tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Interviewer: Allyson Hannigan

The Interviewer: Allyson Hannigan

byLedge Stone©

I awoke hearing moans in the other room. It took me a moment to realize where I was, but not too long. I was still in Charisma's apartment, wrapped up like a crumbling mummy in the blankets of her bed. My head dropped back to the pillow as I remembered the night before...and what a night it was. After our rather playful session in the shower was through, we went out to grab some food and returned to her apartment for the photo shoot. After the pics were done, she asked me to stay for the evening, and I was more than happy to oblige.

We spent the better part of the evening making love, taking turns waking each other up for more. I remember waking up to the feel of her lips on my rigid cock at least once, probably more, and returning the favor on numerous occassions. Remembering the all-night sexfest I'd gone through brought a smile to my face, naturally, but hearing the moans coming from the other room wiped it away. I could tell it was Charisma...but who the hell was she with??

Slipping out of bed and pulling on my boxers, i tip-toed out to the front room. I heard duplicate, identical moans as soon as I stepped out the door, and seeing my recorder on the table, guessed what was going on. Quietly moving closer, I was pleased to see I was right.

Charisma lay there, on the tiny sofa of her loft, bathrobe hanging open and legs spread just a little. Her eyes were shut as her hands smoothed over her breasts, allowing the quietest of sighs and moans to escape her lips. Her right hand fondled her nipple gently, bringing up another moan to match the recording. Obviously she'd listened to it a few times already, she was matching the pace and sound of the tape perfectly. I watched, trying not to pay attention to the already tight feeling of my boxers, as her hands continued to move gently over her body. Her fingers slid easily over her thighs, barely grazing the surface before plunging between her legs and forcing her to call out again. With the moan came a knock at the door. I jumped, almost embarrassed of how she might react if she caught me watching, but she kept going, touching her breasts again, missing the knock entirely. Hearing it again, I stepped back, careful not to distract her, and went to the door.

Standing behind the door, and pulling it open, I smiled.

"So you're still here, hmmm?" Allyson said, smiling back at me.


"So can I come in, or am I interrupting something?" she asked, adding a wink.

"Well...umm..." I stammered, unsure of how to answer the question. The bulge in my shorts was insistent on letting her in, but Charisma might object to having her friend see her...in her situation. Before I could answer, a soft, but loud, moan echoed from the other side of the room.

"Sounds like she started without ya." Ally said, brushing by me quickly, a mischevious grin on her face, and rushing into the living room. I shut the door a second late, just out of shock...honest, and rushed in, hoping that she hadn't done anything to ruin the show. When I got to the couch, Charisma was still at it, her robe open a bit more now, and her left leg firmly planted on the ground as her fingers worked slowly, sliding through her and forcing more frequent moans from her lips. Her eyes still closed, she was oblivious to the world. As I watched, Allyson turned to me and smiled.

It took me a moment to figure out what to say, but as it turned out, I didn't need to say anything, she wasn't looking at me. Well, not my face, anyhow. She turned, quickly grabbing my head and kissing me, not hard, but with more passion than anything I'd have expected. As I returned the kiss, my mind wandered over the memory of her standing at the front door, her tight white T-0shirt stretching over her small breasts. Her skirt showing off her gorgeous, pale legs...and the knee-high boots that helped it. My hardened cock twitched at the thought, and she pulled away.

I looked at Charisma again, watching as one hand kneaded her left breast, the other still probing its way in and out of her. Her moans were coming faster now, but more quiet as her hands did their work at a slow pace, savoring every inch of her soft skin. I looked back to Allyson, who was also watching, and she turned to me again, this time looking up at me. I opened my mouth to say something, but she placed a finger across my lips as her own curled up into a smile. She moved even closer to me, pressing herself against me, and I quickly closed my gaping jaw as her lips pressed against my neck. I closed my eyes, my hands running across her back, enjoying the feel of her lips on me. I sighed as I felt her move lower, kissing her way down my chest and stomach, then feeling her fingers work their way into the waistband of my boxers. My fingers wrapped themselves in strands of her fire-red hair As she carefully moved my shorts around my throbbing member, pulling them to my ankles, and gently kissed the head of my cock. I gasped quickly, expecting to explode right then and there, as my eyes shot open, looking at Charisma, still tenderly working over her own body. Her hands were cupped over her breasts again, pinching and tugging at her nipples as she moaned in tune with the tape. I looked down to Allyson, who's eyes were watching me as her tongue snaked out, licking across her smiling lips.

I closed my eyes, listening to Charisma's moans and suddenly feeling Allyson's lips upon me, kissing their way around my cock, her heavy breaths making me twitch and throb even more. Her tongue licked it's way along the shaft, then broke off as her lips made their way around the head, sucking me slowly. I moaned softly as I felt her lips move slowly further down me, then quickly back to the head, sucking it and licking it faster. I opened my eyes, watching Charisma again, as she lay on the sofa, her hands now concentrating on her thighs, every so often moving back up and pushing a finger inside her. I looked down, seeing Allyson concentrating on my cock, her eyes moving from it to my face and back. Her hair waved back and forth gently rubbing against my legs as her lips worked on my head. I could feel her tounge flicking and licking me as she sucked, moving faster and faster. I heard Charisma begin to moan louder then, and looked over, watching as she worked her fingers in and out of herself furiously, her breath becoming shorter and shorter. Allyson picked up on this as well, her head bobbing even faster, traveling up and down on my cock, her hands stroking my thighs and moans beginning to come from her throat. As Charisma moaned loudly, cuming hard, I exploded, my cum shooting into Allyson's mouth as her moans urged me on.

Allyson pulled away from me, smiling, her tongue snaking out and licking over my cock one more time before turning towards Charisma. Charisma lay, eyes still closed, catching her breath. When she opened them her face turned red for a moment, then she sat up, her lips curling into a grin.

"Hmm...and I wonder what you two have been up to?" she winked, seeing Allyson still on her knees before me. "You should've said something, girl, I'd have lent a hand."

"Looked like yours were busy already.." Allyson muttered, licking her lips again as she looked over Charisma's body. I'd read somewhere that she was bisexual, but didn't believe it. Hell, I'd read once that half of Hollywood's stars were bisexual, and more often than not it was way off base. Now, looking at Allyson as she watched Charisma's every move, I started to doubt my own theories. Charisma was the first to notice the effect the thought was having.

"Ready for more already, Jake?" she asked, smiling at me from the sofa and leaning back a bit, her hand pulling her robe aside to reveal her breasts again.

"Always." I replied, stepping out of my boxers and moving towards her.

"Uh-uh." I heard from behind me as Allyson put a hand on my leg. "You two had your fun today, now it's my turn." she continued, standing and pulling off her shirt. Her pale breasts bounced slightly as she tossed it away and began fumbling with her skirt. Charisma looked on, smiling at me as her former co-star shimmied her way free of her clothes.

"Go for it." she whispered, nodding to Allyson. "I'll sit back and wait my turn." I smiled back at her and turned towards Allyson, thinking the whole while I must've been an extremely lucky guy, or that I was having one of the greatest dreams in the history of the world.

Allyson walked past me, smiling and wiggling her finger, motioning for me to follow, and bent over the edge of the sofa, her breasts waving right in Charisma's face. Charisma just giggled, kissing her on the cheek, and slid to the other side of the short sofa, returning to the spot she'd been in when Allyson arrived. I quickly moved behind her, my hands gently running over her pale frame, stroking her breast and sides, then grabbing her hips. Allyson turned her head back towards me and smiled as I positioned myself and slid into her, watching her eyes close and her head turn back to Charisma. I moaned at how tight she was, feeling her hands reaching back and pulling mine towards her breasts. I cupped and squeezed them softly as I thrusted into her, moving slowly for a moment, but getting faster with every moan that came from her lips. I looked up at Charisma, who was watching everything closely, her robe now thrown in with the pile of discarded clothing, and her fingers beginning to work over her body again.

"Mmmmmm...faster..." Allyson moaned, her hips pushing back against my every stroke. I moved faster and faster, feeling her tighten around me, trying to pull me even deeper. Charisma was sitting up now, half kneeling on the sofa, her eyes locked with Allyson's as her fingers worked between her legs. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm yes!" she moaned with us, glancing up at me as I thrusted faster and harder, feeling Allyson's breasts shake and bounce in my palms. Charisma lay back against the arm of the sofa again as Allyson's moans became even faster and louder, and I could hear Charisma's were doing the same. After one more loud moan, I stopped thrusting, pulling away from Allyson and dropping behind her, pressing my tongue into her, licking her as fast as I could. Her hand reached down, pulling me tight against her as she moaned, her face holding it's smile as long, high pitched moans escaped her lips. "Oh god......more...yes...." she moaned, her eyes moving back and forth from me to Charisma. After a moment more, her hips thrust down against me as she came, drenching my lips and moaning louder than anyone I'd ever heard.

Charisma didn't loose her stride, her fingers working furiously as Allyson moved away from me. I quickly stepped over to kiss Charisma, Allyson's taste still wet on my lips. She stopped me though, grasping my still-hard cock and pulling it toward her mouth. Just before her lips moved around it, she cried out. I turned my head, and almost exploded as I watched Allyson press her face snugly between Charisma's legs. She stopped for a moment and smiled, her eyes looking dreamy, as though she'd just awoken, but then resumed her licking, making Charisma moan deeply again. As one hand guided me into her mouth, Charisma's other hand wove its way into Ally's hair, pulling her tight against her pussy, her moans vibrating off me and forcing a moan from my lips as well. Charisma's lips worked steadily on my hard on, her tongue sliding it's way up and down the shaft as Allyson licked away, her eyes focused on the task at hand. Charisma only lasted another minute, if that, as she drew her lips tight around me, her muffled moans bouncing off my cock. Her hand pressed Allyson's face tight against her, and I could hear her moan as well. It was too much for me, and I exploded without warning, shooting my load down Charisma's throat while she came for what seemed like an eternity.

Moments later, after we'd all caught our breath, we piled onto the short sofa, some how managing to make enough room for all three of us to lay down, our hands stroking over one another, and small, gentle kisses passing between all of us. When Allyson and Charisma nearly climbed over me to continue one of their kisses, which had started out as a "friendly" peck on the lips, my groin began to come to life again. Bumping me with her hand, Allyson broke of her kiss, and smiled at me.

"How about we move to a bed, it sofa isn't gonna survive much more." We all laughed at that for a moment, but then rushed to the bedroom, careful to bring along my recorder and a few fresh tapes for whatever might be in store....

NOTE TO READERS: I'm not sure how soon I'll be doing the next part of the series, but if anyone has suggestions as to whom it might be about, I'm all ears. Thanks to those who've read, and hope you enjoyed this one as much as the others.

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