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The Illustrated Wife


Going on ten years and this fine philly still gets my motor running. Her long auburn hair, her full lips just make me melt. Oh to feel those sweet lips rapped around my rod is an amazing experience! Maybe you could be as lucky as me and feel those moist lips wrap around your hard cock. Would you like that? Perhaps you would like to feel this goddess's tongue lick your wet and willing pussy...hmm?

Her beautiful breasts make my mouth water. She has nipples that are so responsive; they will harden at the slightest touch. My fingers just grazing them or my mouth tasting them bring them to full erectness. Just tasting her nubs brings me to a state of hardness not matched. This is how she leaves me. Would you like to have this for yourself? She loves grabbing my cock and tasting it and her warm mouth feels wonderful!

I can feel her want and need, her desire takes her over. Her moaning is getting to me and I need to taste her at that time. He stunning ass and cunt leave my mouth watering and wanting. One taste would have you hooked. Could you resist this smooth, wet box?

Oh god how I love to travel my tongue up and down those two lovely cracks. Her ass is so tight to my tongue, her pussy so open and ready. Her juices are too sweet as they burst on my face. My cock is ready and willing to replace my tongue at a moments notice. Could you envision how tight your cock would feel in her velvet folds? Picture her ass as it grips your hard rod like it grips mine. Pulling you into release so fantastic your mind explodes into oblivion.

Maybe to join us in one thing she loves; a deep and full penetration of two cocks as they split her wide. You go crazy as she rides your long pole and I thrust into her ass, such an engaging moment for the three of us. Lost in lust and swallowed by bliss we fuck her harder and harder until she screams in passion. She moans as she feels your cock thrust deep into her pussy as mine keeps pace in her tight bowels. She is so hot and ready it won't take us long to make her splash her love sap all over the both of us. The thin membrane barely separates the two staffs of delight, I can feel you pound into her, you can feel me do the same, and she can feel the both of us totally filling her desire. She cries out to us to speed our delivery. She wants to push the limit of her acceptance. Can you handle her movements or will you let loose too early? She needs us to hold on, she is almost there again. She cries in ecstasy as we submit to her wishes and pierce her openings with all of our might. That is when we feel it, her warmth soaks us both and she is in joy once again.

She climbs off your cock and sucks it deep into her throat, you marvel at her talent. She is close to setting you off and a loud moan escapes your mouth. You can't take it anymore; she is driving you crazy with her gift. Meanwhile I am driving my cock into her ass; I can feel it clutch my cock for all it is worth. It is not going to take me long either and I propel my self faster. She gulps you down and you have hit your spot sending your hot cum deep down my sweet lady's throat. I hear her swallow hard and she clenches her rear coaxing the seed from me. I oblige and discharge copious amounts of goop into her rear passage. All of us exhausted from the spectacle.

The night a success for all, each enjoying bliss not accomplished before. You wonder how you could have been so lucky to be the chosen one. You can't wait until we ask you over again. Maybe this time you will bring a girlfriend and we can really get wild.

How would you like to be part of an event like this? Mmmmm, maybe you can. You just never know what can happen when everyone is hot for it.

How I love my woman to be satisfied. She has done so much for me she deserves everything and anything she wants. So if she wants you maybe it can be in the cards...

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