tagIncest/TabooThe Hotel Room

The Hotel Room


In the year 2003, my mother and her group of spiritualist friends received an invitation to attend a conference in India. Since my sister and I had ever been to the East before, she decided to take us along. I was 23 at the time and my sister, Alice, was 18. Diane, our mother, was a 46 years old divorcee, she left our father 10 years ago and had never been with any man ever since, at least none that we knew of.

We went to India in a group of ten people. Besides us three, there were three couples and one old lady, all from my mother's spiritual group. Among them there was Tom, my mother's good friend, and his wife. We were to stay in a cheap hotel for two weeks, close by the conference venue. Diane and Alice shared a double room, while I was given a single room next to theirs. There was a internal door that connected our two rooms, which allowed my sister to spend more time in my room planning our trip while our mother was busy with her spiritual movement.

The first two days went by smoothly. Diane would leave for the conference early morning at around 9 am, while Alice and I would spend the day walking around Bangalore, visiting gardens and malls. In the evening, our mother would come back to the hotel and we would go out for dinner. Back to the hotel, my sister would spend some time talking with me before setting off to bed with our mother.

On the third day, I told Alice that I wanted to try some Indian weeds. At home, we used to smoke together; we both preferred getting high over getting drunk. She rejoiced at the idea, for it sounded like an exciting adventure to look for weeds in a foreign country.

That morning we waited for Diane to leave before we set off on our quest. It took us a few hours, of awkwardly asking taxi drivers and weird-looking strangers on the streets, to finally find a man willing to sell us weeds. The price was amazingly low; we were able to get a whole bag full for just a couple of Euros. We hurried to the hotel, eager to try our new merchandise.

At around noon, we reached our hotel room. I removed my jacket and shoes, while my sister jumped on the bed and lit a cigarette. I took the rolling paper out of my bag, and began grinding the weeds. Alice watched as I began rolling. When I was done, I handed her the joint. She put her cigarette out, lit the blunt, took two deep puffs and she handed it to me.

When we were done with our first joint, I lit a cigarette. Sitting on the chair I gazed blankly at my sister. She was wearing a small pink top and a jeans short-skirt. She was a bit shorter than myself and had a nice slender figure. Her hair was long and dark, hanging loosely over her shoulders.

Her dark eyes met mine; I could tell that she was just as high as I was. We remained silent, looking at each other. Her rosy lips slowly parted to greet my gaze with a gentle smile. My eyes strayed away from her face and hovered over her neck, down to her cleavage, focusing on her breasts, outlining her perking nipples through her top. Her breasts were small and pointy; she seldom needed to wear a bra.

Before my eyes could stray any further, we suddenly heard the door of the room next door open. My sister jumped out of bed and signalled me to hide the weeds. She checked herself in the mirror quickly but then stopped and turned to face me with her fingers on her lips. We listened in silence. It seemed that our mother was not alone in the room. My sister's mouth dropped, she covered it with her hand. Our mother had brought a man to her hotel room.

We tiptoed to the internal door, making sure it was locked from our side. We then knelt down and peeked through the keyhole. Our mother was with Tom, her friend. Diane was pressed against the wardrobe while Tom was kissing her lips and neck, and groping at her breasts through her white blouse. She seemed a bit reluctant and tried feebly to resist him.

"Wait, Tom. What about your wife?" she whispered in his ears, while he buried his face in her cleavage.

"She won't know, she is having lunch with the group."

"I dunno if we should do this."

"We both know how much you want it. How long has it been for you?" he stopped briefly to enquire.

"Very long, you know it. I haven't been with any man since the divorce."

"Then stop fighting it. I am tired of you telling me how much you are struggling to suppress your sexual desires. I can't stop thinking about you."

Tom kissed our mother on the lips, while his hand dropped to her waist and down to the rim of her knee-length skirt. He pulled it half-way up and glided his hand inside her panties and started playing with her pussy. Alice and I turned to face each other, speechless, while our mother moaned softly in the room next door.

The internal door was directly in front of the bed. Resuming our peeping, we could see Tom sitting on the edge of the bed, unzipping his pants and pulling it down. He took his cock out while our mother knelt before him. He started stroking himself to get his cock to harden. Our mother took over the task. She confidently seized his cock in her left hand and began stroking it slowly before bringing her mouth to it.

We watched as our mother's red lips slid down his cock and began sucking him hungrily. Tom held her head, holding her dark curly hair together. Her dark eyes looked at him intensely as she took the cock out of her mouth and began licking the head and wiped the dripping pre-cum off her lips with her tongue. When she smiled viciously at him, her face wrinkled slightly.

She then stroke him again with her left hand, while she unbuttoned her blouse with her other hand. She squeezed her tits out of her beige bra. Her breasts were droopy and sagging, but full and rounded around her big dark nipples, surrounded by large aureoles. She cupped the pendulous flesh with both hands, pinching her own nipples and bringing them to her mouth, teasing them with the tip of her tongue. She moved closer to him and sandwiched his cock between her breasts, stroking it harder.

"Do you like them?" she asked, teasingly. "I know how you've been eyeing them since the day we met."

"God, yes," he moaned.

"Are you hard enough to fuck me now?"

Alice and I were breathing heavily. I was utterly aroused, so was Alice, undoubtedly. Seeing our mother sucking cock and using such foul language was beyond our wildest imagination. We watched as Diane stood up and removed her bra and blouse. She then unhooked her skirt and let it drop to her ankles.

She looked at Tom and smiled. She was wearing a pair of purple cotton panties. We could see her pubic hairs all around her underwear, creeping almost up to her belly. We never imagined our mother was so hairy. She slowly pulled the panties down to her ankles, and stood there before Tom in her nakedness. Her figure was quite good for a woman her age. She was skinny and slim, and slightly wrinkled. Her pussy was covered by a dark dense bush.

She stepped out of her shoes and the pile around her ankles, and moved to the bed, where Tom was also removing his clothes. She stood in front of him, allowing him a closer look at her pussy.

"I'm sorry I didn't shave. I couldn't know we would be doing this."

"It's ok, I love your hairy pussy."

"How is your wife's?" she asked, competitively.

"She trims, but I love yours better. Charlotte never allows me to go down on her."

"That condescending bitch. Come, eat me. Eat all you want. Look how wet my pussy is for you."

Diane spread her legs slightly, allowing Tom to bury his face between her legs and eat her. She grabbed his head by the hair and pulled his face harder on her, suffocating him on her wet hairy pussy, till she cummed on his face, moaning loudly.

Our mother then hugged Tom, pressing his face on her breasts, leaning on him, slowly pushing him down on the bed on his back. She grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it roughly on her pussy, pressing it inside her hairy vagina. Her face contorted with a mixture of pain and pleasure as he penetrated her. She started moving her hips, riding him slowly at first, before picking the pace and going faster.

She leaned backwards, holding on to his knees, and spreading herself widely in front of him. We watched as his cock went in and out of our mother's hairy vagina. We could see her protruding dark pussy lips stretch each time his cock went in and her pink swollen clitoris dripping with pre-cum and saliva.

"Do you like my cock inside you?" he asked.

"Oh yes, my old pussy was dying for a cock," she replied between her soft moans. "Does your wife ever fuck you like this?" She began moving her hips frantically, showing him how expertly she could ride him.

"No. No one fucks like you. I knew you were such a horny slut the moment I saw you."

"Do you know what else this horny slut wants?"

"You tell me."

"I wanna you to take me up the ass" Diane replied, biting her lips.

We saw our mother getting up from over him and kneeling on the edge on the bed on all fours. From our position, we could see her face directly. Tom placed himself behind her and stuck a finger in her arse. He then spat on it, and began rubbing his cock over her asshole. In one deep thrust, he sodomised her. We could see our mother's facial expressing twist over the pain. She made an odd coarse sound, moaning like a wounded animal.

After a few deep thrusts, Tom grabbed her by the ass cheeks and began fucking her ass rhythmically. We could see her pendulous breasts sagging and rocking with each thrust. It did not take him very long to cum inside her, giving our mother a cream-pie arse.

After they were done, they quickly tidied the room. Diane did not even have time to clean herself up in the bathroom. She just put her clothes back on and tied her hair into a tight ponytail. Tom was in a hurry to go back to his wife and the group before anyone noticed their absence.

"Ain't you gonna clean up?" he asked her.

"No. I wanna have your cum drip down my ass and legs when I talk to you and Charlotte," she teased.

They both exited the room, leaving my sister and I agape. We remained silent for a moment. Alice was shaking when she got up from our kneeling position and went to sit on the bed. I sat on the chair facing her.

"I can't believe what we just saw," she said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, I never would have imagined mom was like this," I replied. "Did you see how hairy she is?"

"Can you believe it!?" Alice said, smiling. " Dan ..."

"Yeah?" I replied, nonchalantly.

"Does mother ever turn you on? Be honest. I know she does, when we were younger I often caught you peeking at her."

I took a moment before cautiously saying, "Yeah. She does. I guess it's normal. She is the first female body I was exposed to."

"Are you turned on right now?"

"Yeah ... how about you?"

"Very," my sister replied, biting her lips. She looked at me in the eyes and went on, "And what about me? Did I ever turn you on?"

Waiting for an answer from my part, Alice tilted backward on the bed, leaning on her elbows, and slowly spread her legs. I could see under her short-skirt, she was wearing a pair of green panties.

"Yeah. You do turn me on. And the fact that you're my little sister even more." I could feel my cock swell inside my pants, cramping under the weight of my clothes.

"I know, Dan. I saw you looking at me. Like when you pretend to read the papers when I am watching TV in front of you. I know how much you like looking under my skirt. Do you ever masturbate thinking of me?"

"Yeah, all the time. And you, do you play with yourself thinking of your brother?"

"Each time I caught you peeking at me I wished I could masturbate right there in front of you."

Alice hesitantly spread her legs wider, exposing her panties covered pussy to me. She then brought her hand under her skirt and began to slowly rub herself across her underwear.

"Dan, do you wanna see my pussy?"

I nod in response. My sister leisurely removed her green panties. Her pussy was bald, a great contrast with our mother's. Unlike the latter's, her labial lips did not protrude externally. Her vagina seemed tender and rosy.

I unzipped my pants, took my cock out, and slowly began stroking it. Alice's eyes widened at the sight of my cock. She also started playing with herself, rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers. I could see how wet she was. Her pussy was glistening with her juices leaving a damp spot on the mattress.

I removed my clothes completely, moved close to her and knelt. She spread her legs wide and allowed me a full view of her young pussy. The smell was invigorating my cock. I brought my mouth to her wet pussy and took a long deep mouthful of her juices. The taste was divine. I then started licking her pussy lips, and inserting my tongue inside her, slithering all the way up to her clitoris, circling it with the tip of my tongue. She cummed almost instantly, contracting her whole body.

While she was still panting after the orgasm, I climbed over her and placed my cock over her pussy. I rubbed it along her pussy lips. The entrance to her vagina was so small and tight. I placed the head of my cock over it and gently pressed it inside.

My sister grasped at my shoulders with both hands while her face contorted with pain. I kept moving inside her, very gently, allowing her vagina time to adapt to the insertion. Once I was all the way in, I slowly pulled back. The contraction of her vagina was so intense that I could feel the walls inside her clenched around my cock.

Alice tried to push me away, to avoid the discomfort. I gently seized her hands, pinned them down to the bed and resumed penetrating her. After a few thrusts she was lubricated enough and I started feeling the grip around my cock loosened as it started gliding in and out with more ease. My sister looked at me in the eyes, staring intently at each other, while we fucked sinfully.

After a while, I removed my cock from her pussy and climbed up to her face and shoved my cock over my little sister's mouth. Her eyes opened wide at the sight of it. She reluctantly opened her cute little mouth and took it all inside her throat, gagging. She then grabbed my cock with her hand and began sucking on it with her rosy lips around it. Then she took it out of her mouth and began stroking it with her hand until I cummed all over her angelic face.

Afterwards we both got off the bed. She went to the bathroom to clean herself up while I sat in bed and rolled another joint. My sister came back from the bathroom and sat next to me, and we both smoked. We did not feel any guilt or shame over what just happened, neither did we feel like talking about it. We simply felt relieved, like a barrier had been lifted between us. In fact, I never felt closer to her as a brother before that very moment.

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