The Island


Chapter 1

I'm so confused. I've just opened my eyes to see sand and ocean. Don't get me wrong, it's gorgeous. I just have no idea where I am. I'm supposed to be on a sailboat right now. Wait...I remember now. There was a storm. A big one. I think everyone else on the boat drowned. I remember a lot of screaming that there were no life jackets. I think I grabbed the only flotation device on the boat.

I sit up slowly. I'm a little dizzy and the bright sun's not making it any better. I wait a few minutes for my vertigo to pass and my eyes to adjust to the light. When I think I can handle it, I open my eyes to try to take in my surroundings. Wow. From the looks of things I'm on a white sand beach surrounded by blue green ocean. I think I'm lying just above the high tide mark. There's some debris scattered around. The tide seems to be out for the moment though. Good thing I guess. I gather what strength I have to try to stand. It takes me two or three tries gut I manage. When I turn around I think 'wow' again. Not only beautiful ocean and beach, but what looks like a tropical setting too. From where I'm (barely) standing I can see lush vegetation all around me. I can hear birds everywhere. I start to make my way toward the trees because I'm really feeling the sun. It's hot and seems to beat down on me. Having long dark hair is not helping any.

Wait a minute. I look around the beach more carefully. I finally see a spot of red in the middle of all that white. A comb! Thank god! I walk over to it and start to put in the back pocket of my jeans. My hand only touches thin cotton. I look down at myself. Oh my god! All I'm wearing are the bikini panties I was wearing under my jeans and the little cut up t-shirt I had on without a bra! What happened to my pants?! I have to think for a minute. Oh yeah, I remember more of what happened. Someone had tried to hang on to me after I got thrown into the water. They'd been pulling on my jeans and since I had no intention of drowning and was already barefoot I just unbuttoned and unzipped them and let whoever it was pull them off of me.

'Oh well' I think, and just put the comb inside my panties. I'm just glad that I'd found it because with all my hair I was going to need it. By this time I'm starting to feel dizzy again and a little faint. My mouth feels like it's full of cotton. I look around the beach again and finally notice, a little ways off, where a little stream runs into the ocean. I walk up the beach far enough to be in some shade then start walking toward the little delta. When I get there I go just a little ways upstream so the water will be fresh. By the time I've gone far enough I can see farther upstream to a little pool at the base of a short waterfall. I stagger up to it and fall on the bank of the crystal clear pool. I don't even have strength left to scoop up the water with my hands. I just lay on my belly with my face to the water.

When I take my first drink I think "It's warm!" Which is probably a good thing considering how hot I'd gotten from the sun. If the water had been cold I'd probably have gotten a shock. I drink till I'm not thirsty and manage to turn around so I'm not face down in the water. I've avoided drowning so far and I don't want to now because of some stupid mistake I made while I'm tired.

I have no idea how long I sleep. The sun is almost gone by the time I wake up. I feel so much better. I decide to try some exploring. There's still enough light left that I can see a trail that goes up the little hill beside the waterfall. I walk up the slope. There are steps where it gets steep. I'm a little relieved to see that. It meant that the island wasn't completely deserted. Even if no one lives here someone has to come here often enough to put steps on the difficult part of a climb. When I get to the top I can see why someone went to the trouble of putting in steps. There's a pool up here too, and even as hot as the air is I can still see little wisps of steam coming off the water. I don't see any streams running into this pool so I assume it's a hot spring. I suddenly feel all the salt from the ocean and the dirt I slept in all over me. I feel dirty.

I dip a toe into the pool to test the temperature. It's just how I like my hot I can barely stand it. I smile and ease myself into it, clothes and all. My feet feel sand on the bottom. I scoop some up and use it to rub all the salt off my body. When I finish my body I walk a little farther into the pool. The whole bottom is sand. There's a natural lip around three sides of the pool. I finally see a little stream running into the pool. That side of the pool slopes back into the surrounding forest.

I've gotten to the middle of the pool by this time. The water comes right up to my nipples as my breasts float on top of it. I hold my nose, take a breath and duck my head under the water, slowly shaking my hair back and forth. I come up for air but let my hair dangle in the water. I run my fingers thru it to get most of the tangles out, then take my red comb out of my white bikini panties. I comb all the tangles out and do my best to try to braid it. By some miracle I still have two ponytail holders on my wrist. I use one to put my hair up and the other to hold the braid when I finish.

It's dark by the time I get myself washed and get out of the pool...but I can see a full moon rising on the horizon. When I get out of the pool, I look around again. I see a light in the distance that looks nothing like the moon. I think to myself that it must be a boat or something. I can see by the moonlight that there's a small dock just out of sight from where I washed up onto the shore.

I'm curious about that light so I walk back down the steps and follow the stream to the beach. I walk in the direction of the dock, staying very close to the tree line so I can't be seen from where the light seems to be coming from. I know that I should probably be jumping up and down, waving my arms and screaming like a banshee to get the attention of whoever's on that boat (I can see that it is a boat now), but my curiosity gets the better of me. I want to stay on this island for a while. I want to explore. If I can stay out of sight of whoever's on the boat then I'll get to do just that.

I watch as the boat gets close enough to put in to the little dock. It looks like there's only one man on board. He ties the boat to the pilings and puts down a ramp. I watch him make several trips from the boat to the dock carrying boxes and a few bags. I can hear the squawking of chickens making me assume that he plans to stay a while.

I creep a little closer, trying to get a better look at him; my curiosity getting the better of me again. He's standing by the light on the boat now, looking around to see if he'd left anything on the boat that he wanted off of it. I'm close enough to see that he has red hair. Damn, a redhead, I think to myself. I'm just barely inside the tree line now. I get down on my belly to crawl just a little closer to try to see him better before he turns away from the light. He's wearing light, slightly loose, pants and long sleeve shirt. That baffles me for a minute but then I think "duh, redhead's have really fair skin. He probably don't want to get sun burnt." He seems to be satisfied with what he's gotten off the boat so he turns to turn off the light. As he reaches up to the switch, the light flashes in his eyes for a second. I can't tell the exact color but I can see that they're light.

My curiosity is about to eat me alive. I want to know who this man is and what he's doing here. What little I saw of him intrigued me too. He doesn't have killer looks or a ripped body but I think he's attractive. I decide to watch him for a while to see if I can tell what his personality might be like. I've already decided that as long as he's not an escaped serial rapist, or worse killer, I'm going to seduce him. I don't know how long I'll wait before I do but I've made up my mind to do it.

I watch him carry the boxes and bags down the short dock to a small clearing just out of sight of the beach. He doesn't look like he's here to have a good time. Maybe something's messed up in his life and he's come here to get away from it. I'm making up all kinds of stories about why he's here, most of them having to do with getting away from his everyday life. I make another quick decision; he's not a criminal. I can tell just from the way he walks, confident but not arrogant. I can also tell he's no stranger to work. He's got an average body, but when he picks up one of his boxes, I can see muscles bunch in his arms. "Yummy," I think.

He sets up a camp, working quickly, like he's done it many times before. He pitches a tent that's little more than a roof and poles with the walls rolled up so they can be let down in a hard rain. He takes the few bags inside. I guess whatever's in them can't get wet.

Unlike myself. I haven't had sex in weeks and watching an attractive man do real work is turning me on. Now I'm glad that I'd spent part of a moderate inheritance on myself. After paying off my house and truck collection and putting about half of it in the bank, I had enough money left to get permanent hair removal under my arms, on my legs, and between them. I also got a nifty little IUD so I wouldn't have to worry about girl week for 5 years. God knew I didn't need it for birth control. I know it's an overused phrase but whoever coined it spoke the truth; a good man is hard to find. And I'm not the type to settle for just any hard cock. I like for the man it's attached to, to know how to use it.

The man I'm watching (I think I'll call him Red for obvious reasons) finishes setting up his camp for now. He's built a small fire and has taken out of one of the boxes a cooler that I find out has fish in it when he takes one out, already killed and cleaned. As it cooks, my mouth starts to water. I have no idea when I've eaten last. I think I remember seeing a fishing pole on the boat that Red didn't take ashore. I crawl back into the brush as quietly as possible and head for the dock.

I walk onto the little boat and take the fishing pole and some of the bait I find in the tackle box beside it. I don't usually steal from people but I'm hungry and there's another pole. I go back down the boat ramp and dock to the beach. I walk a little ways down it, bait the hook, and cast it in. I wait a while but eventually I reel in a decent sized fish. I realize then that I don't have anything to kill or clean it with. I walk back to Red's boat to look thru his tackle box. I find three knives and two sharpening stones. I send Red a silent apology and take one of each. I walk back to the beach and kill and gut my fish, rinsing it in the ocean. I sneak back to Red's camp to see if his back will be turned long enough for me to grab the unburnt end of a stick so I could cook my fish.

When I get back to his camp, he's already spread a blanket on the ground under the tent roof and seemed to be asleep. I guess I was gone longer than I thought. I decide not to risk burning my fingers on a piece of firewood. There's not much fire left anyway. I find the stick he'd used for cooking his fish and skewer mine with it. I hold it over the coals for a few minutes then pull it back to check it with a smaller stick. It's done! I find a big leaf to lay it on and use the small stick to pick it apart. I pick up pieces with my fingers that are almost too hot to touch. I blow on them to cool. I barely get it cooled enough to eat when I devour it. That little fish is the best thing I've ever eaten.

As I'm carefully putting everything back right where I found it, I hear sounds coming from Red's tent. I get curious again and walk quietly over to where he's sleeping. Oh my god he's naked! And I can see why he's making noise. His cock looks so hard it hurts. I just stand there like a dummy staring at him. His body's not bad. He could benefit from a few sit ups but other than that it's pretty decent.

My eyes don't roam his body for long. They become riveted on his cock. It's about average sized with an upward curve that I've never seen before. I didn't know cocks could do that! I watch as Red's cock starts to visibly throb and twitch. He's groaning now, moving in his sleep. I can't help but be turned on by the sight of an attractive, naked man with a hard cock.

I slide my hand inside my panties to test my wetness. Oh yeah, I'm almost sopping. I start to finger my clit ring as I watch Red have what is now obviously a wet dream. It's even more of a turn on that he has no idea I'm even on the island, much less watching. His movements and moaning get faster and louder. I have to almost bite my lip to keep myself from moaning with him. I sit down beside him and rub my fingers over my clit and dip the fingers of the other hand into my pussy. I'm so wet I'm soaking my panties, something I hardly ever do. I can feel my orgasm building and I can tell he's close too. I keep my eyes glued to his cock. He never touches it. It only takes a few minutes before I see streams of sticky white cum spurting out of his cock. I give myself a few more fast rubs over my clit ring and I'm cumming too. It's a good one, making my pussy walls contract hard around the fingers I put inside it.

I watch Red carefully, making sure he doesn't wake up. He's still hard but not as restless as before. I take my fingers out of my pussy. They have juice all over them. I grin a wicked grin as a thought comes to my mind. I take my sopping wet fingers and lightly brush them over Red's lips. He won't know what to think when he wakes up with the smell and taste of my pussy juice in the air and on his lips.

I stand up and go back down to the beach. I've decided to play a little game with Red. I'll watch him for a while, not let him know he's being watched, and hopefully catch him having a wet dream again. I'm far enough from his camp that I feel safe letting out a little giggle. I can tell he's a grown man but damn, his cock acts like it's still 15 years old!

Chapter 2

I've been here a week. I've explored some when I wasn't watching Red. The island ain't very big. I can walk around the whole thing in just under half a day. There's all kinds of fruit trees here; coconut and date palms, banana trees, pineapple plants, citrus trees. I use the juice from the lemons off the lemon trees and the milk from the coconuts to clean my hair. It does a pretty good job. I haven't seen any snakes or even monkeys. I'm glad too cause where there's monkeys then there's usually something to eat the monkeys, and if it'll eat the monkeys then it might eat me.

So far I haven't been bored. Between exploring the beach and interior of the island and watching Red, I've actually had plenty to occupy my time.

I spend all the time I can at the hot spring. I can't be there too often though...Red likes to use the falls under the hot spring to shower off after he swims in the ocean. He only swims at night. During the day he roams the island's interior with a journal of some kind. I think he's writing stories of the erotic kind. Or else he just has a good imagination because at least once during the day and every night after he rinses off the salt water in the waterfall he gets a noticeable tent in those loose pants.

I've seen him scribble furiously in that journal while he's sitting on a stump or fallen log in the woods. Whatever he's writing or thinking about is obviously turning him on. Several times I've seen him just suddenly stop writing and take a few deep breaths, almost like he's meditating. Once he apparently didn't stop in time. He shifted around on the ground where he was sitting and stood up really fast, dropping his journal. As he stood I could see the tent in the front of his pants very clearly. The material shifted around on his cock as he stood and I think just that little bit of friction is what does it. He made a few whimpering sounds and hunched over a little as I watched a dark stain spread all across the front of his pants and down one leg. He stood there for a few minutes trying to catch his breath.

I hear him speak for the first time: "Damn I'm glad no one else is on this island," he says, " This would just be too embarrassing to try to explain."

I almost have to shove my entire fist in my mouth to keep from giggling out loud. When he walks back to camp, I don't follow him this time. As soon as I'm sure he won't be able to hear me I collapse to the ground in a fit of giggles. I can't believe it! He came in his pants without even touching himself! O my god this is even better than the wet dream I watched him have on that first night! Even better than that, he doesn't know I'm here. That thought sets me off again. I laugh and giggle so hard I get a stitch in my side.

By the time I'm finally able to collect myself, I have an idea. I've noticed that when Red turns in for the night, he goes to sleep pretty quickly. I'm thinking I want to see him cum in his sleep like a teenager again. But this time I want to do a little more than just finger myself beside him while he sleeps or just leave the taste of my juice on his lips or the scent of my pussy in the air. I've been watching him for over a week and I want to touch him. I haven't had sex in so long I'm not even sure if I remember what a mans cock feels like.

I'll do it tonight. I've watched Red long enough to know that he gets hard really quickly after he goes to sleep. I've even been disappointed a couple of times when I was sure he was going to have another wet dream, but instead he woke up at the last minute to take those deep breaths to calm himself down. He usually started stroking himself after that to finish. I've tried to sleep when I'm aroused and I know it don't really work, so I'm sure he's just taking care of business so he can get back to sleep. I don't want him to do that this time. I want to stroke him myself.

I've collected myself by this time. I'm still doing a fair imitation of the Cheshire cat but I'm not convulsed in giggles anymore. I make my way out to the beach and walk along it to the hot spring. I've borrowed a couple of blankets and a tarp from Red to make myself a kind of little nest close to the spring. I've only seen Red go up the hot pool once. It was the second night, after he'd finished putting up fence for the chickens and gone out to a little garden that I assume he'd planted some months earlier to pull the worst of the weeds and gather a few veggies for his dinner. The weeds are stubborn and I'm sure bending over to pull them is really hard on his back. I'm sure he went to the hot pool to soak out the stiffness from his muscles.

I'm getting the idea now that this isn't just a vacation for him, or if so then a very extended one. People don't work a garden on vacation, they bring all their food with them and when it runs out, they leave. I'm finding myself wondering more and more often just what he's doing here. I'm back at the spring by this time and really turned on and horny from what I just saw in the woods. It was funny but erotic at the same time. I wonder, it Red cums that easily without even touching himself, how easily will he cum when I start stroking him in his sleep? The thought is making me wet. I decide not to soak in the hot pool this time, but to wash off the dirt from rolling around on the ground under the falls. I step into the lower pool to wade across to the waterfall. It's not hot like the upper pool but it's about the same temperature as my body.

Now that I've mentioned my body, I feel like I should describe it. I'm about 5'6" tall. I have long, dark brown hair, and greenish brown eyes. My breasts are a 36c; my waist is about a size 11/13 (or about 34 inches). I don't know what size my hips are but I do have them...they're a nice handful. My ass is one of my best features. I've heard it called a "ghetto booty" before. My skin is fair but nowhere near as pale as Red's. He avoids the sun like the plague, he's so fair. I usually burn before I tan, but before I landed here I had already spent enough time in the sun to get that phase over with. I have enough native American in my blood that I can stand some sun, and by this time I'm almost as dark as a true native.

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