tagGroup SexThe Hunger Ch. 01

The Hunger Ch. 01


'Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'm doing this,' I thought as another flash of excitement flashed through my body. I had never been so excited... and so nervous in my entire life.

I was driving to meet a couple for a weekend of pure unadulterated sex. It was to be a weekend of sexual exploration, mainly for me. Let me back up and explain how I had gotten to this point.

First, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm Kim, a 32 year old successful "career woman," meaning I am single. Its not that I don't have a social life but I had just never found Mr. Right that lit the fire within me. I'm a petite 4'11", 98 lbs., 32B-22-32, size 0. I have long, straight dark hair that reaches the middle of my back and large, brown, expressive eyes. I've never thought of myself as beautiful but I admit that I don't have any problem attracting the attention of men, or a few women for that matter. My body is extremely fit from my habit of almost daily aerobics and swimming workouts.

Overall, I'd have to say that I am very happy with my life. My career is progressing well. As a matter of fact, I just got a major promotion. I have an active social life and don't lack for friends, both male and female. I have no problem meeting men and while I don't date a lot, I'm able to meet enough men to keep my social schedule as full as I like. I've had more than a few lovers over the years.

So, you may ask, where's the problem? Well... to be honest, the problem lies in the fact that my sex life is boring. It's just my fantasy life is far more exciting than the reality of what is taking place between my sheets. It's not that I don't find the partners that have shared a bed with me satisfying. I usually cum easily and frequently with most of the men I have chosen to have sex with. I've had my share of long term relationships as well as the occasional one night stand, and everything else in between.

The problem is in my fantasy life and the difference between it and the reality of my sex life. The two seem to be at extremes to each other. I have analyzed this dichotomy in my mind many times. I have learned to be honest with myself in this analysis. A large part of the problem is that I tend to be somewhat passive in bed, and perhaps the men I have met just weren't able to bring out the sexual tigress that is bottled up inside me. Perhaps, I thought, my petite size made my lovers feel that I was somewhat delicate while I felt an increasing need for sex on the rough side. It also seemed that most of the men I met seemed to follow a sort of sexual script that was more than a little on the vanilla-ish. A little making out, a little oral foreplay, and then followed by a session of fucking in the missionary position. I almost felt like I was caught in the doldrums of married sex as described by my married girlfriends. Perhaps, and most importantly, I am able to admit to myself that I am more than a little inadequate when it comes communicating my sexual desires to lovers.

My fantasies, on the other hand, were filled with images of hot, passionate, extended sex that left me exhausted and satisfied in way I could only dream of. I admit that reading erotic stories online had had a huge impact on my fantasies. I have found that my consumption of online erotica had grown over the years. Not only had the volume grown, but what I considered my favorite topics had changed as well. I found myself being increasingly drawn to more extreme and "edgy" topics. As time has gone on, my bookmark folders began to fill with group, anal, lesbian, and even BDSM stories. To a large extent, my bookmarks were a mirror image of my fantasy life.

Increasingly, I found myself becoming attracted to other women. I caught myself checking out other women in public with a growing appreciation for the female form. While surfing the net I would catch myself staring intently at porn sites, especially those dedicated to lesbian sex. My masturbatory orgasms were often accompanied by fantasies of lesbian or bisexual encounters.

The result of these changes in my sexuality was what I have come to call "the hunger." I wasn't sure what I wanted, but I wanted more... more sex, more new experiences, more exploration. The hunger had become the driving force in my personal life. I had myself becoming less interested in dating, more reclusive, and spending more time on the net surfing porn and erotica sites.

It was during one of these online sessions that I found myself on a swinger contact website. On a whim, I signed up for a membership and filled out a profile, including a swim suit picture of myself. I was somewhat amazed at the volume of emails I received when I checked the website a few days later. I felt a thrill when I logged on and saw the indication on the home page that I had mail waiting. There were a total of 23 emails in the inbox. The thrill was quickly muted when I started reading the emails and the associated profiles. Most were from single or married men that I generally labeled as "HNGs" – horny net geeks. I'm not sure what I was looking for but these guys weren't it. I wasn't interested in a one night stand with some guy that was only looking for an easy fuck.

There were a few emails from couples and I had to stop and consider whether I was interested in a couple. I quickly came to the conclusion that it was a possibility I was open to. I saved the emails from couples for last. After I rejected and deleted all of emails from men I turned to the couple's emails.

I considered a few but I found one reason or another to reject them as well. Some were from obvious newbies to the swinging lifestyle. Others seemed to be from the male partner that was more interested in fulfilling his own fantasies than the desires of his partner. Some were just not physically attractive to me. I got to the final email and opened it. My optimism was at a low point. The email was obviously from the female partner, which I found refreshing. She, Sharon was her name, seemed genuine and for some reason I liked what she said. I opened their profile and my interest grew.

I was inspected their pictures, especially their nudes, and found myself physically attracted to both of them. They were lived in a nearby city. I read the details of their profile. She was bisexual and he straight... so far, so good. The essay part of their profile was eloquent and well stated. They were obviously a committed couple that was looking for more in their lives than a monogamous relationship could offer. I could certainly understand that. Their sexual interests and experiences closely matched my own. I quickly fired off a response to their email and included my private email and yahoo chat address.

Later that evening my yahoo chat lit up with a message from someone I didn't recognize. I quickly found it was Sharon. We had a nice chat and I found that I liked her more and more. She seemed to be everything I had thought, based on her initial email. It was late when we said our goodnights but we agreed to meet online the following night for another chat.

Over the following week we talked almost every night. We shared a few phone conversations as well, during which I also talked to her husband. My interest and attraction to them, and especially Sharon, grew as time went on. I found myself growing aroused and anticipating the time we agreed to meet online. Over time I grew to become more comfortable with Sharon and this allowed me to open up to her. Our conversations included our sexual experiences, likes, dislikes, interests, and fantasies. She shared the details of a few of their swinging experiences and I always found myself aroused by them and often masturbating in my bed afterwards while imagining myself in the scenarios she had just described.

From the beginning, Sharon had emphasized that they were happy to take things at my own pace. I was growing more anxious to finally meet them and hopefully play. After conversing with Sharon and Jim for about a week and half I brought it up. She seemed very happy that I was ready to meet them. We compared schedules and agreed on a weekend 10 days later. They live about an hour's drive away and I would travel to them. The plan was for us to meet for dinner and if anyone was agreed, we would go to their home. I was happy about that since it would give me an out in the event that our chemistry in person what I felt online and on the phone. I didn't think that was likely, but was relieved that they gave me an opportunity to do so.

My thoughts, in and out of bed, were filled with images of the upcoming weekend. It was an exciting and frustrating week and half for me. I often found myself sitting in front of the computer, staring at the pictures on their profile, or some others that Sharon had emailed me, with my fingers buried in my panties. Bedtime was even worse. I usually masturbated myself to sleep, fantasizing about Jim's cock filling one or more of my orifices or my face buried in Sharon's pussy, or more likely, a combination of both.

My hunger had increased to an almost unbearable level. The batteries on my trusty vibrator had to be replaced a few times. In addition, the tempo of my chats with Sharon picked up. The topics were increasingly heated. We found ourselves rushing through the obligatory social parts of the early part of our chats to get to the more explicit parts of our conversation.

I spent the better part of the weekend before our scheduled meeting shopping for the perfect dress, accessories, and lingerie. My strategy was simply to "dress to impress" as well to make a statement about myself as a sexual person. I wanted to make a good impression as well as feel good about myself when we met. Sharon and I had even done some online window shopping at a few of her favorite lingerie websites. Because of this I had a good idea of what she liked and found attractive. A few comments she had made about Jim's preferences, especially about his tastes in lingerie had helped in that regard as well.

So... there I was, on the way to a weekend of lust, passion, and fantasy fulfillment. I took the day off from work and spent most of the mourning primping and getting ready. I shaved my pubes and now had a narrow "landing strip" adorning my pussy. I had applied my makeup a little more heavily than normal, going for more of a sultry, sexy look rather than the wholesome or professional look I normally tried to display. I love the way that my silk G-string caressed my crotch. The softness of the fabric wasn't the only thing I felt down there. My pussy was already leaking and my labia were swollen. If that wasn't enough, I could feel my rock hard nipples pressing against the thin silk of the matching bra I was wearing. I could also feel the caress of the lace top stockings as I moved my legs. The straps of the lace garter belt, that they were attached to, pressed into the cheeks of my ass. On top of it all I wore a short, black silk wraparound dress that promised accessibility. I had also bought a pair of 4 inch "fuck me" pumps.

I had gone for a look of raw but sophisticated sensuality. I was happy with the way it had all come together but more importantly I was turned on by the way it made me feel about myself. I had never blatantly expressed my sexuality as I was now doing. I decided that it was something I would do again. It was if my outward appearance was a catalyst for my own feeling about my sexuality. I felt freer of the inhibitions that had suppressed my sexuality for so long. I giggled to myself as the term "sexual epiphany" went through my mind.

I struggled to concentrate on the traffic and my driving as these thoughts went through my head. My reflections on my own sexuality were not the only things filling my brain. Images of the upcoming events also swirled through my mind. I tried to analyze my attitude and emotions towards what I was about to experience. The excitement I felt, as evidenced by my pussy and nipples, was more than tangible. Was I nervous? Yes, but not in a scared sort of way. I was more anxious about living up to the expectations of my new lovers. The element of newness and exploring the unknown contributed to it as well.

Before I knew it, I was looking for my exit and following the directions I had printed out to the restaurant. My anxiety and excitement grew as I got closer to my destination. Only moments after exiting the freeway I was pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant. I checked the car's clock and saw that I was 10 minutes early. I took a few minutes to check my hair and touch up my makeup. I gathered myself for a minute, trying to calm my wildly beating heart.

I slid my nylon covered legs from the car and straightened my dress, smoothing out the wrinkles. Unaccustomed to wearing heels that high I teetered inside the restaurant and quickly found the ladies room, needing to relieve the pressure in my bladder after my drive. As I sat on the toilet I was glad I had the presence of mind to put my thong on over the garter belt so that I didn't have to unhook my stockings. As I patted myself dry I chuckled as I noted that I was damp with more fluids than those produced by my trip to the bathroom.

I once again checked my hair and makeup and straightened my dress. Pleased with my appearance I went to find my potential new lovers. I spotted them seconds after entering the restaurant's bar. I was happy to note that they looked very much like their pictures.

Jim rose when I approached their table. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then held my chair for me. I sat down and Sharon leaned over and kissed me as well. Her kiss was on the lips, but because we were in public it was just a quick peck. After the obligatory greetings we ordered a drink and Jim went to check on a table.

"I'm happy to say that you look better in person than your pictures on your profile," Sharon said.

"Yea, I was thinking the same thing about the two of you," I replied, smiling.

"We've been really looking forward to meeting you," she said.

"I've been pretty excited about meeting you as well, but I have to admit I am more than a little nervous. This is pretty new to me."

"That's OK sweetie, I remember my first time and I was very nervous. I've been there. Just try to relax and remember there is no pressure. If all we do is meet and get to know one another tonight that will be fine with us. We don't go into one of these meeting with any preconceived commitments. If you aren't up to playing tonight, that's fine. We'll just consider it an enjoyable evening spent with a lovely new friend," she said, smiling radiantly at me.

I sat quietly for a minute, reflecting on what Sharon had said while taking a good look at her. She is a gorgeous woman. Just a little taller than me, perhaps about 5'1", about 105 pounds, medium length blond hair, blue eyes. Her breasts are her most noticeable feature. I thought they might be a large C cup but on her slight frame they looked larger. Sharon simply oozes sexuality in a sensual, yet sophisticated way.

"I admit that I do feel somewhat relieved that you and Jim have that attitude," I replied, hoping that I didn't come off as some sort of little nervous Nelly that was ready to bolt for the door at any moment. "I am looking forward to getting to know you and Jim better," I stated, trying to give her a big smile that was designed to help relieve some of Sharon's own reservations about me.

"I'm sure we'll grow to be wonderful friends," she said, returning my smile. "I have a sort of radar. Jim calls it swinger radar. I seem to have a 6th sense about people and right now it tells me everything is going to work out just fine," she said in her subtle but clearly noticeable Texas twang.

I chuckled and said, "I'm glad to hear that."

Jim returned to the table at that point and said that our table was ready. I checked him out as he approached the table. He is a tall lean man, obviously fit, about 6 feet tall, 200 lbs., with a touch of salt and pepper hair. He looked as if he may have been an athlete at one point in his life but had retained the angular muscularity over the years. He exuded a certain sense of masculine confidence that I had always found attractive in a man. Jim offered us both an arm and escorted us to the hostess stand and then to our table.

Dinner was a pleasant blur. I was noticeably more relaxed as I got to know this couple better. The conversation was witty and intelligent and helped along by a steady flow of wine. There was a definite sexual undertone to the conversation without being blatant. It was if my two dinner companions were trying to tease me but at the same time it seemed as if it was just part of who they are. Their sexuality seemed to be such an integral part of their personalities that it simply interjected itself into every part of their outward personas when they are able to let their hair down and be themselves. Overall, I was impressed with them and found myself becoming more attracted to them as the evening progressed.

Finally, after splitting a dessert accompanied by an after dinner coffee, Sharon said, "Jim, why don't you take care of the bill and Kim and I will take her car over to the house and get her settled in."
"OK, that will be fine, I'll see you in a few minutes," he replied to his wife.

After we left the restaurant and in the privacy of my car Sharon took me by the shoulders and turned me to face her. She said, "Kim, if you would rather sleep alone tonight, you have your own room at the house. If, on the other hand, you would like to join us, we would love to share our bed with you."

"Sharon, I think I would really like that," I said smiling. Sharon and I looked deeply into each other's eyes and I saw the passion in hers. She leaned in close to me and our lips met. We shared a very hot, but all to brief kiss that left me wanting more.

Our lips parted and she whispered to me, "Well then, shall we be on our way? There will be plenty of time for more of that later," she said, smiling infectiously.

"I certainly hope so," I replied as I started the car and we started the short journey to my new friends', and soon to be lovers', house.

After chatting for a few minutes I was directed to pull up to a gated community. It was definitely different than most gated communities I had been to previously. When I asked Sharon about it, she explained that they lived on the grounds of a nudist camp that she and Jim were part owners of. To say that I was a more than a little surprised would be an understatement. After she gave me the gate code she gave me a quick tour as we drove through the camp to the back of the property where their home was located. I was impressed with the facilities. There was an odd mixture of trailers, RVs, and houses scattered throughout the camp. Their house was on an isolated plot of land on the backside of most of the facilities. It was at least half a mile from the rest of the camp. Sharon explained that while many nudists are also swingers, many are not, and that they put their home away from the rest of the camp so that they could have privacy and be discrete about their swinging activities while still enjoying the atmosphere that living in a nudist camp provided.

I nodded as she played tour guide and explained about the camp. My mind was whirling with these new developments. I didn't know what to expect when we pulled up at their house but their home was not it. While not a mansion, it came pretty close. I pulled up in a circular drive by the front door. As I unloaded my luggage, with Sharon's help, from the trunk she explained that they had bought the house and the surrounding acreage years ago. They had been members of another nudist camp and had been approached by some friends from the camp about building a new camp on their property. Their other friends had invested the money needed to build the facilities needed to get the camp started.

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