The Incentive List Ch. 03


"Get over here young man," she said, "I want that cock inside me."

As David knelt down, Sarah opened her thighs and reclined backwards onto the floor. It was cold and dirty, but she didn't seem to care.

David examined her engorged cunt for a short moment, aware that this was the first time he would know a woman in this way. Sarah parted her labia with two fingers, revealing a dark entrance boarded by tacky white discharge.

"In here," she instructed.

David did as he was told. Hovering over her body, supported by his skinny arms, he positioned his cock between her thighs, and after a teasing delay plunged it deep into her pussy.

Sarah grimaced and yelled out, apparently in pain. Was he hurting her? David pulled out just in case.

"No, push it back in. It's gorgeous," she said in an almost panicked voice. "Quickly, put it back in. Fuck me. Oh, for Christ's sake fuck me with your massive dick."

David needed no further encouragement, and as he plunged into her again, Sarah's grimace soon gave way to a look of contented relief.

"Oh fuck, yes. Fuck me David. Fuck me harder."

David began to thrust in and out, feeling his thick cock stretching Sarah's tight vagina as he did so. Each pump of his hips elicited a cry of pleasure from her, and brought David closer to his second climax of the night. His arms, however, we're tired, and he had to withdraw from Sarah's squirming body to rest them.

"Lie on your back, David," came her next breathless instruction.

David complied. His erection was moist with her juices and twitching with anticipation but it wasn't kept waiting long. Sarah straddled him and efficiently guided his cock back into her with her hand. A soft moan escaped her throat. She then started bouncing up and down on him, her tits bobbing delightfully and slapping into each other at random intervals. But the real treat was the sensation in David's cock; fully wrapped in Sarah's tight, soaking wet cunt, he was being pumped into a state of utter bliss. David reached up and squeezed her tits, this time more roughly, the way he had seen James do it.

Throughout this exuberant fucking, James had been content to watch from the seat, masturbating gently. But now he wanted in on the action. Cock in hand, he approached Sarah and began slapping at her face with it. She took the hint and slowed down her bouncing enough to be able to take James' cock into her mouth. Once fully inserted, she began slowly pumping David's crotch again, her oozing cunt squelching with each bounce. David looked up at this unfathomably dirty vision – a beautiful naked woman slowly sliding up and down his erection, her massive tits in his grateful grasp, as she loudly sucked off another man standing next to them.

"I think it's time," said James.

"Mm hmm," Sarah managed in acknowledgement, despite her mouth being full.

James slipped his cock out from her slobbery embrace, and took a few steps behind her. Sarah then lent forward, taking David's hands off her breasts and splaying his arms to the side. His cock still fully inside her, she laid flat onto his body, squashing her boobs against his chest. The last time Sarah's face was this close to his, she was sat on his lap in the club, and David was dreaming of what her body might feel like - now he was actually inside her. He craned his neck down, moving in to kiss her full on the lips, but she dodged the advance and whispered towards his ear instead.

"Get ready to hear me scream."

David felt his ankles being parted and looked down over Sarah's shoulder to see James kneeling down right behind her, positioned between his legs. Sarah shut her eyes tight in anticipation, and a grin erupted on her face as a slow and deliberate thrust from James filled her anal cavity. David's registered the changing pressures in her cunt as a second cock penetrated Sarah's body and she squealed with delight. Unable to bounce on him anymore, David compensated with short thrusts of his pelvis. James, meanwhile, was free to thrust as hard and as fast as he liked into Sarah's asshole, and gratefully seized the occasion. With each fervent stab of his cock, an almost rodent-like squeak was elicited from her. As endearing as the noises were, James evidently wanted some filthier vocalisations.

"Is it nice?" he asked.

"Oh - fuck - yes," she managed between the sharp intakes of breath that the multiple penetrating advances were eliciting.

"Two cocks! I've got - two cocks in me. Oh God, I'm being fucked by two boys. At the same - at the same fucking time. Oh God, I'm cumming. Cum in me James, I'm cumming!"

Hearing Sarah's description had taken David to the edge too, and feeling Sarah's cunt flexing with the initial phase of her orgasm triggered his second climax.

"I'm cumming as well ," he shouted.

"Me too," said James.

As the realisation of a triple simultaneous orgasm sunk in, all three let out guttural yells. James and David both pumped Sarah full of their semen and she cried out in amazement as she felt their warm wet tributes fill her cavities.

They all froze in position for a while, each trying to catch their breath. James pulled out first with a satisfying squelch and offered a hand to Sarah as he stood. She took it, and hoisted herself up off of David's cock. As she rose, the extent of the amount of cum that had been deposited inside her became evident, as the excess escaped from her violated holes and dripped down onto David's shaking body.

Sarah mouthed an apology before giving James a sheepish look.

"That's two for one," James sniggered.

Sarah went to the corner of the room and rummaged through a duffel bag that David hadn't noticed the whole time he had been in the room. He had, he supposed, been rather distracted. Sarah retrieved a bath robe, and wrapped herself in it.

"You know where to freshen up?" asked James.

"Yeah, Bob showed me earlier," she replied.

David, still naked on the floor, decided to pipe up.

"Did you guys set all this up for my birthday?" he said.

"Oh sweetheart," said Sarah as she tip-toed over and squatted down beside him. "James set this up for me. A little fantasy if mine: stripping for a naive young man at a club and letting him get more than he expected."

"But the fact it was your birthday made you the ideal candidate," interrupted James, who was busily re-clothing himself.

"The DP was a nice surprise though," said Sarah as she made her way towards the door. "We crossed two off my list in one go."

She stopped off where James was dressing and embraced him, squeezing his bottom and kissing him full on the mouth.

"Thank you," she said with a warm smile.

"You're very welcome, Mrs Parsons."

As Sarah unlocked and exited the room, James sighed with satisfaction and looked over at David's stupefied face.

"Happy Birthday," he said.

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