tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 19

The Impregnator Ch. 19


Wrestlers get their prize from the king and Suspense mounts as Queen gets pregnant and another murder happens...

I was escorted to the Annexe block where Smitha and Padma stayed by two silent and stoic looking bodyguards, Sahana and Shanti. Obviously the female wrestlers beating them to the bed did not amuse them. After all I knew I would have to make up to them for their sincere lifesaving service in abundant measures when all this was settled and finished. I sighed at this thought.

I sighed again differently when I saw the decked up wrestlers Smitha and Padma in their bedchambers.

They were properly dressed or rather 'undressed' for the occasion.

Each of them were wearing simmering red silken shorts that hugged their trunks with creases at their crotch cutting deep into the V of their pussies and it was plain that they wisely wore nothing below them; their top shirts were sheer white transparent silk, concealed hardly anything, loosely tied into a knot at the front in the centre of the valley of their full enticing breasts, leaving their big biceps and strong shoulders bare.

They were smiling and they hugged me to their bosoms tightly as Sahana and Shanti mindful of their duties stood discretely away and tried to look nonchalant.

They smelled really nice, as they had applied some heady herbal perfume that is supposed to enhance the lust in men. Their legs entwined themselves against my legs like creepers on a tree trunk and even through my Silken royal robes I could feel the strong and smooth sinews of their trained legs promising me a tantalizing combination of power and amour hidden them. Their firm big rounded globes of tits squashed against my own chest and shoulders and I kissed them in succession exchanging pleasantries.

They looked like preying lusty female Cheetahs in their prime.

Smitha slid to her feet and rested her head against my groins and looked lovingly at a location where I was aching for a release and release she did with deft fingers and my 9-inch uncircumcised organ with blood pounding through it sprang to attention right in front of her nose. I heaved a sigh of immediate relief as my hot organ with the blood coursing through its shaft slipped into the welcome warmth and softness of Smitha's mouth below. Her tongue snaked out to swirl on the bulbous pink head as her fingers parted and pushed back the tight foreskin to below the knot, to expose more of the sensitive head. She slurped on the cone and let it go suddenly and the cock sprang out of her hot mouth into open, the sensation of her wet saliva drying in the cool evening air on the cock head made me shiver with unbearable pangs of lust like never before.

I ripped away at the top knotted silken shirt of Padma by holding her at an arms' distance and out spilled forth two beautiful specimen of female mammary in perfect health.

Cupping them in both palms, I pushed the twin beauts against each other and buried my head on their enveloping softness like a man famished for months on end.

I literally devoured her soft yummy boobs and suckled on her rounded erect nipples making her groan "MmmmmmaHHHH"!

Smitha stood up and ripped away her clothes right in front of me exposing her black granite-like hard body. She was built like a bull.

Slowly both the women pushed me to the soft silken bed that was against the wall and When I asked "Smitha...What type of lovemaking..." both laughed liked tinkling of bells simultaneously and as I collapsed on the bed on my hips looking bewildered at them, Padma spoke,

" Oh, King! Please treat us like women deserving love and care. Strange as it may seem to you, we have led a violent life and have been used and abused by everyone in the profession and have never enjoyed teasing and fulfilling lovemaking .We have never had a lover who has made us feel cared for or feel pleased and satisfied. We request you to tease us and make slow languid love to us... See here we have brought love potions, Feathers and silk bandanas with which we can be tied and may be teased and tickled..."

Both of them were by now naked, smiling down at me, the two big amazons contrasting only in skin complexion, but both wanting love, care and teasing and at that time it is difficult not to accede to their humble request. After all, I asked myself, what is a king for if he does not look after the needs of his subjects.

I spread my hands innocently, "As you please, I try to please!"

Padma and Smitha settled down laughing amorously on either side of me on the satin bed and embraced me uninhibitedly, hugging me as well as one another entwining and sandwiching me in between. It was too good to be true the soft and string females growling for attention and squeezing me between them ever so sweetly that I found it hard to breathe. The only part of me not grappled by anything yet was the erect manhood standing up majestically, but not for long as a big thigh stole over my kneecaps onto my loins and captured my burning cock in the crook of her knee squeezing the shaft rhythmically by tightening and loosening the grasp alternately. I growled with rising lust.

I kissed them recklessly, alternating between the two, kissing one on temples; the other on her chin, one on her with lips slurping away; the next minute whispering hot waft of air into another's ear making her moan with wanton lust. I probed one ear with my tongue making her squirm while my other hand boldly weighed the firm tit globes of her partner on the adjacent side, twirling my thumb and forefinger purposely over her hardening nipple trying to push the nub back into its bed of areola and letting it go the next moment so it sprang up with double the force... I used the feather effectively on their sensitive skin of breasts and inside of thighs and the crack between their big arse cheeks and they broke out in goose pimples and moaned in unbridled lust and excitement.

"Oh King, You..." Cried Padma and climbed half over me pushing her dark partner toward my loins. She was suspended over me, a picture of glorious femininity. A lustrous pair of brown eyes, half open twitching lips and tongue sneaking out wetting them, two large boob globes sloping all the way down to the my chest hair. She moved up and down over my torso her wet juicy pussy rubbing a wet patch from my navel upwards and her hard nipples scraping like nails on my chest across my own nipples.

'Uh..OH ', It was my turn to sigh as Smitha fell on my loins and rubbed her strong muscular body with abundant curves deliciously all over my royal organ, taut balls and upper thighs raising goose pimples in me in the process.

Smitha slid away to a side table and took out a glass container containing a dark liquid and brandished it me with flourish as though she was going to try it on me. Before I could ask her what it was, my mouth was fed with wet juicy folds of Padma's cunt and my mouth forgot everything about talking and paid tribute to a leaking expectant womanhood like only it has learnt to give. My fingers parted the entrance to the love cave before she could say 'open sesame' and my teeth gnawed at her wet folds catching them tenderly and pulled each one away two or here inches from their bases. The tongue reached out and struck chord with the hooded clit bud pushing it back and forth alternately. All this made my wrestling lover Padma wrestle with her own spiralling emotions and waves of passion that crashed over her.

This was a fight she had come unprepared for. I was giving her sucker punches where it mattered most and she was in a frenzy as she rubbed her aching pulsing pussy all over lower face by rotating her ample behind on my chest. The rubbing of her smooth ass cheeks on my chest and her juicy pussy leaving wet trails on my face was driving me mad and I was about to throw them both down, pin them down and tear into them like a mad bull forgetting all my promises about a gentle lovemaking, when suddenly Smitha grasped my aching manhood and applied the first layer of the strange dark liquid on the shaft. Fist it felt icy cool and then it slowly started burning like a medicine on an open wound making me squirm uncomfortably.

I caught Padma's pussy, as it was closest to me and in reflex action my mouth clamped down on yummy fat pussy outer labia making her scream "AHHHHH MAAAA" and try to jerk away. I hugged her around her soft fair buttocks with both arms and disallowed any such movement as two of my fingers stole inside to inspect the heat of her juicing pussy.

Smitha now started applying the burning liquid all over my testicles. The sensitive skin burned but settled down after a few moments to a pleasant warm itchy sensation. I felt as if an anaesthetic effect was taking over my over eager cock that was about to spill 'its beans', abruptly stopping it mid way from doing so!

I was mad fucking erect in no time and I knew that this session would last for a wonderfully long time with these buxom ladies geared up to receive all I had to give them.

I wanted to fuck the duo alternately and so I asked them 'to sleep one over other one on the back', so that their pussies be arranged in a vertical line one above the other. I guess you understand what I was 'driving' at. (Pun unintentional).

They eagerly arranged themselves so with Smitha at the bottom spread eagled, a spectacle of ebony splendour with her shining big juicy pussy spread for the world to see and Padma climbed right over her, and her sinews of her trained legs rippled as she laid down over her partner and her own fair skinned body shone with fine sweat and the pink glistening pussy was smiling invitingly at me.

I stood erect between the their two pair legs of legs hanging over the edges of bed and stole a glance at Sahana and Shanti, my two bodyguards. I whistled when I saw that they had gotten real close and were in each other's embrace with their tongues dancing in their mouths. The fair Shanti's big jutting thigh lifted and slowly climbed up and down the strong black trunks of Sahana erotically, Sahana's dark hands had loosened Shanti's tops and were squeezing Shanti's bulging tits while Shanti's fair hands were somewhere quite deep between Sahana's privates inspecting its excitement.

'OHHH King, quickly put your royal tool in one of us NOW!' chorused Smitha and Padma below me and I aimed my pink tipped majestic ruler into my willing wrestler's cunt as her prize for the competition.

I slipped into a moist buttery channel and my foreskin was pleasantly unwrapped over its edge in the process in the warm confines and I slid in and out like a well-oiled cob in her honeycomb of a pussy.

I drove in and out of her dark skinned pussy salivating with desire at the other wet waiting pussy that sat on top it waiting for a similar treatment.

I quickly thrust in and out of lower pussy, that of Smitha while Padma above propped above herself on her hands on the sides and looked at the erotic activity happening inches from her impatient pussy and licked her lips in anticipation. Soon enough I was out of Smitha's slippery channel in a flash and sank slowly and deliberately into Padma's tighter and hotter pussy looking into her eyes all the time observing her pleasant surprise turn into that of pure ecstasy as I drove in and out of her in a steady rhythm. Now I looked a Smitha's pussy that I had vacated moments ago and it looked distinctly unhappy and shed a tear or two from inside her vault and her walls clenched and unclenched against each other impatiently as if they couldn't wait to have me back home.

The effect of herbal balm was making me drive in and out of them relentlessly and I could not feel myself coming for a long long time.

Sahana and Shanti were all over each other, looking at us and getting further excited as they were now on the floor and kissing each other's nude bodies shining on the marble floor with redoubled vigour.

Smitha saw that and made a snide remark that She had one the 'Best battle' by beating those two 'bitches'. Padma laughed to that and nodded in agreement.

I was shocked and mortified to listen to such insults about my bodyguards and quickly thought of a proper lesson to be taught to her. The time for genteel lovemaking was over. Hard realities would stare at them now.

I pulled out and made Smitha carry Padma on her back and got behind them and fucked the wet leaking pussy of Padma Only and slapped Smitha's dark buttock cheeks with both hands hard till they turned red. Yes, till black skin turned red!

'AHH UMMM ' She cried with the twin sensations of pain of slaps and the weight of carrying a heaving Padma who was getting a true Royal screwing, made even her strong thighs shiver with weakness.

Slowly Smitha began liking the sound and sting and the heat the slaps generated and was getting her kicks. She pleaded me to 'stop' as I pinched her arsehole and entered it with my fat cock without a warning slipping inside the unused tight sheath all the way.

I told her that 'there was no way I could stop fucking them till the effects of erection balm they had liberally applied me exhausted itself'. I alternated between Padma's asshole and Smitha's pussy and vice versa like a man possessed. The two came and came many times with loud and hearty screams but me not once.

The duo bore the fucking that I gave them; soundly banging them all over the place, on the floor, on the dining table, against the walls and finally in missionary position on the cold marble floor. I lost count of the times I had entered the four holes among the duo. My royal cock was having 'a ball' truly and the tough wenches, these though two were, too exhausted when I felt the onslaught of a much restrained climax wash over me and flood the interiors of both the wrestlers. I did equal justice to them by giving equal time during ejaculation to both the pussies. They wanted my hot molten royal seed to fertilize their eggs and I did not deny them that.

Finally they were so drained they could barely whisper as they lay prostrate before me, a picture of all sweat and loosened orifices, 'they had got the fucking of their lifetime and they would be more careful how they spoke regarding my two devoted female bodyguards'.

Speaking Of Sahana and Shanti, they hadn't had a bad time among themselves either as they had sucked erect nipples or ate each other's pussies till they were satiated and drained themselves and were now smiling gleefully at me like two cats that had just had their milk.

The next morning was a harbinger of pleasant news. Queen Anu herself ran into my chambers while I was still recovering from the hangover of my escapades with Smitha and Padma from the last night.

Sahana was standing guard next to me and had to move hastily away further to allow a running Anu to me. Big, dark and uninhibited that Anu was, she rushed and fell all over me on the bed rolling me over and over crying " You Honey.... You darling... Oh My Sweet King". I was out of breath when she looked up above me, a picture of contentment and excitement vying at the same time.

'You have done it!' She announced, 'I am carrying your baby now'.

I was thrilled no end too. We had had many explosive sexual extravaganzas between us , in the garden and elsewhere and we had almost consumed each other in the heat of passion. Finally the fruits of my action were there for King Namarda to see! The joyous celebration between Anu and me took passionate turns and Sahana demurely looked away as I just stopped Anu short of copulation.

I told her that she was pregnant now; early stages should not be risked now, I warned making anxious faces to go with the words.

Anu knew all that well and finally relented to a '69'; She gave my cock a big tweak and slurping kiss and offered her puffed up fresh pregnant pussy like an adorable gift to me before she left.

"I have been leaking juice ever since I hear this news from the Royal doctor", She said huskily before her head dropped to envelope my upstanding blue-blooded cock.

The '69' with Anu is always unforgettable as she comes like a mare in heat many times before I could manage one.

It took all of 15 minutes of slurping and licking and playful biting on her hooded clit for her and her own teeth scraping on the sensitive underside of my shaft and rhythmic handling of my testicles before we climaxed all over each others' faces. Sahana managed to look away like a dutiful guard that she was but stomped her feet and shuffled around impatiently as the erotic 69 activity and smell of sex no doubt got to her and her own pussy must have been dying to get the same treatment too.

I thought I could not imagine how combustible our own union would be if and when it happened.

Soon after that the Security around Queen Anu's private chambers in the harem were fortified and Shanti was personally put in charge with many expert soldiers and marksmen located in strategic locations to prevent another tragedy like Queen Sonia's. King Namarda this time was very serous and rightly so. I checked out the security guards and told Shanti to be very careful whom she admits inside.

Shanti nodded grimly. Everyone knew what one mistake could cost. Two Lives. The queen and her unborn. I knew we had the mole really stitched in this time.

With this thought in mind, I went along with a junior Queen Beena who had patiently waited for her turn. Queen Beena was from Bengal and she was pretty and soft everywhere. She had medium boobs, rounded hips and baby-like velvety thighs. Her pussy was small and deep. Surprisingly she was too shy and reserved in bed and could not overcome this even when we were naked and having foreplay. She behaved as though sex was something meant for making babies and should not be enjoyed much or probably she felt guilty that it was not her husband after all that she was with.

I was sufficiently attracted to her body by that time anyway and kept it quite business-like and we slept after just one bout of missionary lovemaking. Hmmmm, I thought as I slipped into an exhausted to sleep 'It takes all kinds of women to fill this world' and glanced at the sated figure of Beena next to me.

Sahana had stood outside the door of our chambers this time and remained there for night watch as sleep crept over me.

Queen Beena had left when I woke at eight in the morning. She had put a small garland of flowers and a heart shaped diamond studded golden necklace where she had slept. I smiled. It was this shy woman's way of saying 'Thank You'.

It was then that Sahana burst open through the doors and stood before me, a picture of sorrow, her breath coming in short gasps. I jerked up and sat. " What happened, Sahana?" my voice cracked.

"Someone has killed Jwala, my sister last night in her home", her voice quaked. "Jwala?", I asked bewildered. "Are you sure?"

She was the goddess-like elder sister of Sahana, you would rememeber, with whom I had enjoyed a wonderful night of Lingam and Yoni Pooja worship and we had left the prisoners, Hola and Wassana in her custody.

" Yes Sir. Her neighbour conveyed the news to me just now. I am sorry. I will have to leave to make funeral arrangements. You know she has no one else"

I stood up tying my robe, " Of Course. We have to go now...Arrange for my chariot"

Sahana wiping her tears back stood uncharacteristically undecided then.

" Your Majesty, You are coming with me...for this? " She asked me incredulously.

I was baffled. What did she think of me? Some kind of 'fly by night operator'? I was a King, damn it, Jwala's death had rattled me and I was remorseful too.

I told Sahana as much in straight words.

At last she turned to go, but looked back at me and said," My sister was pregnant too... It was you...She had sent me a message to me last week. I had not told anyone, as this pregnancy does not count in your mission as long as you are in this palace"

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