tagErotic CouplingsThe International Business Trip

The International Business Trip


The customer was being a pain in the ass. "What else is new...," Dayna thought to herself. She'd been in this management job for a little over three years, and she remembers how she naively thought she could change things when she came into the role. But if there was one thing she had learned since, it's that these international customers are notoriously difficult. They hem and haw over every decision, taking their time to make up their mind about what the system requirements should be or when they want the system installed, then after numerous delays, they either decide not to go forward or decide they want the solution - RIGHT NOW.

Storming into Corey's office, she could barely contain her fury. "Did you see that latest note from Emmitt in the UK? What the HELL is he thinking?! They delay the damn contract award by 3 months and they still think we can hold schedule and deploy in 6 months? Are they out of their fucking minds?!"

"I know, I know," sighed Corey, the other manager on the program. "Do you think maybe a face-to-face meeting would help? You know how strained these relationships get when we're so far away. And being a foreigner doesn't help, I don't think they always trust us - they think we're hiding information from them or being deceptive. We should plan a trip over there soon, are you available to go over there next week?"

Angrily yanking her Smartphone out of its holster, she looked at her calendar and reviewed the kids' schedules to ensure there were no major conflicts and that her husband would be able to manage getting them to their activities. She reluctantly groaned, "Yeah, I guess so. I'm just sick of how things never change! But I'll go ask our secretary to start making the travel arrangements." Then Dayna turned and left Corey's office.

As she turned and walked away, Corey got a whiff of her perfume. He closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply and smiled. "Damn, that smells good", he thought to himself. He had always wondered what Dayna was like outside of work. She'd never been anything but business-like and professional in the office, but he knew that people often acted a different way in the corporate world than they do in their personal lives, and he suspected Dayna was probably no different. Something about her - maybe it was the way she dressed, the way her eyes always seemed to be holding back some naughty little secret, the way she tossed her long wavy hair around - made him think this woman was anything but proper on the inside. Glancing down at his wedding ring, he thought of his wife back at home, but also couldn't help but feel a little excited at the thought of traveling halfway around the world with his hot coworker, and the familiar twitch in his dick confirmed that feeling.

* * *

Arriving at the airport on Saturday afternoon, Dayna was annoyed that the only flight available had been the red-eye. At least her secretary was able to upgrade her to business-class, though; that would at least make the flight pleasant. She was already looking forward to that first glass of champagne that would await her once she got settled in her seat on the plane. She didn't travel often, and while she wasn't happy with how trips affected her family, she did secretly enjoy the little break from her hectic family life. Staying in nice hotels, eating out for every meal (and often at better restaurants than she would dine at on her own!), and not having to deal with dishes, laundry, cleaning, errands, chores and the other mundane activities of home life did hold a certain guilty appeal.

Check-in at the airline counter went smooth and she sailed right through the security checkpoint. She treated herself to a Starbucks mocha frappuccino to calm her nerves about flying, then walked to her gate and settled into a chair with a magazine to read as a distraction.

Corey picked up his belongings from the other side of the security checkpoint, and was irritated by how frustrating travel had become. He didn't necessarily mind the travel, but he hated the hassles of security, the need to check in 2 hours early for international flights, and all the rules on carry-on bags, bag weights, and anything else the airlines could do to make life inconvenient and more expensive.

As he started walking in the direction of his gate, he spotted a small pub. Checking his watch, he realized he had plenty of time to enjoy a beer before the boarding time. He settled onto a barstool, ordered, and quickly gulped down half the glass. The icy cold drink went down so well that he decided to order a second. When the second beer arrived, he found himself gazing over at the airport terminal, taking in all the hustle and bustle of travelers rushing from place to place - people watching could be so entertaining.

Then his eyes settled on Dayna. He had never seen her outside the work environment, but there she was looking so youthful and relaxed in her tight jeans and snug sweater, sucking on the straw of her frappuccino and rocking her head ever so slightly to the music from her iPod as she lost herself in some trashy woman's mag. Her long, loose waves flowed over her shoulders and she looked so content. "Man, how I'd like to be that straw right now!", he thought before trying to shake that naughty thought out of his head.

Finishing the last sip of his beer, he paid the bartender and went over to sit beside her at the gate. "Oh hi Corey! All set for the trip? Did you remember to bring those program documents that we wanted to propose as an alternative solution for the customer?"

"Yeah, I've got those. And yeah, I think I'm all set - especially after those two beers I just downed," he thumbed the direction of the bar. His dick twitched as he noticed the familiar smell of her sweet fragrance. Oh God, it's gonna kill me to have to sit by her for the next 8 hours, smelling that, he thought to himself. I hope they have a blanket in the plane that I can use to cover myself so she doesn't catch me pitching a tent.

She giggled, "Pick your poison - this is mine!" as she raised her frappuccino in a mock toast. He smiled at seeing his normally uptight coworker looking so relaxed, comfortable, and casual, not to mention sexy as hell. That sweater hugged her luscious tits in all the right places.

"Flight 478 to London, now boarding business class," the gate attendant announced.

Corey and Dayna boarded the plane and realized that their seats were side-by-side in business class. "Wow, check out these digs! These seats are awesome!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, they're really nice! Good thing, too, since we're stuck with the red-eye and need to try to catch some sleep. This should make it easy," he said.

They packed their carry-on items into the overhead bins and settled into their seats as the flight attendant brought over a tray of champagne. Corey and Dayna each took a glass and looked at each other as they tried to think up a toast. "I know! Let's toast to 'Improved Relationships', in hopes that we can get our customer to be more reasonable," she suggested.

Corey grinned a wicked grin and lifted his glass, "To improved relationships". They clinked glasses and each took a sip, but his mind wasn't focused on the customer relationship right now. Between the beers and the champagne he was starting to feel very relaxed - and horny. Drinking always got him worked up like that. Discretely shifting his magazine around on his lap, he couldn't help but give his hard dick one quick stroke outside his pants before flicking on the television display to see what kinds of shows would be available during the flight. His stiffening cock strained against the fabric of his jeans, and he had to shift slightly in his seat to make his hard-on less obvious, and to make himself more comfortable.

* * *

As the flight attendant was removing their dinner trays, Dayna found herself starting to yawn. It was already 11pm and it was so boring being stuck on the plane; the flight wouldn't land in London for another 6 hours. She turned to look at Corey, who was firmly fixated on the movie he was watching. He's such a handsome guy, she thought to herself. He's always so serious at work that she'd never really paid attention to his dark eyes, his great smile, or his deep, smooth voice. And she'd certainly never noticed those tattoos! Wow, sexy! She realized she probably never paid much attention because he's notoriously perceived as a prick by others around the office, but she sensed he had a softer side that just needed a little coaxing to come out. He'd always seemed like a nice guy when it was just the two of them shooting the breeze or talking about their weekend, when he wasn't acting like the tough-guy boss that his job demanded.

Corey suddenly noticed her staring at him and turned to look at her. She blushed deeply from being caught, then stammered out an excuse, "I was just going to tell you that I'm going to lay down and try to catch some zzzz's before we land. Are you planning to sleep at all?"

"Yeah," Corey agreed, "this movie will be ending in 10 minutes. If you want to wait, we can go to bed together." His face turned beet red as she expressed a look of shock. "Uhhh I didn't mean it like that, I meant that in 10 minutes I'll be turning the light and TV off, so if you want to wait, it'll be darker and quieter."

She giggled and nodded, "Suuuuure you meant that. Uh huh, I believe you." He teasingly punched her on the shoulder and laughed.

She fully reclined the seat, wrapped the flimsy blanket around herself, and tried to find some way of making the small lumpy pillow comfortable. She purposely laid in the direction facing him so she could secretly watch him as he watched the end of his show. Her gaze drifted down to his lap, and she couldn't help but notice the bulge. She slid her hand between her legs and felt the warmth there. She and her husband had been having some problems, so it had been awhile since she'd been intimate and she really missed the touch of a man and the feel of having a man's hands wander between her legs, inside her soft folds, rubbing her clit, teasing her ass. And she especially missed the feeling of being pounded by hard cock. Dayna wondered what kind of heat Corey was packing - was it big, small, thick, thin, what kind of angle did it have, was he cut or uncut, shaved or furry. She thought every penis was a beautiful thing - such steely hardness covered in the most soft, silky skin, the dichotomy always amazed her. Smiling naughtily, she closed her eyes and let fantasies run through her head as she tried to sleep.

Corey turned off his TV and looked over at Dayna. Her eyes were closed, but he couldn't tell if she was asleep yet. She had the sweetest (or was that devilish?) smile on her lips, and he wondered what she was thinking. Reclining his seat, he laid down and turned towards her, their faces only about a foot apart. He couldn't stop gazing at her, and under the cover of his blanket, he had unzipped his jeans and eased his stiff cock out of his boxers. He stroked slowly, until she lazily opened her eyes and caught him looking at her.

"Why are you watching me?" she asked softly, in a non-accusatory tone.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, "I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. You just looked so sweet and beautiful laying there that I couldn't take my eyes off you."

She smiled, "Awww thank you, you're a sweet guy. Good night, Corey, see you in the morning." She closed her eyes, yawned, and tried to go back to sleep.

Relieved that she wasn't upset, but in such desperate need for relief, he turned away from her to face the window as he quietly but quickly jerked himself off. As he stroked his rock hard cock, all he could think of was joining the mile-high club with Dayna, but Corey knew that was out of the question. Still, a guy can dream, can't he? Finishing off, he finally felt relaxed and relieved enough to settle in for sleep.

Sleeping on a plane is never easy. Even though business-class was very comfortable compared to the cattle car portion of the plane, it was still weird to sleep with so many other people nearby. You could hear random snores, see bits of light from people who stayed up to read, feel the occasional turbulence, and deal with varying temperatures. It was pretty chilly on the plane tonight, and Corey noticed that Dayna had been tossing and turning for the past hour.

"Having trouble getting comfortable?" he whispered as he flipped over to face her direction.

"I'm freezing! These blankets suck!" she whispered over her shoulder to him as she shivered.

He scooted a little closer to her and gently put his hand on her shoulder, allowing his forearm to drape down her upper arm. He felt her briefly tense up at the surprise of his touch, then relax into his warmth. Without a word, she slid back a little more, gently leaning her back against his chest as he brought his knees up behind hers, spooning her. She thought about how totally inappropriate this was for two coworkers to be doing, but while it was so wrong, it felt so right. She didn't know why, but she felt comfortable with Corey. Moving his arm around her waist to pull her closer, they found that their bodies fit together perfectly. "Good night," he whispered in her ear, his breath gently caressing her cheek and sending shivers down her spine. "Sleep tight," she whispered in response. The friendly but affectionate warmth helped them both to fall quickly and soundly asleep.

* * *

On the cab ride to the hotel, Corey and Dayna were still adjusting to the time zone difference and blinking at the brightness of daylight after the red-eye flight.

"Ugh", she sighed as she rubbed her eyes, "I can't wait to take a shower. I always feel gross after a long flight and I'm hoping the hot water will wake me up. Not to mention I'm hoping the hot water will help my shoulder - I feel like I got the worst crick in the neck from sleeping on that plane." She reached her hand up, tipped her head, and started kneading her sore shoulder. Glancing at her watch, she noticed it was now 9am. "We've got the whole day to ourselves, anything special you want to do on our one free day before the customer meetings start tomorrow?"

"I don't know, I guess we can get checked in, take showers, and head out to walk around, sight-see and grab lunch?" he suggested.

"Sounds like a plan!" she agreed.

Unloading their luggage from the taxi, they entered the hotel and noticed how busy it was with people moving about everywhere. "Wow, they're really busy," she commented to Corey as they approached the front desk agent.

"Can I help you?" the friendly British desk agent asked.

"Yes, we are checking in. You should have two reservations?" Corey said as he slid the itinerary across the desk.

Frowning, the agent said, "I'm sorry, I only seem to have one reservation. It's for the King Suite for the gentleman, but I don't seem to have a second reservation for you, ma'am. And I'm afraid we're entirely sold out of other rooms due to the sex toy convention that's going on this week."

Corey and Dayna shot each other an exasperated look. "This can't be right, let me speak to your manager!"

The hotel manager came to the desk, "I spoke to your secretary myself when she called to make the reservation. She only requested one room, and that's all we have available. It is, however, an exceptionally nice suite - one of our best room - it comes with a private hot-rub, balcony overlooking London, and a kitchenette. If you'd like to share the room, I can have a roll-away bed brought in, and I will even have two complimentary bottles of wine sent up to the room."

Dayna shot Corey an annoyed glare and seethed, "How the hell could our secretary have screwed this up? Should we try to find a different hotel?"

Corey looked at Dayna and reassured her, "This'll be fine, I'll take the roll-away, you can have the King bed. It sounds like a nice room."

"OK," she reluctantly agreed, and Corey handed his credit card to the agent to complete the check-in.

As Corey unlocked the room and pushed the door open, Dayna's jaw hit the floor. She stepped inside in stunned silence, marveling in awe at the gorgeous room. "Oh. My. God! Can you believe this?" She ran into the room like an excited child, and he chuckled at her exuberance. Dayna ran to the window and waved her arm with a flourish, "Look at this! Ohmigod it's amazing! Look at this view!!"

Corey walked up to stand beside her and joined her in taking in the breathtaking view. Turning to look at her, he said "Absolutely beautiful." The look of longing in his eyes made her unsure whether he was talking about the view of the city, or her, but she decided not to say anything.

"I've gotta see this hot tub," she said gleefully as she dashed into the bathroom. "OH MY GOD! Check this out!!"

He sauntered into the room and again laughed at her excitement, but nodded in approval at the enormous hot-tub that could easily fit 6 people. "This is a great room," he smiled.

"I don't know if I even want to leave the room today! It looks like it's starting to rain out there, maybe we could just get room service, enjoy the tub, and see what's on TV," she suggested.

"I wonder when that sex toy convention starts?" he jokingly teased her with a wink.

"Oh shut up! We are not going to a sex toy convention!"

"Ya never know, it might be fun. Find a few presents to take home to our spouses?"

"Hmmm, well, I dunno. We'll see. First things first - THIS TUB!," she giddily exclaimed. "Did you bring your swimsuit?"

"Oh crap, I knew I forgot something! No, I didn't bring it. But I have silk boxers, can I just wear those?"

"Sure, why not, it's practically the same thing."

Dayna went into her suitcase and pulled out her swimsuit, then headed off to the bathroom to change. After putting on her two piece tankini, with loose-fitting swim trunks and a tight, low-cut tank, she asked through the door if he was done changing.

"Yep, all set," he replied.

She opened the door to let him in as she slowly eased herself into the hot water. He gawked at her ass as she walked away from him, and he worried about what kind of reaction he might have down south - it's hard to conceal things in boxers.

"Ahhhhhh, this feels sooooooo good. Corey, I love this room, have I said that already? Mmmmmmm I love hot tubs. It's sooooo warm, mmmmmmmmm..."

Corey strode up confidently to the hot tub, wearing nothing but his silk boxers, and stood there before her. She was oblivious as she closed her eyes and tilted her head back, moaning at how great the hot water felt. He couldn't help but take notice of her huge tits, mostly submerged in the water but slightly starting to pop up over the top of her suit from the floatation. God how he wanted to get his hands on those - he could imagine soaping them up and rubbing them when they get all slippery, and he wondered what her nipples were like. Mmmm how he'd like to suck one of those into his mouth!

He got into the tub and sat across from her, then surprised her by grabbing one of her feet and starting to gently massage it. "Ohhhh that feels so good." She moaned a bit more and tipped her head back again, then subconsciously found her hand reaching up to rub the sore spot where her neck met her shoulder.

"Your shoulder still bothering you?" Corey asked.

"Yeah, I'm sure it'll be fine, just need to work the kinks out."

"Why don't you let me help. Come sit on my knees and I'll rub it for you."

She swam across the tub, then turned her back to him and straddled his legs. Corey kneaded and massaged her shoulder with his big, strong hands. Touching her was such a turn-on, that he could only hope his boxers would be sufficient to hold back the swelling that was occurring in his shorts. After several minutes of massage, he could feel her muscles starting to soften and relax. "Does it feel good?" he whispered in her ear.

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