tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 08

The Humiliation Of Jen Ch. 08


Recapping the characters:

My Ma, Pa, older brother Jethro and younger sister Trixie

My Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Shirley, and their 2 sons, Stan & Billy

My cousin Dirk

My boyfriend Bobby

Sonja, the bitch cheerleader


I could not believe I was sitting in my cousin Stan's car with my dress hiked up around my waist and my pubes on display. I could not comprehend how in a few short weeks I had gone from an 18 year old who was painfully shy of showing any of her body to the situation I was now in. I was still humiliated beyond belief, but somehow I had allowed myself to be lured into situations that seemed inconceivable.

On the journey home we stopped at traffic lights on two occasions and I was terrified someone would glance in as they went by and notice I was naked from the waist down. It was bad enough that Stan kept glancing down at my pussy and I had to plead for him to keep his eyes on the road.

After what seemed an absolute eternity Stan pulled up outside his parent's house to drop me off. In a shot I opened the car door and dashed up the pathway. Stan yelled 'Bye, cousin, I had a great time' but I ignored him. How I wish I was back in my own home but my parents would not be back from their New York holiday for almost two weeks. Until they returned I was stuck living with Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Shirley and their youngest son, Billy. I was at least thankful that Stan was no longer living with his parents. After what happened today I don't think I could even look at him without blushing bright red in total embarrassment.

When I burst in the front door Aunt Shirley called out to me, "Is that you Jen? I have left some lunch on the table for you. Come and sit down."

I desperately wanted to get up to have a shower and change my clothing, but did not want to seem ungrateful to my Aunt Shirley, especially as I had already managed to upset her in the short time I had been her guest.

"Hi Aunt Shirley," I greeted her as I entered the dining room beside the kitchen.

"Hi Jen. How was your cheerleader practice?"

"It was...very tough," was all I could think of saying

"Jimmy tells me you have a real talent for it."

"No I don't," I responded more abruptly than I meant to.

"Oh, I am sure you are only being modest."

If only she knew modesty was certainly the totally wrong word to define how I had behaved today. Just the thought of it made me blush.

"Are you all right Jen?" my Aunt enquired, "You look a little flushed."

"I am fine. Just a little weary. I think I need a shower to freshen up."

"Silly girl, Jen. Did you not notice we don't have a shower? You eat your lunch and I will run you a bath."

'Oh no,' I inwardly lamented to myself. As I went to pick up my fork I realised I was still holding my underwear tightly in my hand. Unfortunately Aunt Shirley also noticed.

"What are holding there, love," my Aunt Shirley enquired.

"Nothing," I tried to respond nonchalantly.

Aunt Shirley knew better. She stepped closer to me and held out her hand. "If it is nothing then you won't mind showing it to me."

I glanced up at my Aunt with pleading eyes. "It is my bra and panties," I confessed.

Aunt Shirley continued to hold out her hand so I reached up my hand to pass them to her. But before she could take them a hand wrenched them from me. I jumped in fright and turned behind me to see my Uncle Jimmy holding my underwear. I cringed in embarrassment.

"What have we here?" Uncle Jimmy queried. "Is my niece not wearing any underwear?"

I tried to think of a rational explanation but before I could open my mouth Aunt Shirley spoke, "How old are you, Jen?"

"I am 18." I was so embarrassed I looked away and could only stare down at my uneaten lunch. I could not look them in the eye.

"Do you think it is acceptable that an 18 year old walks around in public without her bra and panties on?" Aunt Shirley continued.

This comment caused Uncle Jimmy to chuckle.

"It is not a laughing matter, Jimmy," Aunt Shirley reprimanded. "She wants to be treated like a young woman, but since she has been here her behaviour has been more becoming of a child. No wonder her Ma is at her wits end with her and has to resort to spanking."

With that chilling comment my Aunt disappeared into the kitchen and returned with the wooden spoon. I wanted to plead my innocence, or at least say something in my defence, but I couldn't think of a rational explanation. I certainly didn't want to mention anything of what had happened at the stadium or on the ride home as she would surely question Stan and I hate to think what story he would give his mother.

"Last night you got to spank yourself. Today there will be no such luxury. Now stand up and lean forward, placing your hands on the table."

Sick in the stomach I did as requested, feeling my short summer dress rising up my thighs as I leant forward. As I quickly glanced back I caught a glimpse of my Uncle Jimmy. It was no surprise that he was wearing a smile and had his eyes focused on my buttocks. For the umpteenth time I cringed in humiliation. This was certainly turning into undoubtedly the most humiliating day of my life, which was definitely saying something as my life had been overflowing with humiliation in recent weeks.

Suddenly Aunt Shirley landed the wooden spoon on my buttocks and I yelped, more out of surprise than pain.

"Aren't you going to spank her on her bare bum?" Uncle Jimmy sounded disappointed. "That is what her Ma does. Remember she says the humiliation is the important deterrent, not the administering of the pain."

I shut my eyes in horror and silently pleaded my Aunt would not relent.

"I am not sure, Jim," my Aunt responded, "Billy is in his bedroom and could come out any moment, plus you are here. I am not sure we should be exposing her bare behind with males around."

Finally a rational thought from my Aunt. However Uncle Jimmy was not one to miss an opportunity, especially when it came to satisfying his voyeuristic proclivity.

"Nonsense. If you want her to learn a lesson then you need to administer the punishment properly. Here, I will hold up the back of her skirt as it will just keep falling down."

Before either Aunt Shirley or I could react my Uncle reached out his big mitt and hoisted the back of my skirt up high, totally exposing my buttocks. I shut my eyes even tighter, trying not to imagine the view I must be presenting to my Uncle and Aunt.

"Are you sure?" my Aunt enquired hesitantly.

"Of course I am. Trust me. I am only thinking of Jen and what is best for her. She needs to learn how to behave good and proper."

I could not believe my Uncle Jimmy would have the gall to make a statement like that. In the past I would have voiced one of the many sarcastic responses that sprung to mind, however this was definitely a situation where I needed to bite my tongue.

"I guess you are right," Aunt Shirley relented.

"Of course I am. Now stick that bum of yours right out, Jen. I don't want Shirl spanking me by mistake."

Chance would be fine thing, I thought. However I obeyed my Uncle and arched my back so my buttocks were pushed further away from the table. I knew full well that his request probably had little to do with me presenting a better target for my Aunt. It only served to give Uncle Jimmy a better view of my tight little anus. Plus I knew the lips of my labia would be partially in view despite the fact I was keeping my legs shut tightly together.

Almost to my relief Aunt Shirley continued her spanking. The pain certainly increased without the protection of a layer of fabric, but I was very thankful it was not my Uncle who was administering the spanking as I am sure it would have been far worse. Even so I was beginning to yelp as the repeated spanks on my tender buttocks were taking their toll.

Suddenly a voice rang out from the hallway. "What's the hell is the racket?"

Aunt Shirley ceased her spanking mid-stroke, and there was a brief moment of silence.

"Fucking hell!" Billy exclaimed, wide-eyed at witnessing me bent over the table, my buttocks exposed courtesy of his father holding my dress up to my waist.

"Billy! Your language. If you cannot behave like an adult then go back to your room."

"Yes Billy," Uncle Jimmy chimed in, although he did not sound sincere. "Your naughty little cousin is getting a spanking because she came home not wearing her bra or knickers. Now you can either behave like an adult and watch and learn, or go to your room."

"Too cool. I mean, of course Ma and Pa, I will absolutely behave like an adult." Billy's response sounded even less sincere than his father's.

If I could have shut my eyes even tighter I would have. I was mortified that Billy, who was only slightly older than me, was now also soaking up the sight of my intimate exposure.

Thankfully Aunt Shirley continued her spanking. I just wanted it to be over with. However my Aunt's slow and deliberate spanks meant it seemed to drag on for an eternity.

Finally she told me to stand up. Uncle Jimmy seemed hesitant to let go of my raised dress but eventually let it fall back into place.

"Have you learnt a lesson, young lady?" Uncle Jimmy enquired of me.

"Oh yes, Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Shirley," I responded contritely.

I tried not to look at Billy but could not help seeing his grinning mug looking at me from behind his parents.

Aunt Shirley then instructed me to finish eating my lunch while she prepared a bath for me. I winced as I sat down on the chair. The fabric covering the chair felt rough against my tender, inflamed buttocks. Billy and his Dad hung around for a short while then obviously decided the fun was over and disappeared.

Aunt Shirley returned and waited beside me while I finished my lunch. I then let her lead me by the hand into the bathroom. She indicated for me to put my hands above my head and I obliged without protest. Humming quietly to herself she unbuttoned the front of the dress and then grabbed hold of the hem and levered it over my head so I was naked. Gone was her earlier anger.

I should have been humiliated. I should have put up some form of protest. But given the events of the past few days I just accepted it. Yes, it was embarrassing being undressed like a little girl. But I decided there were far worse things in life that could be happening. In a way it was nice having my Aunt fussing over me like this. At least she was not angry with me. She seemed to be enjoying herself, as if I was her girl she never had.

As I turned to step into the bath she noticed how red my buttocks were.

"Oh, dear me. You do look a sight," she sighed. "When you have finished the bath I will rub some oil on you to sooth the pain."

"Thank you, Aunty."

Once I was in the bath I lay back and enjoyed the water enveloping me. I had forgotten how relaxing a bath could be. My Aunt used a cup to pour water over my head and then applied shampoo. It was lovely having her delicate fingers running through my hair as she lathered the shampoo.

When she finally finished washing my hair I stood up in the bath and handed her the soap.

"Will you wash the rest of my body for me?" I requested.

Smiling gently she took the soap and began lathering me from my shoulders downwards. It was funny having her hand running over my boobs, and I felt awkward when she soaped my bottom and between my legs. But I just told myself it was my Aunty, so relax and enjoy it.

After sitting down again she removed all the soap, then held up a big fluffy towel for me to step into. After patting me down to ensure I was dry she gave me a loving peck on the cheek and told me to go to my bedroom and relax as I looked like I needed it. She wasn't wrong. It was only mid afternoon but I felt exhausted.

I lay on the bed, still with only my towel wrapped around me, and promptly dozed off. It had been quite a day.

I was startled awake by the sound of a quick knock on the door, followed by the squeak of the door opening. Still dozy from the sleep I slowly turned to see my Uncle Jimmy standing in the doorway. I glanced at the clock and realised I had been asleep for several hours.

"I must have dozed off," I stupidly stated the obvious.

"You certainly did. Must be all the excitement," he grinned.

I had this horrible thought of just how much he did know about my day. As my head cleared from the sleep I also realised I was lying on the bed with only my towel wrapped around me. From the satisfied smirk on Uncle Jimmy's face I suspected I was revealing more of my body than I would have liked.

I quickly sat up and swivelled my legs over the side of the bed away from my uncle's gaze. He then informed me that he had only popped his head in to tell me that Billy was out with his friends, Aunt Shirley was having a girl's night out, and he was going to the bar shortly for a few drinks with his mates. My Aunt had put a pizza out for my dinner.

"Thanks," I mumbled, pleased I was going to have a quiet night to watch television. Hopefully my boyfriend, Bobby, could come over and join me.

After Uncle Jimmy departed my room I realised that since the two of us were home alone it would be an ideal time to talk to him about the deal he promised he would do with me to enable me to get out of my commitment to be the basketball team's cheerleader for all the away games for the season. I also needed to desperately get my photos back from him.

I quickly stuck my head around the door. "Uncle Jimmy. Can you wait while I get changed as I want to discuss our deal with you."

Uncle Jimmy turned and seemed to ponder my request. "I don't want to waste good drinking time. If you want to talk to me than come into the lounge now and we can have a quick chat."

"I will only take a quick moment to get changed," I smiled, hoping to appease him.

"See you later then." Uncle Jimmy waved over his shoulder as he turned and walked down the hallway.

"Wait! Okay. Let's talk now." I desperately wanted to get these matters resolved as they were hanging over my head like an executioner's axe.

Uncle Jimmy made a big show of looking at his watch and considering if he had enough of his valuable time to talk to me.

"If we must," he responded curtly, then turned into the lounge and plonked himself down on his favourite armchair.

I went to sit down on the sofa opposite but realised that with only the towel wrapped around me it would be much too revealing. So I elected to stay upright, even though it felt awkward standing in front of him wearing only the towel.

"So my darling little niece, what are we going to discuss?"

I hesitated, now unsure of what to say first. I decided to get the humiliating matter of my lurid nude photos out of the way first. I took a deep breath.

"Please can I have the photos from my camera back?" I requested as politely as I could.

"Which photos would that be?" he asked innocently.

I knew I should have expected this from my Uncle. "The personal photos I took of my...body," I blushed.

"You want them back?" He acted like he was surprised by my request.

"Yes I do....please." I desperately tried not to lose my temper.

He lent back in his chair and for a long while he pondered my request. Finally he responded.

"Take off your towel and come and sit on my knee and I will look favourably on your request."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "What? You can't make me do that."

"Look Jen, I am not making you do anything. I want to be at the bar with my mates. If you don't want me to be staring at your photos, then take off your towel. If I have seen you naked in person then I hardly have any need of photos. I am not that hard up for thrills, girl."

Only my Uncle Jimmy could come up with logic like that. When I didn't immediately respond he looked at his watch impatiently again.

I took yet another deep breath. I could not believe what I was about to do. Before I had time to contemplate the consequences of what I was doing I whipped the towel away from around my body and let it fall to the floor. I was now standing totally naked in front of my Uncle. I desperately wanted to use my hands to cover myself but forced them to stay by my side.

Uncle Jimmy emitted a low whistle that indicated he liked what he saw of his 18 year old niece. I could feel the red flush of embarrassment flooding across my chest. His eyes roved up and down my body before he used his finger in a circular motion to indicate to me to turn around. I shuffled around so I was facing away from him and he could see my buttocks. I could still feel the tingling tenderness of my earlier spanking and I wondered if my cheeks were still red.

"Now come and sit on my lap."

Slowly I turned back to face him and walked over to where he was seated. Awkwardly I stood beside him. I desperately did not want to sit on his lap, but when he patted his knee with his hand I dutifully sat down. Uncle Jimmy put his hands on my hips and shuffled me around until he was comfortable. He then placed his hand on my thigh as if he was helping me not to fall off. The trouble was his hand was only a couple of inches from the top of my thigh and therefore precariously close to my pussy.

To my horror I then realised I could feel his manhood pressing against my buttocks. I might be a virgin and therefore a sexual novice, but I had no doubt his penis was hard under his trousers. It totally grossed me out and I wanted to get up and run out of that room, but I had endured so much embarrassment to get to this point I did not want to sacrifice the opportunity to get matters sorted.

I gritted my teeth with determination and turned to look at him. Our faces were uncomfortably close.

"Please can I have my photos now, Uncle Jimmy?" I asked demurely.

"Let's talk about the deal first, shall we?"

I was annoyed at his change of topic but was too desperate to discuss the deal to try and argue the point.

"You promised me you would do a deal to let me off the cheerleading. Please, Uncle Jimmy. I hate it. I just hate it. It is humiliating beyond belief."

"Yes. Your loud mouth did get you into a whole heap of trouble."

"I know, and I am sorry. Truly I am. I have learnt my lesson."

"Somehow I have my doubts about that," Uncle Jimmy seemed to doubt my sincerity. "However I am a man of my word, and I did say I would do you a deal."

I suddenly sat bolt upright in anticipation of his offer, but then realised by doing so I had almost thrust my breasts into his face. Mortified I quickly slouched my shoulders again. Uncle Jimmy chuckled at my discomfort.

"What is the deal, Uncle Jimmy?" I asked tentatively.

"Well, as you know we have an away game this weekend. You have to come along and be our cheerleader...."

"But, Uncle Jimmy," I interjected, "I don't want to ever be a cheerleader again."

"Let me finish!" Uncle Jimmy pinched my buttock to reinforce his displeasure at my interruption.


"As I was saying. You have to be our cheerleader this weekend, however if we win then you are off the hook for the rest of the season."

My heart sank. It didn't seem to be all that attractive to me.

"And if you lose?" I asked tentatively, fearful of what his response will be.

"Jen. You really have no faith in your team, even though your brother and three of your cousins are playing, plus they have a champion coach in me."

I wanted to tell him that was the reason I had little faith in them, but I bit my tongue.

"Please reconsider?" I pleaded.

"Jen. It is a very fair offer. You can't stay here this weekend anyway as your Aunt Shirley is away and Billy and I will be travelling to the game Saturday morning and coming back Sunday."

"We are staying overnight?" I whined.

"It is too far to travel in one day. Now, enough of your grizzling. Do we have a deal or do we not have a deal?"

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