tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 22

The Impregnator Ch. 22


The next day Shanthi came huffing and puffing to my chambers and stood with excitement writ all over her face. Her heaving tits only worked as value addition to the probable exciting news she bore.

"Sir... Your Majesty, I have found a place!" She stopped to catch her breath.

"Right in front of Queen Anu's palace door.... No one can notice if you hid in the Horse!" She finished and smiled intelligently, confident that her words could not be refuted.

I recalled that Sahana and I had talked about ambushing the killer who we felt certain that he/she would certain would strike at pregnant Anu sooner than later. Obviously Shanthi had heard about our plans and had done some look-around herself and was now telling me that we could hide INSIDE a horse!

"Horse shit, Shanthi...What do you mean? Have you drunk some liquor in the morning itself?" I chided her in disbelief and got up to go over to her.

She shook her head violently, as if half expecting such a reply and went on gesticulating with her hands and blurted out that it was a wooden horse. A kind of Trojan horse!? I wondered.

Shanthi went on, "Yes My Lord, it is a big wooden horse, hollow inside and stands in a dark corner. I have in fact gone there and made three peep holes in its body, big enough for whoever hides there to see what is happening outside clearly and even while I did all this no one spotted me in spite of being day time... I mean it is so secluded..."

"It is true, My Lord" said a familiar voice from the doorway. It was Sahana. She was looking pretty excited too.

"No one can see us .We three can hide there with our weapons, in fact" She said seriously.

I said mischievously," You bet my weapon will be there ready to use and you sure bring your own stuff too! If no one can see what goes on then we must surely remain silent at all costs".

Sahana nodded with a twinkle in the eyes.

"Of Course our work must go on, whatever happens inside", she whispered conspiratorially.

"You are right, of course and we work hard!" Shanthi echoed looking at my 'hardness' already poking its eager head from within the loin clothes due to all this provocative talk and so both of them broke into a catty laughter.

Then they stood on my sides very close and looked at me for my approval of this wicked scheme.

I gave my consent by smacking their big fleshy asses soundly for coming up with this ingenious and naughty exercise and nodded my head. I gave one firm squeeze of both their buttocks with my hands and they growled in unison. Already sexual tension and expectations were palpable between us.

Who was I to say 'No' to this scheme? I am a very democratic minded King, you see. My people's wish is my command! I slowly caressed their ass cheeks simultaneously as we stood silently looking at each other, each hand slipping below their uniform skirts and finding both their big buttock globes bare to touch. My cock gave a big jump inside my loin gird demanding release from within. So they were already dressing for the occasion.

Sahana remained at her post near the doorway with a quirky smile playing on her lips and Shanthi ran out to do other chores.

My cock did a double jig at the thought of being cooped up inside the close confines of a wooden Horse with my two sexy and willing bodyguards. What all I could do...... the very thought made my heart hammer in anticipation.

My mind worked on the various erotic possibilities of spending time 'usefully' inside the wooden horse with my divas and I half wished the killer, whoever he/she was turned up very, very late indeed, if ever!

I could hardly wait for the sun to set that night. It is another matter that I had to 'quick fix' Junior Queen Lakshmi in the Royal Kitchen at noon itself.

Lakshmi was a newly wedded wife of Namarda and I met her doing an inspection of the Kitchen and she latched on to me and kissed me amorously, thrusting her thighs to my rising cock and her soft tits rubbed my chest hotly. I took her right there on the Kitchen table lifting her silk gown to the heavens and shoved my brown lusty cock into her wet pussy shoving mercilessly till she screamed in ecstasy.

I ripped her clothes away and her twin assets of half moon tits came out looking ripe as sweet melons tipped with aroused nipples and I fucked her mercilessly in the sunlit kitchen, most of the time thinking about Sahana, Shanthi and me in a probable orgy later that night. The thought aroused an immediate heightening of lust in my loins and I plowed her young waiting pussy with all the vigor I could muster.

Sweat poured off my back and all the vessels and cutlery kept on the table clattered to the floor with the force of my lovemaking; it made sweet music to my ears as my libido climbed to new heights. Queen Lakshmi enjoyed every bit of violent thrusts my royal stanchion gave her. She was young, thirsty and loved such aggressiveness in coupling.

"My King, My ruler..." she whimpered and came for the third time to my bursting first, clutching my 'ruler' deep within her love tunnel milking me dry. She was so enthusiastic, like she wanted the baby with that one single mating.

Whew! We dressed quickly as the Chief Cook was heard coming over and we nearly got caught but not quite. I left, walking with trembling weakened legs and Queen left with a satiated look that only a well fucked woman can sport, back to our private quarters.

Sun set and we met dressed suitably in my chambers. In fact we were 'dressed to kill' as the phrase goes. Telling each other not to break the code of silence, we proceeded to Queen Anu's Palace. "Whatever happens, we should not open our mouths", Sahana put it straight across on the way. "I won't", I said reassuringly. "My lips will be sealed" and gave a double smack on their well fed bottoms to drive home the point. I knew what my mouth would be doing!

No one noticed us as we went over to Queen Anus's palace...

The Horse was a big wooden specimen the kind of artifacts Kings those days were likely to possess.

It was at a very strategic and vantage location for our purpose. It overlooked the only door to Anu's harem but was not quite in the open. It was tucked away in small cul-de-sac passage opposite.

We slipped in near the Horse statue quiet as a mouse from behind and away from prying eyes of security guards. It is not that we would have been stopped as I had a free run of the whole harem on King's own orders. They would have saluted me and allowed me in but I wanted to surprise the marauding killer.

Sahana opened the side door and slipped into the dark insides of Horse stomach chamber first and gestured us in. She was wearing completely different attire today. It was a brown gown without opening from top to bottom. I was quite sure by the way her big tit melons swayed under her clothes that she could not be possibly anything but naked beneath.

Shanthi was wearing a loose fitting skirt and a blouse that hid little but displayed her considerable boob charms more provocatively. I was salivating at the very sight that was on show. I was myself wearing silken shorts and was bare-chested.

It was a cool wintry night and as I slipped in Shanthi followed me and backed up against me. I was now resting on the wooden floor of the horse stomach with Sahana facing me. Sahana lit a small candle in her corner.

"I think you should take off the dress lest your dress catch fire", I said. "Yes of course" she smiled her teeth shining in Candlelight and slipped the robe up above her arms.

Before I could feast my eyes on the sumptuous body of hers, a couple of soft pillow like objects pressed against my back and two cool fair arms hugged me more forcefully crushing back into them. Shanthi was aching for action. She had not sampled my affections even to the extent Sahana had and she was not going to waste any more time. She somehow managed to sneak to front and laid her pretty head on my lap facing my hard piston of a cock. I was steaming and looking at the well chiseled and smooth dark body of Sahana spread before me ignited my passion even more.

My hands latched on to the swaying and tantalizing boob balls of dear Sahana and my hands felt they could not have enough of the soft yielding flesh crested by peaking hard nipples of hers.

My hands slowly caressed her waist teasing the dark soft skin with my raking fingernails and she gasped. I shushed her, reminding her of our clandestine condition.

I slowly caught hold of her soft ass cheeks and dragged her bodily toward my face cradling her delectable hips in my hands so I could smell and taste the lubricated big fleshy cunt of hers which was flowering in its glory before my very eyes. I could see her wet pink innards resembling strawberry and cream as Sahana opened her voluptuous thighs wide and far as the horse statue would allow... I could smell her musky excited female pussy odor and it fired up my nostrils and senses.

I heard rustle of clothes from behind me and I knew Shanthi too was in her birthday suit now.

Shanthi slowly had removed my turgid hot cock from its silken confines and licked my cock head slowly around the eye of my cock making me gasp with pleasure. It was her turn to remind me by giving a fresh squeeze to my royal family jewels that 'I should not open my mouth'. But that did not stop her from opening her own mouth and she opened it wide and slowly swallowed my throbbing prick into the live wet hot confines of her sweet mouth. She rested her head fully on my thigh now and grasped cock within her mouth sideways making slow sideways motion making my shining wet cock slip in and out of her mouth in a steady rhythm.

I knew her pussy must be salivating and I sneaked a hand behind my waist to find her soft fair body fitting me closely. I found her soft plateau of stomach first further down to her deep-set navel and finally my fingers felt her wet mop of pubic hair that had guarded her womanhood from unauthorized invasion so far. She was still a virgin, you see. My hands were surely not unwelcome and I found no resistance but in fact immediate permission to enter and explore its wet and waiting tunnel that nestled there, as she spread her big thighs apart behind me to the maximum, allowing full leverage to my hand.

My fingers were literally soaked in the wet lubricated pussy cave of this wonderful fair Amazon of woman, Shanthi whose cunt seemed never endingly deep and yielding...

My face wasted no time either in sampling Sahana's big wet dark pussy spread in front of it and I licked the outer fleshy labia and wet my tongue and throat with her pussy nectar that was by now flowing copiously down to her formidable ass-cheeks. I licked her juice off her cool butt cheeks and inserted my naughty tongue into the wet and inviting portals.

"Ah ha...!" she groaned uncontrollably in spite of the warnings to the contrary and clamped her feet on either side of my head clamping my face in the soft flesh. .

"Shaddup" I whispered into her pussy fluttering her wet labia with my words, "Look out for suspicious movements through the peep hole" I ordered with my face still buried in her wet mass of pussy. I was literally talking into her pussy! But the signal miraculously carried to her brains and she opened the peephole a wee bit and looked outside gasping all the while with uncontrollable lust. Meanwhile I opened her 'peephole', so to say, prying the passage open with my fingers and made merry with the juicy goodies inside.

"There is nothing moving outside" she stifled a groan and whispered back, holding my head with both hands and thrusting her waist strongly to mash my face with her pubic mound, that was like a mass of jelly and juice now . Well, certainly some things were moving inside here, I thought, with all this thrusting, licking and slurping and gasping going on.

There was enough candlelight to see and feel our way through but just. It was sufficient for our frenzied lust-maddened bodies to adjust and work within the confines of that wooden horse.

Sometimes an odd elbow or foot would strike the wooden wall and we would remain still, mouths and pussies and cock wherever they were, till we felt no one had noticed. It was all so secretive and naughty. Shanthi occasionally bit on my rampant stalk and her spit soaked my pubic bush. I wasn't to gasp aloud and that made it all the more thrilling. I got back with my fingernails tickling the sensitive sole of a Sahana foot and she wasn't allowed to gasp either.

My probing fingers inside Shanthi's soaked cunt stirred up more emotions in her big frame and it trembled ever so lovingly around me, with the storm and tempest of passion seething in her.

My fingers grasped Shanthi's prominent cunt digit of a clitoris and pressed it back playfully into her soft pussy mass, making her almost bite on my erect cock in her mouth in reflex. It would then be my turn to experience the thrill but stifle the groan.

It was so exhilarating to play with the bodies of these two big women so wantonly: one a big fair woman who was entertaining my hot cock to its satiation in her mouth while the other a dark Amazon of woman of considerable proportions, both lying so helplessly at my disposal. The two of them, mind you, on a normal day could have smothered and overpowered a couple of strong men in minutes by their sheer physical power but they were like 'butter before fire' in my case as I was their Master and I could play with their intimate parts at my will and they could not even protest! I was gloating over this fact and made full use of my eyes, tongue and hands to exploit Sahana and Shanthis's nude bodies to the fullest, away from the world's eyes, yet so near to the security guards outside.

Such was the new high I reached as I fingered Shanthi's fair and pink pussy with one hand while I continued to eat the Sahana's dark and fleshy, sweet and juicing pussy. The comparison of the female booty at my disposal would make any hot blooded man die with envy as well. The white woman's pussy was covered with a silken bush which was now soaking wet and the dark woman's own shaved smooth cunt was secreting like an orange being sucked up by my energetic mouth. While both pussies were equally big and wet, Shanthi's was deeper but Sahana's wider.

I took my wet lubricated fingers from Shanthi's pussy and fingered Sahana's with them and so after I had thus mixed up their pussy juices, I lapped away merrily at the sweet 'cocktail'. Talking of cocks, mine had reached its all time high record in retention without ejaculation and I was squirming madly with the hot ministrations that I received from Shanthi's wet mouth and naughty tongue, pushing me close to the edge of my restraint...

I could tell by the tastes that Sahana's 'salila' (Pussy-juice in Indian language) was thick and sour like fresh lemon while fair Shanthi's secretions were thinner and sweeter. The mixed aromas of twin wet and secreting cunts in the closed confines made for a heady concoction for sexual bliss.

"Look from this side now" I told Sahana pointing to the opposite peep hole so she had to reverse her sides and turn back towards me. She rested hot sweaty back against the matted hair of my chest and moaned as my hands now cupped her soft yielding tits.

Shanthi, on my lap, was at the moment peaking and quaking with small climaxes occurring deep in her pussy moaned reluctantly like "Ahhhhhhhhhhh Woo!" and got up to adjust to our altered position. I laid my back against her front and this we sat cupped against each other front to back. As my cock was now wedged between Sahana's big ass globes probing the crack sweetly, she squirmed and made a growling noise in her throat. My back was being massaged by Shanthi's soft tit cushions my condition was enviably comfortable. "Now you look through the peep hole", I cupped my hands over Sahana's breasts and my forefinger and thumb twirled her erect nipple causing her much anguish to mutter something that resembled 'fuck fuck fuck'... "This One?" she asked indicating the one near to her right. "Right there", I agreed and my finger entered her super lubricated nether hole making her suck her breath, puffing her chest up causing her breasts to swell out over my grasp of my other hand. My other hand stole behind me where Shanthi lay gasping recovering from continuous exertions of cock sucking. And you look behind your head and watch out, I said. Now Shanthi's hard nipples scraped across my back hard as nails as she turned to obey me. "It is so difficult to turn back wards in this place", she complained softly.

"Not for me, it isn't", I replied even as my hand easily located her pussy door at my back. "See... it is that easy", I continued as two of my fingers got wedged inside her and thumb pressed her erect clit bud as if it were a doorbell. "You sure know your way around" she giggled and started making small moans near my ears now egging me on. I stifled a groan as Sahana's hand stole over from my front to my rampant cock that was probing her insistently between her ass cheeks and she clutched it with all the authority, which she now thought possessed.

My hand now sweetly tortured her erect nipples by pulling them all the way out of her fleshy orbs making her almost get up inside the closed space.

I do not know how it would have ended but for Shanthi who suddenly whispered with urgency, "Someone is coming now!" I probed her pussy deeply with a forefinger and whispered back, " You sure it is not one of us?" "Yes I can hear the footfalls too" said Sahana in front of me stiffening suddenly and the fingers of my hand in her pussy got sweetly squeezed between her tightening cunt walls in the bargain.

I reluctantly withdrew my hands from those pulsing and soaking hot pussies and asked them to watch closely now. The game was probably over for now, I was thinking as I licked my fingers off the duo's juices just as Shanthi announced, " It is someone the guards know very well and they are saluting him" Sahana now blew out the candle and took her crumpled gown back over her torso and started redressing. It took me a while before I could tuck my disappointed cock back into my underwear. Sahana slipped out first as Shanthi rasped with some urgency,"

"He is entering inside. I cannot see him He is wearing a cloak on his back and it is dark!"

Sahana for the first time showed her Long Knife that she had very cleverly hidden inside the horse in a corner. We were out of the horse now and the cool breeze felt welcome on our perspiring bodies. Shanthi quickly slipped out from behind us to the left extreme where the bay windows of Queen Anu's bedroom stood. Sahana went forward, sly as a cheetah with alacrity and alertness that had made her stand out among her breed.

I saw 'it' too now. The figure was accepting the guards' salutes and moving into Anu's chambers. It was hard to tell whether it was a 'he' or a 'she'. All I was sure was that salute or no salute, no one barring me in the palace had anything to do with Anu especially in her bedroom at nights.

We almost sprinted forward and the security guards saw us for the first time now, alarmed at our appearance but stood by watching with the same typical salutes greeting us too. But we were more interested in who went in and what was going to happen inside...


Just 2 more chapters to go before the curtains!!

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