tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 01-11

The Impregnator Ch. 01-11


The period and location: Medieval Monarchical era in India. The story is in told in first person by the hero, King Kamasutran.

Ch. 1: The message

It all started when I had just made love to my third queen and was recovering my breath next to her hot sweaty body and my own manhood limp, dripping with our combined juices slowly diminishing in size. My personal assistant knocked on the door and I adjusted our clothes and let him in.

He bowed with his eyes twinkling at our condition and said humbly. "My Lord! There is an urgent message from King Namarda, our immediate neighbour, which deserves your immediate attention"

I sighed and asked him to wait in the next room and I will follow him. Namarda was my father-in-law's brother who ruled over a prosperous state next to my kingdom and we were very close. My assistant gave me a silken letter, which summed up the issue as follows:

Due to a voodoo spell cast by his enemies, his kingdom faced a humanitarian crisis. Strangely all men in the state had lost their libido and turned impotent.

It was shocking and ALL men had fallen into this spell or disease, God knows what. As his kingdom now faced a shortage of soldiers due to a recent war this crisis could not have come at a worse time. The King implored me that at least in the next twenty years a formidable army of men and women has to be formed and the time for action was now.

The action he suggested was strange but fascinating indeed. I was to go over to his kingdom as a saviour and my mission was to 'impregnate' as many women as I could in the next couple of months starting from his queens, princesses and womenfolk of the Ministers' and Army Commanders' families. I gasped at the audacity of his suggestion and the implications therein.

The letter continued, I would be provided with a private luxurious palace with all royal facilities and I was free to choose any woman at any time and place for making love without any protection and come in their wombs till one day she got pregnant.

I sat down, my mind in a whirl at the possibilities this invite threw at me, on one side this was a man's wildest dream, and on the other were moral and social implications in my family.

I convened a meeting of all my queens and put the issue of producing 'issues' in the next kingdom to them. The ladies thought long and hard, aware of my royal duties, argued and consulted each other, but my second Queen, Sheena whose uncle was the King of a neighbouring state, prevailed on all of them that it was my royal duty to protect and foster her uncle in this distress, they all gave me the green light and with a thumping heart and my manhood secretly jumping in joy in my jocks at the awesome possibilities and delights that awaited me in the next few months, I agreed to this ' mission' and sent message to the king to arrange 'everything'.

Ch. 2: Arrival to Carnal land

I arrived in my silver chariot drawn by four powerful horses, covering the road in three hours on a hot afternoon. It was at the entrance that I saw King Namarda with all his family members present to welcome me. He hugged me warmly at the door and his first Queen, Jyothi, a luxuriously built woman of voluptuous proportions, in late thirties clad in gold brocade sari arrived with laughing eyes and sprayed me with perfumes, a sign of welcome.

My mind immediately recorded her charming body structure and disposition and chose her to be my one of earliest mates. The second Queen, Sonia, a charming woman in thirties came near me, her superbly formed breasts in silver bra and her sweet swollen hips rhythmically swinging in her gait, clad in matching silver embroidered dazzling sari approached me and garlanded me with jasmines.

I rubbed her smooth soft arms languidly when I bent my head to accept the garland and could not help but stare lewdly at the her deep V of the bra and the soft-nippled breasts hidden therein.

She had an intoxicating perfume about her that got me. On the way to the capital I saw that almost all the women gathered on the streets cheering me on, no doubt happy about my arrival to take care of them all. Men were almost non-existent there and probably hiding behind the doors, overcome with shame at their state. The excellent thing about the women of this kingdom was that they all belonged to Padmini type of women categorised in the Kama Sutra.

The chief features of Padmini women are that they are tall and have dark long hair, their teeth are pearl white, well formed, have sweet breath and sport small red lips, they have sweet body odour, usually have well rounded soft thirty-eight inch breasts or above, their necks are superbly formed with delicate smooth skin and very erogenous to touch. The waist is small but soft to touch and they have clear skinned buttocks full of soft muscles and smooth as silk. The yoni (pussy) is like a well formed lotus flower, pink inner lips, always wet with her sweet pungent juices like dripping honey, soft petal like outer lips, small cherry shaped clitoris.

With these thoughts no doubt bringing my cock up with hot lusty blood flooding my organ, balls tightening, cock itself bobbing softly in my loose robe unhindered by any shorts, I entered my private palace and moved closer to my mission that awaited therein.

Ch. 3: The bodyguard

The interiors of the palace were tastefully decorated and I was seated on a throne with silken cushions and windows were open to a large swimming pool and a lovely garden with flowering and fruit bearing trees.

The breeze was cool and the setting was apt for the ladies to make their presence felt, but it had to be the king, Namarda himself who came over and sat near me and spoke thus:

"Oh, King Kamasutran, thanks from the bottom of my heart for acceding to our strange request. In the following days I hope you will enjoy our hospitality and the ladies will only make your stay worthwhile, so 'Serve and be served'! If there is any thing other than the beautiful women, who will be at your beck and call, that you need of me, please do not hesitate.

"One word of caution though; my enemies who are responsible for this despicable crime of turning our men impotent may attack you as you are the only impediment to their conspiracy now. I deploy my most trusted and competent Bodyguard, again a woman, named Sahana to be with you always," he coughed, "Even during the most private moments when you are copulating, as attacks could come at any place and hour. I hope you will accept these arrangements as they are fully thought out and mutually agreeable, especially after you meet Sahana in person."

He called out, "Sahana" and lo! She appeared out of the silver curtained doorway. I must say I have been blessed to seen many women as a king myself, but Sahana's first vision took my breath away.

She was at least six feet three tall, brownish black in complexion and powerfully built. She had the mild demeanour of a virgin and hidden power of a cheetah. She was breathtakingly fascinating, a combination of beauty and brawn. She was wearing a close fitting gown, which was open at back and midriff. Her face was supremely calm with confidence and her watchful eyes were naturally black. Her neck gleamed with a shining black skin and her breasts, hardly concealed in her tight blouse, were at least each a ripe papaya fruit size.

Her bare midriff had tight smooth abdominal muscles with a deep but small navel. Her buttocks were ample and well rounded and her thighs were superbly built with strong muscles and her legs were long and appropriate. She approached me, her walk like almost animal like, strangely mesmerising. She bowed with a quick bend of her waist and took my hands in her honey brown palms firmly and kissed it softly. I was thrilled. Well, she had a body that needed guarding, not mine!

"At your service, day and night, your majesty," she said softly with a firm voice.

"So am I," I said and gave a wicked wink, which did not go unnoticed.

'Sahana' meant patience in local language and I thought it was apt for her. She gave a slow smile, nodded her head, and took position on my right, which was to be her position, as I gathered for the next few months, day and night!

"The ladies will soon appear and you can discuss with them, if you have a plan of action ready on their roles and, ah, their individual timetables."

So saying the King gave a wicked smile himself, bowed to me and departed.

There was a flurry of activity near the doors and Sahana gave a slow sigh and said to me, "There they come."

I nodded and got up to receive my beautiful visitors or rather the hosts themselves!

Ch. 4 KING MATES WITH THE Horny First Queen

The ladies who entered my chamber were all Queens of King Namarda and had come to see me and get acquainted. All of them were dressed in the most exotic of the royal robes and saris and jewellery and leading the pack was the voluptuous First Queen Jyothi.

She bowed to me and softly kissed the back of my hand with her soft red lips. Her neckline was deep V-shaped and it revealed her heavy bosoms and their rounded contours. All of them took turns to introduce themselves to me by their names and where they hailed from. Jyothi, the First Queen, was yet to conceive at thirty-three years old considered herself the most suitable candidate for an early pregnancy. She requested me, with mischievous eyes, to give her the maximum opportunity and time and that she would serve me well too.

She was about six feet tall, fair complexion, with soft chubby features, laughing eyes and her assets were the envy of all other queens, with her soft rounded boobs, pink lips, soft waist, well rounded hips and strong and luxurious thighs. Her eyes were brown as honey and her hair was long in her plaited tresses and touched the backs of her knees.

The second queen, Anu, was dark and robustly built with flaring hips, more wide than rounded, with strong dark arms like that of trained warrior, thirty-six inch well hung tits and dark twinkling eyes. Looking at all these beauties, and listening to their pleas for fertilising their wombs at my will, did my cock no good, which was rearing its head in the silken loin clothes, pre-semen wetting the fronts. I was still seated on the cushioned throne and my hands could no longer remain idle and crept up the thighs of my bodyguard who stood at my right. She sighed deeply, as unknown to the queens in front, my palms traced the soft backs of her dark knees, crept up the silken thighs, scratching erotically with my fingernails all the way up, that raised goose bumps, and slid beneath her panties and felt up her big buttocks, which were cool and soft to touch. My fingers roved all over her bum cheeks, my sharp fingernails scratching the soft, sensitive skin at the junctions of her thighs mercilessly, making her squirm and gurgle in erotic pleasure even as she stomped her strong feet and suffered silently not to be too noticeable. This sly under cover game was too sexy for either of us to resist.

Sonia was in front of me, saying that she loved cunnilingus as contrasted to Anu who loved getting her butt eaten. My cock did a lurch as she showed her wet pouting nether lips and told me how she would love to blow me in the mornings after a draining night of sex. Sahana was my bodyguard and I was her Master. She could not oppose any of my actions and could just glare at me with mischievous and a little shamed eyes as my probing fingers in her silken crotch increased her misery just a little bit as they tried to bury themselves to the knuckles in her lubricated soft cave.

My other hand was not idle either as Jyothi had moved to my left now and was standing there as I was still seated. She had probably noticed the sly movements of my right hand on Sahana and wanted a bit of action herself. My left hand touched the soft bum cheeks of Jyothi and squeezed them before tracing the hidden crease between them moments later.

Jyothi sighed "MMMMM" or some such gibberish, which were no doubt signs of delight and wriggled herself closer for better manipulation from me. My right hand on my bodyguard now pulled her soft puffed up outer lips of her big yoni apart with forefinger and thumb and squeezed each juicy lip between my fingers pulling them gently down. My fingers revelled in the lush scented growth of her pubic hair entwining in them and pulling on them.

The Queen on the left had deliberately schemed to come without any undergarments below the silken sari and my hands delighted in the yielding softness of her buttocks as they surreptitiously slipped beneath the silken edges of her clothes. My middle fingers parted the bum cheeks and slipped into her now juicing Queen's chamber!!

Her mature thirty-three year old cunt would make any Padmini type woman go green with envy as it was supremely beautifully formed with womanly honey oozing from desires of her womb. My forefinger slipped into her royal passage, which no man other than her husband had any right to see or touch, and tested the water that sprang from within.

She sighed and moaned, "Ahhhh..UmrFffff," with uncontrolled pleasure at my fingering of her juicing interiors. My cock was hard as an ebony ruler and I had to, well, to cut the crap, and fuck now!

I announced this intention to the group, saying "Dearest, the First Queen due to her seniority deserves first service and I will soon be giving you all a real timetable for our coupling sessions and we can share time together to mutual pleasure and satisfaction".

The other ladies left eyeing the First Queen with unmasked jealousy at the privilege she was now bestowed with. This left me no doubt as the combustible combination this group would make in the days to come. Talking of come, Sahana had come plentifully; her long starved and denied body disobeying her resolve and her acrid flow was trickling down my palms as my left fingers now pulled playfully on the well developed and excited clitoris of Jyothi.

Both women were gasping and moaning with unbridled lust and it was all I could do to keep my bodyguard at arm's length as I had to attend to the needs of royal womb first to fulfil dictates of my mission. So I pushed my bodyguard away, slipping my wet fingers out of her juicy hot yoni, telling her to guard my body as I had to attend to the Queen's passionate demands to 'do' her just now.

Sahana regained her composure and moved about six feet away with dignity and my appreciation for her astute behaviour grew several folds. She will get her chance too, the poor neglected dear and I will make it unforgettable for her.

Jyothi had stood up and unashamedly undressed before me and Sahana, slipping out of her golden brocaded silk sari with ease and stood in just a brief bra, which was straining to control her royal boobs in its confines ineffectively. I ripped it off myself, and the sound of a rich silk bra tearing away came as Queen Jyothi was moaning with expectation as I embraced her glowing angelic fair skinned body with aching passion. I kissed her red juicy lips with abandon and her warm hand ripped away my silk robes and left me with just my loin cloth with my cock making a prominent projection of eight inches in front. Her hands lost no time in releasing my bursting cock from its confines and my cock head savoured fresh air and bobbed up and down between us, happy to be out for action. I crushed her soft bum cheeks in my hands drawing her hot groin for closer contact with mine.

My hands moved up her lush sides and finally cupped her milky boobs with their semi erect brown nipples, her areolae showed up with their dark wide circles full of goosebumps and my fingers teased the area lingeringly.

My mouth pulled away from her soft lips with a lingering slurp and my head dipped to her majestic chest and took her healthy endowments of breasts in the warmth of my mouth, softly sucking on the outer skin and teasing the undersides of those yummy tits with sharp fingernails.

She moaned, "AHHHHH.MMMMMM" pitifully, and her gold-ringed hand gripped my ruler hard with her thumb moving to my sensitive tip and smearing the pre-cum all over its bulging head. She was too good for a quickie and I just thought it would be wonderful to hump her inside the golden royal bath tub with scented water and rose petals kept just a yard away. She was anxious for quick action, but agreed to my suggestion that underwater humping heightened erotic pleasure many folds.

It was all I could to tear myself away just enough to run to the golden bathtub, asking red-faced Sahana, my bodyguard to follow suit. We ran, The naked Queen with her womanly secretions dribbling down her soft plump thighs, her brown nipples hard with hot blood and my own cock swaying up and down...

Ch. 5: A Queen Under Water

The royal bathtub was a beautifully engraved golden vessel shining in sunlight percolating through the curtains. Filled with rose petals, and other eastern perfumes planned to entice and heighten erotic pleasure of the bathers, it was too inviting on this humid day to ignore for long. The Queen and I jumped into it, splashing around for a couple of minutes before cavorting with each other, grabbing each other's wet limbs. Hands and mouths flew everywhere savouring the joys of willing and inviting flesh.

I made the Queen sit on the edge of the tub with her thighs flat and legs loosely hanging down. I grabbed a bar of soft soap and applied it all over her superb chest, over soft tiers of her waist flesh and thigh sides. She leaned back, water dripping all over, her flesh broke out in goose bumps as a strange man's hands handled her delicate parts with both desire and force. Her nipples looked yummy enough to eat from the angle I was at and my cock made small waves by bobbing up and down in the water at this happy sight.

I grabbed hold of the sides of the bath tub, pulled her near, and started munching on her turgid dark left nipple.

"UMMMMMMAHHHH", she moaned grabbing my head to her chest and her other nipple almost bored a hole through my cheeks as my head got crushed on to its softness. My hands roamed soapily on her marble smooth wet thigh muscles and probed her pleasure chest between her parted thighs. Her grotto was wet with her silky pubic hair a curled bunch hiding her prominent yoni lips.

I parted her thighs all the way and applied my lips to her warm wet pussy now. All the while, Sahana, my bodyguard stood guard witnessing my amorous activities, obviously too excited and riveted to do anything else but stare open-mouthed. Sahana's desire was slowly getting better of her as my lips and tongue lapped up the Queen's red juicy pussy right in front of her eyes.

My excited bodyguard huffed and puffed, her legs crossed and uncrossed but I knew her salila (pussy juices as in Kamasutra) welled up without restraint, staining her front of the skin tight silk shorts where a wet patch grew in size.

Jyothi was extremely restless now and muttered, "Oh King Kamasutran... You are a God's gift. My own husband in all these ten years never enjoyed sex with me thus. Please fuck me without delay and fill my parched dry womb with your hot seed."

This was too much to hear and keep silent. I stopped munching her puffed up moist pussy, pulled her delectable aching body into water and into the middle of the arc formed by my legs under water. Her pubic hair entwined with mine as my fat hot cock now explored the gates of her leaking pussyhole which was gifted by her own husband to me.. The last of the inhibitions if any flew out of those curtained windows as the eager Queen pulled my long brown uncircumcised cock into her cosy soft wetness.

I allowed my self to sit back balancing her on my thighs as she now bounced up and down on my rigid manflesh. Her tits now bounced up and down in front of my lecherous eyes and I used the time to tease those turgid hot tips with my lips and caught them between my teeth causing her to moan with unbridled kama (Sexual desire) and the bath water all but emptied out in our passionate race for fulfilment. My hands now lifted her soft body from around her waist grinding the groins back vigorously so that the full length of my manstick probed her queenly interiors with abandon.

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