tagLoving WivesThe House Husband Ch. 03

The House Husband Ch. 03


Chapter 3 Getting to Grips with the Role

On the Monday, I got up and prepared breakfast for us. Anne was in a mood, morning never were her forte, she was an evening girl so she grabbed a quick slice of toast as she rushed out the door. She was late and blamed me for forgetting to set the alarm, even though the bloody thing was on her side of the bed! So it was not the best start to the day.

I struggled to get the kids ready for school, John was being antsy about eating his breakfast and Pamela would not be hurried. Just like her mother I thought! Eventually we got out the door and walked the mile to John's school. Pamela was still at kindergarten as she was not old enough yet for the 'big' school. The other mother's were all standing around at the school gate talking as I reversed my steps after depositing our both kids at their respective rooms. It had started out as a warm early summer's day when we had set out form home, but just as I left the school, the heavens opened. Shit, I thought that's all I need. I had come out with just a light top jacket and without a raincoat, I was going to get soaked!

A large 4x4 Range Rover pulled up and the window came down. It was one of the mother's who had been standing at the gate talking when I had exited the school. She simply said. "Get in before you get soaked."

Once I was in the car and safely belted up, she introduced herself as Andrea Carter and asked for directions to my home. I gave her the route back to my place and as she drove I took the opportunity to take a good look at her. She was an attractive lady, dark hair and even at that time in the morning she had taken the time to apply her make up and make sure her hair was in perfect. Andrea had that easy gracefulness of movement and seemed to have a confidence of one who has been there and who knew she was attractive. She was a competent driver and fast. As she shifted gear, her short skirt rode up a little revealing her shapely thighs. She must have noticed me watching her and turning her head slightly said, "Will you recognise me again if you see me?"

I blushed and apologised. "I'm sorry I did not mean to stare, but I do feel as if I should know you."

She giggled and said. "Don't you remember that gawky girl in Secondary School who sat next to you for a whole year?"

At once I recalled her name. "Andrea Niven, I never would have recognised you. You are so changed from when I last saw you, but then again it must be nearly twenty years ago! Your family moved away during Year 2, but I never knew you had returned. How did you recognise me?"

She just laughed and said. "You are quite distinctive, what with your red hair and spectacles. If I was in any doubt, your identity was confirmed when I asked the head teacher who you were."

"I've noticed that you are always the one to drop your kids off nowadays, your wife isn't ill is she?"

So I proceeded to give her the quick version of my new role as house husband. By then we were at my home and I asked her if she had time for a coffee. She had and we made a quick dash up the path in an attempt to beat the rain. I apologised for the state the house was in, but she just laughed and said, "You should see mine at the moment, I just leave everything until after the school run and blitz it when I get back."

She was very easy to talk to and I found myself responding to her questions. She asked how I liked being a full time house husband and I moaned about how hard I was finding it, especially the cooking.

She said. "That's easy sorted, what are you planning for tonight's meal?"

I replied. "Something fairly simple, probably sausage roll, beans and chips."

"We can do a lot better than that. Have you any mince beef and pasta in the kitchen larder?"

I had a quick hunt through the freezer and found some mince and I also found a tall jar with spaghetti and brought them to the table. She asked for tinned tomatoes, garlic and bay leaves and I managed to find everything. She then helped me prepare the sauce and gave me a lesson on how to cook the spaghetti.

Coffee and cookery lesson finished, Andrea looked at her watch and realised we had spent most of the morning together. She kissed me on the cheek and as she got to the door, turned and said. "Some of us mothers get together every Wednesday morning for a chat and coffee, why don't you join us? You may get some more cooking tips from the others."

"I don't know, hadn't you better check with the others before inviting me. After all, they may be uncomfortable with a man around spoiling their girly get together?"

"Just leave them to me, I will give you a lift after we drop the kids off Wednesday, OK?" she asked.

I nodded and replied. "I will look forward to it."

For the first time in ages, I felt as though I had something to look forward to outside of my marriage and running a household.

Anne made no comment about the meal that evening, but the kids certainly noticed and complimented by saying that it was even better than mum's. Not the most discrete thing to say, but that's kids for you. Later when we were in bed, Anne asked me where I had learned to cook spaghetti, so I told her about meeting Andrea and her help.

She asked. "Do I have any reason to be jealous?"

"Of course not, she's just on old friend helping a man in trouble."

We kissed and said goodnight.

On Wednesday, I met with Andrea and she introduced me to two other women at the school gate. June Hall was about twenty two and stood about 5ft 4" tall. She had what is politely called a fuller figure, but had an impish laugh and I thought we would get along ok. Pat Rollo was taller and older at around twenty eight and was quite plain looking at first sight, but as I was to find out later, with her war-paint on and some foxy clothes she would be a match for anyone.

I got into Andrea's car and the other two followed in their own cars. We parked outside a large detached house. Andrea unlocked and let us in. With a cheery wave to Pat, she said. "Pat can you give Gordon the tour but avoid my bedroom, I have not had a chance to tidy up in there yet. As we walked round the house, I quickly saw that the furnishings and decoration certainly lived up to the exterior impression. Wow, I thought this life style is a bit out of my league and I was getting nervous about how they would view our home when my turn came around to play host.

"Coffee's up," called Andrea and we returned to the conservatory and proceeded to put the world to rights. I made little conversation at that first coffee morning, not that I did not want to contribute, but I was taken slightly aback at the topics discussed. They started as I had suspected with the usual neighbourhood gossip. They discussed a married woman who lived nearby and was having a torrid affair with her personal trainer, or so it was rumoured. The girls made no allowance for me being male and simply continued their discussing the 'slut' but that led onto their comments about their own husbands failings in bed and out. It was as if I was one of them and not part of the male gender. In a way it was flattering that they did not perceive me as a threat or as someone who was going to rat out to their husbands at the first opportunity. On the other hand, I was dismayed that they almost discounted what I would make of their openness about their spouses.

Soon it was approaching lunch time and Andrea said. "Time for today's cookery lesson. Gordon can't cook, so I suggest we each think of a dish that's easy to prepare and that a complete beginner can make. No offence intended Gordon, but you did say your were a novice."

"Only in the kitchen." I retorted with a smile and they all had a giggle at that.

With the cookery lessons, scribbled notes and phone numbers to call if I had a problem with the preparation I left and walked home, my mind in whirl.

That evening I tried out one of the recipes and got the buzz from the appreciative noises coming back at me. I was getting to enjoy cooking, now that I had found it was not as difficult as I had first thought.

Anne was curious about this new found talent and when I explained where I had learned about the ladies coffee mornings and cookery lessons, promptly christened the group 'Gordon's Harem'. It was only later on that she took to calling them 'Gordon's Coven'.

Saturday evening came round and Anne was as excited as I had ever seen her. She had denied me any sex all that week, she said she wanted me at my peak on Saturday and I was so randy I would have fucked the hole in a doughnut, given the opportunity.

She had dressed in a cream coloured dress, I think it what's called a shift dress. It was fairly low cut and exposed the top of her full breasts if she leaned over. It also terminated just above her knees, but it clung to her like a second skin. She asked if she should wear a bra, but I said. "Don't bother, I love it just the way it is, anyway it will spoil the line of the dress. She accepted that with a grin and warned me that she was only wearing the dress, a thong and her shoes. "You don't think I'm overdressed do you?" she said with an impish grin on her face.

We arrived at Jim and Pat Cairns address and I was stunned by the size of it. This was no suburban house in a upper class district, but a veritable mansion set in it's own grounds. We had to stop and press a bell to get the gates opened before we could proceed up the driveway. There were four large expensive looking cars parked outside and I couldn't help but feel envious of the owners. Compared to our slightly battered four year old Ford, they looked like Formula 1 racing cars.

Jim Cairns was waiting at the door along with his with wife Pat. Introductions were made and he welcomed us into his home. Once inside, Jim took both of us aside and saying he wanted a quick word before the evenings activities got underway. He explained that the people we were about to meet were all experienced swingers and that in order to protect each other from any problems they had a few ground rules he wanted to impart.

"Rule 1 – We don't believe in using condoms so contraception is the responsibility of the ladies.

Rule 2 – Only married couples participate at these parties, strictly no singles.

Rule 3 – Participants are only allowed to indulge in sexual activities with persons other than their spouses at the monthly parties. Assignations with participants outside of the monthly parties for sex is discouraged.

Rule 4 – Should any participant decide to engage in sexual activity with a third party not involved in the group, they must ensure a condom is used.

Rule 5 – No or stop means just that. No exceptions allowed.

Rule 6 – No photographs or videos are allowed.

"Any comments?" he asked.

I said. "It all seems very clinical and straight forward to me."

"Look," he said, "We are all adults and as such should be aware of the dangers of STD's so the above rules are designed to minimise the risk. We cannot possibly police Rule 4, but it's in everyone's interest to ensure the safety of the others."

"We have some fairly prominent public figures attending these parties, so discretion is required. We do not film or record any of these events for obvious reasons and the no singles rule is to ensure that all participants have a measure of privacy about our personal relationships. The rules are there for all our protection, if you cannot accept them, it would be better to leave now!"

We assured him that we accepted the ground rules and he then proceeded to introduce us to the three other couples present. I had some difficulty remembering the names and respective spouses. I know there was an Alan and Jean, Simon and Judy and Peter and Belinda or Bel as she preferred to be called.

I did note that women were all expensively dressed and impeccably made up. Bel in particular was simply stunning, she was a lot younger than the others and rightly or wrongly I classed her as a trophy wife.

We men seemed to have congregated at one end of the room, while the ladies were sitting chattering the way women seem to be able to at the drop of a hat. The men on the other hand looked older than their wives and while well dressed could not hide their slight bulges around their middles. I recognised Alan as he was a prominent figure in local politics. During the pre dinner drinks, I discovered that Simon was a Magistrate and Peter a Detective Chief Inspector in the Police. I was embarrassed when I had to admit to being a house husband and I could see from the looks the guys exchanged that I was immediately categorised as a pussy.

I searched out Anne and made eye contact, she smiled and shrugged her shoulders. She seemed happy so I returned my attention to what the other guys were talking about. At one point Jim and Peter excused themselves, they had a bit of quick business to discuss. I took the opportunity to ask Alan where the toilet was and after getting directions made my visit the toilet. I took a wrong turning getting back and found myself standing wondering which way to turn. I heard some voices coming from an open door and went to pass but paused when I heard Jim say. "Anne's going to be a great asset to our little group, but don't push it tonight. I've spent the last two months grooming her for this evening, she ready, but her husband is not to sure, so we need to take it slowly a not alarm them."

Peter replied. "Don't worry I can handle him. I think he is a bit of a wimp, imagine a grown man stopping at home and allowing his wife to support him."

"Look, that's just the point I'm trying to make, he will soon get into it once Pat and Bel get their hooks into him."

Peter said. "OK, message received and understood, I can't wait to get into Anne's pants, she's a cracker and looks ripe for it. Did you see the way her tits fill that dress and those nipples, they must be an inch long. They nearly poked their way through that dress when she came in.?"

"We'd better gat back, dinner is about to be served."

I made a rapid exit and found my back to the reception room where everyone was standing and ready to go into dinner. Dinner was superb. I was seated next to Pat and she was at pains to put me at ease. She explained that they always brought in caterers when they entertained, but they always leave immediately after dessert is served. I tried to concentrate on what she was saying but I my mind kept returning to the conversation I had overheard earlier. What did we have to be worried about? We were here of our own volition and I could not see that swapping partners for the evening was going to frighten us off. What else was involved?

With dinner over, we adjourned to a different room. This one was set up for seduction, low lighting and scented candles. A large flat screen TV was in one corner and after seeing that everyone had brandies or port, Jim said as he switched on the video player, "This is a video Pat and I shot earlier this year."

The screen burst into life and the images were of Pat and Jim on holiday, obviously somewhere hot as they were wearing next to nothing. Anne and I had watched porn before and there was nothing exceptional going on in the video, so my attention switched to Pat who was sitting beside me on the couch. She leaned over to whisper something in my ear and her dress gaped open revealing her firm breasts. Seeing which way my eyes were pointing, she smiled and said. "You like?"

I was lost for words, so just nodded. She reached up and pulling my head down planted a kiss on my lips and her tongue was soon pressing into my mouth. I have to admit it was the type of kiss that sent shivers down my spine and gave me an instant erection. Breaking for air, I looked over to where I had last seen Anne and found her in the arms of Peter. His hands were all over her and she was not resisting, so I retuned to Pat and before long we were naked and fucking like there was no tomorrow.

I brought Pat to two orgasms before she stuck her finger in my arse and stroked my prostrate. The effect was electric. I felt my orgasm explode as I thrust my full 8 inches in as deep as possible into her cunt.

As we slowly came down from our mutual orgasms, I gathered my wits and looked around for Anne. I was worried that she may have gotten cold feet about participating in this orgy. Our intention of just observing had gone out the window as soon as I was presented with an opportunity to fuck another woman.

They say that a rising cock has no conscience, what a selfish bastard, I had not given Anne any consideration or the opportunity to withdraw gracefully!

I needn't have been concerned, as I looked over to where Anne had last been, I saw her being fucked very hard from behind, but not by Peter as I had expected, since that was last sight I had of who she was with, but by Jim who judging by the sounds emanating from Anne, was doing a very good job of humping her.

Pat, seeing the direction of my gaze, smiled and said. "Jim's getting sloppy seconds, Peter has already had her. He has a tendency to shoot his first load very quickly, but if I know him, will be back for more before too long."

Standing up, she looked down at me and said. "Let me get you a drink and something to help you recover."

She returned minutes later with a cold drink and handed it to me with a smile and also gave me a little blue diamond shaped pill. I was stunned, I said. "Viagra?"

She just nodded and said. "We find that the little blue pills assist our guests maintain their stamina for a long evening."

The she added. "We always keep a supply handy, let me know if it works, we also have another make if you prefer."

I had never needed to use drugs to help me perform and was mildly irritated by the assumption that I was a one shot wonder, but what the hell, when in Rome, so I quickly swallowed the pill.

I wandered around the room observing the participants in action. Jean and Bel were locked together, mouth to pussy and I watched them for a few minutes, but did not find it that stimulating, but they were clearly enjoying themselves, so I left them to it and swung round to find a naked Judy standing beside me watching my reaction to the lesbian scene I had just witnessed. "Not to your taste?" she asked.

I shook my head and she said. "Maybe this is more acceptable."

As she dropped to her knees and started to take my tumescent member into her willing mouth, I noticed her heavy breasts bore the marks of some rough treatment. The sensation she created with her mouth on my cock pushed any thoughts of how her tits had been abused from my mind. I thought that my wife was good at blow jobs, apart from swallowing but Judy was something else. Anne had never been able to deep throat me, she always said I was too big but Judy swallowed me whole and soon had me on the brink. I had to push her away from me before I came. I wanted to fuck her hard, she had was clearly shared my desire.

She turned and presented her backside to me and said to me, "Stick your cock up my arse and fuck me hard!"

I proceeded to gentle lubricate her rosebud with a mixture of her own juices and sperm donated by a previous partner. She was not having any of that. "Just push that fucking cock in my arse, don't try to be gentle, I can take it, just get fucking on with it," she commanded.

I wasted no time in complying and forced my prick into her waiting hole as hard as I could and started pumping away as hard and fast as I could. She was moaning and urging me on and then grunted. "My tits, squeeze my tits, pull on them!"

I reached round and as I did so, I suddenly realised this is what turns her on! She needs the stimulation of pain, that's why her tits looked bruised. She loves it and against my better judgement I proceeded to do as she demanded. She soon started to cum as I continued to maul her tits and plug her arse and I felt my self explode deep in her bowels.

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