tagLoving WivesThe Interview

The Interview


Morale of the story -- be careful what you ask for; you may get it. Or maybe dreams do come true.

Readers, as you scroll through and read this story consider a few things. First, I'm writing this adventure while I sit in my leather chair drinking oatmeal stout beer mixed occasionally with a shot of Jack Daniels. And for your reference to my character - I'm one of those guys that is okay; no, prefers to drink alone. Conversation can just distract me from enjoying my booze. Second, I really could give a flying fuck if you like what I wrote. I wrote it; it's your decision to read it. Third, if you don't approve of how I see life and sex - go fuck yourself. I don't care about your views. Oh, yeah. The majority of this story is not fiction. Thinking about point number one, I'm okay with tit and ass distracting me!

Okay, I'm off my soapbox.

My wife is hot. She is a brunette with very flat, long hair. She is tall for a women, 5' 7" and looks even taller in her heels. She has that look where she could blend into any population. The first time I saw her I wanted to fuck her. I worked it hard and it wasn't too long until she invited me to her place and on our first date, her knees were on a pillow; her head bobbing between my thighs. Yeah, I learned that she swallows about five minutes later and really seems to enjoy the taste of cum.

Well we fucked like crazy; moved in together. Fucked like crazy some more; explored kinky sides of each other. Fucked like crazy. Learned more about each other's interesting pasts. Fucked some more. Got married.

To paint a picture of our kicky sides, the day we went to City Hall to get our marriage license, Julie wore a short spring dress; and no panties. But wait it gets better. She and I wrote dirty messages over her naked body. Messages like: "I love cock," "Fuck me". Not enough? She sucked me off in the parking garage outside of the car... and had me take pictures. Still not enough? In the stairwell of a very busy and major city's courthouse, she lifted up her dress exposing her beautiful DD breasts; shaved cunt, and body art written by us that morning. Not convinced? Stop reading..you're a fucking eunuch.

We got married in a church. It made her happy. But she didn't let that tame her sexy slut personality. She didn't wear panties and she used a Sharpie to write more dirty messages on the insides of her upper thighs and around her love lips. She took pictures of them while she wore her white thigh high stockings and sent them to me before I headed to the church.

So going back to our past; no, really her past; Jules had been married before. She had a best friend and they "experimented" in bi-sexuality. But the really hot thing that took me a while to warm up to was a threesome with one of her husband's co-workers. Her then husband wanted to have a threesome with one of his co-workers. Cutting to the point, after months of discussion and persuasion by her then husband, she agreed. So one night Jules and her husband went to a work party. Julie was dressed in heels and a short, tight leather skirt. They brought home a guy and she fucked her husband's friend. She remembers having a difficult time fucking the guy with her husband there in the bedroom, so he went to the living room to wait. She commented to her husband the next morning that she didn't remember much of it because of the booze, so they did it again the following night. Nice huh?

Got to be honest, I had an issue with it when she told me about this experience. I was dumb founded that her husband not only allowed her to fuck around but encouraged it. Then my fucking perverted mind started churning. I started to look at how men checked out my hot wife. I came to realize how really hot she was and how it was a compliment when guys gave her the up and down. I'm a man and could see the lust in their eyes. I could relate. It was that attraction that drew me to her in the first place.

It wasn't long until I was encouraging her to wear revealing clothes. I would coax her into teasing men by the way she sat or bending over so they could get a glimpse of her cleavage. I started to fantasize about her fucking around. Fantasizing led to "hey, baby I want you to fuck a guy." She didn't want to lose me and was worried that I couldn't handle it. So we agreed on a threesome.

The threesome isn't the main event in this "story" so let me tell you it happened; and how it was one of the fucking hottest things I have ever done. Jules met him by herself for the "get to know you" meeting and ended up giving him a blowjob on their lunch date. She sent me a picture from the date with her mouth filled with his cum. She is on her knees holding his cock in her hand with a mouth full of cum. I could see the gleam in her eyes in the picture she sent me. I was out of town on a business trip. I was so turned on I shot cum all over my hotel bed as I looked at the picture. Not long after returning home we had a threesome. To see my wife suck and fuck a dude was incredible. I was hooked! You can't relate? I don't give a fuck. This story isn't about you.

Now to the main event -- the interview.

Fast forward a few years. Although she is still incredibly hot, we haven't done anything really kinky for a while, much to my chagrin. Yeah, she still sucks me off and I pound the fuck out of her but we haven't had any crazy sex adventures in a while. But my fucking perverted brain keeps churning and the thought of her fucking another man is becoming almost an obsession for me. But the more I push, the more she resists. It's pissing me off. I would think most women would love this amount of trust and freedom. What the fuck, right?

When we do fuck, I would tell her my sick fantasies of her having a boyfriend on the side. The fantasies always have her going on dates, fucking, spending the night with "him" and her sending me pictures etc. It ends with her coming home with that "I just got fucking hammered" look and a cunt full of cum. Not sure if the stories worked for her but they worked for me. I can't tell you how many times I jacked off to these fantasies.

So Julie is an accountant, a damn good one. She graduated from NYU and has years of experience. But because of my job we have to move a lot. So she always has to look for new employment with each of our moves. We just moved and Jules is now in the job search again. She always finds jobs. She is great and it doesn't hurt that she is one sexy momma.

Okay, I am getting there -- the Interview. Yeah I know it's about fucking time.

Jules received a call from a large international company who has their headquarters in a nearby town. city? Maybe but a small one.

So I am getting to the fucking interview -- hold on!

Day of the interview comes. I convince Julie to wear a skirt that shows some leg, but not too much, and a blouse that hints at cleavage but doesn't come across as "I work the corner for a living." And I convince her not to wear panties. Honestly this isn't too hard. Jules doesn't wear panties a lot. God bless her!

The rest of the story is really a recap from what Jules told me after the fact. Like you care, right? You just want to fucking jack off as you read it. I got it. I am there with you; one sick perv to another.

So, Jules arrives for the interview 20 minutes early to show the ass wipes that she is serious about the job. If she wasn't why would she apply but I digress.

Since she is early Jules sits in the waiting area. It's a nice area with leather furniture and a view of original Ansel Adams wall art to let you know the company is doing well. Oh, I forget to tell you, the feel of leather against Deb's thighs makes her a bit hot.

As she waits, Jules see an executive walk through the lobby. One of those well dressed, tall and dark hair guys that seem only to exist in movies, or in this case; this story. Jules notices that as "the exec" walks by, he discreetly gives her the once over. But exec guy is a dude and she sees the lust in his eyes. The leather just got a bit warmer. Subconsciously Julie adjusts her skirt and rechecks her blouse to ensure cleavage is still noticeable.

A few minutes later, a young receptionist walks up to Julie to let her know that it's time for the interview with a "would you follow me please, thank you very much."

The young, attractive receptionist guides Jules to the interview room. The receptionist opens the door and there sitting is "the exec." Jules is not surprised. Jules however is somewhat excited. She is surprised by this sensation. She is way too professional. But damn she thinks he is hot.

Not going to bore you with the standard interview questions; like you fucking care. You just want to get to the sex. Me too.

Bottom line is that the "exec" or Alex is very impressed with Jules and her qualifications. He tells her as much. But then comes the fucking truth. I have to hand it to Alex; he is a fucking genius on his pickup lines!

Alex tells Julie that she is more than qualified for the position and that he would love to have her aboard and would love to hire her.

Jules is a bit confused. She asks Alex if she had the job.

Alex pauses just the right length of time and asks Julie if he can be honest with her; his big blue eyes staring intently into her hazel ones. Jules melts a bit and feels a flash of heat down below. She resists stretching her neck a few inches and kissing Alex on his lips; but just barely resists.

"Of course, please," Jules replies.

"I will deny ever saying this if challenged, but you are just too...just too attractive to hire, to be honest," Alex stammers.

"To be open with you, I have had issues in the past. Issues with very attractive assistants who have made accusations of misconduct. These accusations almost cost me my career. I am reluctant to place myself in the same situation. I would love to have you work with me, under me, but am unsure if I can risk the potential problems," Alex stammers.

Julie struggles to clearly hear the words. She just wants to fuck Alex. She wants to take his cock and please it. She wants to gaze up into his big blues as he mouth fucks her. She drifts back into reality and hears the concern in his words.

Jules surprises herself when she says, "Well, you don't need to worry about that issue.... Alex."

"And why is that?" Alex quickly responds. He is a bit taken back by Jules. It was not the response he thought he was going to get.

It's almost as if Julie is possessed with some sex demon taking charge.

"It's because Alex, I like to fuck. No, I love to fuck. And my husband not only allows it, he encourages it. Alex, I am going to prove it to you. You can trust me. I want this job. But more than that, I want to fuck you. I'm a corporate closet slut, Alex. All those things you have been fantasying about me as you interviewed me; there is a pretty good chance that I'll do it."

Alex is taken back. He is unsure of what to say. So, he doesn't say shit. But his body does. Alex's cock, like most men's cocks, had a mind of its own. And soon Alex's now very excited dick is pushing against his pants. This isn't lost to Jules.

Jules reaches across and places her hand on Alex's thigh feeling his aroused member as she maintains an eye lock on Alex's eyes. As her hand approaches his crotch she sees the surprise and surrender flash through his baby blues.

For once in his career, Alex is taken back.

"Do you have anywhere that you have to be tonight?" Julie questions.

Alex stammers, "Not yet." He is getting a glimpse of where this interview may be headed.

"Good" answers Julie.

With that she reaches into her purse and pulls out her phone.

As her finger activates her smart phone, Jules drops to her knees. She looks up into Alex's eyes and sees that she has already won this battle but still wants to follow through.

As she selects her husband's phone number, she carefully uses her other hand to unzip Alex's pants. His hard, large cock is pressing against the zipper. Freeing it from its confines, she gives it a quick flick of her tongue as the phone rings her husband's number.

"Hey baby, how did the interview go?" asks Mark.

"Well honey, I am actually in the middle of it. And to tell you the truth, it's an interview right out of one of your fantasies. Alex here is reluctant to hire me because I am just too hot. I am putting his mind at ease about me; about us, by blowing him. Right now I am between his legs about to take his cock into my mouth. I thought you would like that baby."

Jules can hear Mark's breathing quicken.

"Baby, I want you to listen as I take Alex's very impressive cock into my mouth. Try not to cum too quickly," Julie teases.

And with that, Julie takes Alex's hot, hard cock into her wanting mouth.

Mark listens as he hears his hot wife give a man a blow job. He can make out the slurps. After a few minutes Jules takes a reluctant break. She looks up to Alex who has since placed his hands in Julie's hair to caress and guide her.

"Baby, do you want me to get this job?" Jules asks into the phone.

"Ehh, of course baby."

"Then I need you to do two things to convince Alex that I will never turn on him if he decides to fuck me. Do you understand honey?"

"I think so. I'll do anything baby. I want two things too. I want you to get this job and I want you to fuck Alex honey. God I am so very hard and horny. I wish I were there to watch."

Jules is in charge; well she always is. Good honey, "cause here is what you are going to do."

Jules takes a break as she returns her attention to Alex's raging hardon as her husband listens.

"First you are going to tell Alex that he can fuck me as much as he wants and you, we, will never make an issue of it. In fact you are going to tell Alex that you will type that up in a document and will get it notarized stating it. You got that baby?" It isn't really a question but more a directive.

"Ok, I am handing Alex the phone." As Jules hands the phone up to Alex she really gives attention to Alex's pulsating fuck stick.

"Alex, you are a lucky dude. First, Jules is more than qualified to keep your accounts straight. Second, she is one hell of a fuck. And I want her to fuck around. Alex, you can fuck my wife as much as she wants. I just ask that you take pictures for me so I can enjoy the experience as well. Maybe once in a while we can tag-team her and give her a real workout."

Jules overhears the conversation and takes the phone back as Alex's cock pops out of her wet mouth. Jules speaks into the phone again as she works Alex's cock with her hand. Alex groans as Julie runs her hand up and down his veiny shaft. What a fucking interview.

"Next baby, I want you to call the Marriot and make a reservation for me tonight so that I can seal the deal with Alex. I want you to get me a king size bed and a view of the river. Is that a problem baby?" Jules challenges her husband already knowing the answer, her mouth returning to her new attraction and fan.

"Consider it done baby"Mark responds.

Jules looks back up at Alex. "Is that okay with you.....boss?"


As she continues to expertly suck her favorite treat, her skirt rides up exposing tanned thighs. Alex rests his hand on one of them.

Julie places the phone on the floor so Mark can listen.

She reluctantly takes her mouth off Alex's cock and places her hand on Alex's hand. She looks into his eyes as she guides his hand up her thigh. He quickly realizes that she is pantiless and shaved....and very wet. She moans, "Boss, put a finger in. I want you to know how much you turn me on."

Alex starts to finger fuck Julie as she returns to blowing his cock. She can tell he is getting close. Although she wants to fuck she wants to give him something to look forward to later at the hotel.

Julie reaches between her legs and somewhat reluctantly removes Alex's finger. As she stares into his eyes, Julie brings his wet, cunt juice coated finger to her lips. She slowly cleans his wet finger by sucking her pussy juice from it. Alex's body shivers at this naughty act.

Jules picks up the phone and tells Mark, "Baby, I am about to blow Alex. He is close."

"Yeah baby. You are so fucking hot. Please takes some pictures for me honey," her husband pleaded

Jules looks up at Alex, "You ready to cum for me baby?"

"Yes, fucking yes," Alex answers as he holds back. He is ready to pop.

"Boss, take some pictures of me for Mark," Jules more directs than asks.

She waits until Alex has the camera ready. She tells Alex to take a picture of her sucking his cock as she looks into the camera with her "dirty girl" pose.

Alex snaps a few pictures.

Jules quickens her pace and looks up at Alex. "Time to cum baby." With her other hand, she slightly squeezes Alex's balls as her tongue flicks across his head.

That is all it takes. Alex lets loose and shoots his jism into Julie's mouth and face.

It's almost as if Julie purred. In her heart she knew she was in her element. She was born to fuck.

As Alex comes back to reality, Deb carefully tells him to take more pictures. She doesn't want to swallow the cum resting in her mouth quite yet.

Alex snaps more shots of Julie and her twinkling eyes. Her face is glowing with her mouth filled with cum and cum ropes covering part of her face. She makes sure he takes a picture of her mouth open -- the money shot.

Jules then gladly swallows Alex's load. She likes his musky taste. She uses her fingers to clean her face off. Of course her fingers go to her mouth. She wants every bit of his load. Then she uses her mouth to clean Alex's cock.

After cleaning him up and returning his spent cock to his pants, Julie quickly readjusts her clothing and sits back in her chair.

"So, does that put your mind at ease about my loyalty?" Julie grins as she asks the question.

"Yes, you have convinced me. The job is yours. I am very excited to have you on my staff."

"Well great. I can't wait to show you all my assets. I think tonight you will get a better appreciation of all my capabilities."

"Do you have any more questions for me?" Jules asks flashing Alex a very mischievous grin.

"I am sure I will later tonight, "Alex retorts.

As the door opens to the public, Alex guides his new employee to the reception area in order to set up a follow-up appointment to complete the necessary documents.

The receptionist looks up and is a bit taken by the glow on both Alex and Julie's faces.

As Julie schedules the follow-up appointment, Alex reluctantly returns to his office. But he has Julie's phone number. He will give her a few minutes to leave so he can finalize their link up for that night.

For Julie, she wants, no, needs to find a restroom. There are two things that she must do. First, relieve a very excited pussy. Second, send her loving husband the pictures she knows will send him over the edge. She knows how proud and happy he is going to be.

Well reader, there you go. Hope it turned you on. It did me. I am going to finish this beer; let Jules read this story to make sure I got it straight. Then... well then I am going to fuck her hard.

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