tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Huxtable Girls Ch. 01

The Huxtable Girls Ch. 01


The following story is pure fiction. It is meant to be a parody of the TV show with the characters, Pam Huxtable, Vanessa Huxtable, Denise Huxtable, and Sandra Huxtable.

Claire Huxtable entered the living room brushing her hair into place. She was in a hurry.

"Denise?", she yelled up the stairway.

"Yes Mom, I'll be right down.", called Denise.

The 20 year old Huxtable girl said, "Jimmy I miss you baby. My mom is calling me and I have got to run. Talk to you later."

Denise hung up her cordless phone and threw it onto her bed.

A moment later, Denise came down the stairs.

As usual, Denise was her eccentric self dressed in her own unique style.

Claire looked at her daughter and wondered, "Where did I go so wrong with this child?"

Denise stood in front of her mother dressed in cut-off jean shorts, A purple tank top with an emblem of Porky the Pig, and her usual flip-flop footwear for lounging around the house.

Denise's skin hue was quite pale. Cliff often joked that some white SOB must have sneaked into her great grandmother's bed so many years back.

Her braided hair hung almost down to her ass. Claire often thought with jealousy that she wished she had hair that would grow so long. She was sure that Cliff would enjoy such long hair up in the bedroom. When she and cliff were getting nasty in their bedroom, she wanted to yell pull my hair lover, but she did not have all that much to pull.

She shook her head to get her mind back in focus for the day.

"Denise, I want you to be sure you keep a good eye on your sister Vanessa & your cousin Pam for the weekend. No parties, No Boys over the house while your father and I are away."

Denise smiled and said, "Ok Mom, I'll keep the house in tip top shape till you get back."

Claire said with some worry in her voice, "I'd feel safer if Theo was here or if Sandra was able to get here before tonight. But your father surprised me with this cruise to the Virgin Islands on short notice."

"You know the usual rules. Don't open the door to strangers. Don't order any pizza deliveries. I left tons of food in the fridge for you girls to warm up and eat."

Denise smiled, "Mom you worry too much. I can handle this little housesitting job. This is no big deal."

Claire smiled back, "I left $30 in the cookie jar for emergencies, but be sure there are no emergencies!"

"What time will Sandra be getting here?", Denise asked.

Claire looked around the room trying to recall anything she might have forgotten while she answered, "She'll be getting here around midnight. She has her own key to the house so you won't need to stay up waiting for her. Be sure that you girls get

into bed at a decent hour."

Claire looked up the steps and yelled, "Girls, come down we are getting ready to leave."

Cliff Huxtable came into the living room with an annoyed look on his face. "Claire, the taxi is waiting, we have to hurry to the airport." Pam and Vanessa came running down the stairs. Claire eyed them both and thought, "They may both be 18 years old, but age sure shows up differently on different people."

Pam was dark skinned and very tom-boyish. She had on a sweatsuit and sneakers. As far back as Claire could remember Pam kept her hair cut very short. Too short for her liking. Vanessa had medium toned skin and was dressed in a knee length dark skirt and a white button down blouse. Vanessa's hair was shoulder length and very curly. Pam asked, "Be sure you bring me a really nice gift back.", Laughing as she said it.

Vanessa chided along, "Mom you know how I love that Island jewelry. I'd love to get another piece to add to my collection."

Cliff looked at his daughter, Denise. "And what would you like us to bring you back?"Denise smiled, "I'm sure that whatever Mom picks out it will be fine."

Cliff became serious, "Take good care of my house. Don't burn it down, Don't break it up, And don't let any of those horny boys from the block in here while we are gone!" He hugged and kissed his girls goodbye.

He then smacked his wife on the ass on the way out to the cab. Claire laughed and warned him, "That is how we wound up with all the other kids." Cliff smiled back at her, "no more kids, but there is nothing that says we can't pretend like we are making babies!"

They hurried to the taxi as the kids waved goodbye and closed the front door.

Denise looked at her sister and her cousin , "Okay just the 3 of us till Sandra gets here later tonight. I guess we should enjoy our freedom till she gets here. You know Sandra will be strict like mom and dad."

Denise took in the situation. An empty house ,But She doubted she could sneak a boyfriend in here and get away with it. Vanessa might be bribed, but Pam was a wildcard. She might promise anything but then let it slip out later what Denise had done. Denise knew that her parents were letting Pam stay with them to help the poor girl out. She was from Detroit and had been through some rough times recently. Her parents never told them what trouble though. Denise and Vanessa had both offered to loan Pam some better clothes and share their makeup with her, but she always turned them down. They had never seen her dressed in skirts, dresses, or shorts since she had arrived."O well, Guess this is the girl's weekend.", said Denise.

She continued, "I'm going to get a shower and then I'll start dinner.

"Pam asked Vanessa, "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to look in the basement for those old photos I put up last year.", Vanessa replied.Pam said, "I'm going to sit down here and watch some TV."

Vanessa stood and thought for a moment. "I'm going to look in my room first and then go check the basement out."

As Pam turned on the TV and got comfortable on the couch, Vanessa ran upstairs. Vanessa had been waiting for this moment for a week. She ran quickly past her room and stopped by the bathroom. She could hear Denise in there humming and getting her shower started. Vanessa's birthday was 4 days earlier and she had missed out on having a family birthday party. She was still upset that this surprise cruise her Dad had given her Mom had thrown a wrench into her fun. Her Mom promised her a party and all when they got home from the cruise. But Vanessa was still young at heart, she was going to go rummage and see if she could find any hidden birthday presents.

Pam sat downstairs watching Soul Train. She was not into the music. Not into the Famous singers that visited the show. She was not even into the fancy clothing that all the dancers on the show were wearing. Pam was mesmerized by the hot ass women on the show. If tits were jiggling or ass was wiggling, Pam was watching it!

Pam was licking her lips and fidgetting on the couch.

Vanessa had many rooms to search and very little time to do it. The obvious choice would have been her parent's room, but she reconsidered. She had 2 days to search in there. She quickly decided to start in Denise's room first, then move onto Theo's room next. She quickly moved to Denise's room and opened the door quietly. Vanessa rushed into the room and started her quest. First under the bed. Nope, just shoes and dust bunnies there. She opened the closet door and checked quickly. Nope, just Denise's clothes and her old bowling bowl and shoes. She moved to the dresser and opened the top drawer. She only saw Bra's and panties. The second drawer, sweaters and blouses. Vanessa was getting frustrated. She opened the bottom drawer and pulled with a bit more force than she needed to. The drawer popped out and onto the floor in front of her. The only thing in the drawer were letters, probably from that idiot boyfriend, Jimmy. There was also some socks, pantyhose, and some crazy hats that Denise seemed drawn to when she went Rummage Sale shopping. Vanessa prepared to put the drawer back when she spotted the box in the cavity beneath where the drawer fitted. Bingo, this was so well hidden it just had

to be her birthday present. She tucked the box under her shirt and put the drawer back. She then hurried downstairs to the basement.

Pam noticed the speed that Vanessa ran thru the room. "Wonder what was her hurry?", she mused.Her attention was back on the TV and the abundant ass of one of the featured black female dancers. The girl was wearing low slung pants and her thong underwear was clearly showing as she shaked her groove thing to the music. The dancer had on a blouse tied at the waist and unbuttoned low. Her ample tits were barely staying in their tight enclosure. she was certainly NOT wearing any bra!Her dark hard nipples were visible thru the light colored thin fabric. Pam started to rub her hands over her own breasts. They were only covered by her sweat shirt. She could feel her own nipples peaking and enjoying her own touch.

As Vanessa entered the cellar she stopped and thought, I need some sort of alarm in case Pam decides to follow me. She quickly looked around, but could not find anything that she thought might work. Then she spotted it. A box of old magazines that her mom was going to put out for recycling this week. She grabbed the box and went back up the cellar stairs. She nudged the box tightly up against the door. there was no lock on the door.In fact there was no locks on any of the inner doors in the house. Her parent's logic was that we will respect your privacy, but you will not put a locked door between yourselves and your parents. The only room in the house with a lock on it was her parent's room. The Huxtable girls cried that this was not fair, but Cliff told them, "I bought this house. I pay the bills. I decide where the locks go. And we put a lock on our bedroom to keep you kids from driving us crazy when we wish some quiet time together."Vanessa stared at the box. It did not really keep the door from opening, but would give her some warning if anyone tried to enter the basement while she was down there. She walked back down the steps and headed for the old couch sitting on the far wall.

Pam spent another minute fingering herself and watching the woman on the TV. Then she thought."Why watch these images on the TV when Denise was up in the bathroom naked?"

Pam was very attracted to Denise when she moved into the Huxtable house. As boyish as Pam would dress, Denise would dress to show off how feminine she was. Pam turned off the TV and started quietly up the stairs. She walked down the hallway and was standing in front of the upstairs bathroom door. She could hear music playing in the room as well as the shower running. This was Denise's usual routine, wash and sing to the music playing.

She grabbed the door handle and turned it slowly. She inched the door open slightly and peered inside. Denise had just removed her Porky the Pig shirt. and was inching her shorts down past her knees. As she bent over to take the shorts off, Pam noticed that Denise was wearing a hot pink thong. "oooh", she thought. Denise looked so hot in those little panties. As Pam stood there staring, Denise removed the thong and then her bra. Pam could not help but notice Denise's perky boobs. They were not large, but they were larger than Pam's. Pam always wished she had larger boobs.Maybe even as large as some of those women on Soul Train. Denise bent over to get her shower cap from the storage drawer under the sink. Pam had to restrain herself. She almost shouted in surprise. Smack dab on Denise's left butt cheek was a tattoo!It appeared to be a white horse with wings. and a horn on its head. Pam could not think of the name for this animal, but knew one of her friends had a stuffed animal that looked a lot like this image.It was some sort of mythological creature. Then it hit her. A Unicorn. Pam was happy beyond words. She could blackmail the heck out of Denise for having that tattoo. Mister and Misses Huxtable were very strict. If they knew Denise had a tattoo, well they would shit a brick. Maybe she could force Denise into sharing a shower with her by threatening to tell her parents about this tattoo?

Vanessa sat down on the old couch and lifted her shirt. She examined the box she had taken from Denise's room. She wasn't sure what she had found, but if Denise hid it, it had to be something interesting. Or perhaps something terrible she did not wish her parents to find?Vanessa was hoping beyond hope that this was her hidden birthday present. Vanessa slowly opened the box. What she saw in there confused her for a bit. It was about 10 inches long. It appeared to be roundish and had a rectangular base on it with 4 buttons. It was pink and when she touched it, it was very smooth and soft. her first thought was that it felt like skin?She pulled the contraption out of the box and examined it closely. She knew that the top of the shaft had a penis shape to it. She knew what a penis looked like from her health classes in school. While the material was very soft and like skin, she noticed what seemed like round beads under the surface. Still not sure what she was holding, Vanessa looked at the base for the gizmo. It had the 4 buttons on it. And the back seemed to slide off to hold some batteries. The only step left to take was to try the buttons. and she almost screamed when she hit the first button!

Pam was thinking of all the sexual

fun she could have after blackmailing Denise over this tattoo. As she contemplated her future rewards, Denise reached for her sponge and shower gel and entered the shower. She lathered up her sponge and started to rub down her body. Pam was ready to leave and cash in on her knowledge later, but stopped when she heard Denise make a low noise. Denise was rubbing the sponge between her legs and grabbing her one boob. At first Pam thought Denise was in pain. but the sound continued and changed somewhat.

Denise thought, "I'm not going to be getting Jimmy over here this weekend. Guess I better get myself off."Denise was pinching one of her nipples and rubbing slowly between her legs. Pam was surprised at how large Denise's nipples were. They stood out so far and Pam could not resist touching her own nipples to see how much smaller hers were in comparison. While Denise's skin might have been pale, her nipples were quite dark. Then Pam was really shocked. While Denise kept rubbing between her legs with one hand she used the other hand to lift one boob to her mouth. She was actually licking and sucking her own nipple!Pam was so excited, she was getting a much better show up here in the bathroom. Before Pam could think any further on this scene,Denise pulled her hand up from her crotch and grabbed the other boob and pinched the nipple. She was sucking and licking one nipple and pinching the other. Pam was scared & excited at the same time. She stood there and listened to the music playing and the "Ooohs" and "Aaahhhs" coming from Denise as she played with her tits.

Vanessa had almost jumped out of her skin after hitting the button. The penis/gizmo started to buzz and vibrate!It was like nothing she had ever seen or felt before. What was the purpose for a thing that buzzed and vibrated and looked like a penis?As she bent over to reach the lid for the box, she leaned right into the buzzing penis. The shaft was touching the side of her throat.Her first reaction was," Wow! that feels nice."She lifted the box lid up and read the print on it carefully. Clit stimulating Vibrator for her pleasure.

"Well one mystery solved. This was a vibrator. She had heard the word used before in her school but did not know what the street-wise kids were talking about. Vanessa took the time to touch the gizmo to other parts of her body. First she tried her arms. nice. Then she kicked off her shoes and socks and tried her feet. Very nice. She lifted her shirt to expose her flat smooth belly. The vibrator was like magic on her bare skin. She was all tingly and excited. She rubbed the vibrator up between her tits. It felt even better

than on her belly.

This was some awesome secret Denise was keeping. Vanessa wondered how she had never seen Denise with this before. The buzzing was not loud but it was a distinctive sound that might be heard in the house if it was quiet enough. Vanessa was wondering how she might borrow this from Denise in the future without Denise knowing about it. Her next surprise came when she pushed button number two.

Pam was locked like a statue where she stood spying on Denise. The noise coming from Denise became louder. She had leaned back and sat on the bench in the shower. Pam could never figure out why you needed a bench in the shower, maybe now she was learning why?Denise was still pinching and twisting one of her nipples, but her spare hand was between her legs again. Pam reached under her sweat shirt and started to rub one of her nipples. At first nothing happened. Then the nipple got larger and harder.As the nipple engorged itself. It actually felt nice to be touching her own nipple. She put both hands under her shirt and copied what denise was doing. One hand was rubbing over one nipple and squeezing the tit and the other was pinching the other nipple.

She was feeling warm and tingly all over her body.

Denise had spread her legs wide while sitting on the bench. She moved both hands down there. Now one appeared to be rubbing up and down and the other seemed as if those fingers were going in and out. Denise was licking her lips and moaning. Now Pam was surprised to hear Denise talking. "Fuck me baby. come on and fuck me hard."

Pam thought, "oooh, she is cursing!"But she also looked like she was having so much fun.

Pam dropped her sweat pants to the floor.

She reached one hand into her white panties and started to rub the fingers up and down as Denise was doing. Pam wished with all her might she had boobbies big enough to suck on like Denise had done earlier. Then she started to daydream, "Wonder how my nipples would feel with Denise's mouth and teeth on them?"

"yeah baby, fuck my tight little pussy"Denise's voice became hoarse as she moaned."You know you love this black little pussy Jimmy. You can't get enough of this pussy."

Pam did not know who Jimmy was and did not worry about it, just continued to rub her fingers between her legs. Pam was hotter and wetter than she had ever been before in her life!

Vanessa pulled the vibrator away from her body to stare at it.After pushing the second button. the vibrator was doing dual action. It was vibrating and it was growing and shrinking?The head of the penis was moving up and down. First the vibrator was about

10 inches long and then it extended to 12 inches long. What was the purpose of this action?It really did not add anything to the feeling on her skin. The vibrating part was doing most of that.

Vanessa thought it must be meant to rub against something?She lifted up her shirt and took it off. Then she unhooked her bra and laid that down with her shirt. Her 32B tits poked out in freedom. Vanessa noticed how her nipples were dark brown and large and swollen!The only time she had seen them this sensitive was when washing them in the shower each evening. She put the vibrator between her tits and let the head move up and down. It looked very nice. Even felt nice. But she was sure that this was not what the up and down action was for. Vanessa held the vibrator up near her mouth. She snaked out her tongue and let it touch the head of the penis as it went up and down. Then she recalled one of the girls in her class mentioning her older sister and her boyfriend. Something about a blowjob in the back of a car?The vibrator looked large but Vanessa opened her mouth and put the head of it inside. It kind of tickled as it went back and forth over her tongue. Vanessa tried rolling her tongue around the tip of the vibrator as it moved in her mouth. The feeling was nice and Vanessa thought, "So this is a blowjob. Not bad at all."She wondered if a real penis felt this way? Hard but soft at the same time?This appeared larger than Theo's penis she had caught a glimpse of. Was a penis supposed to be this large?Did a real penis move up and down like this one did?

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