tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 05

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 05


Recapping the characters:

My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie

My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy

My cousin Dirk

My boyfriend Bobby

Sonja, the bitch cheerleader


Saturday dawned hot and humid. It was the day of Uncle Jimmy's basketball team's first away game. Which meant it was the debut day for me as a cheerleader. I was such a bundle of nerves I had hardly slept a wink. Visions of utter humiliation filled my mind as I twisted and turned during the night. Sleep was very hard to come by.

The bus was picking everyone up from our stadium early afternoon. Ma went to a lot of trouble to serve us all a healthy and nutritious lunch. There was excited anticipation about the first away game for Jethro, and he chatted away to Ma, Pa, and Trixie. I was so nervous I could only pick at my food, much to Ma's disgust.

"This is your big debut, Jen," Ma reminded me, "You are going to need a lot of energy if you are going to be a good cheerleader."

"Ma, I am going to need a lot more than a bit of energy to make me a good cheerleader," I responded disconsolately.

"Nonsense darling, I am sure you are very good. The team will be so inspired by you cheering them on."

I could only groan in response.

"Yes, Ma," Jethro smirked, "We saw her dance routine the other night and we were riveted. She is so perky when she dances."

"There you go, Jen," Pa chirped in. "I knew you would be great."

I put my hand on my forehead and slumped forward in despair.

Pa drove Jethro and I to the stadium to meet the bus for the two hour drive to the Nicholls State stadium. Everyone clambered onto the bus. The boys in the team, the coaching staff, and little ole me. Conspicuously the only female on the bus, and an incredibly nervous one at that.

I slumped down in a seat on my own while the boys joked and boasted how they were going to dismantle the opposing team. 'Boys!' I thought, 'Such pathetic dreamers."

As always, Uncle Jimmy was the last to arrive. As he strolled down the aisle of the bus he joked with each of the boys like he was their long lost mate. When he got to me he stopped and looked down with his insipid lopsided grin.

"Hello, niece, nice to see you."

"Hello, Uncle Jimmy," I blushed. I wanted to say it was NOT nice to see him, but I bit my tongue.

In his hand he had a plastic bag which he threw onto my lap. I knew what it contained but I was loath to open it up. I placed it on the seat beside me and gazed out the window. Ma and Pa gave me a wave from outside and I sheepishly waved back. I fought back the desire to rush back out of the door of the bus and take a ride home with them. I knew I was heading into something that was going to be totally demeaning to me, but for some reason I could hardly fathom I was determined to go through with it. I was determined not to be quitter.

As the bus trundled off I sat quietly on my own, pondering my fate. Jethro tried to make conversation with me but soon realised I was in no mood for talking. It was more than an hour into our journey before I picked up the plastic bag, opening it slowly as if I was expecting something to jump out at me. Inside I could see the dreaded purple and yellow cheerleader outfit. Looking around to ensure no one was staring at me, I pulled the outfit out of the bag. It was as miniscule as I had vividly recalled from that first practice. I silently groaned at the shame of having to wear it in front of a stadium full of basketball fans.

Peering back into the bag I saw what I thought was a yellow ribbon. I reached in, extricated it from the bottom, and then held it up. It was only then that I realised it was a pair of thong panties. This time my groan of dismay was very audible, as if I had suddenly become ill. The noise drew the attention of a few of the boys who turned to stare at me. I was frozen in time, holding the thong up in front of my face.

Several of the boys began to laugh at the sight of me holding the thongs up on display, which only served to attract the attention of others on the bus. Suddenly I became aware that virtually the whole bus was staring at me and laughing. Mortified, I quickly stuffed them back in the plastic bag along with the outfit, and then slumped down into my seat trying to make myself invisible.

For the rest of the journey I just kept shaking my head in disbelief. Surely there was no way Uncle Jimmy was seriously thinking I would do my cheerleader's routine wearing that obscene thong. The cheerleader's outfit itself was ridiculously miniscule, so wearing a thong would mean my buttocks and heaven knows what else would be flashed to a stadium full of fans. 'I bet that bitch, Sonja, was behind this', I angrily thought. I debated whether to go up to the front of the bus and try to have a meaningful discuss with Uncle Jimmy and try to talk some sense into him. I am his niece, after all. But who was I kidding. I might be his niece but he did not like me one little bit, and I had made it clear to him the feeling was mutual.

After what seemed an eternity the bus finally pulled up at the Nicholls State stadium and the boys and coaching staff all piled off, full of energy and excitement. I trundled off behind, clutching my plastic bag, so nervous my heart was threatening to pound a hole in my chest. The stadium was still mostly empty although spectators were beginning to flow in. The boys went into the visitors locker room to get changed for their warm up. I stood on the stadium floor and watched the fans take their seats. I dreaded the thought they would be watching me come the half time break. I guess it was some small consolation I would only have to do my dance routine at half time. Fortunately I was not able to be part of the pre-game cheerleading as this was all arranged by the hosting team.

A group of girls brushed past me, excitedly chatting amongst themselves. I could tell by their slim, athletic bodies that they were the cheerleaders for Nicholls State. My stomach churned over. The girls disappeared into the women's locker room and emerged 15 minutes later dressed in the two-tone red and grey of the home team. I had not moved from my spot on the side of the stadium floor. It was as if I was in a nervous trance, spellbound by the clatter of teams warming up and spectators taking their seats.

As the players disappeared back into their locker rooms, the cheerleaders took centre stage to enthusiastic clapping and whistles. I watched agog as they went professionally through a variety of dance routines, all designed to work the fans into a fervour. They were slick and professional. This only served to make me more nervous than ever. I felt weak at the knees and had to lean against the wall for support.

I felt someone nudge my shoulder and when I turned I realised it was Uncle Jimmy. Not surprisingly he was watching the cheerleaders from close range, no doubt ogling their young, nubile bodies.

"Great, aren't they?" he grinned.

"Oh, just great," I added, my voice dripped with sarcasm.

When the game started Uncle Jimmy told me to take a seat with the coaching staff so that it would be easy for me to slip into the locker room and get changed prior to half time. I tried to focus on the game and offer enthusiastic support to the team as I was after all their cheerleader. However the game soon began going the same way as just about every other game they played. They were losing, and by a substantial margin. Why didn't they play this badly in the pre-season friendly against McNeese, I pondered, then I wouldn't be in this humiliating mess I am now. Uncle Jimmy's temper turned foul, and watching him striding up and down the sideline throwing his arms around wildly gave me some mildly amusing distraction.

However all too soon the Assistant Coach tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to his watch, indicating it was less than 15 minutes to half time and I had better get changed. My first reaction was to get up and run right out of that stadium and wait in the bus to get a ride back home. That would be the sensible, smart thing to do. Instead I found myself walking nervously to the female locker room clutching my plastic bag.

The girls from the Nicholls State cheerleaders team were seated in the locker room, resting up prior to going out again to entertain the spectators at half time. When I entered the chatter stopped and all eyes turned to me.

"Excuse me, girlie, what do you think you are doing in here?" one of them asked in a bitchy voice.

"I..I am the cheerleader for the visiting team," I pronounced in a shy stutter.

They all looked at each other, bemused.

"So, where are the rest of you?" a particularly buxom blond enquired.

"Just me," I shrugged.

"Just you?" she smirked. "You are kidding, right?"

I shook my head to indicate I wasn't kidding. I found a space in the corner of the locker room and nervously fumbled the buttons on my clothing as I started to undress. Most of the conversation in the room was still ceased, and I just knew the majority of them were watching me. I stripped off my top and bra, ensuring I kept my back to the girls so that my breasts were hidden. Quickly I pulled on the yellow and purple top and tied the bow at the front.

Next I unfastened my jeans and stepped out of them, revealing the childish pooh bear blue cotton panties I was wearing. Some of the girls sniggered. I immediately regretted wearing the panties, but I considered them my lucky ones and I didn't think I would be undressing in front of an audience. I guess they weren't going to be bringing me much luck today.

Picking up the ridiculously short skirt I wrapped it around my waist and tied the bow. I pulled it down as low as I could in a vain attempt to cover my buttocks. I could hear the girls whispering to each other.

"You are wearing that?" the buxom blond queried?

Without looking at her, I nodded.

There was more whispering amongst the girls, and I heard the word 'slut' mentioned. I flushed with embarrassment. I still had to put my thong panties on but that would be just too humiliating with everyone staring at me. Still not daring to turn around and face the other girls, I stupidly stood staring at the wall, trying to settle the butterflies in my stomach and visualise my dance routine in my head. I began to panic when the dance moves became confused in my brain.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and someone yelled out it was half time. The Nicholls cheerleader's squad all jumped up, grabbed their pom poms and headed to the door. With no one now looking at me I quickly lowered my pooh bear panties and pulled the thong on. I gasped when I looked down at myself. It felt like I was almost wearing nothing at all. The panic within me built to such a level I was finding it difficult to think rationally. 'You have to do this,' I kept repeating in my head, 'don't let Uncle Jimmy defeat you.'

Blocking out all other thoughts, I grabbed my pom poms and charged out of the locker room and into the packed stadium. The Nicholls cheerleaders were already into their routine and receiving support from the home crowd. Keeping close to the wall I made my way down to the other end of the stadium where the small crowd of our team's supporters were seated. I held my pom poms so that my buttocks and pelvis were hidden. I was already incredibly humiliated, and I had not even begun to dance.

I looked up and saw the Assistant Coach give me the thumbs up, which was my signal that I needed to get ready to do my routine. He waved his arms to indicate that I needed to move away from the wall and out in front where the fans could see me. Nervously I shuffled out onto the stadium floor, but before I had time to further ponder my fate the words of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' began blasting out of the sound system, competing with the music being played for the Nicholls cheerleaders.

With absolutely no grace, and even less enthusiasm, I lurched into my routine. I have never felt so exposed or degraded in my life. Despite my best efforts I knew my flimsy excuse for a skirt was flaying up and down as I clumsily jumped around in an almost comical imitation of a cheerleader. My face and chest were flushed bright red and it was not from the exertion. I prayed that the bows that held my top and skirt together would not come undone. Desperately I tried to block out everything else and just focus on getting through my dance and then out of there as quick as I could.

When I started my dance routine there were a few claps of support from the visitors, but largely everyone seemed to be ignoring me and focusing on the spectacularly professional Nicholls cheerleaders. But before I was even a minute into my routine I could sense a murmur going around the crowded stadium and I just knew the focus was shifting on to me. It certainly wasn't because of my cheerleading skills, so I knew it had to be something else that was attracting their attention. When I heard the shrill of men whistling at me then I knew my worse fears had come true. I had become the centre of attention because the combination of a minuscule dress and thong panties meant my bare buttocks were on display to the whole stadium.

Making matters even worse, my skirt had ridden up my hips so that even more of my buttocks were exposed, as well as the front of my yellow thong panties. A couple of times I tried to quickly yank the skirt down but with the pom poms in my hands it was impossible. By the time I was two minutes into my song the feet of much of the crowd were pounding the floor in tune to Cyndi Lauper, totalling drowning out the music from the cheerleader squad. The whistles from the men were echoing around the stadium.

I just wished the floor of the stadium would open up and swallow me, or that I would wake up and find it was all an awful nightmare. But neither happened, and somehow I managed to keep dancing, throwing myself around like a drunken donkey. Finally the unbelievable happened: the song finished. I sagged forward, hands on knees, gasping for breath. The chanting and whistling from the crowd got even louder, and after a few more seconds I realised why. I was bent forward with my bare buttocks on display to the whole stadium. Mortified I dashed over to the entrance tunnel where the women's locker room was located. Standing at the entrance were the boys from the Nicholls State team who were waiting to come back out onto the court. They were all staring at me with big grins on their faces and lust in their eyes. Their coach was trying to give them instructions, but none of them appeared to be listening. Their attention was on me as I dashed past, my bare buttocks clearly on view.

Once in the locker room I fell onto the bench seat, closed my eyes and put my head between my legs. I felt decidedly faint and had to gulp in air to try and clear my head. I could not believe I had done it. I had actually done it. Despite the incredible humiliation I had endured, I had the guts to do it. I felt like I had proven myself to Uncle Jimmy, but quite what I had proven I wasn't sure. I was feeling relieved and even a little elated.

As my head began to clear I opened my eyes again. I still had my head slumped forward between my knees, and as my eyes focused I realised I was staring at my dreaded yellow thong panties. My mouth dropped open in horror as I realised there was a distinctive wet spot in the crouch of my panties. I was mortified. This could not be.

The door to the locker room swung open with a bang and I suddenly sat bolt upright, locking my knees together and placing my hands on my lap so my panties were hidden from view. The cheerleader squad made their way into the locker room, looking far from happy. They glared at me with stony looks on their faces. They were not impressed with me stealing the limelight from them. Ignoring me they began to undress, changing out of their cheerleader outfits and redressing. I sat there like a statue, looking down at my hands resting on my lap.

Finally they gathered up their possessions and gave me departing glares as they left me to it. Once I was certain I was alone I took my hands off my lap and tentatively opened my legs. Pulling the front of my skirt up confirmed what I already knew. There was a very distinctive wet stain in the centre of my panties and if I was not mistaken it was bigger than when I had first noticed it. Even though I was the only person in the locker room, I felt myself blushing. For a long moment I stared down at the wet stain, not wanting to believe what I was seeing. I knew there was no way it was caused by me sweating.

Reaching under my skirt I hooked my thumbs under the waistband of my panties and slowly slid them down to my ankles. I then opened my knees again about 12 inches wide and lifted the front of my skirt up. I peered down at my exposed vagina. My labia were clearly swollen and I could even see my clitoris poking out from its hood. There was no doubt I was aroused. I could not fathom how this could possibly be. But the undisputable evidence was right before my eyes.

I reached behind my skirt and untied the bow before pulling it away and discarding it on the floor beside my panties. I was now totally naked from the waist down, with my legs open. I still felt lightheaded, but now realised to my shame that this was mostly from my arousal.

A noise startled me from my trance and as I looked up I realised the buxom blonde from the cheerleaders had come back to collect something she had left behind. When she saw me she stopped in her tracks. Incredibly I did not try to hide myself. I just dumbly sat there with an embarrassed look on my face. I could feel myself going bright red. The buxom blonde stared straight at my curly pubic triangle with my exposed labia protruding from underneath. Slowly she raised her eyes to meet mine.

"You really are a total slut, aren't you?"

My heart was pounding and my blushing increased even more. I could not believe I was acting in this totally degrading manner. This was not me. This was not the Jen who was reluctant to even wear a bikini at the beach. My mind was a whirlwind of confusion.

The buxom blonde snapped up the bag she had left behind and walked out, muttering under her breath. Almost without me realising it my hand slid down between my legs and brushed against my sensitive labia. I gasped at the pleasure of the touch. I could feel the moisture on my fingers. I was so aroused I wanted to plunge my fingers deep into my vulva right there and then, knowing that anybody could walk right in at any moment. I literally had to force myself to withdraw my hand from between my thighs and close my legs.

After a few minutes my breathing settled down and I removed my cheerleader top and redressed in the clothes I had worn to the stadium. I waited several more minutes until I thought the game would be almost over. I was reluctant to venture out into the stadium while the crowd was still there, given the humiliating display I had put on.

As I exited the locker room I kept to the wall and tried to remain invisible. The game had just finished and the crowd were making there way out of the stadium. They were all looking surprisingly subdued. A noise at the other end of stadium caught my attention and I realised it was Uncle Jimmy and his players giving each other high fives. Confused I glanced up at the scoreboard. OMG. We had beaten Nicholls by one point. There had to be a mistake.

There was no mistake. Nicholls had come out in the second half and played like novices. Their minds were just not on the game and they blew their handy half time lead.

"I wonder what could have distracted them?" Uncle Jimmy laughed.

All the boys looked my way and I blushed again for the umpteenth time that day. At least the ride home in the bus was less of a torture than the ride to the stadium. I was still incredibly humiliated and my head was awash with confusion. But at least I had done my cheerleaders dance.

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