The Hotel


I was tired and bored and fed up. I was sitting up in the world's most uncomfortable bed in the world's worst hotel in the world's most boring town.

Apart from that, everything was going well!

It was nearly 10.00pm and I had just checked in to this dump of a hotel. My job as a salesman saw me burn 10's of thousands of miles a year on the roads up and down England. I must have travelled down every motorway and stayed in every type of hotel from the joys of 5 star luxury to the sort of flea pit I was in now. The company's expense policies changed with the weather and we were currently in what was called "challenging times" and our hotel expense allowances had been cut to the bone.

I had travelled from some forgettable town where I had held a meeting with a non-descript buffoon that clearly had no authority to make a decision. The traffic had been bad, the weather awful and the food at the motorway service station barely digestible.

Did I say I was fed up?

To try and get out of my self-pity, I had thought about drinking a bottle of wine while watching the TV. The wine was fine. The TV wasn't. What was that Bruce Springsteen song: 57 channels and nothin' on? You got it there Boss!

So it was the wine and misery.

As I sipped my wine, my self-inflicted gloom was interrupted by the slamming of the door to, I presumed, the room next door, followed by a girlish squeal and a man's voice saying. "right, I have got you now," followed by another squeal.

Oh great! I had now found out that the hotel had virtually no sound proofing and I could hear what was being said almost as clear as if I had been in the room with them.

"Come on then Lucy, get your clothes off and let me see those wonderful tits of yours!" the man said.

"Oh John, what are you like!"

"You know what I am like, that's why you are with me Luce!"

Oh no, I groaned to myself. I was now going to be subjected to listening to a couple play out their sex life for me, whether I liked it or not. I was half tempted to bang on the wall, before he started banging her, but my distinct lack of bravery stopped me. What if he turned out to be a 6 foot 6 inch boxer with muscles in his spit. He was clearly on a promise and an overweight middle aged salesman knocking on the wall was not going to interrupt him getting his leg over with Jucy Lucy or whatever her name was. So cowardice ruled and I sat there, hoping they would skip the foreplay, would get on with it, he would quickly cum and they would fall asleep.

"Good they look good!" I heard John say, "Come here let me feel them, let me lose my face in them."

"Oh god", I groaned quietly. A fucking porn film script!

"Oh John, yes, harder. Bite them. They are all yours." Lucy said.

Clearly John had his mouthful as there was no answer.

"Harder John, harder. Please," she urged.

I heard a zip being undone. His? Hers?

"Oh feel me, I am so wet," Lucy said quietly.

It must have been hers. He was moving on.

"Yes, bite me there as you put your finger in. Can you feel how wet I am?"

I heard a murmur. I imagined him licking and sucking and biting on her breasts.

"Put two in; rub my clit with your thumb."

Lucy was clearly driving the process, and I hate to admit feeling the first signs or arousal as I sipped my wine and heard the lovemaking going on in the next room.

"John, stop, let's get undressed properly. I want to see your cock."

Part of me wanted the lovemaking to quickly be over, but the other part, the part that was sending blood to my hardening prick, wanted this cheap audio show to carry on a bit longer.

Silence descended for a few minutes. They must be taking their clothes off.

"John, he looks ready for me, you are a big boy!"

They really have seen too many porn films I said to myself as the corniness of what they were saying to each other momentarily lifted my gloom and a smile crossed my lips/

"Mmm that's nice." It must have been Johns turn to receive attention.

"Want me to suck you?" Lucy said in a barely audible whisper.

"What do you think, but I might not last long."

The next sound was the unmistakable sound of lips and sucking accompanied by a man's appreciative murmurs.

"Oh God yes Lucy, you are the best."

More sucking noises filled the air.

A minute or so later I heard: "John I don't want you to cum in my mouth now, maybe later. I want you to lick me and make me cum, and then fuck me really hard. Is that Ok?"

"Ok, you know I love licking you."

I heard the sound of bodies moving, presumably re-arranging positions to allow the next stage of their session to take place.

"Oh god yes yes!" I heard Lucy cry out, no attempt being made to keep quiet.

I imagined John licking her lips, her clit, putting his tongue deep inside her. Fucking her with her tongue. I wondered if she was shaved, hairy or trimmed.

I felt myself get harder as she continued to urge him on. She was clearly enjoying his oral attentions.

"Yes John, yes!"

Obviously busy, there was no response. Certainly nothing I could hear.

I put my wine down and felt my now hard prick. It wouldn't hurt if I played along would it?

"John, John yes. I am nearly there! Oh God yes, don't stop. Just there!"

I took my prick out and felt it. Felt the moisture at the tip. Listening to John and Lucy in this dump of a hotel had really turned me on!

"Yes, I am cumming. Oh fuck yes!" she cried.

Then silence. I could just hear heavy breathing.

The silence was soon broken. "You OK Luce?"

"Oh god yes, that was amazing. Now I want you, I want you hard and fast and don't worry about prolonging it. I want you to be selfish."

Her monologue stopped and the next thing I heard was "Oh God yes, that feels so good!"

He must have entered her.

I soon knew the pace of their lovemaking as I heard the bed springs creak. "Oh God Luce!"

"Yes John, keep going!"

I started stroking myself as I heard the heavy breathing and the animalistic noises of their urgent lovemaking next door. I didn't know about John, but I wasn't going to last long. I had never been one of those porn star types with the ability to keep going for ages, and certainly when it was me and my hand I could cum very quickly.

"Luce, turn over. I want to finish doggy style."


I heard movement and then more creaking of bed springs

"Oh God John, I think I am going to cum again!"

"Me too," he said through, by the sound of it, gritted teeth.

"Oh God I am cumming!" John shouted

"Yes, so am I" Lucy's grunted in response.

"Yes!" John shouted,

Then silence.

Apart from my heavy breathing as I too came and shot large hot wads of cum over my stomach and hand.

Little did Lucy and John know that inches away from them, as they were regaining their breath, I was doing the same.

I got up and cleaned myself as I heard the movements of bodies next door, followed by the sound of kissing and then nothing.

They must have gone to bed, to sleep, I thought to myself as I finished my wine, feeing somewhat satiated but also guilty from having enjoyed the voyeuristic experience.

I soon went to bed and fell into a fitful sleep trying to picture John and Lucy and imagining their situation. In their 20's or 30's? They didn't sound very old.

Boyfriend / Girlfriend? Probably not as why go to a hotel. Which one was married or involved with someone. One or both of them?

I must have eventually fallen into a deep sleep as I woke with a jolt. Unaware of the time I grabbed my watch. 3.15am.

Then I realised why I woke. There was the unmistakable noise of a creaky bed and the moaning of sexual gratification,

"Yes, yes John. That's so naughty but I love it."

"Why is it naughty Luce. Tell me I love hearing why it's so bad."

"Oh you know!"

"Tell me!" I heard John say as the bed protested and I could hear flesh slapping flesh.

"I love it in my bum John. It's so rude!"

"Oh God, my all-time fantasy," I said to myself. Anal sex. I had done it a couple of times but was often the first kind of sex I looked at on those dodgy websites I kept hidden from my wife.

"It fills me up so much," she continued.

"And I was the first and only one right?" he asked. Clearly a question he had asked many times and one he liked hearing the answer to.

"Yes, you know that. Others tried but I said no."

The talking stopped for a minute, but the sound of the bed, their bodies slamming into each other and murmurs of satisfaction continued.

"Quick rub my clit," Lucy implored with some urgency. "I can feel you are nearly there."

"Yes," he grunted.

"Oh God yes!" he then cried and the sound of the bed creaking stopped.

I was by now stroking my hard cock, and knew I was soon going to cum. I imagined him deep in her bum, holding still as he pumped his sperm into her rectum, while stroking her hard clit with his hand, bringing her to her requested orgasm.

"Yes, harder John, just there!" she cried. "Yes!"

Then silence again, only broken by the sound of my muffled cry as I came and covered my stomach and hand in thick white warm cum.

Then a giggle from next door. Did they hear me?

"You couldn't if you tried," Lucy said in a mocking tone. "But if your tongue wants some exercise, my clit wouldn't say no."

"Maybe in the morning Luce, in truth I'm knackered."

"But it is morning!"

"You are insatiable."

"I know!" Lucy giggled. "That's why you love me!"

"I don't, I lust after you, but let's go to sleep. Please."

Again there was silence and I too fell asleep, only to be woken by my alarm at 7.00.

There was no noise from next door, no sign of any early morning sexual activity.

I showered and dressed and went down for my breakfast, intrigued at who else might be there; would my neighbours John and Lucy be there?

As I entered the room there was a couple already there. Both in their mid to late 20's, we exchanged "good mornings" and a smile. I sat down far enough away to be polite, but close enough to just about hear their conversation.

"I know, Bill. But it's what Mum would want." I heard the girl say; immediately answering my question that these two were not my sexually active neighbours.

A few minutes went by and the door to the restaurant opened and another couple walked in. Again in their mid to late 20's, they nodded and smiled at me and the other couple as they took their seats.

I had to walk past their table as I walked toward the buffet table to fill my plate.

As I was alongside them, she spoke to him. "John, I am starving!"

"I can't think why Lucy," he replied smiling at her.

So these two were my neighbours. The couple that I had overheard making love, no, not making love; having sex, and with her enjoying anal sex. The couple that enabled me to have two very satisfying wanks.

As I returned to my table, I tried to take a closer look at them. A good looking couple. She had dark blonde shoulder length hair. They were both sitting down and without being caught staring I couldn't see anymore.

As I sat down they stood up to go to the buffet table which enabled me to see her more clearly. Tight fitting jeans covering a nice shaped bum, immediately allowing my mind to flash back to the anal session during the night. Nice sized boobs under a blue sweatshirt, this time allowing my mind to flash back to her imploring him to suck them harder.

I felt my cock harden as I tried to look at her without being caught and my mind continued to fill with flashbacks to the overnight activity.

I soon finished my breakfast and thankfully my cock had softened enabling me to stand-up without a noticeable erection.

I nodded goodbye to both couples, both of whom hardly acknowledged me.

As I returned to my room, there was a envelope under my door.

Expecting it to be the bill, I opened it.

It wasn't the bill, but a note.

"We hope we didn't keep you awake, we just realised how bad the soundproofing is here. If we did keep you awake, we hope you enjoyed it. We did!


John and Lucy"

I groaned as I re-read the note, and felt my cock harden again.

Maybe this hotel wasn't so bad after all!

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