tagRomanceThe Iceman

The Iceman


The afternoon passes quickly as I prepare the bedroom for his arrival. I have waited so long to finally meet him I want the room to be perfect. I placed the satin sheets on the bed and placed candles around the room for the romantic setting I wanted.

I contemplate what to fix for dinner, something light, I think, a grilled steak and tossed green salad should be perfect. I run out to the store to buy the things I need. I want tonight to be just right.

Arriving home with the groceries I peel and cut the vegetables and prepare the salad, I tenderize the steaks. He will be here in two hours. Placing the salad and steaks in the refrigerator, I go in and draw my bath.

The bubbles part as I step into the bathtub and I arrange the shampoo, the razor, the mirror and my book in the basket that rests across the tub in front of me. My washcloth is hanging off the side of the basket, slowly drawing the water up from the tub and getting wet. I pick it up and drop it in the water then cover my exposed skin with it. Picking up my book I lay back and relax, preparing for an evening of excitement.

While attempting to read I drift to thoughts of the night to come, I close my eyes; lean my head back against the tub and imagine how his touch will feel. What will he do first? How will his kisses feel and taste? Will he make love to me as slowly as he has so many times on the net, or will there be such urgency that it will go heated and fast? Images of him dance through my head. He is intoxicating.

We met in a picchat room on the Internet. He was willing to listen and after a while, I was willing to share and trust. We shared hot moments as well as ups and downs; we even shared the daily ins and outs of life. He was there for me as much as he could possibly be, being an ocean apart and I missed him very much when there was something to keep him from meeting and chatting with me. I liked the feeling of being close to him, even if it were only on the net. I hated to admit I needed what we shared, hated to admit what I feel and how deep the need goes.

I examined every moment we made love to one another in chat or instant messaging. I saw a pattern of complete lovemaking. There was never a moment that he just “fucked” me, used me or made me feel cheap in what we shared. He was always so very gentle, so kind and patient and so refreshingly slow with me, yet he was also completely thorough when he took me.

He teased me until I didn’t think I could take anymore, and then he showed me I could, he made sure I was completely satisfied over and over again and because I had never had anyone make love to me the way he had before, the tears would fall from the corners of my eyes, in pure joy. I remembered the want and need I felt and at times the guilt for allowing him to pleasure me so completely.

My mind continued to wander and I looked up at the clock noticing I had only about thirty minutes left in the bath. Picking up my razor I shaved all the necessary places, and then positioning the mirror in the basket I shaved my mound. Reaching down, I slowly and very lightly touched the outer lips of my pussy, stroking upward in the water. He taught me to please myself this way. It feels so good I want to continue for hours but my time is up. I part my lips and pull the skin tight, then shave each lip entirely all the way down to my ass, smooth as silk, all over.

I pull the drain open and allow the water to evoke that feeling of pulling down on me as it flows down the drain. I stand, turn the shower on and begin to wash my hair. I massage my scalp and rinse the shampoo from my hair apply conditioner and begin to wash the bathwater off of my body. Reaching down to run my fingers over the lips of my pussy, I am so excited as I trace my swollen lips, feeling that I am so wet in anticipation, I smile.

Rinsing the conditioner from my hair and using the hand held shower massage to accomplish one final rinse of myself, the pulsing spray of water passes over my clit. I almost loose my footing and I feel my knees almost buckle. The need to cum is so intense, but I want to save it for him.

Stepping from the tub I turn the water off silencing the massager. I wrap my hair in a towel and grab the second towel to dry my skin. When I am nearly dry I lay the towel on the lid of the toilet and apply lotion over my body. Arms and chest first, working my way to my legs and feet, I make sure there is lotion everywhere I can reach. I remove the towel from my hair and brush it out; I will leave it down long for the evening, knowing he likes to play in it. I want to be all natural tonight. I rub in a light coat of face cream and I am satisfied.

Opening the closet I look for something to wear. Thinking out loud, I talk myself into putting on my purple lingerie, black stockings, hooked to the garters and my blue denim button down the front dress. I look in the mirror and have to be satisfied as time is short. I slip my feet into black heels and survey the bedroom once again. All is how I imagined it to be.

In the dining room I have a bottle of champagne on ice, the table is set for two, all I have left is to grill the steaks and toss the salad once more. I place several salad dressings on the table and light the candles there. Then I hear the knock on the door.

My heart races as I walk over and open the door, he takes me into his arms and hugs me ever so gently and we enter the hallway after closing the door. He reaches down and holds my chin in his hand then softly kisses me again, over and over. I feel the effect of those kisses in my panties. I am so wet and my panties dampen even more with every kiss. I could never have imagined these feelings. I have never felt this before in my life and I will cherish every moment, every kiss, and every touch this evening.

He breaks the kiss and steps back to say hello. I look up into his eyes and whisper hello. I have no voice for the moment. I hold his hand and lead him into the living room. We sit on the sofa and I offer him something to drink, and he asks for ice water, after we visit for a few minutes. I excuse myself to put the steaks on the grill and he offers to help in the kitchen. I let him know everything is ready except grilling the steaks; I ask how he wants his steak cooked and head for the kitchen to put them on the grill.

I am leaning down in the refrigerator to get the steaks and the salad out, when he walks up behind me and gently presses his hardness into the cheeks of my ass. My body responds by pressing back and I drop the dishes back onto the shelf of the refrigerator.

I slowly stand up, turn to face him and gently pull him into me for that deep passion filled kiss. Our tongues dance together as I feel his arms encircle me. I press my body into his letting him know just how much I want him and how he excites me. I whisper in his ear “I want to make love with you before we eat, okay?”

His eyes sparkle; he takes my hand and I lead him to the bedroom. The candles are just enough light, as he begins to slowly unbutton my dress, kissing the skin between each button. He reaches the lacey lingerie and nods in approval, as he finishes removing the dress. His fingers slip under each shoulder strap of my teddy and he peals it off of me so slowly, I think I will die before he is finished. I reach out and slide my hands under his shirt, touching him lightly as he removes my clothing. I feel his chest and stroke every inch of him.

I unbutton his shirt and slowly slide it down his arms, removing it from his body. Hanging it on the chair I move into him again reaching for his mouth to kiss him again. He takes my breath away all over again once more. I reach between us and open the button and zipper on his pants. They drop to the floor and I glide my fingers to the top of his underwear and I begin to slowly remove them. I am so excited I want him so badly.

He is completely undressed and offers me a sip of the ice water beside the bed. I sip as I watch his eyes devour me, I see the adoration in his eyes, that which used to be only words over a computer in the past. I am happy that he is here with me if only for a short brief time, and I am very happy that I took a chance with him.

I hand the glass back to him and after setting it on the bedside table he covers my body with his, kissing me, whispering in my ear, that he has wanted this for a very long time. He tells me with his body how much he wants me, how much he needs me and how very much he wants to please me.

Sliding down my body he gently sucks my right nipple. He rolls it into his mouth and literally makes love to that one nipple. His hands encircle both breasts and he gently squeezes them as his mouth continues to firmly and completely lick, suck and kiss each one. I am breathless and very wet. He reaches for the other nipple and flicks his tongue over the hard little bud, pleased that he makes me shiver and moan in lust for him. He takes that nipple into his mouth and gently sucks as his tongue flicks the bud. I can cum from just his touching of my breasts. I press my body into his as the heat rises and I want so much more. I feel the intense pleasures from his mouth and allow myself to release quiet moans of heated passion, built up over months with him.

He slips off my body to lying beside me as he continues his gentle suckling of my right breast. I feel one of his hands slip under my neck as the other traces my entire body. His touch is so light and gentle I want to scream out. I feel the burning trail of his touch everywhere and he leans in to kiss me again all the while touching me. He traces my breasts with just the tip of his fingers, down each side of my body and across my entire torso. My skin afire with a passion I have never known.

Suddenly I feel his touch on my mound, softly tracing it and I gasp from his touch there. I close my eyes and experience every sensation, every burning feeling inside me. I feel the lips of my pussy swell as he takes his time touching every inch of me. I am so wet from my own excitement and wet with the desire I feel for him, my body is on fire. I moan and my body reaches out for his every touch, wanting and needing more. Every inch of his touch sets me on fire and I loudly moan even more as I thrash about under his expert touch.

His every move down my body seems choreographed, like a perfect performance, in replica of every time we made love on line. He gently moves his mouth down over my skin planting licks and tiny butterfly kisses along the way, his hands framing my body as he glides down to lick and suck on my bald mound. I feel the heat of his breath as he moves over every inch of my skin. His licks seer into my flesh, every kiss branding me; I’ll never forget this night for as long as I live.

My body responds to his every touch, involuntarily moans escape from deep within me as he rekindles that fire. Everything about us blends together just like we were meant for one another and had done this over and over before, anyone looking at us would never believe that this is the first time we have seen one another, in real life, and definitely the first time we have ever made love.

For all intents and purposes, we had made love before, but only in cyberspace. The sensation of him now, in the flesh, is nothing like I imagined from cyber sex. The powerful feelings he has brought to the surface are driving me wild. I could never have anticipated the emotional connection that I feel here, with him tonight. I want him buried deep inside me, right this moment, but I know he will take me very slowly. I allow my hands to roam all over him, touching his skin, feeling him and kissing him all over.

I love the feel of his body, the way he responds to my touch. I never thought I had that power before, to evoke the responses from him that I have here tonight. I feel light headed, drunk from all that this night will be and I will cherish every second, making the most of it, knowing this is all I have to prove everything I ever said to him was true.

He slips his finger down over the outer lips of my pussy, tracing them softly and slowly. I spread my legs wider for him as he takes just the tip of his finger tracing each lip with the gentlest of touch and unbearably slow. I know what it feels like from him coaching my own touch, but his touch sends me to the stars. My touch pales in comparison to the feeling of his fingers on me.

Instinctively I try to pull away from the relentless pleasure, climbing that invisible wall grasping at the pillows as I loudly cry out the delight I feel. He continues tracing my outer lips ever so slowly while still sucking and teasing my nipples. He drives me crazy with unbridled desire, my body responds with exceptionally swollen pussy lips, my juices flow freely, and my hips press down on his fingers. I cannot describe how good he feels to me I can only moan and cry out his name, so needful and reckless begging him to enter me now. He isn’t finished with teasing me yet.

He traces the outer lips of my pussy once more, up and down each side then slips his finger into my wetness; sliding it up and down the inner lips of my pussy, so slowly. He has positioned himself so that he can see my face and the look of pure happiness as he teases me, taking me over the edge. He gently taps my clit ring, sending shock waves throughout my body. I gasp from the surprise of it and press my pussy down in search of his finger. I want it deep inside me. He has me cuming all over his hand and I can’t stop.

He continues, ever so slowly, to trace those inner lips of my pussy, up one side and down the other continuously. My body is pressing down on his hand trying to capture his finger inside me but to no avail. He continues to trace the lips both inside and outside now. He is the most through, gentle and slow lover I have ever experienced and I love it. He makes me cum for him again before I feel the tip of his finger at the opening to my pussy. I scream as I cum and beg him to make love to me.

He slowly slips his finger inside my hot wet pussy and I try to grind down on it. He reaches the depths of me and softly slips his finger in and out. He introduces another finger and slowly brings me to heights of passion never before imagined. I feel one finger softly touching the inside top of my pussy gently rubbing the “back” of my clit making circles and rubbing back and forth. His other hand is stimulating my outer clit and he has it hardening and standing out for more.

I feel him gently pull the hood back to expose the head and he gently rubs it with one finger while his other hand is deep inside me rubbing the back side of my clit. I am without words to describe how I feel. All I know is I never want it to stop. I have become so excited I begin to squirt as I cum. My hands involuntarily grasp the bedding on the bed as I cry out for more. I beg him to take me. I feel the fingers inside my pussy slipping in and out, finger fucking me slowly and his other finger just lightly rubbing the sides of my clit, gently tapping the ring occasionally. He makes me crazy.

I feel him shift his body and I swiftly feel his hot breath and tongue as it slides up my pussy lips. I moan and my body responds all over again. My head rolling back and forth as his tongue teases the lips of my dripping wet pussy. I spread my legs even wider because I want his mouth to devour me. Feeling his tongue explore my every crevice I press my hips down to capture his tongue as it glides across both the outer and inner lips of my pussy. I have never enjoyed a mouth on my pussy before, but this is heaven.

He whispers to me telling me to hold my pussy lips open for him and as I reach down to spread them wide his tongue teases my clit, dancing across it so slowly and lightly then he gently slips his tongue around my clit ring and sucks on it. I am feverish from all of the feelings I am experiencing all over my body, experiencing orgasms one right after the other, over and over again.

His tongue licks my entire slit from bottom to top so lazily and I cum again. My body thrashes and my pussy grinds down on his face as I cum hard. I feel his mouth sucking on my pussy as his tongue darts in and out of my hole. Then, he grasps my clit with his lips, slides two fingers deep in my pulsating pussy and sucks hard. My ass rises up off the bed and my entire body shudders in a long slow orgasm. I try to catch my breath, gasping as slowly takes me over the edge again. I am whispering to him that I need him buried deep inside me but he acts like he can’t hear me. He continues to slowly lick, tease and suck my pussy lips and clit until I beg for him to stop, tears streaming down my face because I don’t think I can take anymore, the pleasure is more than I could have ever imagined.

His finger begins to slowly trace my outer lips again. The feeling of his fingertip over just the lip, especially wet, is so sensual to me. I lie back and spread my legs wide again to let him have his way. He traces my outer lips again, up and down first one side then the other. I feel him slightly spread my swollen lips to trace the inner lips, up and down each side. I feel like he is trying to memorize me. He inserts his fingers and traces every inch of me, and then locates that spongy spot that he taught me about and brings me to the ultimate climax all over again.

Then I feel his fingers in my drenched pussy sliding slowly in deep, and slipping slowly out, over and over again. I look down into his eyes and I see the enjoyment as he continues to tease and taunt me. I know he sees the look of pure pleasure in my eyes and he knows it’s the first time anyone has seen that look.

When I feel his body begin to slide up mine I am more than ready and I believe he finally wants to enter me. He reaches for the glass of ice water beside the bed and takes a drink. He offers it to me and I rise up to my elbows to sip, feeling it wash away the dryness from my heavy breathing and screaming. It is very refreshing and I lie back as he then returns the glass to the bedside table.

He lies down beside me on the bed and I feel the cold ice against my skin as he rubs it over and over to take the edge off each side. He circles my nipples and I search for feelings inside me. I feel the shock of the cold, the element of surprise, the hardening of my nipples, the cold touching my skin and the heat of his breath as he trails the ice with his mouth. It is such a different sensation, feeling the contrasting elements of hot and cold on my skin. The feeling is so very sensual, how do I explain? He traces the ice cube down over my body and licks the trail with his tongue. My whole body responds to him, shivering and shuddering as though I had cum.

I progressively feel the ice cube against my clit and my hips rise off the bed in a feeble attempt to escape the frozen ice cube and the cold. He slips the ice back into his mouth and gently rubs my ice-cold clit, re-warming it slowly by stroking it with his fingers. The feeling is amazingly incredible. The sensation assaults my entire body, causing my heart to race, my hips to rise up off of the bed and my hands tearing at the sheets, I seem to be looking for something to hang on to; trying to catch my breath as he continues to take it away.

His immediate attention to my clit after the ice with his warm fingers evokes another strong orgasm from deep within me. I can’t help myself, I let it happen, totally letting go and for the first time, giving someone else complete control to pull those deep passionate feelings from me. I have always wanted to experience the feelings of not holding back and with him, I can.

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