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The Island


Good things happen when you least expect them. Take last Wednesday for example. Nothing good usually happens on a Wednesday, it's the middle of the week, and most people are working their asses off. Lucky me, I was off. Of course, I had worked forty-one days straight before I got a week off; Wednesday was just the third day I had been home.

It started out fair, I had ordered a canopy top for my boat, and UPS delivered it early. After that it went down hill rather quickly. Nothing about the top seemed to fit. After a couple of hours and much cussing, I was on the verge of calling the manufacturer and venting a bunch of frustration on someone. Instead, I took a break and went to refill my coffee cup.

With fresh coffee, I sat down on the porch and read through the directions one more time. Yeah, it was the same thing I had read fifteen times before, but this time I noticed that the writing didn't match what the picture showed. Suddenly the whole thing made sense.

After that, the top went on smoothly and ended up being a simple job. It raised and lowered with ease and seemed to be tight and secure. Now to test it out on the lake, which sounded like a fishing trip to me.


That's how I ended up, sitting at the bar at The Beach Combers, eating a cheeseburger, and drinking a beer, with the boat down at the dock. Oh, the top worked beautifully, and did a great job of keeping me cool and in the shade, while I drift fished for catfish. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a light breeze and very few people on the lake.

The problem was that the fish had lockjaw or were out of town visiting relatives or something. Three hours and not even a bite, I can usually catch fish on this lake year round, I live here after all. I was hungry so why weren't the fish.

Even the bar was dead. Other than the bartender and the cook, I was the only one there. For four in the afternoon, this was very unusual. When I asked the bartender about it, she told me, they were doing road repairs on both roads leading into this area. She said there wouldn't be anyone at all here until after five, when the construction crews knocked off for the day.

I finished my beer and went to the rest room. Back at the bar, I had talked myself out of having another beer and was about to leave when the front door opened. This is where the day became even better. A good friend of mine, and his wife walked in and with them was an old friend of mine, someone I hadn't seen in years.

Tina is short, just five feet tall and she weights a little less than a hundred pounds soaking wet, but she is built like a little brick outhouse, all curves, and feminine charms.

We'd had a short romance once, a long time ago, but something just didn't click and we parted company as friends. She's quite a bit younger than me and she was into partying when we had been together. My partying days had been behind me a good number of years and it caused problems between us. I wanted to stay home and relax and she wanted to hit the clubs until closing time.

She was talking to Ann, my friend's wife, as they came in the door. I said, "Hello Ed, long time no see."

Tina's head snapped around and she grinned broadly as her eyes fell on me. "Well, I'll be damned," she said as she took a couple of quick steps and literally jumped into my arms to kiss me.

I'm six foot tall and with her arms around my neck, her feet were a foot off the floor. Unconsciously, my hands got a grip on the first handy place, which happened to be her ass. I lifted her up and her legs wrapped around my hips and locked there. She was kissing the hell out of me and I did my best to kiss her back the same way.

Somewhere in the distance, I heard Ann say, "I take it, that they know each other."

Ed laughed and replied, "I think so. If not, I want the name of his cologne."

Tina broke the kiss and pulled back far enough to look into my eyes. "Where the hell have you been? I've tried calling you from time to time and you're never home."

"You know how I work. They've had me down in the valley for the last couple of years." I told her.

"I even tried to call you on your work phone but I got a hold of some guy that had heard of you but didn't know you. He said, he worked for the same company as you but didn't have your new phone number," she said in a rush.

I chuckled and replied, "They swapped trailers around on me, and my old phone went with the old trailer. Sorry about that." I grinned at her and asked, "So, you were looking for me? Why didn't you come by the house? If my old truck is there, then I'm there."

"I never seem to go that way much anymore, and if I do, I forget to look. I live on the south side of the lake now and this is about as far around this way as I get."

Ed tapped her on the shoulder and handed her a beer. When he handed me one, I realized where my hands were and I let go of her ass. She wiggled her hips and said, "Hey, put one of those back, I need the support." She chuckled and added, "Actually, I just like the feeling of your hands on my ass."

I laughed and said, "You always did."

She grinned and kissed me softly on the lips before she replied, "I still do. You have such strong hands, they are so knowing and gentle."

About that time, the office door opened and the owner came out. She took one look at us and said, "Tina Marie, get your little butt down from there. What have I told you about climbing the customers? This is a respectable place after all. Sometimes, at any rate."

Tina laughed and said, "But Gail, I ain't seen my Honey Bear in a long time."

Gail looked me up and down and shook her head as she replied with a grin, "He looks more like an old Grizzle Bear to me. I'd be careful, he might just eat you up."

Tina laughed again and replied, "I sure hope so."

That made everyone laugh. Looking into my eyes, she asked with a grin, "You are still single, aren't you?"

When I grinned back and nodded my head, she added, "Good, now put me down so I can go to the restroom. That's why we stopped in the first place, all that road construction had me shook up."

She let go with her legs and I lowered her to the floor, kissing her softly on the way down. Once she was on her feet, I stood up.

She grinned up at me and said softly, "Yeah, you're just like I remembered you. I'll be right back, don't go anywhere, ok."

"I'll be here," I said with a grin of my own.

She handed me her beer and headed for the restroom. "You'd better be," she said over her shoulder with a smile, a smile that I remembered well. Ann excused herself and followed Tina.


Ed and I made small talk until the ladies returned. Tina sat down on the stool next to me and asked, "Where is your truck, I didn't see it in the parking lot when we got here?"

I chuckled and replied, "It's over at the boat launch ramp by the house, I'm in the boat. I was fishing but the fish weren't cooperating at all. So I came in here for something to eat. I was about to leave when you showed up."

"Were you going home or back fishing?" She asked.

"I was going out to the river channel, by the island, and try the deepwater for a while. If I didn't have any luck there, then I was going for a swim at the island and then head for the house." I told her.

"Would you like some company? I don't have my fishing license, but I can watch you fish. Anyway, it'll give us a chance to talk," she said with a soft smile, her eyes wandering my face.

"I'd love some. Company too," I said with a grin.

She laughed and shook her head before she turned to Ann and said, "I'm going fishing. I hope you don't mind me bailing on you two. Like I told you earlier, I have some unfinished business I need to take care of."

Ann patted Tina's arm and replied, "You go on and have a good time, I understand and so does Ed. We were young once, contrary to popular opinion."

"Yeah, about a hundred years ago," Ed added with a chuckle. "You two, go on and get out of here, us old folks will be all right. Anyway, it'll give me a chance to molest Ann on the way home."

Ann laughed and said, "Promises, promises."

We finished our beers and did just that.


I helped Tina aboard the boat and then untied it. Once I had it pushed off, I sat down beside her and started the motor. As I idled out toward the main lake, Tina said, "I sure didn't dress for a day on the lake. These black jeans are already getting hot."

I chuckled and asked, "Are you talking about the sun or what's in them?"

Tina laughed and hit me on the shoulder. "The sun is what I was talking about but you're right on the other part also. I just wish I had shorts like you do."

I chuckled and said, "Well, you can have these if you want them, I have my swimsuit on."

Tina slipped her feet out of her sandals, unsnapped the jeans, and raised her hips to slip them off. I grinned when I saw the tiny g-string she had on.

"You could just wear that. From a distance it would look like a bikini bottom."

Tina laughed and replied, "You're still a dirty old man aren't you? Trying to get the little girls out of their clothes any way you can."

I laughed and nodded. "Nope, I ain't changed a bit, I've just gotten a little older and a little dirtier."

Tina chuckled, rolled the jeans up, and stuck them under the console with her purse. Then she reached under the back of her tank top and unhooked her bra, took it off and put it with the jeans. With a grin, she reached over and ran her hand over the front of my shorts.

Feeling the bulge in the front of my Speedo, she said, "Yeah, you're still the horny old man I used to know and love." She leaned over and kissed me softly for a moment and then she sat back over. "Ok, let's get this show on the road."

I eased the throttle forward until the boat came up on plane and then I pushed it all the way forward. We were now running about fifty miles per hour, out towards the island in the center of the main lake. Tina laughed and squeezed my thigh.

"I didn't think this thing would run this fast."

I grinned at her, eased the throttle back a little, and let it cruise at about forty. "It's as fast as I want to go."


As we neared the island, I slowed and turned the screen on the depth panel so she could see it. We were in 30 feet of water, but suddenly the line dropped straight down to 90 feet. "That's the edge of the old river channel." I told her.

I made a turn to the left and followed the edge up wind. After a couple a hundred yards, I slowed even more, made a right turn, and then hit reverse for a second. I killed the engine and grinned at her as I stood up and took off my shorts.

"We're here," I said as I moved to the back of the boat and raised the top, sliding it forward and attaching the cords to hold it in place.

"Hey, I like this, now I won't have to worry about getting sun burnt."

As I baited up a couple of rods, I told her about installing the new top and how this was a test trip for it.

"This isn't the same boat, you had when we were together, is it?" She asked.

"Nope, I got it about a year after we parted company," I said as I tossed out one of the rods and put it in a holder.

As I tossed out the second one, Tina said, "Yeah, I think that was about the biggest mistake I've made in my life. I had the best man in the county and I was too stupid to know it."

I sat the rod in a holder and leaned over the side of the boat to rinse my hands. Actually, it was a chance for me to think about what she had said and where this was headed. I sat down on the edge of the forward deck and looked at her.

"Your problem was that you weren't ready to settle down. You still hadn't sowed all your wild oats. My problem was that all my oats were long gone," I said with a grin.

She smiled a crooked little smile and nodded, before she said, "You're right, I hadn't grown up yet."

"My being right or wrong has nothing to do with it. The timing just wasn't right. We were to far apart on to many things," I said softly. "We're twenty years apart, age wise. That's not a problem. The mental age difference was much greater and...." I let the sentence trail off.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Yeah I know, like I said I needed to grow up. Well, I think I'm finally getting there."

She paused for another deep breath. "The parties and late nights are getting pretty old, as of late. There's something missing in my life and I've come to the conclusion that it's you. I need someone, who'll be there for me when I need them. Not just some asshole that has no job, no future, and only wants to party," she said slowly and softly, more like she was thinking out loud than actually talking to me.

I sat quietly for a few moments to make sure she was through and then I asked, "Why haven't you found a younger guy? You don't need an old fart like me. You're a beautiful, loving woman and could have your pick of any guy you wanted. I'm worn out and still work too much and I'm gone to long at a time."

She looked at me for a few seconds and then grinned. "You know I've always liked older men when it comes to companionship and making love. The young guys are all right for partying, dancing, and the like but give me an older guy for the good things in life, they know how to treat a woman."

I grinned as visions of our lovemaking in the past drifted through my brain. They were vivid enough to put a strain on the front of my old Speedo. "Yeah, there was nothing wrong with our sex life and the quiet times we spent together," I said softly.

Tina chuckled when her eyes noted the growing bulge in the front of my bathing suit. "From the looks of that, you ain't old or worn out. As for being gone to work so much, what if I went with you? I did that a few times and I enjoyed it, remember."

When I grinned and nodded, she grinned back and added, "I even considered trying to talk you into training me to work with you. You've got a very interesting job and from what I could see, I'd have no problems doing it."

"No, you'd have no problem with the job. The hours are long and it's boring for the most part. We'd be together twenty-four, seven, not counting time asleep. It's in the middle of nowhere most of the time and the only time you see anyone else beside the rig crew is when you go to town for supplies. The time off is great between jobs, although it never seems to be long enough," I said slowly.

As a final thought I added, "The pays not bad either, probably twice what you're making now."

She laughed and said, "More like three times what I make now, if I remember correctly." When I didn't say anything she asked, "Do you think you could put up with training me and spending that much time with me?"

I chuckled and said, "I was wondering the same thing about you, could you put up with my training and all that time alone with me."

She grinned and replied, "Our time alone together was never our problem. We could always find something to talk about or something fun to do, even if it was only each other." I laughed and nodded as she went on, "I've missed you and should have my ass kicked for the way I treated you."

With a grin I said, "Spanked is more like it."

She grinned back and whispered, "Promises, promises."

My grin took on a wolfish edge as I stood up and grabbed her arms, pulling her to her feet. When I sat back down, pulling her with me, across my lap, she laughed and yelled, "Hey!"

When my right hand landed with a loud smack on the bare right cheek of her ass, she yelled and tried to get up. My left arm held her down as my right made contact with the left cheek. She yelled and kicked her feet. I smacked the right cheek again.

As my hand made contact with the left cheek, her ass rose to meet it and a soft groan came from deep in her throat. I gave each cheek another sharp slap and then rubbed my palm lightly over the red area of both cheeks. A shiver ran up and down her body and her ass flexed back and forth suggestively.

I dipped my hand down between her parted thighs; she spread them wider and moaned softly. The small piece of cloth covering her sex was soaking wet. I slid two fingers under it and slipped them into her hot, slippery vagina. She was moaning loudly now and humped her ass back against the intruding fingers.

I released her with my left hand and rubbed her warm ass cheeks as I slowly fingered her pussy. "I think I should have done this a long time ago," I said more to myself than to her.

When she nodded her head sharply, I raised my left hand and slapped her ass again. She yelled and came with a gush, pushing her sex hard against my fingers and wiggling from side to side. As I slapped the other cheek, she didn't make a sound but she went back to fucking herself on my fingers, and then the moan was back louder than ever.

She went through about four or five quick, sharp orgasms as I continued to slowly spank her ass. Finally, she moved a hand back over her ass and lay there shaking, her hips making little jerks and quivers. Her sex was a river as it grabbed and squeezed at my fingers.

Slowly she relaxed as I rubbed the hot red skin of her ass, my fingers still deep in her sex. Suddenly, she took a deep, deep breath and let out a loud sobbing breath, a shudder running up and down her body.

A moment later, she whispered in a shaky voice, "God, I've never came that hard or that quick in my life."

She took several more deep breaths and went on, "I always joke about it, but that's the first time I've been spanked since I was a very little girl and I don't remember it affecting me that way then."

"Be careful what you wish for," I whispered and then chuckled.

She shivered again and nodded. "Ain't that the truth? Right now, with your hand rubbing my ass, it feels so hot and tingles all over, even down between my legs. I feel like I would come again, if you moved you fingers even a little bit."

I curled the two fingers a little and then straightened them back out. She yelled sharply, her hips jerking as she came again, quick, and hard. I could feel her stomach muscles flexing against my thigh and the hard shaft of my manhood as it strained against the Speedo.

"Oh God, don't do that, I'm about to die here."

I curled my fingers once more and then slipped them out of her wetness. She yelled again as her hips flexed and jerked as she came yet again. I rubbed her ass with my hand, feeling the heat there as I sucked her sweet nectar from my fingers. She was now moaning softly and wiggling her ass from side to side slowly.

I sat there looking down at her red ass and wondered at that. I had never spanked any woman before; in fact I had always prided myself on the fact that I had never hit a woman. I didn't put up with that from anyone and it was the one thing that pissed me off totally.

Now I was a little confused. I had spanked her ass and enjoyed the hell out of it; my throbbing hard-on was proof of that. So had she for that matter, as the strength and number of orgasms she had had would attest. So, what was the problem? I shook my head as I tried to figure it out.

Tina took a long shuddery breath and blew it out noisily. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that," I said slowly and softly.

A husky chuckle and a quiver came from her before she replied, "That's what I like about you. You're so sensitive and set in your ways. First you spank my ass and literally blow my mind as I come like crazy and then you're sorry for it."

She took another deep breath and let it out slow as she wiggled back off my lap and knelt on the floor. Looking up into my eyes, she grinned and went on, "I'm not sorry in the least, in fact you're right, you should have done that when we were together, it was what I needed."

She ran her hand over the bulge in the front of the Speedo and grinned. "I know what you need right now. Let's get those things off so I can give it to you," she whispered as she grabbed the waistband and tried to pull them down.

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