tagLesbian SexThe Hunger Ch. 12

The Hunger Ch. 12


I highly recommend reading chapters 1-11 before beginning this chapter. While this chapter can be read as a stand alone story it is entirely dependent on the events of the earlier chapters. A writer thrives on your feedback. Please take a moment to vote and leave a comment if you feel so inclined. Your votes are greatly appreciated. I hope you enjoy my scribbling.


I woke up earlier than normal on Thursday. I must have slept well, because I wasn't sleepy at all. That was something else I had noticed of late. Apparently my more active sex life and exercise program had reduced my requirement for sleep. I often awoke before my alarm clock. Maybe I was just getting better quality sleep. I started my morning routine and as I headed toward the shower I thought of the scene that had taken place there the previous morning with Heather. I doubted that I could ever shower without thinking of it. The memory left my nipples hard and my pussy more than a little squishy as I stepped into the warm spray.

I saw the suction cup dildo that I had begun to think of as "Big Jim" standing tall and proud where we had left it yesterday and was suddenly happy I had a little extra time. With practiced ease, it was soon buried in my pussy and I took the extra time to slowly bring myself to a long, satisfying orgasm after slowly driving myself to release. The memory of Heather's performance certainly added extra stimulation to my self pleasure and the exuberance with which I thrust onto the phallus was perhaps a bit more energetic than usual. As the steam from the shower enshrouded me and I basked in the glow of my post-orgasmic after shocks, I thought that perhaps I may have some things to learn from her as well. My pussy was just ever so slightly tender from the self administered pounding it had received but I thought that it was definitely more than worth it.

I got to work a bit early, helped by the fact that I had missed the worst of the morning rush hour. Traffic and commuting was something I was definitely not going to miss after my upcoming move to the camp.

My replacement trainee came in on time and I broke the news to her about her opportunity to fly solo on Friday. She seemed happy that we trusted her with it and also relieved when I gave her my cell phone number in case she needed it. I reminded her that Ellen was also available in the event there was a major problem. There was nothing on the horizon that I foresaw as a problem for Friday, but then problems were rarely anticipated in my business.

We had a brief meeting to discuss her "to do" list for Friday before the phones started ringing. We had a new advertising campaign that I had played a major roe in and it was getting ready to roll out. Most of the work had been done and we were just finishing up a few of the minor, last minute details, such as approving media buys. Friday's tasks were mainly a continuation of the work we did on Thursday and I was glad that she wouldn't have to take on anything new. I sent an email to Ellen with my replacements task list for Friday and she asked for both of us to meet with her to go over it. That only took about 15 minutes and Ellen seemed pleased that I had planned out everything so well.

I even managed to slip out for lunch, for a change. I had a salad and spent the time thinking about the move to the camp. I was only planning on taking my clothes and personal items. My furniture was mostly old and in need of replacement anyway. Jim and Sharon's home was already furnished and, at best, my furniture would just go into storage. I decided to see if I could sell my furniture and add the money to what I had come to think of as my "windfall fund." I decided to mention this to Heather and see if she knew of a worthy student that may need some inexpensive furniture. I didn't keep a lot of food in the kitchen, so that wouldn't be a problem. The few spices and dry goods would easily fit into Sharon's huge kitchen pantry.

We got everything wrapped up early and I sent my replacement home at around 4:15. I checked out with Ellen and I left a few minutes later in order to meet Jan about the car. I had done a little research on the internet and came up with a ballpark idea of the resale value of my make and model. I was surprised that it was worth as much as it was. Apparently, the current price of gas was helping out. My car was fairly fuel efficient, and I had recently replaced most of the items that could be expected to go out on it in the next few years, including a new set of tires and brakes.

As it turns out, my actual negotiations were mostly with Jan's Dad, via cell phone. I spoke to him while she test drove it. He mainly wanted to know about the maintenance of the vehicle. I had all the receipts for routine maintenance performed, including oil changes. He seemed to be mainly concerned with safety and reliability, rather than cost. A good Dad, I thought. I had been taught well by my own Dad about the importance of maintenance, especially oil changes, and the sales and marketing background kicked in and I basically sold him on those items. While my car was old and not in pristine condition, it was a good car that had served me well and I had no problem convincing Jan's father of that fact. It's always easier to sell a product you believe in.

After the test drive, Jan's Dad asked to talk to her and I handed the phone off to her. They had a short conversation and she helped me close the deal. She thought the car was "cute" and that seemed to be her key issue. Like I said earlier, Jan was a bit of a bubble head.

The phone was handed back to me and after a brief but intense bit of haggling, we settled on a price that was actually close to the top end of the range I wanted and the deal was done. He agreed to wire the money to my bank and I gave him my ABA and account info. He said he would go ahead and call his bank to send the wire as soon as we hung up and I would have the money in the morning. I agreed to that and said I would make arrangements to meet Jan in the morning and hand off the keys and title to her and I would even deliver it to her after having it washed and detailed. With that, our business was concluded. We thanked each other and said our goodbyes. After that, all I had to do was make arrangements with Jan to meet her on Friday to drop off the car.

I drove the car to a full service car wash and after talking to the manager I arranged to leave it there overnight and pick it up early the next morning. The car wash was only a few blocks from my apartment and I walked home. With the details of the car resolved, my mind shifted to Heather and thoughts of our date that evening. I hadn't really had the time or opportunity to do much in the way of planning. By this time it was already 5:30 and I knew I would have to rush a little to be ready in time. She was supposed to come over to my house at 7:00. On a whim, I stopped into a florist that was around the corner from my apartment and got a bouquet of mixed flowers for Heather.

I checked the mail when I got home and besides a stack of credit card bills, that I decided to pay off after the wire hit my account, there was also an envelope from American Express. I was a little mystified about this because it obviously wasn't the kind of envelope that you get trying to get you to open an account. I opened it and found a brand new Amex gold corporate card with my name on it. I suddenly remembered the mention of a travel card for business expenses for my new job. 'Wow,' I thought, that would certainly help cut down on my out of pocket business expenses. My future cash flow situation was looking better and better all the time.

My thoughts returned to Heather as I began to prepare for our date. I was tempted to masturbate to "take the edge off" but I resisted the urge. Besides, I didn't have time for more than just a quickie and I was sure better things would soon be in the offing.

My thoughts largely revolved around the talk I had been planning to have with Heather. I was certain the evening would give us the opportunity for a little "pillow talk." I saw Heather as a bit of a mystery when it came to her sexuality. On the surface she was a bit inexperienced, shy, but very eager. At the same time I saw there was a lot more there, hidden beneath the surface. I sensed that she had a much deeper and extensive fantasy life that her shy exterior kept bottled up. It peeked through occasionally, usually when she let her guard down. This part of her intrigued me and I was fixated on the idea of doing whatever was necessary to help bring it to the surface. I knew this was mainly a matter of trust, and that in turn, was a matter of time. Not only was I thinking of her trust in me, but in herself as well. Sexual confidence was certainly not one of her strengths, but then it hadn't been mine either until recently. I had been there myself and again I saw a lot of my prior self in her. I could definitely empathize with her. Just as Jim and Sharon had helped free that part of my sexuality, I was convinced that I could help her as well.

My thoughts went back to the trust issue. I knew that was a matter of time and we really didn't have much of a history together to base that trust on. At the same time, things were definitely moving fast and our relationship seemed to be developing quickly.

The issue of time moved my thoughts in another direction. I realized that the upcoming changes in my life, particularly the move and my new job, didn't leave a lot of time for Heather and me. That is, at least in the current configuration of our relationship and living arrangements. I compartmentalized that and decided to save it for after our weekend together. I'd see how things went before bringing that up. After all, we were just "dating" now and I may be putting the cart before the horse, so to speak. That wasn't unusual for me. I often struggled with justifying the logical side of my personality with the urges of my heart, and lately my pussy as well. I chastised myself for doing all my thinking with my pussy and resolved to take a more casual approach to life, at least for a while.

While showering I took the time to shave: pits, legs, and pussy. I decided a change in pubic hair style was in order but decided to hold off on that. Perhaps Sharon could give me some suggestions.

I broke out the "good" lingerie and chose a matching red lace demi-cup bra and thong and over that went a silk chemise type dress. It would slip on and off easily, and I arranged the bra so that it left my nipples exposed. I hoped that seeing hard nipples under silk had the same impact on Heather that it did on me. I slipped on some matching 3 inch heels that would hopefully get me closer to Heather's height. A quick check in the mirror assured me that I was ready. Hair, check; jewelry, just a single ring, dangly earrings, and a long chain on my neck that led the eyes to my breasts, check; makeup, sexy but not over the top, check; clothes, definitely sexy but not slutty. I'd save slutty for another time, check.

I decided that we would eat in so that we could have more intimate time together. Besides, my frig was pretty empty, except for some salad fixings and frozen dinners. To be honest, I'm not the greatest cook and with the kind of schedule I keep, survival food was about all I ever kept in the kitchen. I didn't think Heather would be overly impressed by my domestic skills. I decided on Chinese and placed an order to my favorite take out place. I wasn't sure what Heather liked, so I ordered a pretty good variety. I also checked my stock of wine and decided to break out the "good stuff" that I normally saved for the rare occasions I had guests. I definitely thought that Heather deserved the "good stuff." That meant wine with a cork, rather than the stuff in a box that was my normal after work or night cap choice.

I had finished my personal preparations and moved on to prepare my bedroom for what I hoped would be its extensive use. I set out some candles and arranged the pillows and comforter. I also stashed some towels and wash cloths for later use. Finally, I made sure my toys were laid out, clean and ready. A fresh package of AA batteries solved the later.

I was just finishing straightening up the living room and arranging the flowers in a vase when there was a knock at the door. She was here! My heart jumped a little in anticipation.

Heather had certainly dressed to impress, and was I ever impressed. I had told her to dress casual, but she was definitely alluring, but then I am biased. She was wearing a slinky satin cami with a scoop neck and a short denim skirt. Her long, gorgeous, muscular legs led down to a pair of cute sandals with a small heel. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra and I couldn't help but wonder if she had foregone any other items of underwear. I was certain I would be finding out soon. Other than that she was just wearing a pearl necklace and matching pearl earrings that had the look of family heirlooms. Her hair was down and loose and brushed across the top of her muscular shoulders. I was definitely taken with her attire and appearance and to be honest, more than a little aroused.

She flowed into my arms after entering my apartment and our lips met in a long, glorious kiss that left my blood boiling. As sweet as the kiss was, it was but a promise of better things to come. When we finally broke the kiss, we simply stood there, looking into each other's eyes, both seeing the mutual lust in them. It was a wonderful moment, but we were jolted back to reality by a knock at the door. Our dinner had arrived.

I filled Heather in on my dinner plans and she seemed pleased. I think she was happy that I had freed up our schedule by not cooking so as to leave time for other more important matters. I collected the take out, paid the delivery guy, and Heather and I were soon laying out our feast at my small kitchen table. She turned out to be as big a fan of oriental food as I was and we happily shared the meal, chatting between bites about our respective days. She was pleased with the wine and the flowers.

As we talked, I was reminded of the fact that other than the sex we shared and a few other miscellaneous factoids, I really didn't know that much about her, for example, her preferences in food. It was a stark reminder of how new our relationship was. Even when it came to sex, there were a lot of unknowns. This made me reflect on the fact that it takes more than just sex to be truly compatible with someone. Certainly sex was a major factor, especially for me, but I was hoping for more than just a fuck buddy in Heather, so much more. So far I had seen no major compatibility issues with her, but then we were still so early in our relationship that it was hard to really tell. I knew from past experiences in other failed relationships that the lust of a new relationship often blinded me to those sorts of issues. I resolved to not let that be in the case with her.

Clean up was quick and efficient, another advantage of the take out. We retired to my tiny living room and I put on some soft rock on the stereo that was more for mood music than anything else. Our conversation continued, we both seemingly avoiding any truly consequential topics. Mainly we just caught each other up about what had gone on in our lives since we had last been together, which had been all of 36 hours. Jobs, school, her test, and the sale of my car were the primary topics.

When I got around to the car, I explained my plans for the money from it and she seemed excited by the idea of spending a good part of the day Friday shopping with me. When I said something about treating her to a few things for the trip to the camp, that led to me filling her in about my conversation with Sharon the previous night. I could see her excitement increase as random thoughts about a sexual adventure filled in the gaps of what was an otherwise non-sexual discussion. She had brought an overnight bag with her and I said we could stop by her place and pick up anything we needed for the weekend but I thought I had a spare for anything she might need. We could pick up anything else she needed while we were out on Friday.

Somewhere during all this, after a lull in the conversation, we started to discuss our life plans and goals. This was really the first time we had ever really discussed anything so serious, other than just in passing. She only had a few months until graduation and had not really made any serious plans past that. She had some vague ideas about continuing her education at some point, but the prospect of rolling directly into post-grad education was not really enticing. She said she needed a break from school, for at least a while and had entertained the idea of possibly getting a job and going to school part time. She said that if nothing else came up, she would probably go to work full time at the gym and talk to the owners about stepping up to an entry level management job.

I told her that I could sympathize with her on that. I had been in pretty much the same quandary when I had graduated. An idea came to mind and I told her I might have a suggestion, but I would get back to her on it later after I did a little research.

I then went on to fully explain my current situation at work. She knew a few of the details, but not all. The main thing was my relocation to the camp and Jim and Sharon's home. I did explain that I would still be traveling back to the area and hoped to continue seeing Heather as often as possible. That seemed to be a relief to her that I could see it in her eyes and body language. Again, the issue of a future between us raised its head. I still had a few weeks before the move and I wanted to devote as much of that time as possible to getting to know her better, and I told her so. She seemed to be very pleased with this.

The conversation slowed to a slightly uncomfortable halt. We had been sitting close, our thighs and shoulders lightly touching, intimate but not sexual. Hands touched or reached out to each other occasionally whenever a point was being emphasized, but other than that, we could have been two friends chatting. During this lull, a favorite song came on the radio and I looked at Heather, took her hand in my own, and asked if she would like to dance. She readily agreed.

What followed was, to be honest, more than a little awkward. We came together for a slow dance and there was the initial issue of where to put hands and arms and who was going to lead. Her taller stature made her the obvious choice to lead but she seemed to expect me to do so. We finally got it sorted out and we moved together semi-gracefully to the music. We at least managed to keep from stomping on each other's toes. My heels raised me almost to her height, but she was still several inches taller.

The feeling of our breasts pressed together and legs entwined added a definite eroticism to the dance. Our eyes were locked and I think we both felt a growing heat that was expressed to the other through them. I finally couldn't resist the urge any longer and reached up, pulled her mouth to mine and our lips met in a slow, smoldering kiss. I could taste her lip gloss on my tongue as the intensity of the kiss increased and our tongues joined in a timeless duel.

We hardly noticed when the song ended. Our bodies continued to sway in time to the last strands of music. Finally, the kiss ended and my hunger for her overcame everything else. I needed her and I could see in her eyes that she reciprocated that need. Without a word exchanged, I placed my hand in hers and led her towards my bedroom, carrying our wine glasses with us in my free hand.

Once there, words were not necessary as we joined again in an increasingly heated kiss. Our hands slid over each other. Arms, backs, fingers running through each other's hair, shoulders were all fair game for the caresses we shared as the kiss continued. Finally, we seemed to reach a point where, as delightful as it was, it simply wasn't enough. My hands slid under her cami and up her back and then around to cup her firm young breasts. Her nipples were hard and pressed wonderfully into my palms as I cupped her orbs. This produced a groan from her that I felt through her lips, as much as I heard it.

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