tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Intersexed Blues Ch. 02

The Intersexed Blues Ch. 02


Anticipating the arrival of the sexual surrogate therapist was rather like getting ready for a first date. For the first time in ages, Andi went through the unfamiliar ritual of putting on lipstick and make up. While her apartment was always quite neat and tidy, she had a harder time fixing her own appearance, especially when it came to her hair. Even with the best attempts, her coarse curly locks could only be persuaded to stay out of her eyes –at least for a short while.

The time set for this ‘therapy’ was 7 pm to 10. Andi felt increasingly nervous as the evening approached, barely able to eat dinner because of the pit in her stomach, and constantly fidgeted with her hands. She had chosen a long black dress to wear, a relic from a formal affair long since forgotten but thankfully still fit, and black nylon tights. She supposed she looked relatively feminine, though anything snug like this only served to show how tall, muscular and ultimately awkward she was.

When the doorbell finally rang, her heart leapt, and she wanted to instantly disappear off the face of the planet. A few deep breaths and she finally gathered the nerve to open the door.

There, much to her surprise, she found a well-dressed blonde woman waiting for her.

“Hi there. I’m Colleen. I take you are Andi Tate?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“I’m the sexual surrogate therapist. Can I come in?”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Andi mumbled.

Colleen, obviously, was a woman. Somehow Andi had expected otherwise, but realized she wasn’t told one way or the other and had never thought to ask. At a glance, Andi guessed Colleen to be in her mid to late thirties, very fit and also very pretty. Her naturally blonde hair was well groomed and reached just past her shoulders, framing a warm and engaging face. Her eyes were stark blue, of the kind one might associate with towering Norwegian Amazons, though Colleen was actually on the short side. Dressed in a crisp white blouse and black miniskirt, she knew how to show off her figure, as well as her shapely legs.

“I hope you like the way I’ve dressed,” Colleen said, noting the way Andi was watching her.

“Oh, no. I mean, yes, you’re lovely,” Andi stammered, embarrassed to have been caught out like that. She led them both into the living room, where she had a bottle of wine already waiting.

“You have a very nice place,” Colleen observed, “I can tell you have very refined tastes.”

“Er, really? I just like having a clean apartment. Can’t stand clutter. You know.”

Colleen smiled, crossing her legs as she sat down on the couch. Andi bit her lip, self aware and uncertain.

“Why don’t you come and join me,” Colleen offered, patting the space beside her. “I promise I won’t bite.”

“Right, right,” Andi said quickly, sitting down next to her.

Her heart was racing. She’d never been alone with anyone like this before, though that wasn’t the only source of her unease. It was impossible to get around the knowledge that this smiling, unassuming woman was here for the explicit purpose of taking her virginity.

“Don’t be so nervous,” Colleen told her softly, patting her hand.

“Sorry. It’s just, I know why you’re here, and it feels very strange to me. It’s weird.”

Colleen nodded, continuing to hold her hand.

“I know it is. My job is to try and make it all a little less weird for you, to show you that you have nothing to be afraid of.”

Andi made a dubious face.

“Do you know about my, well, condition?”

Colleen nodded.

“Let’s not to get too far ahead of ourselves. Why don’t you try getting used to my being here, and having a good time in each others company.”

“Yeah, OK,” Andi nodded, letting out a long breath.

Colleen gave her a hand a long, reassuring squeeze. It was a little strange, but it actually felt nice to have someone hold your hand. Andi blushed slightly, averting her eyes.

“I see you have a little something laid out for us,” Colleen remarked, nodding towards the bottle of wine and the two empty glasses sitting on the end table.

“Uh, yeah. I wasn’t sure what to get exactly, so I figured red wine would probably be fine. I don’t usually drink at all.”

“I don’t recommend it either,” Colleen agreed. “But, on a special occasion like this, I don’t think one glass will hurt either one of us.”

The activity of opening the bottle and pouring their drinks was a welcome reprieve for Andi. Her hands were starting to sweat, and she didn’t want Colleen to know. She was really pretty. Would any of this have been easier if she wasn’t so attractive?

“Here’s to a great evening, and to new experiences,” Colleen said, raising her glass.

Andi did the same, downing a bit too much of the stuff in a single gulp.

“There’s something on your mind, isn’t there,” Colleen observed, fixing her with those uncannily blue eyes. “Maybe something to do with me?”

“I guess I sort of expected that, maybe, you’d be, um…”

“That maybe I’d be a man?”

Andi made an expression that suggested she did, but didn’t want to cause offense.

“Well, Dr Fastow and I talked about your case before hand, and I think I understand her reasoning. For one, a female partner will probably be less intimidating for you, and allow you to take a dominant position role rather than a submissive one. It’s also true that, as few sexual surrogate therapists as there are, almost all of us are women.”


“It may be the case that you aren’t interested in girls at all, and that’s fine,” Colleen quickly explained. “At least you’ll know that for sure. After all, there’s some orientation issues here, aren’t there? Why don’t you tell me how you’re feeling? What did you imagine your first lover to be like?”

“I never tried to think about that,” Andi told her, looking down at the carpet. “I was always so ashamed of what I was, and lived in fear that anyone might find out. I dressed as a girl through school because I wouldn’t be expected to do as many physical activities in gym. The girls would talk about boys and getting dates, but I couldn’t forget that I had the same thing between my legs as those guys they wanted. I convinced myself that I could never be with anyone, and I lived that way for a very long time.”

Colleen nodded with genuine concern and sympathy.

“It’s terrible to have to live that way,” she agreed. “You might be surprised to learn you aren’t the only one. Men and women who had to grow up with the knowledge they were gay, but could never openly live their lives that way, or even had the bravery to accept that fact themselves. I’ve dealt with women who were taught to be so ashamed of their sexuality that they’ve never even had an orgasm.”

“But I’m so different than anyone else,” Andi said weakly, clenching her hands. “No one out there will ever accept what I am.”

Colleen reached over and laid her palm over Andi’s fists, leaning against her shoulder.

“I’m here, and I’m telling you that I accept you,” she said. “Give me a chance, and I’ll prove it to you.”

Andi hadn’t been held in a very long time, so when Colleen enfolded her into an embrace, she resisted at first. The closeness and warmth of her skin, of her breath, of her touch; it was all too intense at first. But, after a while, she let it all go, and relaxed into Colleen’s arms.

“People don’t fall in love because of the shape of their genitals,” Colleen explained. “You’re uniquely gifted, because you are truly bisexual in the full sense of the term. You are free to give your love to anyone you wish. Whomever returns your affection will not shy away because of your differences.”

Colleen brushed aside some of Andi’s thick hair and placed a kiss against her cheek, then trailed her lips along the length of her neck. Andi, eyes closed, wordlessly accepted this affection. Suffused with feelings she’d not experienced for a very long time, she wrapped her arms around Colleen’s back and hugged her even closer. The scent of the older woman’s perfume pervaded her senses, making her heart race.

The cynical, hardened part of Andi knew that Colleen’s words were no more than that. She was only fulfilling her job as a therapist to try and make her feel better. But, drowning out her critical voice was the simple fact that it did feel good, and that she did need to be held, to feel special and wanted. With a kind of bravery she never knew she had, she turned her head and met Colleen in a full kiss. Their lips pressed together, and before Andi was even aware of it, Colleen had gently pushed her back against the couch.

“Don’t be afraid of anything,” the blonde whispered into her ear. “You can touch me or do anything you want. I’ll let you know if you’re doing anything wrong,” she said with a wink.

Andi, who had experienced her first full adult kiss in the arms of this woman, felt as if a weight had been lifted from her. Almost all of her previous anxiety had washed away, to be replaced with a completely different kind of tension. As she moved her hands from behind Colleen’s back to touch her breasts through her blouse, Andi’s cock began to harden beneath her underpants.

Colleen placed light kisses all along Andi’s neck, encouraging the curious caress of her bosom.

“Shall I get undressed for you,” Colleen asked, pulling back slightly.

Andi had been so wracked with concern at the thought of exposing her body to anyone she barely considered the reverse. Wordlessly, she nodded, not at all certain how she would react on seeing the lithe naked form of Colleen. Perhaps it would be like she said –maybe she didn’t have any interest in women after all. But, maybe she did…

Colleen quickly unbuttoned her crisp blouse, letting it fall to the floor to reveal her thin, lavender colored bra.

“Want to unhook me?” Colleen asked, turning her back to her.

Sitting up, Andi did so, noting the lean lines of her naked back. Her skin had a healthy golden hue that was hard not to be envious of.

“Can you take care of my zipper while you’re at it,” Collen said, standing up straight.

Opening up the back of Colleen’s miniskirt, Andi felt another surge of arousal as it fell off her hips, leaving the sexual surrogate in only her panties. They were a matching shade to her bra; sheer, and fit snugly to her well-defined buttocks.

“Almost there,” Colleen smiled, looking over her shoulder. “Any last minute worries?”

“No, no, I’m fine with this,” Andi replied, throat dry. “I… I want to see you naked.”

Colleen gave a small nod, turning back to face her and hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties. As the intimate garment was pulled off her hips, Andi’s cock gave a little jump as the golden triangle of Colleen’s pubis came into view, covered by curls of crisp blonde hair.

“You can touch, if you want,” Colleen told her.

Andi reached out with tentative fingers, first trailing them along the insides of Colleen’s thighs before finally seeking the petals of soft flesh that were her labia.

“You have a nice touch,” Colleen sighed, letting Andi explore her most intimate parts. “Why don’t we take this to the bedroom? You can have a better look with me lying down.”

Andi wordlessly agreed, leading her towards the small room where she spent her nights. As she closed the door behind them and Colleen switched on the bedside lamp, Andi felt tense and nervous again. She was keenly aware of how narrow her bed was, and how no one apart from herself had ever occupied it. More especially, it was the knowledge that she was mere minutes away from the moment of truth.

“No worries, OK,” Colleen said, wrapping her into her arms in a hug. “I promise to make this wonderful for you.”

Somehow Andi had no further doubts about that. Colleen had a spirit about her that emanated reassurance and complete calm, even while standing naked like this in a complete strangers bedroom.

Colleen helped pull off Andi’s black dress, lifting it up over her head. Her bra removed, Colleen passed her fingertips over the smooth contours of her breasts, making Andi tingle at the intimate contact.

“They’re really beautiful,” she said, looking up into Andi’s eyes. “I think I’m a little jealous.”

Andi blushed, but didn’t flinch even as Colleen knelt down to peel off her pantyhose and plain underpants. The blonde let out an involuntary gasp as Andi’s erection came free.

“My goodness,” she remarked, gingerly taking hold of the six inch rod of hardened flesh. Beneath, equally exposed to view, were the full and open lips of Andi’s yawning labia.

It was a tense moment for Andi, who was certain Colleen would either laugh or run screaming. Instead, she continued to hold and caress Anid’s cock, placing small kisses along the pale skin of her hips and thighs.

When Colleen laid her lips on the end of her prick, and proceeded to lick all along the surface of her glans, Andi nearly swooned. She clutched at Colleen’s golden hair as the first couple of inches of her length disappeared into the kneeling blonde’s mouth. Her knees felt weak, especially now as Colleen used the fingers of her other hand to probe into the wet opening of her cunt.

“You want to get on the bed?” Colleen offered.

Andi nodded, letting the therapist lay her flat on the sheets. Colleen knelt over her hips, reapplying her mouth to Andi’s excited erection, giving the hermaphrodite her first experience with oral sex.

The feeling of wet and warmth inside Colleen’s mouth as incredible, as was the insidious action of her tongue along the soft skin of her length. As time passed, Colleen’s actions became more insistent. She sucked harder, moving her head up and down in a steady rhythm that made Andi’s head swim. Changing position slightly, Colleen now inserted two stiff fingers firmly up inside her cunt.

The air became tainted with the scent of sweat and more uncouth bodily fluids. Andi gasped brokenly as the pleasure rose to the inevitable point of release.

“Don’t hold back,” Colleen told her quickly, working her cock with her hand. “If you want to come, let it go.”

Teeth tightly clenched, Andi endured the ecstatic torture of being drawn to climax. Colleen’s fingers had found a soft spot inside her, just underneath the base of her cock. Pressing on that nearly made her leap off the bed, and triggered her orgasm. Head turned to one side, Andi let out a loud groan as her cock throbbed and twitched, thin white fluid spurting into the mature blonde’s mouth.

As Andi regained her breath, Colleen crawled up her body to wrap her into a warm embrace.

“How was it,” Colleen cooed, nuzzling close to her neck.

“It was… good. Great. I don’t know,” Andi rasped, confused and embarrassed by her lack of control.

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Colleen told her, pressing her body closer still. “It was all perfectly normal, and I’m sure, very agreeable. I wanted to make you feel good, and to show you what little difference it makes what you have between your legs. Everyone feels the same sensations when they have an orgasm, no matter if they have a penis or a clit.”

“Is that true?”

“Absolutely,” Colleen said. “I can demonstrate if you want.”

So saying, she took Andi’s hand and guided it down the length of her body to her hips. Shifting to lay flat on the bed, Colleen opened her legs so Andi could introduce her fingers between her thighs.

“Go ahead and take a closer look,” Colleen encouraged.

Andi knelt between the surrogate’s knees, facing for the first time the cunt of a perfectly normal woman. Flush with excitement, the labial lips were already dark and loose, opening easily at Andi’s touch. Within, she could spy the seeping pink opening of Colleen’s vagina.

“Look here,” Colleen said, reaching down to pull back on her foreskin. This exposed the hardened nub of her clit to view.

“It’s really not that much different,” Andi wondered aloud, nothing how much the small organ’s shape resembled the glans of her own penis. She felt it between her fingertips.

“Careful now,” Colleen told her, using her own fingertips to demonstrate. “Use the foreskin to rub over it, and around it. Nice little circles like that, or even up and down a bit.”

Andi obeyed, fascinated by the differences and similarities to her own distorted genitals.

“You can use your tongue, if you’re up to it,” Colleen advised her. “Then you’ll really have a chance to watch me orgasm.”

It was too tempting not to try. Brushing aside her pubic hair, Andi lowered her head and extended her tongue over the fragrant flesh of Colleen’s cunt. With a few false starts and some gently offered pointers, she finally got into a rhythm that lavished the blonde’s clit in an extremely effective way.

“Please don’t stop,” Colleen pleaded, her head thrown back against the pillow. “You’ve got it so right. God, don’t stop.”

The scent of Colleen’s aroused sex threatened to overwhelm her efforts, but Andi didn’t let up. Suddenly, Colleen’s breathing came very quick, and she raised her hips off the bed.

“It’s coming,” she moaned. “You did it. I’m coming…”

There may have been no ejaculation to punctuate the event, but Colleen was clearly undergoing the thrall of orgasm, body shuddering with the intensity of the event.

At Colleen’s urging, she came up and joined the breathless woman in a long embrace, sharing the aftermath of her climax in her slender arms.

“You did so well,” she murmured. “You’re such a fast learner. If you ever want to make a woman happy, you definitely have the gift.”

For a time, the two remained entwined on the bed, nearly motionless. Colleen’s hand slowly moved along Andi’s back, then around her hips to grasp her waiting cock. Enough time had transpired that, as Colleen gently massaged it between her fingers, it responded by growing larger and harder in readiness once again.

“Do you think you’re up for the big finale,” Colleen asked, looking deeply into Andi’s eyes.

Andi, having been freed of her earlier reservations and uncertainties, responded by lifting herself up over Colleen’s body. Parting and raising her knees, Colleen took hold of Andi’s stiffened prick and guided it towards her gaping opening.

“You know, most times I would always insist on a condom,” Colleen counseled her. “But, when it’s someone’s very first time, I tend to make exceptions.”

As the slick tender flesh of Colleen’s vagina surrendered to Andi’s initial thrust, the feeling was unlike anything she’d ever experienced. With a broken gasp, she pushed herself to the hilt, reveling in the sensations of her fully engulfed organ. Colleen snaked her arms around Andi’s back, moving her hips in a slow rhythm that urged her to move in kind.

“That’s it, that’s terrific,” Colleen whispered in her ear, their bodies pressed ever closer together.

This is what it’s like to fuck someone, Andi realized, her thoughts flickering between the pure animal sensuality of the experience and the surreal knowledge of what she was doing with this stranger. This older, golden blonde woman whom she’d never met until a little over an hour ago was now writhing beneath her in shared sexual bliss. It was insane, but at the same time, everything Colleen had said and done felt very right, and what they were sharing in this moment was something she’d never forget.

As the natural motions of mating took over, there was no further need for speech. Colleen kissed and gently bit the flesh of Andi’s neck. Andi, hips moving with stronger and faster motions, tried to absorb every detail. Before long, this objectivity was impossible as the plateau of her arousal now crested sharply. She thrust herself as deeply as she could.

Colleen was certainly experienced enough to know what Andi’s frozen shudder meant. With gentle patience, she allowed the hermaphrodite to spill her sterile seed deep within her womb.

In the minutes after, the two remained in a loose embrace. Andi, having broken through so many barriers that night, felt far less self-conscious about being held than before. Colleen stroked her skin for a short while before finally rising from the bed.

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