The Incentive List Ch. 06


"OK, you're two friends in a bedroom at one of your houses. Hope, you've been talked into this online game of strip poker by Caroline, so you're unsure and a bit shy, and Caroline you're more cocky and egging Hope on. All clear?"

The girls nodded their understanding. James mentally commended himself on the role-reversal and received a pat on the thigh from Sarah signalling her approval.

"OK," said James, "Imagine the camera here is your webcam and start with your tops."

James sat back and allowed Sarah's hand to move up his thigh and over the bulge in his crotch. Caroline fired a cheeky smile into the camera before putting her fingers towards the top button of her blouse. Taking on the character that had been suggested to her, she turned to Hope to offer encouragement.

"Come on," she said, "It'll be fun."

Hope, seemingly in a different audition to Caroline, ignored the comment and without a hint of modesty pulled her shirt over her head, followed quickly by the removal of her bra. Her firm knockers bounced into view before either James or Sarah could stop her. They were nice tits, perky C-cups with large pierced nipples, and James' cock jerked in his pants in response, but Hope had gotten ahead of herself.

"Not the bra yet, Hope," said James. "And we want you to act as if you're really nervous about this."

"Oh right, sorry," she said, hooking back up her bra and resting her boobs back in the cups, but refraining from replacing the shoulder straps. She then looked over to Caroline with a disinterested look on her face.

Caroline looked unsure, raising her eyebrows at James for confirmation.

"Go ahead Caroline," he said.

Caroline nodded and took a more deliberate approach to undressing. Addressing the camera with a series of saucy stares, she unfastened each button on her blouse with seductive intent. The resulting show was far more pleasing for James whose cock was getting regular subtle squeezes from his partner. As Caroline's enormous cleavage began to reveal itself, James felt the precum begin to ooze from the tip of his erection. He turned to Sarah who despite a wicked smile on her face was doing everything in her power to disguise the gentle massage she was administering under the desk.

As Caroline reached the end of the trail of buttons on her blouse, she triumphantly pulled apart her top, purposefully pushing her bra-laden bust out in front of her. James knew from her application that she was packing a couple of double Es inside those cups. He couldn't wait to see them.

"Great," James said, trying to sound as professional and impartial as possible. "Same again, but with the bras. And remember to play this really coy, Hope."

"What does that mean?" she asked with genuine confusion.

"Um, just pretend that you're really nervous about taking your bra off."

"Oh, OK."

Caroline again tried to engage with Hope as part of her performance and again was ignored. Instead, Hope glared into the camera in an awful attempt at looking shocked, before discarding her bra as quickly as she had the first time. As nice as it was to see her tits again, James was annoyed that his instructions weren't being followed - part of the erotic appeal of this scenario was the thrill at seeing these girls innocently follow his orders.

Caroline again looked at James, this time with a glare that screamed 'I can't work with this'. Sarah came to the rescue.

"Actually, it might be easier if we conduct these interviews separately," she said, giving James' cock an affectionate squeeze before getting to her feet. "Caroline, shall we go outside for a bit and James you could maybe finish the interview with Hope on your own?"

"Sure," James said, leaving the change of plan in her capable hands.

Caroline stood and slipped her blouse back on, looking relieved to have her improv session prematurely ended. She followed Sarah out the room and the door closed behind them. Hope looked a little confused; James took the opportunity to ogle her naked boobs as her eyes followed the girls out the room. He snapped his eyes back up to her face as she turned to face him again.

"Was I doing it wrong?"

"Not wrong, exactly," James intoned sympathetically, "We're just looking for a little acting ability as well as great bodies. And you definitely have a great body."

James felt he could be a lot more confident with this one, maybe even a little sleazy. She had starred in a porn film after all! He decided to push hard.

"I mean your tits are amazing; really nice. But the audition with Caroline wasn't really working; you weren't coming across as nervous or timid."

"I guess it's hard for me to pretend like that. I don't really have a problem taking my clothes off in front of people."

"Clearly," James laughed. "OK, so let's focus on your strengths for a while. Why don't you take the rest of your clothes off for me."

Hope smiled apparently with relief that the audition wasn't over and that she was being asked to do something she could handle. She stood up and quickly unbuttoned her shorts, shimmying out of them as they scraped down her thighs, revealing a black thong. Her breasts jiggled with her efforts and James put a hand to his crotch - perhaps a little too obviously as it caught Hope's attention.

"You can take it out if you like," she said cheerily. "I haven't been to a casting where the guy in front of me hasn't started jerking off."

Hope's blasé attitude surprised James, but also thrilled him to a certain extent. Throughout all of the fantasies that he and Sarah had engineered, he had always maintained a certain clandestine control over proceedings, much of the excitement coming from the feeling of manipulation. But this was presenting a rare opportunity to get blatantly down and dirty. He figured he'd take it.

"Why don't I just sit next to you over there," he ventured, rising from his desk and unzipping his fly.

"Sure," said Hope, dragging her G-string down her legs, revealing a completely shaved pussy.

James took a seat next to Hope and let his cock escape from the gap in his boxer shorts. Hope sat back down, completely naked, looking completely relaxed at this turn of events - no doubt she had expected this style of audition before and was more than happy to play along.

"I like your piercings," James said, reaching a finger towards one of the circles of silver that ran through her nipples.

"Thanks. You can give them a tug if you like."

James happily took the invitation, gently yanking at the body jewellery and delighting in the way it changed the shape of her breast.

"So," he said, still fiddling with her boobs. "Acting's not your strong point. What are you good at?"

He looked into her eyes expectantly as he tweaked her nipple more forcefully.

"I'll show you," she said, leaping off her seat and quickly getting on her knees, grabbing James' eager erection.

She gave it a couple of hard jerks before plunging it into her mouth. This was the first time James had realised she had a tongue piercing. He felt the cool metal stud slide around his glans - a strange sensation when combined with the efforts of her hot wet tongue.

"I'll tell you what," said James. "If you can make me cum in less than three minutes, the job is yours."

He would never be so brazen if his interviewee hadn't been such a slut, but she was clearly experienced in pleasuring men, so he thought he'd put her to the test. He held up his watch.

"Starting... Now!"

Hope acknowledged the challenge with a sudden increase in the speed and suction of her blow job. She gorged on his dick loudly as she re-doubled her efforts to get him off. She withdrew with a loud slurp before grabbing his shaft firmly and jerking him vigorously. She looked up at him with filthy intent.

"I'll make you cum in two."

She reared up slightly and continued the high speed wanking between her tits, her shuffling hand making one of them dance while the other soaked up the mixture of precum and saliva that she was milking off of his cock.

James reached for her more stationary boob and pulled at it roughly.

"Thirty seconds gone," he said.

Hope continued jerking him off but put her mouth back over the tip of his cock as she did so. Again he felt the metal stud grace the underside of his phallus. James reached down to reestablish his grip of her titty. Hope took the opportunity to try some dirty talk to reach her goal quicker.

"I like the taste of your dick," she growled. "I like the taste of cum even more. You want to cum in my mouth? Or on my face? I bet you'd like to cum on my tits, wouldn't you?"

James looked at his watch again.

"Two minutes left."

Hope huffed with frustration - she obviously thought James would be easier to get off than this. How could she have known that he was a lot dirtier than she had predicted? The fact that unbeknownst to her he had already cum was not helping her cause. Or the fact that James was purposely holding back to see what she'd do next.

What she did next was to lean back, legs spread, and sit on the floor beside the chairs. She began to mechanically rub at her rubbery-looking pussy, which did little to excite James any further, so he focussed on her jiggling tits instead.

"Fuck my mouth," she said, opening her jaw as wide as she could.

James stood up and approached the desperate-looking harlot in front of him. He put his hands on her head and pushed his pelvis up against her face, forcing his cock down her throat. She took it like the pro she claimed to be, deep throating with consummate ease. James casually lifted his watch again, speaking up over the gargled gagging.

"A minute and a half."

James started wondering why she hadn't tried fucking him yet. He perhaps unfairly concluded that her no doubt extensive sexual experiences had left her pussy a little slack, and that the best chance for a swift climax would be in her mouth.

Her next attempt to make James cum was entirely unexpected. She moved a hand up one leg of his boxers, took a finger that had been slightly moistened from her pussy-play, and tried to insert it into his asshole!

James yelped with shock, but went with it, thanking the stars that Hope had short fingernails. He had noticed this when comparing Hope's garishly coloured fingertips with Caroline's plain ones, but couldn't have predicted their length would prove this relevant.

He tried to relax as Hope continued her digital exploration of his anus, pushing further inside his cavity while still sucking on his cock. He had heard that stimulation of the prostate could aid a powerful male orgasm, but had never allowed anyone to test the theory. She found the spot she was looking for and began to gently massage him from within.

"A minute left," he said, trying to sound as detached as possible.

In fact, the internal massage was stimulating him in a way he didn't think it would be possible for this skanky girl to achieve. She had obviously picked up a few tricks during her attempts to make it in the adult industry, and this one was working like a charm. It was almost with regret that James felt himself reach his second climax of the day.

He grabbed at Hope's short hair and roughly pulled her head back, forcing her to spit out his pulsating cock. With her head still in his grasp he let his cock erupt onto her face unguided, watching her receive his cum triumphantly. Like a wayward fire hose it randomly spurted over her forehead and cheeks, before pumping its final contributions over her lips and into her gaping mouth. Once his final deposit had been made, James let go if her head. Hope slowly withdrew her finger from his ass and leaned in to give his receding cock a quick celebratory suck.

"Thirty seconds to spare," said James. "Congratulations. You just made the top of the list."

"Hallelujah," she said, sarcastically. "Are we done here, then?"

"Yeah, pop your clothes in and we'll get in touch when we've organised the shoot days."

"Great. See you then."

James felt a bit dirty as he handed her a tissue and watched her wipe away his cum. He also wished he had been able to hold off a little longer - the girl he really wanted to cause his next climax was the one sat outside with Sarah. Three in a row was tricky, even for someone with James' powers of recovery. He hoped he hadn't wasted himself on the slutty specimen scrambling to get her clothes on in front if him.

"Remember to wash your hands," he said as he fastened his trousers and watched Hope head for the door.

He made his way back behind the desk and sighed as he heard Sarah bid Hope farewell. A few seconds later Sarah and Caroline had joined him in the office again, although Sarah elected not to join James behind the desk, sitting on the chair next to the interviewee instead.

"God, she was bad," Sarah giggled.

Caroline appeared much more laid back compared to the first time she was in the room. No doubt five minutes alone with Sarah had loosened her up, so it wasn't a complete surprise when she offered her next query.

"Did she offer to give you a blow job or anything?" she said.

"What?" said James, trying the feign incredulity.

"Caroline and I were taking bets outside," said Sarah. "She struck us as the type who'd try to bribe her way through the rest of the interview."

"She, er, was enthusiastic in her attempts to win me over," said James cryptically.

The girls eyed each other knowingly.

"I think I might owe you a fiver," said Sarah.

"I think you might be right," Caroline's reply.

She turned to James.

"Just so you know, I won't be doing anything like that to get this job. I hope that won't count against me. I'm happy to strip and do a little show, but that's about it."

James felt a little disappointed, but then remembered the footage he was amassing.

"That's all we need from you, Caroline," he said kindly.

"Great," she said, obviously relieved.

"I told Caroline I'd step in and partner her so she could finish her audition," said Sarah, explaining the seat she had taken.

"Oh," said James, trying to imagine why a woman who was supposed to be a casting agent would suddenly volunteer to strip on camera for a client.

"You won't be embarrassed, will you?" Sarah asked. "I know you weren't expecting to see me naked today."

"No, of course not. Are you sure you're happy to?"

"I've been in this industry for a while and I wasn't always in casting, so I'm quite comfortable as long as you are. Just tell us what you want to see."

She flashed him a naughty stare. She had obviously ascertained Caroline's reluctance to sit on the casting couch outside, and was colluding to make this as thrilling for James as possible despite it.

"Let's get you both down to your underwear and we'll run through a scenario or two then."

James switched on the camera and took his seat as the two ladies quickly stripped away their outer layers. Sarah had on a beautiful red balcony bra and matching French knickers. Caroline's flesh coloured bra and panties looked ordinary by comparison, but the huge chest being held in place by the bulky bra was far from average. The girls looked at him expectantly.

"OK, let's switch the roles. Caroline, you're the nervous and timid one, and Sarah's trying to goad you into stripping. So it's your turn, you've lost the hand, and your bra has to come off. Show me how you'd play it."

Caroline looked in to the camera almost with distress. She placed a hand to cover her cleavage and turned to Sarah.

"I can't," she whispered.

"You've got to," giggled Sarah, always the consummate little actress. "It's just your tits. Show him. It'll be fine!"

Caroline sighed and turned to the camera. Her performance was causing a stirring in James' pants. His latest erection was pretty sore, but no less enjoyable. He couldn't believe how much more appealing this coy display was compared to Hope's brazen performance.

Caroline looked down at her massive hooters and dug her thumbs underneath her shoulder straps. As she pulled them off the heaviness of her tits became evident as the cups and their contents dropped down towards her stomach. She pulled her arms out of the loops and let the straps hang beside her.

"Let me help," said Sarah as she reached behind Caroline and unhooked the back strap.

Caroline loosely folded her arms in preparation for the big reveal. As the bra fell onto her lap, she groaned with embarrassment, looking down again at her assets.

"Show them," encouraged Sarah.

Caroline sighed and opened her arms, exposing her vast melons.

They were huge - the photos hadn't done them justice. James hadn't seen a pair this big on a girl so svelte. Tits this big belonged on the chest of an obese woman, surely not on a trim and pretty girl like Caroline. They were milky white with large pink nipples and sizeable areolas. They hung down the front of her body rather than splaying off to the side; a feature James couldn't help but vocally admire.

"Wow," he said, doing a lousy job of appearing impartial. "They're pretty impressive. OK, show me how you'd react to Sarah stripping off."

Sarah took her cue and faced the camera with petulant confidence, pulling down on her bra cups and popping her breasts straight out. Caroline shook her head in mock surprise - she was a good performer as well. Sarah yanked off her bra completely and gave her tits an exaggerated jiggle. It was hard to imagine her glorious titties ever looking small, but they came close to appearing so when placed side-by-side with Caroline's pendulous udders.

James rushed the next stages, getting the girls to peel off their panties quickly so he could get to the part he was looking forward to.

"OK, so Sarah's obviously told you about the bonus performance. Why don't you go for it."

"On my own or with Sarah?"

"Do it with me," said Sarah. "I'll follow your lead."

Caroline nodded and changed her demeanour back to shy as she reached a hand towards Sarah, tentatively touching her breast. James saw the tit respond, Sarah's nipple hardening at the nearby contact. His erection was now desperate for his touch, but he didn't want to scare Caroline off.

Sarah hummed with pleasure as Caroline explored her breast with her fingers.

"Look into the camera," she suggested, and Caroline obeyed, shooting a timid look into the lens.

Sarah then reached up and made James insanely jealous as she cupped one of Caroline's dangling tits and lifted it up in her grateful grasp. Caroline reciprocated by taking Sarah's other breast in her hand and moaned as the grip around her own boob tightened.

Caroline's eyes closed as she threw her head backwards. James took the opportunity to put a hand down his pants and squeezed his sensitive cock. Sarah then leant in and ran her tongue up Caroline's tit, from the nipple right up towards her neck. Caroline kept squeezing Sarah's tits as she spread her thighs slightly. Unlike Hope's ugly looking twat, Caroline's was dainty and soft-looking. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a subtle strip, and it pointed towards full, plump labia. Much to James' delight, her lips were parted as she let go of one of Sarah's boobs and parted herself with her fingers. The obvious sticky noise signalled that her performance wasn't 100% fake.

Sarah looked over at James' frustrated form behind the desk.

"Take the camera off the stand. Go handheld for a bit," she said.

James was worried that the obvious erection showing through his trousers would upset or annoy Caroline, but it was worth a risk.

He took his hand out of his pants and stood to tend to the camera, dismounting it from the tripod. His erection was more than apparent, so he stood closer to Sarah for his close-ups. He aimed the camera first at Caroline's ecstasy-filled face, and she looked into the camera seductively. He then moved his view down to her breasts, Sarah backing away so that her head wasn't blocking the view. Caroline responded by using her free hand to grope her own tits, tweaking roughly at the tips. James zoomed in close, filling the viewfinder with kneaded flesh, and glimpses of stretched areola. Finally, James moved the camera's attention to between Caroline's thighs where her fingers were noisily intruding her moist pussy.

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