tagInterracial LoveThe Invitation

The Invitation


The car turns in a long shady drive towards the cottage. The cottage, I smile, is rather like a large house than what I pictured in my mind. It was a week ago when the courier brought this adventure. Tucked into a red envelope, neatly written was this address, day and time. I recognized the handwriting immediately. It belonged to my Master, my top, my Dom, my Christian Grey, as people who lived "vanilla" lifestyles would understand it.

The driver who has attempted to make small talk the entire way, was now only a distant murmuring sound, as we approached the building. It was lovely, and charming. It reminded me of a place that one would go to regroup after a challenging year at work. Or, where new agers would gather for group hugs. As peaceful and solitary the facade seemed, I know that inside there would be something quite different waiting for me. Yes, my world , my submissive world, is behind that door we are now parked in front of.

The driver announces our arrival in a louder tone, that breaks me away from my trance. I reach into my purse for another envelope that was provided to me to give to him. My Dom, always thinks of everything. As I hand what I'm assuming to be his fare to him, I look away from his eyes but softly touch his hand with my finger tip in a light stroke. I've been trained and taught so well. Always demure. Always seductive. An intoxicating blend for any hot blooded man, or woman for that matter.

I smooth my hip hugging mini skirt, as I get out of the car. There is nothing left to do but to walk up the stone path and enter the door. My usual trembling starts as I can almost feel his presence. He has always had that effect on me. Hard as I try I can never overcome my physical reactions.

The wood door is heavy as I grasp the handle and push against it. The inside is just as charming. A fireplace adorns this great room with vaulted ceilings. Stairs on both sides lead to upper levels, and hallways veer off in both directions to probably what are the many guest rooms of this B and B." Rustic", I have time to think to myself for a quick moment, than I see Him.

He is looking out the far left window into the forest behind the cottage, and his back is turned to me. The excited trembling quickens, and I am rooted instantly to my spot.

"Come to me" he says.

I slowly and carefully make my way across the room. His familiar scent of cologned begins that even familiar ache between my thighs. All I want and need is to be against his body and the rest of the way to him seems suddenly very far. Finally, I reach up and lay my hand on his shoulder.

"Kneel for me nikki"

Immediately my knees meet the hard, cool, wood floor. I rest back on my high heeled shoes and turn my head down towards my hands, which lay palm up on my thighs. Sensing him turn to me, a smile parts my lips.

"You will be rewarded in due time, nikki, for arriving on time and following all of my instructions, but first I have a game to play with you."

" Yes, Sir." I whisper, hardly audible.

Doesn't he know I ache to be in his arms, to be touched by him. The increasing ache, and wetness, is making my thong panties feel too constricting. Doesn't he know that I want him to tear them off of me, lift my skirt to my waist, and sink his cock deep inside of me. Yes, he does know, and this is all part of the game. I try to concentrate on the grain of the floor to push the thought of my increasing need aside.

His hand strokes my hair, down my cheek, to my chin. He is gentle, as I know he can be. I also know his firm side. Each can be just as pleasurable. He lifts my chin. " Ready?" he asks, his eyes locked on mine, now upturned. "I'm always ready, Sir."

Out of his pocket, familiar objects appear. Two wrist cuffs. I remember the leather and velvet cuffs from previous times. Hard and soft, tough and tender, giving and unyeilding. He grasps my hand, and slowly puts them on. They are tight and firm. "There now, you always look better when you are adoned" he says as he pulls to test their fit.

"Thank you Sir" I say

"You are welcome nikki, and you may stand"

He assists me, as I rise. I try to push my body closer, but he keeps me still a few inches from touching him. It's killing me, and I feel that I'm going to orgasm with the desire that fills my body. My nipples push against the fabric of my bra, giving me at least a little feeling of ecstasy.

My Dom takes a small box from the table near to us, "This is how my game works. All you need to do is reach into this box, and choose one, then follow the instructions. As you know you should always carry yourself the way I've trained you, throughout." I nod and peek into the box, which is full of keys with a small piece of paper attached to each. "Keys are so interesting aren't they nikki, you never know where they will lead and what is on the other side of a locked door." I glance at him, and try to put together in my mind what he may have in store.

I reach in and grasp a key, but change my mind and choose one from the bottom of the pile. I open the folded paper attached.."room 25" it reads, " Deliver a bottle of champagne"

"Show me" he says. I turn the paper towards him. "An excellent choice, my precious nikki, now carry on. You'll find champagned chilling in the kitchen, which is down the hall there to your right." Game on, I can't help thinking to myself as I head to get the bottle.

I proceed down the right hall that takes me past the dining area in to kitchen. A bottle of champagne is chilling inside a bucket on a large center island. I reach out, grasp the neck and wrap my fingers around it. My fingers should be put to other uses right now, rather than for an errand, I think as I lift the cold wet bottle. I wrap a nearby towel around its base and return to the great room. He is sitting near the fireplace smiling at me." You will find the room upstairs, there", pointing to the left staircase. "Yes, Sir" I reply, hoping that he sees the yearning in my expression to stay.

I climb the steps to the second floor landing and proceed down the hallway. There are several doors on the left as I look down the hallway. The first is room 20. There must be 10 similar rooms downstairs. I think of the keys in the box. Was there one for each room, or would all of them lead me to room 25? I continue,...room 21,...room 22.

As I pass room 22, the door to room 23 opens and a fair skinned man with dark features looks out and leans against the door frame. He says nothing but continues to watch me as I approach. He crosses his arms, and his smile and eyes are hungry looking. Watching me like I'm a young girl in a red cloak, as he is a wolf.

I hurridly glance down towards the floor, as I'm trained to do as I passed, but not before I catch a glance of his room. It is dark with curtains drawn, and candles are lit. There are ropes on the bed, layed out straight. I'm suddenly more aware of the cuffs around my wrists as I look away and continue on. "That's a shame,..maybe later." he says to my back, and my heartrate beats a little faster, as I have now been given a clue as to what my seemingly simple errand might lead to.

Room 24....

Room 25. I turn and hold the key out towards the lock.

Pausing, and listening to what or whom may be behind the door, my breath quickens. I can hear a low voice, and perhaps another a bit higher in pitch. Almost dropping the key, I shakily insert it into the lock and turn. The door easily swings in and there are two African American men seated, staring at me. Two more black men are at a small table on the side of the room. I am still, looking into the room as a fifth black man approaches me from the right of the door. He takes me by the elbow and leads me into the room saying, " Gentlemen, we have a guest."

Being a petite 5 foot 1, he towers over me at least 6'3. He closes the door behind me and takes the key from my hand. One of the men seated on the lounge chair, got up and took the champagne bottle from me and proceded to a small bar in the room. My first greeter, put both of his large strong hands on each of my shoulders and turned me to him. His cologne was intoxicating, and I could instantly feel power in his body. "I have a special seat for you by the window. I have been told by your Dom that you are to do what we ask of you, is that agreeable?" I nod, as I feel the already stirring desire in me increase even more.

He takes me by the hand and leads me to the chair. All of the other men begin to rise and approach. Naturally I'm frightened and I think that he can feel my trembling. "We are going to make your visit here memorable." I remind myself that my Master would never put me in a situation that is dangerous, and I force myself to relax.

He pushes down on my shoulders firmly as I sit onto a straight back chair facing out the window. Dusk is approaching and all I see is a vast forest in front of me. All the men stay behind me. "Look straight out the window" someone else says. I watch the leaves for a moment before I see a black blindfold held in front of my face. In a smooth, firm movement I'm blind folded, and can only hear and feel their closeness to me. Someone takes my wrist and I feel a clasp being applied to the O ring on my wrist cuff. My other wrist is grabbed and I am cuffed together behind the back of the chair.

Someone brushes my hair from my shoulders and I feel his heat as he leans in to kiss my neck from behind. Chills rush up my back and I feel my nipples harden. My fear is quickly turning to excitement as I realize what is going to happen. I was sent here to give them whatever they want. I have a feeling that they instead would just take whatever they want.

Hands on my thighs, I feel my skirt being slid up. The fingers are reaching up, higher and higher until they hook around the top of my panties and pull. The strong hands lift me off my seat slightly as he pulls off my thong. Pantiless, and exposed, my pussy starts to ache in need. Needing to be touched and played with. Wanting so much to come hard around a big cock. I suddenly find myself hoping that this is not just a tease. I am hoping and wishing that their intentions are to fuck me.

My hands still firmly behind the chair back, my thighs are spread and held open. Someone is pushing against the back of my chair, while fingers are at my blouse buttons, unbuttoning them quickly. I hear a few approving comments, but I'm beginning to get wrapped up in my senses to where I can only feel touch and heat. My blouse is open and my bra is pushed under my breasts. Fingertips are groping, caressing and pinching my nipples suddenly and I feel myself more wet. Fingers are replace with a hot mouth licking and sucking. The rise of pleasure intensifies as someone slides his finger inside of my pussy. Pushing deep inside while running a thumb over my clit, bringing me closer to exploding. I do not have any idea how many men are touching me. The sensations run into one another.

My wrists are released and I am pushed firmly from the chair to my knees. I feel my face cupped and turned. I feel the heat and hardness of a cock brushing against my lips. "Suck it, baby" a deep voice says. I part my lips and take him in. He is unbelievably hard in my mouth, and tastes delicious to me. I tighten my lips, and work my tongue as he starts to thrust. A hand goes to my hair and wraps itself into it, holding me there firmly. I moan slightly to match his, as my sucking brings him closer to orgasm. I feel him even closer, but he pulls from my mouth, leaving me wanting more to taste.

"Bring her here to me" I hear, and I'm suddenly being helped up and lead forward. My legs bump against the lounge chair, and I feel someone take my hand and pull me forward. Hands lift me from the waist and I am straddling a seated man. My hands are held firmly above my head by another, while he reaches down between us and places his cock against my pussy. With one upward push of his hips beneath me, I am suddenly filled with hard hot cock. "Ride me baby"

My arms are released, and I begin to move. I want to feel this cock deep within me. He grabs my waist and sets the pace. I throw my head back, as the pleasure is building in me. The head of his cock is stroking me so sweetly inside, and pushes me to the edge. Finally the wave of my orgasm sweeps over me, as he pushes deeper and quicker into me.

"I'm going to come" I hear as he pushes hard twice more than stills. We stay together for a moment, and the aftershocks of my orgasm sill run through my body like a river. Only a moment passes and my blindfold is pulled from my eyes. The man before me smiles and licks his lips. " We aren't done with you yet."

My 6'3 greeter stands naked to my right and grasps my hand. " Come with me" he says as he pulls me lightly. He leads me to a bed and pushes me onto my back. He kneels between my thighs, and I see that his cock is very large and swollen. I need to feel him and I push my hips up in eagerness. He pushes into me and enters me easily. I could be full of his cock all night I think as he strokes me again and again. My clit rubbing against his body with each hard thrust, I feel myself building again. 3 of the other come close. Two are stroking their cocks , and watching me as I'm fucked hard. One man kneels next to me and plays with my nipple, "Stroke my cock", he says. I wrap my hand around his hard cock and begin to masturbate him. The cock in my pussy is getting harder and larger as he approaches his orgasm. He increases his rhythym and pounds me harder. His breathing turns to panting and moaning. Just as I am sure he is about to come, he pulls out of me, glistening from my juices. He wraps his hand around his shaft and rubs hard and explodes onto my belly. I turn to the man next to me so I can taste him and put him into my mouth. I hear the other two come over me and feel their hot liquid fall onto my skin. I suck firmly on the cock in my mouth while my hand moves up and down the shaft. "Let me come on your tits", he says, and I take him out of my mouth, continuing my stroking. His body tenses and I feel him come hard, covering me once again.

I lay back on the bed, and as each man in turn dresses, kisses me lightly and leaves the room, I wonder if I will be allowed to choose another key from my Master's box.

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