tagNovels and NovellasThe Impregnator Ch. 23

The Impregnator Ch. 23


We rushed into the Chambers of Anu where the Queen would be ostensibly sleeping.

The bewildered Guards saluted us as we saw the cloaked figure cautiously approach the curtained bed.

I could see the window opposite her bed on the other side open a wee bit. It would be Shanti on guard of course.

As the cloaked figure raised some weapon, shining in the moonlight trickling into the room I realized it would be a sword or a knife for sure. Before I could take action Sahana jumped forward and attacked the assassin from behind, her strong knee driving into the small of the back. The figure turned, the mask covering his face. I rushed forward caught him toppling. But the assassin was faster and he thrust his hand holding the gleaming Knife forward swearing loudly behind his mask.

Sahana went toppling and sprawled on the floor with momentum of her jump. The Knife was only inches from my lower tummy, aimed at my most important asset but suddenly in a split second the figure sighed a big O and his eyes turned upwards as he fell. It was all I could do to quickly step away from the dangerously close blade of the knife. The assassin fell forward and I saw a Hunters' Knife half buried in the center of his shoulder blades and blood squiring from the wound. I also saw in they split second the opposite window fully open and Shanti looking concerned, her hands still raised forward in the follow through of her successful knife throw.

So it was her who had saved my life .as Sahana recovered from the fall and we two rushed to the fallen assassin, he turned and sat up miraculously making another attempt at me, his weak hands swinging the knife in an arc about my legs from his sitting position.

But Sahana was quicker this time and took the knife on her right forearm wincing and kicked the Knife sticking out of his back further in and that seemed to stop the assassin dead in his tracks. Quite literally.

Sahana and I were curious to see the face of the assassin whom had cost us couple of Royal Lives and had almost succeeded in finishing off his third victim. Queen Anu had gotten up by now, a mess of her royal robes and bedclothes. She was goggle eyed and before she could get up and come near , Shanti had slipped in through the window, Her mini skirt revealing her naked fleshy thighs in a flourish in the moonlit bedchambers and she contained Anu and held her back in the bed.

We turned over the body of the fallen assassin. His mask had slipped away.

Prime Minister Mosan's dead face showed more surprise on his face than ours probably did at this moment of revelation.

Yes, we realized with sweat trickling all over our bodies with the exertion, that it was exactly as the poor Wassana and Hola had tipped us of about.

They had sworn the PM was himself the traitor turned killer of the queens.

I called in the guards and the room became a beehive of activities with the actions of carrying away of body and cleaning up that followed. King Namarda was one of the first to arrive, his face distraught with the finale, his trusted lieutenant the PM Mosan's ultimate treachery now revealed.

Queen Anu was sobbing with the shock of it all now hitting her and Shanti hugged her to her formidable chest and uttered some consolatory words, patting the Queen on her back.
Sahana reveled the victorious moments, bravely holding up, her bleeding forearm now bandaged with a convenient portion of curtains now tied around. Blood oozed from beneath the cloth, staining her dark skin. I hugged her warmly, this time with gratitude and relief and not with lust as usual. That would come later.

We all went back to our bedchambers after the King Namarda announced that there would be a meeting in the morning to discuss this issue threadbare. Shanti obviously remained with Queen Anu who was still in a shock for the remainder of the night.

Sahana and I dragged our exhausted feet back to my chambers. Sahana obviously needed more medical attention for her wound and went over to the Royal Clinic to see what she could find.

I do not recall how or when I slept but eventually I did and when I woke up, the incidents and shock came numbingly back to me flooding with memories and galvanizing me to go over to see how the situation had changed overnight.

As I was preparing to leave my Chambers to go to the Royal hall, Sahana entered the Room. She immediately bowed to me in her formal fashion. She had changed and there was none of the pain that she had suffered last night visible on her face.

She even said politely,
" Your Majesty, I am sorry I had to leave you unguarded last night because I had to attend to this nasty wound. You see..."

Her dress was a deep V Neck and it offered a view of the corseted twin boob melons. She looked good enough to eat.

I cut her short and laid a placatory arm on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes.

"Sahana, You darling, how are you feeling now? You are not just a servant to me, You saved my life again last night. I should thank you for it."

I winked and patted her lightly,

"I am sure we can now have time for a detailed thanksgiving session"

The implication was not lost on the sharp Sahana and she seemed enlivened at the thought of getting back with me too. In style.

She offered,
" Yes, after all this, you will still keep your word, isn't It, Your Majesty?
I mean about my turn." Strangely she felt a loss for words.

"To get pregnant?... Hmmmm" I looked like I was thinking. She was in anguish for a few moments.

I put my hands on those tempting melons on her chest and closed my palms around the yielding flesh at the same time.

"May be tonight... I can only try three times a night. If you still agree..." I smiled crookedly and looked at her amusedly...

She mewled "MMMM" lustily and fell into my embrace.

We were maybe lost for a couple of moments when there was a gruff: "Ahemmm"
" Looks like a secret meeting is on, can I come in?"

It was Shanti of course.

She looked bright in a Red and Blue soldier Shorts and shirts. The dress made sure her white buttery thighs were revealed all the way up and her delectable ripe tits burst forth through the shirt cleavage.

I left Sahana and hugged the familiar welcome form of Shanti

"Shanti dear...I must thank you for killing Mosan at the nick of the time. Otherwise.."

She cut me short this time,
" Just thanks in words, My Dear Sir...or in action as they say, action speaks louder than words?" she asked coquettishly and a naughty tongue snaked into my ear as if to drive home the point.

I gasped and my royal truncheon raised its head below getting clear signals of some action forthcoming concerning it...I ground my raising cock to the soft underbelly of a willing Shanti who snuggled up more closely and groaned softly in approval of my weapon probing her waiting portals.

Sahana broke us up, the spoilsport with a mischievous look and said,
" All that we can save for later... I can for both of us..."She said this looking at Shanti with a wink, trying to play fair.

Who was I to complain if these gorgeous big amazons wanted to double-team me that night?

I fondled their big bulging ass-cheeks through their uniform shorts as they stood next to me.

I closed the door and we left to he meeting hall, Shanti Told me on the way that Anu had slept fitfully and so had she too."

Well we may not get much sleep tonight either" Sahana poked an arm to my ribs.
"If the king keeps us up his words and his reputation ...that is..."

I wanted a quick retort but we had reached the hall and my bodyguards Sahana and Shanti moved discreetly away.

All the Royal members of the family were there, seated on the silken seats of the well-furnished Royal meeting hall. I was seated next to a weepy Looking First queen Jyothi.
PM Mosan was her father. It was a double shock for her. To have had a father like that and lost him now too.

At the meeting a somber King Namarda revealed that PM was Mosan being Jyothi's father had learnt through an astrologer who he believed in that his daughter could not conceive children and as a barren woman. He was shattered but had remained quiet.

The enemy King Dustan's actions of witchcraft and voodoo which had rendered the entire male populace into impotency had acted like a boon to him as he was now sure the failings of His Daughter who was the First queen of the Kingdom in bearing children would never be questioned again. All that held out till I had showed up. I was now an Impregnator and what's more in a reasonable time I had succeeded in impregnating the queens and the Kingdom had the hopes of carry ing on the progeny and generation forwards.

The PM Mosan had turned green with envy that OTHER queens would be now able to bear Children and their children could even take the crown after the King Namarda.

This envy and jealousy had turned into hate and had caused him to seek out the Enemy King 's hands and had played the evil game of eliminating the pregnant Queens as a vendetta to keep Jyothi's alleged barrenness a secret forever.

As he was the PM himself in charge of the security of the palace itself, no on had suspected him till Wassana and Hola hired by Enemy King had tipped us off.

We all remained silent as the King finished his explanation.
Jyothi was weeping and she looked desperate for someone to console her.Anu looked stupefied and relieved to have escaped certain death.

I was sitting next to Jyothi. I leaned over and whispered to her ears, my hand laying on top of her silken sari slowly kneading her fleshy thighs softly ,
" No... He was wrong. You are not barren. You will conceive, I will make sure you do.."
I said confidently.

She looked cat me. Even is such distress She knew you what it meant to be involved in a coupling with me and her eyes lit up like a woman, a mature grown woman who knows her sex and revels in the pleasure it gives.

"You will?" She whispered back.
"I could not sleep last night. Maybe tonight we could..." she left the rest unsaid. I could complete it for her in my mind.

I looked at her big eager form and my loins tightened at the thought of bedding this rounded and well-fed queen once again.

I looked at the waiting forms of sahana and Shanti who wanted the night out with me too. It was their First big time out... A long awaited one. I could not deny them that, especially after the life saving adventures they had undertaken on my behalf.

So, I thought, may be I could start early and enjoy a couple of hot sweaty sessions in the afternoon and yet have time come back to Queen Jyothi by nightfall. as well.

Imagining all those hot couplings in store for me that day made my heart thump hard and my cock was only harder than ever...


One More chapter...A Long one, but I won't be long gone...

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