning up the hot tub area getting it ready for its inauguration. I opened the door and asked James if he wanted anything to eat or drink.

"A beer and whatever you have would be good."

"OK," I cried back and proceeded to make some sandwiches. When I finished I took them and some beer out onto the patio and sat on the swing. James joined me and took a sandwich and finished it and the beer in a second.

"Anything else?"

"Just you in that hot tub."

Smiling I stood up, removed my cloths and got into the tub without hesitation. Fortunately, we had a privacy screen, so neighbors couldn't see what was gong on, but that didn't mean they couldn't hear what was about to happen, which made me even hornier than I was already.

James wasted no time in disrobing and awkwardly joined me in the tub. Seeing his corpulent form was rather unpleasant; however, I still wanted him for some reason.

Before he was settled I leaned forward pressing my tiny white body against large black bulk. I then planted my lips on his as he returned it in force. As we kissed his hands went to my breasts and he massaged them rather roughly, leaving red marks.

I reached down and grabbed his hard but diminutive cock. Rubbing it and his balls he let go of my breasts and leaned back. Moving my leg over his, I straddled him as we continued to kiss. Because of his large stomach, he couldn't enter me in our current position, so I guided him up to the top of the tub and pushed him down so he was laying flat.

Putting my fingers around him I resumed stroking him alternating between his shaft and balls.

Lowering my head, I engulfed his penis gently gnawing on it the way Mark liked it. James seemed to enjoy it as well and I continued, moving between his shaft and balls. Reaching between my legs I felt the tremors of an orgasm building.

James let out a low groan, which told me he was approaching his own orgasm. As my mouth was getting tired, I pulled away from him and leaned up against the tub then said, "Fuck me."

Eagerly, he slowly moved behind me and slammed his cock into inside me, pushing me into the side of the tub knocking the wind out of me as I grunted in mix of pain and pleasure. He pounded me picking up more and more force until he was again approached orgasm.

He quickly withdrew and flipped me around and began kissing me hard. He moved his mouth down my body, stopping only briefly to suckle my breasts. He resumed licking down my body until he arrived at my waiting pussy. His tongue slid down the outer lips tasting my juices. His tongue almost magically found my clit which he mercilessly began manipulating much to my intense pleasure.

"OH GOD!" I cried as James masterfully nibbled on my clit, sucking and licking the hard knob of flesh. Losing all inhibitions and forgetting I was outdoors and I thrust up and moaned in ecstasy. As I bucked he continued to nibble and tongue my most sensitive areas, until my body was consumed by an intense orgasm. This was the first time I had such an intense orgasm from oral sex. Sadly, Mark had never come close to driving me into such a frenzy with his tongue.

"OOOHHH JAMES!" I cried as my naked, lithe body bounced on the edge of the tub hoping this feeling would never end.

James face was soaked with my juices as my ivory skin glistened, but not from the water from the tub.

James then climbed on top of me and thrust his hardness into my waiting lips. As he entered, I met each motion with a push of my own, hardly noticing that he wasn't as well endowed as Mark. Even so, I felt a wave of sparks each time he pushed himself inside of me.

We continued grinding into each other, savoring the moment, not wanting it to end. As wonderful a lover my husband was I had never felt quite like this before and she didn't want it to end.

James began picking up the pace, slamming into me faster and harder. While he couldn't reach as far into me he somehow seemed to know exactly where to touch or rub.

My breath began speeding up in guttural rasps. I got closer and closer as James pounded into me. Finally, waves of pleasure exploded from my vagina and radiated throughout my entire body. Grunting I grabbed James and held on as if my life depended on it. Proving too much, James released his own seed into me thrusting with each spasm of his own.

Collapsing on top of me, we both breathed deeply waiting for or strength and senses to return. After a few minutes James rolled off me and sat in the tub relaxing. I immediately followed leaned my head on his dark glistening shoulder. Sitting like that for a few minutes, I suddenly bolt upright and in a panic said quietly to myself, "My God! I'm not on the pill anymore." James, not reacting, just put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me back towards him as I dazedly acquiesced. My phone then began to ring. It was Mark's ring tone; I let it go to voice mail.

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