tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Warming

The House Warming


Linda Meadows felt relief at last as she turned her Range Rover down the long winding path that led to her new home. It had been a long drive from London. It was a nice three storey house just two miles from Northbridge, Devon. It was a quiet spot with several acres of land surrounding it and a beautiful wooded area for walks.

Accompanying Linda were her sister, Mary Forrest as well as Mary's daughter Jane and Linda's own daughter, Marion. Linda had just come through an acrimonious divorce from her ex husband, Stephen. She had come home unexpectedly and found him in bed with one of her work colleagues. After the settlement, Linda agreed to sell their London home and purchase a large house near Northbridge, where she and Mary had secured jobs as teachers in separate schools there.

It was an ideal location because both schools were only about two miles away in opposite directions and their nineteen year old daughters were able continue their university studies in Northbridge.

Linda was forty-four. She was five feet nine, slim and large breasts and dark shoulder length hair. Mary was two years younger. She too was divorced and after much discussion and debate she agreed with her sister to pool their money and purchase the house in Devon, thereby making a fresh start. She was slightly shorter, also slim and with a medium breast line. Both daughters reflected their mothers in appearance.

It was after eight and already dark as the entered the yard. As soon as the car came to a halt all four alighted and retrieved their respective luggage. Linda opened the door and groped in the dark to find the light switch. When the light was on all four entered the hall and dropped their bags there. They headed for the living room and when Linda switched on the light they were shocked to find at least a dozen young men in their early twenties waiting there.

"What are you doing in our house? Get out," yelled Linda. She was grabbed and held fast by two of the youths.

"Mom!" she heard Marion yell out, as they too were apprehended.

Suddenly blaring rock music began to play and one of the youths cried out. "Let's get this house warming underway now the entertainment is here."

Linda struggled to free herself from her captors. In her struggle she could hear the others screaming despite the loud rock music. "Get off me," she screamed.

A small ornamental box was shoved in front of her face and smoke issued from it. Linda tried to turn her head away when she began to smell the strong odour but her head was held firm.

"That's it, baby. Just breathe normally."

As she did so, Linda felt very weak and her vision was impaired. She felt like she had had a local anaesthetic. She could feel but was unable to move as she heard the fabric of her white blouse being ripped open. At that same moment her skirt loosened and the cold she felt on her lower body told her it was gone. Linda could feel her strength returning as the influence of the drug ebbed. She kicked blindly and felt she had hit somebody because she could hear a yell of agony. The box was put in front of her again and slight sting in her arm paralysed her but she was still semi conscious. When her full black slip was ripped apart revealing her black lace bra and matching knickers encased in her tan tights bringing cheers from her unwanted audience. Linda realised that the cheering wasn't just from young men. She thought she heard at least one young woman cheering too. Soon she was naked as her bra was quickly removed and she could feel her nipples being sucked and licked. Her knickers and tights were swiftly rolled down.

"Wow, look at that bush," yelled one of Linda's assailants.

She could feel a certain pleasure in her pussy as it was being gently licked. This, combined with the gentle licking and sucking of her breasts made it hard for her not to moan. "Aaah," she moaned involuntarily.

"The bitch is enjoying herself," shouted someone.

Linda could feel her arse cheeks being prised apart and a hard cock was forced in. The pounding was merciless but Linda was unable do anything but submit. The tongue licking of her pussy stopped and was replaced by a huge cock that pushed in and out at speed that grew with each stride.

At last, Linda could feel a burning sensation as her arse filled with exploding cum. Another hard rod was forced inside her and the pounding resumed again. Linda could feel her juices beginning to flow and as with her arse the hot burning in her pussy as the cum poured through her love passage.

Again felt her strength starting to return and as soon as this was realised the box was pushed in front of her and she was quickly subdued. Linda could feel herself being pushed to her knees.

"Start licking, bitch," Linda heard and a trimmed pussy was pushed into her face.

"No, aunt Linda. Don't ,please." It was clearly Jane's voice and Linda tried to pull away but her head was held in a tight grip.

"Shut up, you bitch," Linda heard but couldn't do anything about it.

Once again the young pussy was pushed in front of her. Linda's mouth was pushed so close all she could do was lick it and she could hear cheering as she did so. As she licked the cum soaked pussy it was clear to Linda that her niece had been fucked several times. As her rhythm and speed developed, Linda could hear Jane starting to moan, much to the delight of all around them.

As she continued her tongue action, Linda could feel another eruption of cum in her arse and yet another cock being forced inside her. Jane finally orgasmed giving a sigh of unwanted sexual satisfaction.

This time a huge cock was forced into her mouth. Linda could feel it was almost down her throat. Fearing she would suffocate, she began to suck and her head was bobbed up and down in a controlled rhythm.

By now, Linda Meadows had lost count of how many cocks had plundered her arse for sexual pleasure. Eventually the same happened as one cock replaced another as they orgasmed. Linda was made to swallow every drop.

Finally everything became inaudible for Linda and peace only came as darkness overwhelmed her as she passed out.


Like her sister, Mary Forrest was grabbed by numerous hands and as she resisted she too had the ornamental box pushed in her face and she was forced to inhale the smoke substance. Just like Linda the obnoxious odour made her weak but conscious. She was unable to resist as her arms were raised and her red polo neck jumper pulled over her head, revealing her plain white bra. At the same time her jeans were opened and rolled down her slim legs along with her knickers.

When Mary began to scream and resist and again she was forced to inhale from the strange box as well as feeling a slight sting in her arm and her bra was quickly removed.

Mary could feel her breasts being sucked and licked and she resisted the temptation to moan. However her pussy was a different matter. Like Linda, Mary's vision was blurred but she could hear young female voices and giggling. She felt something hard being forced deep inside her pussy. There was a buzzing feeling as it was pushed in and out. The rhythm began to excite her. "Oh my God," she moaned.

"Hey, she's enjoying it. I bet she uses one of these all the time." The voice was clearly female. In the midst of her fogged vision, Mary could hear a chorus of female voices. The pounding of her pussy was replaced by a gentle licking, nibbling and sucking sensation. Mary became lost in the sensation and her moaning became more and more desperate as she could feel her orgasm began to build.

Her eyes were beginning to clear but suddenly the box was pushed in front of her and once again Mary became weak and her vision blurred. It didn't stop her sighing with relief as her orgasm came.

Now Mary was pushed over a chair and a huge cock was driven deep into her mouth. "Start sucking, baby," came another voice. Her head was bobbed up and down and out of fear she began to suck. At the same time her arms were held out and a hard cock placed in each. She was forced to hand fuck them. Nor did her arse escape as dick after dick entered, deposited hot cum and then withdrew.

There was a brief respite when the cock was withdrawn from her mouth. It was soon replaced by a cum soaked breast.

"Lick her clean," yelled one of the young men.

Mary began to do so and only realised it was Marion when she heard her moan. Mary tried to pull away but a hand pulled her back into position and held her in a tight grip. She was forced to suck Marion's other breast. Relief came as she was finally pulled away. It didn't last long as she was thrown onto her back. Her long slender legs were forced apart and another hard cock plunged into her pussy. The pounding was slow but gained speed with each stroke. As much as she hated it, Mary Forrest's own body reacted and gradually a mutually satisfying rhythm developed.

As the pounding intensified, Mary began to breath deeper and deeper. Her juices began to gather at a rapid pace. Finally, she felt the flow of cum in her pussy and her own orgasm. Exhausted and breathless, Mary Forrest passed out, unaware of the fate of Linda, Marion or Jane.


Like her mother, Marion Meadows was grabbed by a number of youths. Again an ornamental box was pushed in front of her and she was forced to breath in the vapour that issued from it, resulting blurred vision and paralysis.

Marion could feel her chequered shirt being ripped exposing her bikini bra. Her jeans were rapidly rolled down and her bikini bottoms were ripped apart. She was placed on a cold surface, possibly a table and a large firm breast was pushed to her mouth.

"Start sucking, babe.", came a female voice. At the same time her young slender legs were pushed apart and a hard cock drove deep into her trimmed pussy. At first the rhythm was slow but picked up speed with each passing stroke. Marion could hear moaning as she sucked and licked the nipple.

In the meantime as the pounding of her pussy became more and more intense, Marion felt her juices beginning to build. She wanted to moan but couldn't. The breast was replaced by another and her sucking and licking began all over again. When she orgasmed Marion's sigh was muffled. She was pussy fucked several times. Another hard cock was rubbed between her medium breasts and the resulting cum was rubbed all over them. It was then she was made to kneel in front of her aunt who was forced to lick them clean. Like the others, she too was pushed over a chair and her arse was pounded by several cocks. Sheer exhaustion made her pass out.


Jane Forrest also went through the same sexual ritual as her mother and the others. Having being drugged like the others, Jane was unable to resist as her tee shirt was ripped from her body exposing her braless breasts. First they were groped and licked by a succession of hands and tongues. As this progressed her jeans and knickers were rolled down. Naked, she was pushed onto the carpeted floor on her back. Like the others Jane's vision was blurred as she felt someone sit in front of her face and a huge hard cock was driven into her mouth. She felt her head being held by the cock's owner and she was bobbed up and down

"Come on baby. Start sucking."

Jane did so out of fear. At the same time her pussy was rammed by another cock and both her breasts were sucked, licked and nibbled in countless succession.

Her mouth flooded with cum just as she orgasmed and cum erupted in her pussy. Try as she might, Jane couldn't spit it out as her head was held back and all she could do was swallow. Just when she thought it was over Jane was marched in front of her aunt Linda and Linda was forced to lick her clean. As with the others, Jane was turned over on a chair and her arse pounded by a seemingly endless series of cocks. Like the others also, she too, passed out.


Linda Meadows had no idea how long she was out. She came round and felt her face being gently slapped. Her vision slowly returned to normal and she looked up and could see several hooded figures looking down at her. She realised she was naked and tried to cover herself. "Who are you? What have you done with my daughter?"

"Oh they're safe and well. Whether or not they remain so is entirely up to you."

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you two think you're in bed together?"

It was only then that Linda realised she was in her own bedroom and her sister was lying beside her. She was only just starting to come around.

"What's going on? Who are you?"

"Just relax lady. We were just telling your friend here why you're both in bed together."

Only then did it occur to Mary that Linda was next to her and like her she was naked. She tried to cover herself. "Where's my daughter?"

"Both your daughters are safe for the time being. They only remain so as long as you do as you're told."

"What do you want?" asked Linda in desperation.

"OK. This is the deal. You two put on a good lesbian show for us and the girls will be safe."

Both women were horrified. "But we're sisters. We cant..." they screamed together.

"Well, I guess we'll have to take care of your daughters."

"No wait, please," shouted Mary. She turned to Linda. "Please Linda. For the sake of the girls. Nobody but us will know."

"Mary, the realise what you're saying?"

"I know, Linda. Please, for the girls."

"I'd listen to your sister babe. No show, no daughters."

Linda sighed in defeat.

"Just follow what I do," said Mary as she mounted her sister and began to kiss her passionately. She worked her way down Linda's naked neck. Nibbling, licking and sucking as she went.

The tingling of her skin excited Linda but she hid it.

Mary continued to her sister's breasts. She licked and sucked them alternately.

It made Linda moan for the first time. She was amazed at Mary's apparent expertise. For Linda herself, lesbian sex was new but she wondered had her sister done this before? She didn't care though she enjoyed but could never admit it. Mary worked her way down her sister's slim waist and was about to strike her pussy bush with her tongue when one of youths cried out. "No. Not yet. Let her make love to you."

Mary turned over on her back and Linda climbed on top and followed Mary in the same way. When she got to Mary's pussy, she too was stopped.

"Now get into a sixty-nine position and make each other cum."

Linda positioned herself accordingly. Both women began lick each other and gradually settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm. Linda worked her tongue through her sister's pussy lips and lashed her clit. Mary imitated her sister's actions and soon they were both lost in their lust.

For a second Linda paused. "Oh my God, Mary, I'm cumming."

"Me too," replied Mary as she gasped for breath.

Soon both sisters orgasmed and for several seconds lay together gasping for breath. They both felt stings in their arses and swiftly lost consciousness.


Linda woke up as the heat of the morning sun hit her face. She had an agonising headache. She put her hand to her forehead and tried to recollect what had happened. The last thing she remembered was being forced to fuck her own sister while a group of youths looked on and cheered. Her mind was a complete fog. She had no idea what her assailants looked like. The fact that she was sore in her pussy and arse, as well as being sticky, told her it had really happened.

'Of course, Mary.' she thought. She turned with the intent of waking her. "Oh my God," she gasped, putting her hand to her mouth when she looked down and saw her own daughter, Marion, lying beside her, just as naked as she was.

Linda gently slipped out of the bed and rushed to the shower. She scrubbed and cleaned like she never did before. Wrapping herself in a bathrobe she went to the living room to retrieve her clothes. She found her shredded blouse and slip amongst the messed floor. Then she remembered her bags in the hall and dressed in the first thing she could find.

By now the others were starting to wake. Linda could hear Marion calling out. Linda went upstairs to her daughter. It was only then she saw an instant photograph standing in front of the small clock. It was a photo of herself and Marion. Marion was resting peacefully on her mother's breast. They were both in their naked glory. Something was written on the back. A great party, baby. We should do it again sometime.


Linda quickly hid the photo before Marion saw it.

"My God mom. What the hell happened? Who were those guys?"

"I'm not sure, love. Why don't you get showered and changed? We'll talk in the living room."

Linda found Mary and Jane in the next bedroom also naked. They slowly came to realising what had happened. Linda also found an instant photo of Mary and Jane on the table. Once again she hid it before they saw it. The same message was also on it.

Mary finally was fully awake. "Dear God, Linda. Did we?..."

"You'd better get showered and changed. We'll discuss it in the living room."

An hour later, having cleared up the room, all four sat down. Mary spoke. "Now I remember. We were raped. We should call the police."

"What are we going to tell them, Mary? Do you remember what they looked like? I don't. It's all a blur to me. Are you going to tell them they made us have sex with each other?"

Marion and Jane looked at each other. It was almost as if Linda read their minds. "You were forced to have sex too?"

They both nodded.

After further discussions they decided to remain silent on the events hat had occurred and hope no one else would say anything. Thankfully it was Saturday. They all used the weekend to refocus their thoughts and get their stories straight should there be any questions.


On Monday, Linda and Mary took up their respective posts and the girls went to university. Nothing unusual happened for the first few days. It was only later in the week Linda became aware of the looks she received from certain students, both male and female. The subdued sniggering told her they knew about it but she couldn't prove any thing. Even if she could what could she do? The impact of the revelations would be too bitter to contemplate. Linda decided to ignore it.

As the months went by Linda settled in to her job and the stares became less. Linda Meadows often looked at the photos she had hidden from the others. For some strange reason just looking at them made her fantasise several scenarios involving Mary, Marion and Jane and herself.

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