tagFirst TimeThe Incentive List Ch. 05

The Incentive List Ch. 05


Edinburgh, Scotland

May 12th, 1998

James eyed his housemate nervously - she should have gone by now. Helen felt his eyes piercing into her and looked up instinctively, her striking grey eyes narrowing suspiciously as she sipped her tea.

"What?!" she huffed.

"I thought you were going to Karen's for the weekend," James said.

Helen sighed and brushed her mousey brown hair away from brow.

"I am, but I'm going to miss the next bus, and I'm not hanging around the bus stop for an hour. Why are you desperate to get rid of me?"

"I'm not. I'm just checking."

"Don't worry James, you've got the place to yourself tonight; you and Sarah can be as loud as you like," she said, before muttering "Not that anything usually stops you."

James let that last barb slide. Helen and his other housemate Jen had been remarkably tolerant of Sarah's occasional visits that would invariably lead to the kinds of night-time activities that were embarrassingly audible through the thin walls and floors of the house. However, this latest rendezvous required both his housemates to be well and truly out of the way. Jen was visiting her folks in another country, so that was sorted, and Helen had organised a night out and a sleepover with a friend across town.

James found Jen pretty hard-going, but in direct contrast Helen was almost the perfect housemate. She was generous, honest, supportive and a good friend. And because she was physically the opposite of what James usually found attractive in women, there was never the chance of both of them complicating their friendship with any drunken shenanigans. Not that Helen wasn't a pretty young creature, she just wasn't James' type. Tall, skinny with a pert yet modest bust, James had never felt the urge to try his chances. Even an episode from a few weeks back when Helen prematurely exited the bathroom before she had completely covered herself with her robe, giving James a generous glimpse of her moist little tits and trimmed pussy, had done little to change his opinion (although the voyeuristic nature of the flash had contributed to several nights worth of masturbatory material).

"What have you two got planned?" Helen asked.

"Oh, quiet night in I think."

"You two are never quiet on your nights in," she smirked.

"Instead of constantly banging on about my sex life, why don't you go and try to get one of your own?"

"Oh, touché. Find me a bloke who isn't a complete prick and I'll see what I can do."

James smiled to himself. If he thought her sensible, straight-laced brain could handle it, he would suggest she stay put - she might find what she was looking for by staying in tonight. But it was best she stayed well clear.

Thankfully, a half hour later, she was out the front door. James checked his watch; he still had plenty of time to set up. He headed to his room to retrieve several cotton drop cloths from his cupboard, and began to lay them down on top of the lounge carpet. As he did, his mind drifted back to the conversation he had with Sarah the evening they first shared their fantasy lists...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

August 25th 1996

"What's a 'boo cake'?" James had asked as he nursed a pint of lager.

"I have no idea," Sarah replied.

"It's on your list. A 'boo cake' party."

Sarah threw her head back and guffawed, causing everyone on the pub to turn and look. In a rare moment of self-consciousness she reigned herself in and lent in towards James, grasping his hand and whispering her response.

"Bukkake," she managed through her giggles.

"OK," James conceded sheepishly. "What's 'bukkake'?"

"It's when loads of men repeatedly cum over a woman so that she's basically a gooey mess."

"Oh," said James, trying to comprehend the shocking scenario that had been communicated with such understated candour.

Sarah sipped on her wine while studying the stunned expression on James' face with a smile.

"Isn't that a bit - you know - degrading?" James offered.

"I'm sure most women would find it incredibly degrading," Sarah fired back. "It depends who's involved, of course, and how much control you've got. But in the right circumstances, I wouldn't see it as being degraded, I'd see it as being... celebrated."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it."

"It would be like you're being worshiped. All these men focussing just on me, competing with each other to shower me with their appreciation. My naked body covered with their warm sticky cum."

She pushed her shoeless foot into his crotch to confirm that her description was having the desired effect. It was.

"And that would turn you on?" James croaked.

"Talking about it turns me on. I can't imagine what kind of state I'd be in if I ever got to do it."

Sarah withdrew her foot and suddenly spoke seriously.

"It would have to be the right group of men," she said. "Boys really. Sexually naive. Awkward. Like you."

"Oh thank you."

"So it wouldn't feel like I was being abused, you know? I'd need to be in charge - giving instruction."

"Well, we both know you're very good at that."


They shared a naughty giggle.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Edinburgh, Scotland

May 12th, 1998

It had taken over two years to get to this - probably the filthiest and certainly the most logistically complicated scenario on Sarah's list.

Recruiting had been a fraught process. James needed sexually awkward geeks who would be willing to partake in a fetishistic sexual practice involving other men - hardly a simple brief. Turning a conversation to the kind of topic where James could ascertain whether potential participants would be interested in such depravity pushed his social skills to the max. He had avoided tapping genuine friends - he didn't want this episode to follow him around for the rest of his life - so had focussed on kind and well-meaning geeks he studied with that he would be able to refute and ignore should details of this evening ever get out. Therein lay another good reason why James had left this scenario to the very end of his time at university. If news about this ever did get out - and despite swearing the participants to secrecy this was always a possibility - he would be leaving Edinburgh and all of his uni mates in a matter of weeks. His reputation as a sexual deviant with a pervy older girlfriend would hopefully be left behind too.

James surveyed his prep work. Every inch of the floor was protected from 'spillage' as well as some of the furniture. The walls were vulnerable, but James hoped his colleagues' aims would be true. He could always wipe them down afterwards.

James slumped onto one of the sofas now covered by a white sheet. As he looked into the centre of the room and mentally pictured the scene that would unfold just hours from now, his cock twitched with anticipation. His wandering mind was brought back to the present by a loud rap at the front door. The first of his invited guests had arrived.

"Here we go..." James muttered to himself.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sarah arrived several hours later as instructed to allow James' other guests to unwind and relax with a beer or two. As she stood in the doorway she calmed herself with a deep breath - she was excited, but a little anxious too. She had dressed conservatively, almost for business, in a charcoal pencil skirt, high heels and a white blouse. Her face, however, was made up as if she were going out for the night, and the black silk of James' favourite bra was showing through the material of her top. Her partner in crime opened the front door.

"Evening," she smirked.

"Wow, you look gorgeous" said James as he kissed her, took her overnight bag and placed her coat on a hook. "How are you?"

"Nervous, but can't wait," her enthusiastic response.

James led her down the hallway and showed her into the lounge. Sarah beamed at the reception as she counted seven other male students dotted around the cloth-covered room. Awkward she had asked for and awkward she had pretty much got. The gathered ensemble looked nervous, not knowing where to look, either embarrassed by their presence or embarrassed for the beautiful new arrival. James clocked the satisfied expression on Sarah's face and smiled. Sarah winked back at him; this was exactly the kind of vibe she was looking for - a scenario in which she could take command and offer instruction and encouragement. Among the sheepish looking faces Sarah spotted a familiar one.

"David, sweetheart, how are you?"

All the others looked towards the owner of the reddening face with surprise and intrigue.

"Er, good thanks."

"Looking forward to tonight?"

"I think so. I mean I... You know. Should be... Interesting."

There was an awkward silence.

"Oh for heaven's sake boys, let's lighten up" exclaimed Sarah theatrically. "It's a cum fiesta, not a bloody funeral."

Sarah's proclamation elicited a ripple of laughter from around the room, relieving some of the tension. She went into full-on flirt mode to reassure and relax the crowd further.

"Well, I think a drink wouldn't go amiss if you don't mind James?"

James complied and disappeared into the kitchen.

"Tonight's just a bit of fun for everybody. If you feel uncomfortable and are suddenly thinking it's not for you, then don't feel embarrassed about heading off now."

Some of the guests may have looked terrified, but none of them took the opportunity to leave. James re-entered the lounge and handed Sarah a gin and tonic.

"Thanks honey. Now, to find out a bit about you all. Who here is in a relationship?"

Two of the seven put their hands up.

"Okay. And how many of you are still virgins?"

No one put their hands up; instead they all looked furtively around them.

"Don't be embarrassed," said Sarah. "I was 24 before I lost mine."

This was, in fact, completely inaccurate, but the fake revelation gave at least some of the lads the impetus to admit their inexperience. A few more hands followed until only two remained down. Tellingly, one of the boys who had previously indicated he was in a relationship also had his hand up - a sheepish looking fellow with long ginger hair. Sarah addressed him.

"What's your name, sweetheart?"

"Er, Ash," he stammered.

"Your girlfriend is really mean, Ash."

Another ripple of laughter.

"Right," declared Sarah with confident ease. "Here are the rules. My name's Sarah, but I'd prefer it if you would call me Mrs Parsons. It's not a free-for-all tonight and if things get out of hand it will be over as soon as it begins, but you all look like upstanding young gentlemen that know how to take instruction!"

"Well if they're not upstanding now, they will be soon," James quipped. A smattering of nervous laughter filled the room again.

"On that point," Sarah continued, "You can do whatever you like to yourselves but if you want to touch me you have to ask permission. I'll probably say 'yes' but that's not the point. Manners above all else. The only thing I ask is that if you feel ready to burst you let me know and give me enough time to get into position to receive your little contribution. I don't want a single drop wasted. Understood?"

The gathered guests nodded in startled stupor, taken aback by the casual nature of Sarah's filth.

"Good," nodded the centre of attention with an easy smile. "Any questions?"

There was a prolonged silence before a baby-faced lad piped up with the request on the minds of all assembled.

"Can we see your tits?" he squeaked.

Sarah smirked.

"That's what I like to hear," she said. "Someone who gets right down to business. What's your name young man?"


Sarah rose off her chair and made her way to the centre of the room, kneeling onto the white sheet covering the floor. Her eyes flicking from face to face, taking in the palpable anticipation in their expressions, she positioned her body towards Richard and started to slowly unbutton her blouse.

Reverential silence filled the room; eight pairs of eyes fixated on Sarah's thumbs and fingers as she pushed the small pearl buttons through their holes, her blouse gradually falling away from her chest, exposing her generous cleavage and the shiny black cups of her strapless bra. Richard's face reddened as he took in the sight presented to him. The final button was released and her blouse was purposely parted, revealing her hefty breasts barely contained by her lingerie. Sarah allowed everyone to stare a while before admonished her audience.

"I'm not going much further without some reciprocation," she declared. "Trousers off, boys!"

Almost simultaneously the surrounding crowd wrestled at their belts and pulled at their jeans and trousers. Some removed them completely and stood in their boxers and briefs. Others let them hang down by their knees, exposing just their cotton-laden erections. A few eager participants plunged their hands into their underpants and started massaging their cocks in response to the partial nudity on display. Sarah analysed the responses she was eliciting and turned towards one of the more enthusiastic guests.

"And what's your name," she purred.

"Mark," the almost breathless response.

"Pace yourself Mark," she gently teased. "You're going to see much more than this to rub off to. Do you want to see my tits?"

Mark nodded furiously. Sarah turned to address the rest of the group that had stood and closed in around her for a better view.

"Anyone else like to see them too?"

The boys murmured their approval. James, who had taken a back seat to proceedings, appeared impressed at how Sarah had complete control of the room. He winked at his lover from the back of the room before slipping his hand down past his belt and into his boxer shorts as he watched his girlfriend tease the polite yet increasingly frenetic mob of eager young men.

Sarah pulled the bottom of her blouse completely out of the waistband of her skirt and allowed the garment to gape open, framing her prized assets. She ran a finger across the top of her chest, tracing over the exaggerated mounds of her barely constrained bosom. Looking around her she saw that Mark and a few more of the less shy attendees had pulled their cocks out completely and were openly masturbating. Mark's modest erection was poking through the gap in his boxer shorts and he was wanking it furiously -- this was probably the closest he had ever got to an erotic experience in which he wasn't the only participant. Sarah deduced that he wouldn't be able to follow her earlier advice at pacing himself.

"Mark," she said sweetly. "Step forward a bit."

Without releasing his grip around his reddening shaft, and encumbered by the jeans gathered around his ankles, Mark shuffled towards the kneeling temptress, his jerking fist only inches from her face. His eyes, though, were totally fixated on her chest.

Sarah placed the fingers of her right hand at the very top of her left breast and pulled the flesh upwards, her massive tit popping out of the black cup, revealing a bullet-hard nipple at the centre of the milky flesh.

"Oh shit..." Mark murmured, before firing a high pressured squirt of watery semen onto Sarah's chin.

Sarah screwed her eyes tight and quickly leaned in towards her admirer, his first shot of cum dripping off her jaw-line and onto the skirt covering her thighs. Her face now mere inches from the tip of Mark's red raw penis, she took the next high velocity burst of semen full in the face, the resultant splash collecting mostly on her knees and the sheet below them.

There was a muted cheer from the stupefied onlookers, combined with nervous laughter and incredulous gasps.

The next few squirts were milder, and as Sarah felt the gentler deposits of warm liquid on her nose and then her lips, she opened her eyes and stared seductively at her benefactor as he slowed the pace of his jerking before coming to a complete stop. He sighed before suddenly becoming very self-conscious and turning red. Sarah spotted some thick globules of pure white cum oozing out of the tip of his already receding cock and poked out her tongue to try to collect them in her mouth. As her tongue made contact with the sensitive tip of Mark's dick, his full erection returned immediately. Twitching unpredictably around her lips, Sarah reached up and grabbed the shaft firmly before guiding his helmet into her mouth and sucking the remnants of his ejaculate out of him with a gratifying slurp.

"Mmmmmmmm," she purred.

The crowd seemed to react to the show with relief as much as excitement. Sarah couldn't decide if this was due to the realisation that they wouldn't be the first to succumb, or that someone had shown them what it was permissible to do. Judging by the sudden increase in energy levels and open masturbation, she eventually decided that it was more to do with her own positive reaction to being showered with cum - it gave everyone else the justification they needed to take advantage of this situation.

Releasing her grip on Mark's dick, Sarah leaned back allowing the end of his member to slip out of her mouth. More of the thin semen adorning her face ran off onto her body, dripping onto her single exposed breast.

"Well that happened a bit quicker than I was expecting," she declared. The surrounding crowd laughed again, this time with less nervousness.

"James, honey? Photo please!"

James arose from his seat and grabbed the Polaroid camera from the mantelpiece. His main role today would be to capture each stage of Sarah's 'decoration'. The circle of her admirers opened up to allow James a clear shot, and Sarah posed cheekily with a finger held coquettishly to her mouth as the picture was taken.

Sarah rose from her knees, more mess dripping off her chin and onto the sheets covering the floor. Mark backed away and collapsed on a sofa to recover. Everyone else was eager for more; the group closed in again as she stood, like a gang of eager fans. Nearly all the guests had their cocks in their hands now, the majority rubbing them unashamedly. She noticed that the more well-endowed of the group were proudly displaying their erections, stroking only occasionally so as not to obscure their size with their hands. The less-fortunately proportioned were happy to disguise their shortcomings with furious masturbation.

"A bit more room, boys," Sarah commanded, and despite having teased them all into a frenzy, they obeyed, backing off enough for her to continue undressing.

She elected to keep her gaping blouse on and reached behind and underneath her top to unclasp her bra instead. It fell instantly to the floor, her pendulous tits now both finally released and hanging proudly at her chest.

"Nice," came a murmured approval.

James, of course, was more than familiar with the natural marvel that was Mrs Parson's chest, but it made him feel proud to hear third-party appreciation.

One of the taller students present reached a hand forward to cop a feel. Sarah slapped it down before he managed to make contact.

"What did I say the rules were?" she said purposely. "No touching without permission. What's your name, young man?"

"Er, Max. Sorry, I didn't... Sorry."

The sight of his petite, topless girlfriend chastising this well-built lunk seemed to amuse James, and she heard him sniggering in the background.

Max released the grip on his erection and simply stared at the breasts in-front of him, arms by his side, unsure of what to do.

"Well are you going to ask, then?" enquired Sarah in a sweetly condescending tone that she had perfected over a decade as a school teacher.

"Oh," said Max. "Er, can I touch your boobs, please?"

Sarah grinned and took Max's left hand, pulling it towards her chest. He squashed her right tit into his palm before gripping it firmly and giving it an enthusiastic squeeze.

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