tagBDSMThe Introduction Ch. 08

The Introduction Ch. 08


Chapter 8 -- Friday

©2013 angelface195 all rights reserved

Claudette has put her plan together. Monica has put her plan together. Ashley is ready and me... Stupid me, I won't know what's about to hit me until it's too late.

Claudette has been thinking about her plan. She woke up that Friday morning feeling very sad, nearly ready to cry. Could she pull it off? She had to; she could not let Mitch win.

James got up that Friday morning and whistled in the kitchen while he made breakfast for his Mistress. He liked Monica's plan and knew it would work.

Monica Casey left for a meeting at Stephanie Stone's house, Desiree at her side. Her Cheshire cat grin stretched across her beautiful face. Desiree kissed the back of Monica's hand. They were ready. The plan would work.

Ashley had butterflies in her stomach as she worked on her paper. She could barely concentrate. Tonight would be her night. She would belong to Mitch after tonight.

I was feeling very anxious about tonight. I hope that Monica's plan worked. If it does, then after tonight Claudette would be mine.

I kept having a nagging feeling all day that something was amiss, but I put it off to nerves. You know you should always listen to your gut when it is trying to tell you something. But hell, I am in love and thinking that I am having this feeling because the woman really wants me and wants us to make up.

David comes into my office, "Want to hang out tonight? I met these two Asian girls. They are sweet. We could have a lot of fun."

Shaking my head I say, "Not tonight, I have plans. However, I will take a rain check. Go, have fun."

"Man, you look nervous. What's up?" David says sitting down.

"I've got a lot on my mind." I say and David knows not to ask any further. I look at him and manage a smile, "I've got to finish this report before the end of the day. It's for Monica Casey."

David stands, "I heard she signed with us. Your bonus this year is going to be spectacular."

"See you later." I say. David looks at me seriously, "Call me if you want to talk."

I smile back, "Sure."

A few people come into my office taking my mind off the plans for the evening.

The hotel suite has been prepared. Claudette has asked for and been given a favor. The top floor of this particular hotel is very private and only has one large suite.

Claudette called me two days prior with the invitation. "Mitchell." She says her voice warm, a caress.

"Claudette." I say as my dick did a jump at the sound of her voice. I was told by Monica to expect this phone call, yet I still felt unprepared

"Have you made plans for Friday night?" She purrs

"No. I've been working very hard and need a rest so my plan was to stay home." I say and my dick jumps.

"I think you and I should talk. We should call a truce. Would you like to have dinner with me and talk?" She say, then adds, "I think we should clear the air."

My heart flutters, damn I've got it bad for this woman. "Yes we should, but I'm concerned. What you did to Samantha was horrible? I don't want to go through that."

Claudette grows quiet for a moment, "Samantha deserved what she got. Her loyalty should always be with me. I want us to talk about what happened in private."

Claudette gave me the address of the hotel where we were to meet. "Thank you Mitchell for trusting me." She purrs and hangs up.

I hung up the phone that evening feeling great, but then I remembered what Monica had taught me and I knew that I shouldn't be so happy...Claudette was up to something.

Monica and Desiree knew Claudette's plan and they had intervened. They had paid the manager of the hotel double what Claudette had paid and had access to the hotel suite. Monica had gone to see Morgan and his assistant and blackmailed them into not doing what Claudette wished.

Samantha who had her own part to play had acquiesced to Monica when Monica threatened to tell everyone about her gangbang.

James had helped immensely by giving them all the information they would need to put their plan together. He knew that what Monica proposed would not only hurt Claudette but also send her right back into his waiting arms and get rid of Mitchell Murphy for good.

As five o'clock approached and the butterflies in my stomach began to flutter their way all throughout my body, Monica called me and told me to be ready by seven, an hour earlier than Claudette told me to meet her.

I went home and changed into a casual pair of black pants with a white shirt. I packed an overnight bag. Monica arrived at 6:45 and we took a taxi to the hotel.

I was surprised when I entered the room to see Samantha waiting there. Samantha was naked and kneeling on the floor with a collar and a leash. She crawled towards me; Monica took her leash and led both of us over to the bedroom. As I stood beside the king size bed, Samantha unbuttoned my pants and began licking my cock.

From behind me, Monica put on a blindfold. The two women stripped off my clothes and led my naked body over to the bed where my hands and feet were tethered to the bed. Samantha kissed and licked my nipples.

A few moments later, I felt another pair of lips kissing my lips. "Claudette?" I asked into the darkness. There was no answer. Samantha withdrew and I felt the other tongue kissing my nipples and then down my chest, to my stomach. The kissing was hesitant and I frowned. This was not Claudette.

I couldn't move and as I started to speak, Samantha came over to me and in my ear whispered, "Quiet, just enjoy."

So I lay back and enjoyed the kissing and licking that went down my legs to my toes. This mouth worshiped each of my toes and licked the instep. I was in heat and my cock was straight up in the air hard as steel.

The tongue moved back up my leg and then licked my balls. I gasped. The tongue teased and licked everywhere but my dick. Samantha who was nibbling on my ear whispered, "If I release one of your hands you are to grab the hair and pull it on your cock. Fuck her face hard? Do you agree to do what I ask?"

"Who is this?" I asked.

Samantha did not answer, but said, "Promise you will not take off the blindfold you will do as instructed."

The feeling and the mouth were so good that I foolishly promised. She released my right hand and I tugged the hair of the person who was licking and kissing me and pulled her to my dick. I shoved her onto my dick and began fucking her face. She moaned around my dick. I fucked her face hard. I wanted to cum. I was close to cumming, but then she stopped her face pressed down on my cock. I still held her hair.

Samantha whispered into my ear, "Let her go. It is time." She whispered.

"Sam, what's going on? Who is this? Where is Claudette?"

Samantha just said, "Soon all will be revealed."

I felt a warm pussy on top of my dick as just the head went in. Next, I heard a gasp and felt a shudder as the woman moved down my dick. I felt warm liquid. Had she cum already? She moved up and down slowly at first, then faster and faster.

Samantha watched as Ashley fucked Mitch's dick. She reached over to her and tweaked her nipples. Ashley shuddered. Samantha smiled at her and positioned her pussy over Mitch's mouth.

A pussy, Sam's from the smell and taste descended onto my mouth and I began to eat. My senses were really going at it. My dick wanted to cum. 'Where in the hell was Claudette?' If this was her revenge then I was all for it.

Monica stood outside the door of the hotel, hidden in a little alcove as she saw her sister arrive. The manager had phoned her to let her know that Claudette was on her way up.

The room was dark; Monica had turned off the light before she left. She had also planted a camera that took photos and a video camera that would record in the dark. She wanted to see the look on her sister's face.

Ashley fucked up and down on Mitch's prick. She felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. She wanted his spunk. She hoped to be pregnant with his child. She hoped he would accept her as his slave. She thanked her Aunt for arranging it all. She thanked Desiree for teaching her how to suck cock. She released the pain and loved him pulling her hair.

I moved in and out of the very tight pussy. My prick was very happy. I heard the door open. I heard a light switch being clicked and then...I heard a scream.

Claudette walked to the door and thought she heard a noise. Maybe her guests had arrived early. She had planned for them to arrive in 15 minutes, 45 minutes before Mitch arrived so that he would be subdued.

Opening the door, she heard the noise coming from the bedroom. She turned on lights and walked to the door. An inner voice screamed at her not to open the door, but nothing would have stopped her from opening it. With fear and dread coursing through her body, Claudette opened the door, turned on the light and saw...everything!

She screamed. Tears fell from her eyes and all she could say was "Ashley." As she dropped down on the chair. She watched as Ashley turned her head, smiled, and kept right on fucking me as I exploded into her pussy, which was virgin no more.

Claudette's timing couldn't be even more perfect because I came just as she screamed and when she whispered 'Ashley' into the room I knew exactly what she was seeing. Her daughter on top of my dick fucking me.

Samantha climbed off my face. I removed my blindfold with my still free right hand as Ashley laid her head on my chest. "Master." She said. My dick was still in her pussy.

The door in the other room opened and soon Monica and Desiree were standing in the doorway. I saw the smile cross Monica's face and realized I had been had. This was Monica's revenge on her sister and she had used me as her pawn.

I looked at Claudette. I could see the look on her face. I could see the tears in her eyes. Her head was lowered and she was staring at her hands. I wanted to say something, but what could I say?

Looking at Samantha I ordered her, "Untie me, now!"

She did quickly. I moved Ashley to the side; she clung to my arm, "Thank you Master for taking my virginity. I wanted it to be you."

Looking down at the bed, I saw the blood. My anger was brewing, but I couldn't blame Ashley. I wanted to choke Monica who was still standing looking smug.

Getting up I grabbed the sheet from the bed and covered the naked Ashley. I picked up my clothes from the chair where Monica or Samantha had folded them and went into the bathroom slamming and locking the door behind me.

I looked in the mirror with my just fucked hair look and cursed, "Fuck, fuck, fuck." I had done nothing, why in the fuck did Monica have to use me like this and with Ashley, her niece.

When I opened the bathroom door, Ashley was kneeling on the floor, arms outstretched. Samantha had left. I am sure there would be hell to pay for her. Claudette was still sitting in the chair while Monica and Desiree were looking at me.

It was Ashley that spoke first, "I want you to train me as your slave. I want to be with you. I love you Master." She said.

At the word Master, Claudette's face snapped up. She had composed herself. "Over my dead body! Ashley, get your ass up and put your clothes on. We are going home."

Claudette stood up. Ashley gazed up at her, "Only if my Master orders me to. I belong to him."

I could see Claudette's hands balling into fists. I could see her eyes squinting with anger. She bore a hole into her sister. Monica smiled at her sister.

"So you used your niece for revenge. You are some piece of work. From this moment on, I never want to see or hear from you again. Ashley, I'm not going to say it again. I order you to get your mother fucking clothes on and go home with me this minute." She said her voice pleading.

Ashley looked at me and I nodded. She rose and went into the bathroom.

I walked over to Claudette who held up her hand in warning. "Not now. I need to get my daughter home, but you might as well stay, the room's all paid for."

"Claudette, I..."I didn't really know what to say.

"NOT NOW MITCH!" She yelled, then turned to Monica. "I know this was all your doing."

Monica smiled back, "Of course. I would do anything for my niece." She grinned broadly.

Claudette walked up to her and slapped her hard in the face. Desiree went to grab Claudette but Monica held up her hand stopping her. "I guess I deserve that." She said holding her hand to her jaw.

"You are nothing but an evil bitch!" Claudette said.

"Back at ya sis. What you had planned for Mitch here was truly evil and now, your plan has backfired on your sorry ass." Monica stepped back as Claudette raised her hand again.

"I wouldn't try that a second time." Desiree warned. Claudette dropped her hand as Ashley now fully dressed came out of the bathroom.

She knelt in front of me. "I love you Master and I await your call. Whatever you want to do I will be waiting to follow your commands."

Claudette walked up to her daughter, taking her hand. "Get the hell up Ashley." She stared into my eyes, "And you, stay the fuck away from my daughter and from me. Just stay the fuck away."

Grabbing Ashley by the hand, she strode out the door, leaving me speechless.

I turned to look at Monica. "Why did you have to bring me into your family drama?" I said glaring at her.

Monica smiled, "My niece wanted you. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her." She walked closer to me. All the beauty that had been her was gone from me. "You should be thanking me." She snapped.

"Why the fuck is that?" I said still very angry at all this.

Desiree answered for her, "Claudette had planned to have three men fuck you and then leave you tied up here for the press to take pictures of you. She wanted to humiliate you. She wanted to hurt you so badly that you would lose your job. We saved you from that and in return you want to blame us."

Monica snickered, "My sister is no saint. She got what she deserved tonight." She turned and walked out of the room and out of the suite with Desiree following behind her.

I was alone. Walking to the bed, I saw the virginal blood of Ashley on the sheets. I stripped the bed and called housekeeping to clean up. They arrived and the room was soon neat and tidy. After they left, I took a drink of scotch from the mini bar. I put on my jacket and left closing the door behind me.

When I arrived home, I climbed into bed fully dressed and for the first time in a very long time, I wept. What the fuck do I do now?

On the ride home Claudette and Ashley did not speak. James looked at them both sitting in the back seat as he drove the car. He had gotten a phone call from Desiree that everything had gone according to plan. James smiled, he would help his Claudette get through this rough period and she would be all his again.

When they arrived home, Ashley went straight to her room, slamming the door behind her and locking it.

Claudette did not bother going after her. She was exhausted, hurt and angry not with Monica but with herself. She had wanted to hurt Mitch but in return she had been hurt and for the first time she didn't know what to do about it.

Tomorrow she would speak with Ashley. Tomorrow she would get her daughter to understand that Mitchell Murphy was not the man for her; that no daughter of hers was a submissive. Ashley wasn't raised that way. She was raised to be a warrior, not on her knees for some man to lick his cock and do as he wished. She would make her understand.

And as for Monica. She would get her revenge on her dear sister and Desiree. She would make her pay for everything she had done.

Then Claudette thought of Mitchell. What to do about him? He didn't know what was going on. He didn't know what Monica had planned. She had to talk to him about Ashley. She had to get him to agree to leave her alone even if she had to get on her knees and beg him.

Claudette undressed. James knocked on her door. She did not answer him, but put on her most beautiful negligee and climbed into bed.

Visions of Ashley riding Mitchell's cock played in her head for a very long time until exhausted she fell into a deep sleep, tears streaming down her face.

Monica Casey and Desiree arrived back at their apartment. Desiree had taken the video and the pictures from the hotel room.

Together they watched as Ashley slid her pussy down onto Mitchell's hard cock. Her movements were graceful and reverent. Desiree sucked on Monica's breasts and fingered her very wet pussy as Monica imagined what it had been like for Ashley to feel the stab of Mitchell's cock breaking her hymen. She could see the look on her face -- fear, joy, then the pain followed by ecstasy.

Grabbing Desiree's head, Monica pulled her down to her sex where Desiree began to happily eat Monica's pussy as Monica watched Ashley triumph on her face.

Saturday morning I awoke after noon. Stripping off my clothes, I threw them in the laundry bin and started the shower. The water felt soothing to my skin. I washed my body in the shower and relived everything that had occurred.

I felt dirt. I felt betrayed. I felt very tired. I had to deal with my part in this. The first thing was to call Samantha. I needed to know why she participated in this. I know that I needed to talk to Claudette and to Ashley, but I wasn't ready for that.

I also felt that they had some mother/daughter issues to deal with and for now, it was better for me to stay away.

I also had to deal with Monica. Yes, she had saved me from humiliation that could have and probably would have cost me my job, but two wrongs don't make a right and her treatment of her niece was something else.

I didn't love Ashley. I barely knew her, but as I thought of our last few meetings, I should have guessed that the girl had a crush on me, but I was not reading the signs. I had a feeling that this wasn't all of it. Monica did not do this for her niece but to hurt her sister from some long ago wrongdoing. I was her pawn.

My feelings for Claudette hadn't changed. I saw the hurt on her face after I took the blindfold off. I saw the look of pain, disbelief and anger.

I got out of the shower, dried my body and my hair and ordered some breakfast to be delivered from the local diner.

I decided before talking to Samantha I would go for a run to clear my head. I ran nearly four miles and when I returned home, I found three messages from Sam on my phone that I had left home because I really did not want to speak to anyone.

I called her back. "Mitch." She said, "I'm so sorry, but Monica threatened to tell everyone about the gangbang. She told me you knew what she was planning. But I saw your face and knew that you didn't. I'm so sorry; please don't be angry with me."

I sighed, "I'm not angry with anyone except myself. I was set up and too stupid to realize it."

"Mitch please don't be angry with Ashley either. She really wants to be your sub. She told me. I think she loves you and wants to learn from you." Samantha said calmly.

"I can't deal with that right now. I forgive you and I understand. I just have to decide what I'm going to do about this. I need to speak to Claudette but not right now. We all need time and space. I'll talk to you in a few days Sam, but right now I need time to think about all this." I say and before she could say anything else, I hung up the phone.

I spent Sunday at home watching sports and movies all day long. I tried not to think about anyone or anything.

I slept fitfully Sunday night and had dreams of Ashley begging me not to leave her and Claudette coming at me with a knife warning me to leave her daughter alone.

I dragged myself to work on Monday. David noticed I was tired and wanted to talk. I begged off and buried myself in work. I didn't want to think about it anymore. I just wanted to forget it, but thoughts of Claudette were still in my head. I wanted her.

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