tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Warming Ch. 03

The House Warming Ch. 03


Chapter 03

The College Christmas Party

Linda Meadows gathered up the final exam papers from her students and returned with them to the staff room. She loved this time of year. The run up to Christmas put both staff and students in good cheer. She tidied the papers before placing them in her case to take home and grade. When she looked up at her pigeon hole she was surprised to see a large envelope addressed to her. Accompanying it was a smaller envelope with a note. You are cordially invited to the Combined Christmas party of St Brice's and St Hildegard's Students. Dress well. Refusal is not an option. Open the second envelope and you'll see why.

Puzzled, Linda opened the larger envelope and found a DVD in a case. It was titled The Sexual Exploits Of Teachers and Students.

Linda was horrified. She hastened to stuff them all into her case before anyone came in. She headed for her car without a word.

As Linda drove home her mind was on the events of the previous two months. When she and her sister, Mary Forrest had arrived at their new home with their respective daughters, Marion and Jane. They had been drugged and been forced into various sexual acts with many youths and with each other.

At Halloween, both she and Mary were once again subjected to forced sexual acts while drugged. They even had lesbian sex with each other. Worse still was being discovered in bed together by Marion and Jane. On each occasion Linda found compromising photographs that she hid from the others.

As she drove home something struck Linda about the invitation. She pulled over to the side of the road and read it again. "Of course. How could I be so stupid?"

Linda was referring to the part of the invitation that read St Brice's and St Hildegard's students.

St Brice's College was where Linda lectured and St Hildegard's was Mary's college. Both colleges were affiliated to the local university. So the students did know. Students from both colleges were involved and Linda had the evidence. She drove home in triumph. All she had to do was show the invitation to Mr Harding, the college principal.

When Linda got home she went straight for the phone to call him but she hesitated. She suddenly remembered the DVD. Linda inserted it into the player. It began with the title and a familiar voice message.

Hallo baby. By now you'll have received the invitation. Your first thought is to go to the college authorities. That, of course, is your prerogative. However, I'd advise you to view this entertaining erotic feature first. I believe it will change your mind.

The DVD played on. It was expertly edited. It did not reflect the true events of both nights. Indeed, it appeared to show Linda and Mary enjoying blissful sex with their students, both male and female. It even looked like they had instigated the whole crazed orgy. It was the first time Linda caught sight of the youths. Most attended her lectures. Others were students of St Brice's and some she did not recognise. Linda could only assume they were from St Hildegard's.

In the first part, Linda and Mary were naked and on their knees, They were sucking cock after cock and simultaneously hand fucking. It went on to show Linda sexually enjoying her niece, Jane.

In the second, clearly the Halloween events, Linda and Mary were once again on their knees, this time in garter belt and stockings, fucking and sucking in sheer delight. It also showed them in various lesbian acts with female students.

Finally Linda and Mary were shown in the throes of lesbian passion as they made love. It both stunned and sickened Linda.

The part that intrigued Linda though was where she totally submitted to a handsome young man. Because of the angle of the of the camera she could not identify him. She remembered his gentle, seductive touch. Drugs weren't needed to subdue her. She'd do it again willingly. It was one part of the DVD that she shamefully enjoyed. She wondered who this mysterious young man was.

Just as Linda was putting the DVD away Mary arrived home in tears. "Oh Linda. Look at this." Mary had received the DVD, the photograph and invitation. Linda explained that she had received them also. She also came clean about the photographs she had hidden.

"What are we going to do, Linda?" wept Mary.

"What can we do?"

"We could go to the college heads."

"When you've seen the DVD you'll see why we can't."

Mary only watched a portion of the film. "Oh God Linda. Turn it off," she pleaded, weeping bitterly.


On the night of the party Linda dressed in a three quarter length blue dress. Mary wore green.

"I wish we didn't have to go," said Mary.

"We have no choice Mary. You know that. Besides, it may not be as bad as we fear."

Linda drove to the Seaman's Inn, where the party was being held. For some reason she was surprised to see Mr Harding and his wife there as well as other staff and their partners. Their presence at least made Linda and Mary relax; nothing would surely happen here.

The meal was pleasant both Linda and Mary enjoyed the conversation with other teachers. They also danced with staff and students. Linda looked at her watch. "Mary, it's getting late. We should be going."

Mary nodded and she picked up her handbag.

It was then that Linda became aware of a tall handsome young man standing before her. It was Philip Stanton. One of her most handsome and brilliant students. He asked Linda to dance.

"Thank you Philip, but we were just leaving."

"Oh go on, Linda. Don't disappoint the young man," scolded Mary.

Reluctantly, Linda agreed.

While on the floor Philip spoke. "Did you enjoy the evening, Ms Meadows?"

"Yes. Yes I did," responded Linda, somewhat bemused.

"I thought you might, baby..."

Linda was shocked when she recognised his voice. She tried to break loose but couldn't escape his iron grip.

"I wouldn't draw attention, if I were you."

"What do you want?"

"Just keep smiling. A few dances will do for now."

When the music stopped they clapped and Linda was about to head back to her waiting sister. Philip grabbed her hand and led her out of the hall.

"But my sister..." she protested.

"She'll be fine, trust me," came Philip's response.

He led her to a room upstairs.

"Please Philip. We..."

Linda's protests were smothered with a passionate kiss. Linda at once realised the identity of her mysterious student. Philip's gentle touch gave it away. This revelation threw Linda Meadows into emotional turmoil. On one hand she wanted to slap him and on the other she felt a smouldering lust develop. The latter won out as Linda felt the zipper of her frock being slowly pulled down and she simply submitted.

Linda eased the dress from her shoulders and allowed it to drop to the floor, revealing her plain white slip. At the same time Philip removed his jacket and tie. They resumed kissing with deeper passion.

Linda slowly began unbuttoning Philip's shirt while still kissing him. The sight of his well toned and bare chest combined with the almost hypnotic aroma drove her almost insane with lust. She quickly discarded her slip, tights and plain underwear and without being told she eased herself onto the bed and simply awaited her lover with joy. Philip descended upon her gently and began to kiss her with passion.

For Linda, this young man's gentle touch was exciting. In her whole forty-four years she had never felt anything like it. She had often dreamed about a younger lover but never imagined in her wildest dreams it would happen and certainly not like this.

Philip continued kissing passionately, working his way down Linda's neck, nibbling, sucking and licking as he went. When he reached Linda's wonderful breasts, she released a deep moan of joy as he began to lick and suck her right nipple. She was to repeat it when Philip turned to her left.

Linda's moaning continued as Philip worked his way into the crevice between her breasts and worked his way day to beautifully apportioned waist. Philip expertly but gently inserted his tongue through her pussy lips to her clit.

Linda's excitement reached fever pitch as Philip's tongue lashed her clit. "Oh God, Philip. Don't stop, please..." she begged. There was just a brief halt as Philip suddenly replaced his tongue with his huge hard cock and began to pump. His movement, slow at first, picked up speed with each stroke.

Consumed by her own lust, Linda gripped Philip's hips and acted as a guide. Soon her body responded and they gradually developed a rhythm that was mutual. As their movement became more rapid, their breathing became deeper. For Linda, sex was never like this with her husband. She began to cry out in joy. "Oh fuck," she exclaimed repeatedly. Soon Linda's love juices began to gather and she could feel that Philip was close. She held on for as long as she could. When orgasm finally did arrive it was mutual. The explosion of cum and Linda's juices left them both breathless and exhausted.

Linda rested her head on Philip's bare chest and he wrapped his arm around her. "Thank you, Philip. Thank you." Gradually tiredness overtook her and as she closed her eyes, Linda Meadows was soon in a deep slumber.

As she sat at the table Mary observed her sister as she danced with Philip. She was glad to see that Linda was apparently enjoying herself, not suspecting anything was amiss.

It was only when she saw Philip leading her out of the room that Mary became slightly alarmed. She rose from the table and decided to follow them. By the time she got to the hall they had vanished. Frustrated and anxious, Mary headed back to the room. She never got there. Two of her female students met her in the hall.

"Hallo Mrs. Forrest. Are you ok?"

Startled, Mary looked at them. "Why of course I am," she stuttered.

"You look a little pale," and before Mary knew it a cloth was put to her mouth and the odour was strong enough to make her unsteady. The two girls grabbed her arms seemed to lead Mary to the ladies. When they were certain no one was watching they led her upstairs.

"Where are you taking me?" asked Mary in a slurred voice as if intoxicated.

"Just relax, Mrs. Forrest. You've had little too much to drink. You can have a rest in here." Mary was led into a bedroom.

"Please. I'm not drunk."

The girls giggled. "Just relax, Mrs. Forrest."

They put Mary on the bed. She was still conscious but unable to move. The two girls lifted her forward and a third went to her back and pulled the long zipper down. As they eased the dress from her shoulders partially revealing her plain slip, they gently lowered her to her back and continued to remove her dress.

"Please. What are you doing?" asked Mary weakly.

"It's alright, Mrs. Forrest. You can't sleep with your clothes on. It's not healthy." Again there was a chorus of laughter as she was eased forward and her slip was removed exposing her plain white bra and matching knickers surrounded by her black tights. When her bra was removed, revealing her breasts there was a gasp from one of the young women. "Wow. Look at those boobs," she cried out.

Mary could smell the sweet aroma as the box was placed in front of her and she inhaled. Her pleasure was doubled by the gentle licking and sucking of her breasts, presumably by the same young woman. She couldn't tell and what was more, she didn't care. All she knew was that it was pleasing and she enjoyed it. Mary moaned with each suck, lick and nibble. Mary could feel the young woman's soft touch as she made her way down her waist.

"Oh my God," she exclaimed as the gentle probing through her pussy lips made Mary lose what little restraint she had as she begged for more. Mary Forrest had never had anything like this. As her clit was lashed by the young woman's tongue she cried out "Oh fuck, fuck," repeatedly. She was totally consumed. Mary's breasts were continuously licked and sucked individually by two other young women, adding to her sexual euphoria.

The tongue action on her clit stopped temporarily and Mary could feel a sense of anticlimax grow. However it didn't last long as she felt something hard being pushed gently but firmly in. It was a young man's cock. This became evident because as the pace accelerated the young man began to breathe deeper and deeper. Mary's own body welcomed this delightful development and soon both of them developed a very satisfactory rhythm.

As the moments ticked by, Mary could feel that this physical exertion was starting make her perspire. Her breathing became deeper. Soon her love juices began to develop.

Mary strained for as long as she could to hold on to this wonderful moment. However she had to finally surrender as they mutually orgasmed. For the first time Mary caught sight of this handsome young man. She recognised him as one of her students, James Reese, as he rested beside her. She should have been shocked but Mary was still in sexual heaven and too anyway she was too exhausted to say anything. When he eased her head onto his chest she gratefully accepted and after several moments drifted off to sleep, dreaming of numerous sexual fantasies involving James Reese.


"Wake up. Do you hear me? Wake up."

Linda slowly began to wake. She could hear the mature female voice getting louder.

"What are you all doing here? Get out before I call security and have you arrested."

When Linda's eyes focused she could see a middle aged woman in a grey business suit. She remembered she was in a hotel room. The woman was clearly from management and a young chamber maid stood beside her with a grin.

Linda let out a slight scream as she realised she was naked and had been huddled up to her daughter Marian, who was also naked and waking up. On the other side of the giant bed Mary and her daughter Jane were starting to wake.

All four women scrambled out of the bed and searched through the pile on the floor for their clothes.

"Please, don't call them," pleaded Linda. "We'll be gone in a moment."

"Make sure you're all gone in five minutes retorted the woman and both she and the chamber maid left.

They dressed rapidly.

"How did we get here?" asked Mary blankly.

"Guess," responded Linda with anger and without another word all four ran for the car and Linda drove home.

At home Linda and Mary recounted what had happened. Marion and Jane explained they had been out with some classmates at their usual haunt. They had had something to drink and the next thing they remember was waking up naked and huddled to their mothers in the hotel room.

"Oh my God. I just hope nobody hears of this," said a dispirited Linda.

That night while resting in her own bed Linda had a horrible thought. On the two previous attacks explicit photographs had been left. In their scramble get away she never thought of looking. 'Did they left some in the room? Did the staff find them? If they did what would they do?' These thoughts kept Linda awake the whole might.


A few days before Christmas Linda got her answer in the post. A medium brown envelope arrived for her. There were two photographs inside. One was of Linda and Philip Stanton, her student sleeping together. The other was of Mary and her student, James Reese, also asleep in each others arms. There was also a note. It was written by Philip Stanton and it was as if he had read her mind.

Hallo Baby,

We make a nice couple, don't you think? Don't worry. These are the only photos. I'm sending them to ease your mind. I didn't leave any at the hotel. We must together again soon. In fact, I know we will. Merry Christmas.

Philip Stanton.

"Wait till I get my hands on that bastard," growled Linda. "If he thinks he's going to blackmail me he is very much mistaken."

Linda resolved to confront Philip Stanton and stand firm. She was determined that she would never, under any circumstance, give in to blackmail. Nothing, however was to prepare Linda Meadows for the events that were to change both her and Mary's lives forever.


It was a few days into the new year. Jane and Marion were in town shopping. Linda and Mary were at home relaxing when the doorbell rang. Linda went to answer it. Following her recent experiences she had a peep hole installed in the door. Cautiously she looked through it and was amazed to see Mr Harding, the college principal accompanied by Sir Thomas Warren, chairman of the board of governors. Linda opened the door. "Mr Harding, Sir Thomas, please come in." Linda guided them to the living room. "May I get you something to drink?"

"Nothing for me, Mrs Meadows, thank you," responded Mr Harding politely.

"Nor I," Sir Thomas answered more abruptly.

"Well, this is a surprise..."

Linda was cut off by Sir Thomas. "Let's get down to business, Harding."

"Of course, Sir Thomas."

"What's this all about?" asked Linda anxiously.

"If Mrs Forrest is here I suggest you call her," replied Mr Harding.

Linda went to the kitchen and returned with her sister. The two men were still standing and Mr Harding was holding a large envelope.

Sir Thomas spoke. "Perhaps, Mrs Meadows, you could explain your behaviour last month at the party? Particularly the seduction of my nephew?"

Linda was stunned as Sir Thomas handed her the photographs of herself and Philip Stanton. "Philip Stanton is your nephew?" stuttered Linda.

"So you don't deny it?" responded Sir Thomas.

"Of course I deny it. He seduced me," replied Linda in anger.

Sir Thomas produced a DVD. "This film seems to contradict you Mrs Meadows."

Linda was stunned into silence.

"And you, Mrs Forrest. How do you explain your behaviour?"

"We were drugged and forced," replied Mary, also in anger.

"Again I repeat. This DVD shows differently. It shows you both quite willingly with both male and female students. You even had sex with your daughter and niece."

Mary sat down in the chair and wept and Linda sat with her and allowed her sister to cry on her shoulder. She looked up at Sir Thomas and Mr Harding. "We were drugged and forced into these acts. You must believe us."

"But Mrs Meadows, how do you explain your behaviour as regards my nephew?"

Again Linda was silenced. After a moment she spoke again. "We will resign immediately."

Sir Thomas smiled. "That's not quite what I had in mind."

Linda looked at the two men in confusion. "What else can we do?"

Sir Thomas nodded to Mr Harding and he cleared his throat to speak.

"As you know, Sir Thomas is a powerful member of the board of Governors. He also chairs the fund raising committee for the college. A number of Sir Thomas's business associates have contributed generous sums over the years. Part of the conditions of these contributions is that they receive certain, shall we say 'favours?' You both have excellent qualifications in that area."

Both men laughed.

Mary stood up in a rage. "Absolutely not. Do you hear me? We won't do it."

"Oh dear. I had hoped you would both be reasonable."

"Reasonable?" yelled Mary. "You want us to prostitute ourselves and you call that reasonable?"

"Mrs Forrest, we came here in the hope of avoiding a court case and scandal."

"Court case?" asked Linda anxiously.

"Philip Stanton's parents are threatening to sue the college and yourselves. They are also threatening go to the media about it."

Sir Thomas then spoke. "I have persuaded my brother in law to withhold his actions if you agree to our proposition."

"You're absolutely deluded if you think we'll submit to such blackmail. Now get out," yelled Linda.

"Tut, tut, Mrs Meadows. I thought the very least you would put your daughter's interests ahead of your own not mention your niece."

"Marion and Jane? What have they to do with this?" asked Linda.

"My dear Mrs Meadows. Any scandal will reflect on them. Surely you wish to avoid all that?" responded Mr Harding.

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