tagBDSMThe Housekeeper Ch. 01

The Housekeeper Ch. 01


This story contains fisting, BDSM, interracial and older younger themes. If this is not for you please move on

Rachel is twenty one, and married to a much older man who she loves with all her heart. Not only because he was the father of her child but because he was all that she could ever want in a man. Added to that was the fact that she was free to do whatever she wanted, with whoever she wanted. Though Rachel and her husband had experimented with all forms of sex from groups of men, to woman of all ages from eighteen to seventy, she had rarely ever taken advantage of the freedom he gave her.

Rachel was slim with a gorgeous body and a perfectly rounded arse. She was extremely naïve to the effect that she had on men. She had an air of innocence about her that just seemed to attract men like a magnet. But she had no idea the effect she had on men just by being in the same room. She loved sex and did anything that was fun, she had very few if any limits. Her main problem with sex was that she could turn herself on so easily due to a fertile imagination and a seriously over active libido.

Since being married she had dressed to please and now it was just normal dress code for her. Short skirts and never a bra. When she was working she would wear a house coat with only panties underneath. She was also extremely submissive. If a client told her to do an additional room she would do it without question, or cook a meal or any of many other things that had nothing to do with her normal cleaning duties. That submission was about to take housework and extra duties to a whole new level.

Rachel had got into housekeeping by accident. She had offered to help an elderly lady with her housework as she had just had a hip operation. She did so well that it became permanent. The elderly lady had spread the word and Rachel now had several regular clients as well as some one off jobs that she got now and then


She had been cleaning Simon's house twice a week for several months now. Simon was about fifty and his son Carl and Carls wife Rita, both in their twenties, lived with him. Rachel had met both Carl and Rita who were often at home when she came round to clean the house. They had all at one time or another told Rachel to, make some tea, or cook some toast or even sweep the garden path. All of which she had done without complaint. They treated her like a servant which she accepted as part of her job. She had always answered questions about herself when asked not being able it seemed to refuse to answer them. These questions Carl had taken a little further a couple of times and asked about her sex life. She would blush bright red when he said things that hit the button, and the more she blushed the more blatant he got. Even Rita, who found out that Rachel was bi-sexual, and Simon, who found out that Rachel had no age problems, joined in with the banter sometimes. Rachel would blush and smile and, even though she hated to admit it, she would get turned on at the thought of sex with a black man Something she had never done before.

She went into the house through the back door as usual and went through to the lounge where Simon was sitting reading the paper. This was not unusual and she just carried on with her work after a 'good morning'. She cleared away cups and glasses and then started to plump up cushions when Simon said, "You have a gorgeous arse Rachel."

A little shocked she went to straighten up. "No stay there. Just like that." Simon said calmly as he stood up. Moving over to her he added, "I have wanted to do this for a very long time." He put his hand on her right buttock and moved in a circular motion. Rachel was frozen to the spot, her pussy already getting wet. She felt no fear or even shock, all she felt was hugely turned on.

As his other hand started to massage her other buttock she couldn't help but let out a moan of pleasure, and as his hands moved over her hips and up to her breasts she felt her knees start to shake. His hand slipped inside her house coat and as he ran a finger over her nipple she could feel his erection rubbing through his jeans against her bum crack, she opened her legs slightly to accommodate it.

Simon pulled at the house coat and she felt all the poppers come undone. Now one hand moved back to her buttocks, this time touching naked flesh. The hand moved round to her hip and slowly between her legs feeling her sopping wet hole. She raised her head and sighed loudly.

"You really are so fucking hot."

At that moment Carl walked into the room. "Now that's what I call a goooood morning." He said with a laugh.

Rachel was too far gone now to do anything and Simon just continued pushing his fingers into her hole. Carl dropped his dressing gown on to the floor and sat on the settee, lifting Rachel's arm so that she was now perched over his erection. The sight of it made Rachel gasp out loud. This was the very first black cock she ever seen and the effect on her was electric. Without any hesitation she moved her head down and slowly took his erection into her mouth.

"Fucking hell Rachel your fuckin eager ain't yer." Carl said.

Simon moved away for a moment and when he returned Rachel could feel his naked erection playing at her pussy. As it slid into her eagerly awaiting hole she let out a cry of utter animal pleasure. Both men were quite large but she had been fucked by bigger cocks, it was just the thought of being fucked by two black men and the thought that it was father and son made it all the more filthy and all the more fun.

Carl put his hand on Rachel's head and urged her to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had his cock in her throat, something she had done before and enjoyed. "Fucking hell you suck like a fuckin hoover."

"I can't believe this." Simon said, "I am fucking a young hot cunt while my son gets deep throated. This is so fucking horny."

"Well save some of her for me you bastards." Rita said, "I wondered where you had gone Carl you dirty sod. And as for you dad you should know better, corrupting your son like this."

While both men had stopped thrusting neither of them attempted to remove their cocks from it's place of pleasure. "Sorry Rita I just couldn't keep my hands off her any longer. Anyway you said you wanted some of her as well so why not join in. I always wanted to see you naked."

"Yeah come on babes." Carl said, "Have a taste."

"Oh fuck it why not." Rita said dropping her dressing gown to the floor, "Why should you two have all the fun. Move over make room for me Carl."

She didn't give Carl much choice, she was so turned on that she just pushed him out of the way and Rachel found herself eating her first black pussy. The sweet smell of a woman now drove her even further into lustful passion. Carl slipped to the floor and, spreading Rachel's legs got underneath her. Simon withdrew his cock and allowed his son to pull Rachel down onto his throbbing erection. That left only one hole available and Simon had wanked many times over the opportunity to put his cock into this bum hole.

Not sure just how Rachel would react he fingered her pussy and gathered some of her juice on his fingers, feeling his sons cock inside of her sent a wave of excitement through him that surprised him. He slipped a juicy finger into that tight bum hole and played inside before pushing another finger in. Once he had three fingers in comfortably he put his erection to that hot hole, waiting for some reaction from Rachel. The reaction was for her to push onto him, slowly he pushed his black cock into that welcoming hole. A little at a time to begin with but once she was into a rhythm with him he pushed the rest in, right up to his balls, which bounced on her gorgeous arse cheeks.

Rachel was completely lost now. The men had got into a rhythm that thrust Rachel onto Rita's pussy and she was licking that clit with every stroke, her hands now gripping Rita's ample breasts and tweeking her nipples out of pure instinct.

Carl couldn't believe his luck. He had not fucked another woman since he had married Rita, even though they had all talked about Rachel before he never expected to be fuckin the same woman who was eating his wife's cunt. Every time he thrust into Rachel he would grip her tits hard and when he felt his dads fingers enter her hole and brush his cock he almost came on the spot, which surprised him more than anything else.

Simon, who had started all this from lust couldn't believe what was going on. Never in his wildest dreams could he have ever pictured himself shagging a very young woman's arse while his son fucked her cunt and his daughter in law got a pussy licking. And try as he may he could not stop looking at Rita's tits and so wanted to help Rachel play with them.

Rita knew that her father in law was looking at her and didn't care, in fact to her surprise it turned her on. She had often wondered what he thought of her and now, seeing the lust in his eyes as he watched her tits being squeezed by Rachel she finally knew. She also knew that she was going to come, and come hard. Rachel certainly knew how to eat pussy, and by the looks of it loved what a cock or two could do for her as well.

Rachel was lost in all the action. She had given herself up to it in mind and body and as her orgasm mounted she just let go completely. She knew the guys were about to come as they both started to thrust harder and Rita was moaning out loud and pushing up in to her face.

When they did come it was all thrashing bodies and loud moans and even a scream from Rachel who had come both in her arse and her pussy at the same time, something else that was a first for her. Rita bucked up so hard she almost knocked Rachel's teeth out. Finally the family stopped bucking and fucking and Rachel sagged to the floor along side Carl.

"I need a cock. Now." Rita gasped. As Carl got up and smiled at her she added, "Not you. You had your bit on the side now I want mine." And she beckoned to Simon, who instinctively looked at Carl.

Carl just smile and said "I am going to enjoy this as much as you will dad."

Rita slid forward on the settee so that Simon could make easier entry. Simon started slowly but soon increased his pace. Rita beckoned to Carl for his cock and pulled it to her mouth. Rachel just sat on the floor watching the action and recovering from her own 'ordeal'. It turned her on all over again.

Carl came first in Rita's mouth and the sight of his son's come dribbling down her chin drove him into orgasm which in turn brought on Rita's.

Carl turned round as his father shot his seed into his wife and offered his cock to Rachel who took it deep, sucking it till it was clean. Then she cleaned up Simons cock and once she had done that she looked to Rita who sat with her feet on the settee, her pussy wide and leaking her father in laws come. Rachel smiled and eagerly cleaned out that come riddled hole while the men stood back and watched as Rita again went into orgasm.

Finally, exhausted, they all sat in silence. Looking from one to the other. After a moment Rita said, "What the fuck just happened." And burst out laughing. Everyone joined in even Rachel who had still said absolutely nothing.

After a while Simon got up and went into the kitchen returning a while later with three cups of coffee. Handing Rachel one he said, "I don't know if you take sugar, I will bring the bowl in and you can help yourself."

"Thank you." Rachel said quietly. She, like Rita, was totally confused at to what had taken place. All she did know was that she absolutely loved it and hoped it would happen again.

All was silent for quite sometime then Rita looked at Carl, "Are you ok babe. With...." She trailed off and looked at Simon then back to Carl.

"Me!" Carl said, "I fucking loved it. Why the fuck hasn't it happened before?" He laughed

"Dad?" Rita asked

Simon looked at her and then at his son. "It's not something I ever would have expected but, if you two are ok with it then....I fucking loved it as well. But maybe right now we should be thinking about Rachel who, after all only came here to tidy up. He looked at Rachel sitting on the floor, naked with her knees up. Carl and Rita looked at her as well, waiting for her to say something finally.

Rachel seemed lost in thought for a moment then seemed to wake up. "What! Me! Oh! Well I just had the best fuck I have ever ever had ever." She had a huge smile on her face. "But I really must be going. I haven't even started work yet"

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. "Yes of course Rachel. I am sorry we kept you so long. Maybe you should leave the cleaning for today."

The looked on Rachel's face mixed with the way Simon said it was just too much for them and they all burst out laughing again. Rachel slipped her knickers into her pocket and donned her house coat. "Well I will do a special job on Thursday when I come round." This provoked another burst of laughter.

Simon reached for his jeans and took out his wallet. "I will still pay you for your work though." He said with a smile. He took her wages out of his wallet and put it into her hand. He always paid in cash when she was leaving so nothing seemed untoward. Once Rachel was out of the house she took the money out of her pocket and was surprised to find a fifty pound note. She only charged five pounds an hour and she usually spent two hours at Simons so was expecting ten pounds. She smiled, she had wondered what he meant when he said 'her work' Now she realised that the 'work' he had paid for was the fucking he had given her. She felt really filthy and turned on all over again. Did this make her a whore she thought.

Walking home she wondered just how many of her other male clients looked on her in the same way that Simon did. It wasn't something that she had ever considered before. Maybe she should take more notice in future. Once she got home she told her husband everything, he had always insisted on honesty so she had no fear of him being annoyed. On the contrary he had been so turned on he had bent her over and fucked her there and then. When she told him about the money he laughed and said, "Well you always wondered what it would be like to be a whore. Now you know you slut." He did laugh which made her feel even better about it.

Later that evening Rachel was soaking in a much deserved bath. Thinking over what had happened at Simons house. She hoped he would still want her to do his cleaning for him as she couldn't afford to really lose a regular customer. She also wondered if anything like it would happen again, deciding to play it by ear. She also decided to take more notice of her clients in future and if any of them wanted some extra work done then she would most certainly do her best to please them, if they in turn decided to give her a bonus that was up to them. She thought it a bit unfair to charge extra for something that she enjoyed doing. As it was Monday she would have to wait and see how things panned out with Simon and his family, if they wanted to give her some more added work to do she would be very happy to oblige, paid or unpaid.


Mrs Robinson and Mr Martin. Mrs Robinson was in her eighties and lived in a small bungalow. She only took about an hour to clean but sometimes Rachel would go to the shop for her so by eleven o'clock she was at Mr Martins. Mr Martin was in his sixties and was a retired gardener.

"Morning Mr Martin are you ok today?"

"All the better for seeing you my dear." He replied

Mr Martin always sat in his chair by the fire, even when it wasn't lit and watched as Rachel did her chores. Often he would ask her to do this for him or pick that up or go to the shop for him and on a couple of occasions he even asked her to go to the shop with him, holding onto her arm as they walked. Now and again he would put his hand behind her back, allowing it slip down to her bottom sometimes. All this had gone through Rachel's mind as she walked to his house and she had admit that it probably wasn't all innocent.

As she worked Mr Martin called out, "Rachel, Rachel."

She walked into the lounge, "Yes Mr Martin?"

"Sorry to bother you my dear but could you get that magazine off the floor me."

Rachel was fairly sure that the magazine had not been on the floor when she arrived so she bent down and picked it up slowly, glancing out the corner of her eye she could see Mr Martin trying to look up her housecoat which was of average length but if she bent from the waist was prone to ride up and show a fair amount of her legs. As she stood up she turned her back to him and undid one of the poppers on her housecoat baring a little more of her ample cleavage. She walked over to him and bent over to hand him the magazine.

"There you are Mr Martin." She said, leaning forward. "Anything else I can do for you sir." She deliberately added the sir even though she wasn't sure why.

"No thank you my dear." He said eyes glued to her cleavage and magazine thrust into his lap to cover, what seemed, a growing erection.

"I will carry on then. Just call if you want me sir. For anything." She smiled and then left the room. Once out of sight she undid another popper. She could feel herself getting wet.

"You slut." She said to herself.

Sure enough five minute later, "Oh Rachel, Rachel have you got a minute please."

"Yes sir." Rachel said, "Coming."

As she entered the room he said, "Be a doll and plump my cushion up for me there's a good girl."

To do this Rachel needed to stand in front of him and pull him forward till his head was on her chest. Now that she had undone the extra popper his head was in fact buried between her tits and each time she punched the cushion he got pushed further into that wonderful cleavage. Once she had finished she pulled his head from it's chosen place and moved him back. Still leaning forward she said, "There we are sir. Is that better for you."

"Oh yes dear much better." All this time his hand had been in his lap hidden under the magazine.

"Well if I can give you a, eeerr, hand with anything else you just tell me sir, anything at all." Her gaze dropped to the magazine in his lap.

"Oh I will Rachel I will. Anything, you say? Anything at all?"

"Absolutely anything sir." She smiled and waited for a second to see if he would ask anything else. He didn't so she left the room. A minute later

"Oh damn. Rachel, Rachel dear I have had an accident."

Rachel went into the lounge to find him with his cup in his hand and his tea in his lap. Now Mr Martin was not a shaker, his hands were always quite still so how this happened Rachel wasn't sure but she knew what he wanted from her. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a tea towel. Getting on her knees in front of him she started to slowly wipe the tea up from his lap. Making very sure she brushed his erection frequently.

"Am I doing it right sir." She smiled as he gazed again down at her cleavage.

"Oh yes Rachel. Perfect, absolutely perfect."

"Do you like the view sir?" She asked giving an extra hard rub on his cock "Or would you like to open the curtains a bit more sir?" As she said this she raised herself up enough for him to reach the 'curtains' if he so wished.

"Well yes a little wider would be very nice dear." His now uncharacteristically trembling hands reached forward and undone another popper. "Maybe one more." and another was undone. Her tits were now on open view. He could clearly see that her nipples were engorged and her chest was heaving with her own arousal.

"Does that please you sir?"

"Oh yes my dear enormously." he said breathing more erratically now

Rachel had dropped the tea towel by now and was blatantly rubbing his cock as she looked into his eyes. She moved her hand up to his zipper and still looking into his eyes she pulled it down and reached in for that cock. "If there is anything more I can do to help you sir tell me sir and I will do it sir." His cock was now free of it's restraint and Rachel was surprised at the size of it. It was only about eight inches long but must have been at least three inches round. Her small hands only just got round it.

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