tagFetishThe Island of Perversion Ch. 01

The Island of Perversion Ch. 01


I saw an ad on the internet and decided to apply for the job. It sounded quite nice. This resort was seeking girls of pleasure with no inhibitions for 1 year on a tropical island.

The only way in was by ferry from the mainland, but as soon as we arrived at the island we were greeted by two lovely young girls in short dresses and a boy who took our luggage and led us to the resort. They were about five foot tall, weighing only about thirty to forty kilos, slender, long black hair and eyes just as dark.

I was taken to the managers of the island resort and introduced to them. Their names were John and Louise, both in their late 30's. I had been interviewed twiceover the internet and had been selected on a 1 year contract. All the girls get changed every 12 months so that the men and women who stay there get a selection of new faces as most of the guests came every year.

What made them choose me is my fetish for panties as they found that a lot of men and some women came there to indulge their fetish. They told me that I would be working 7 days a week for 10 hours a day with a 4 day break after.

"On this island there are no laws so men and women can indulge in any type of sex they like, but obviously panty fetishism is the specialty here". She switched on the TV and showed me how it worked. Each channel took me to different parts of the resort. To the pool where men and women were sunbathing in underwear and being massaged by panty clad young girls and boys. To the dungeon, where a boy in tight briefs, was whipping a woman on the back. To the public toilet where a girl was pissing over an older woman through her panties.

"Remember men and women never masturbate here. Whenever they want sex they consult this book. In it is a list of all girls and boys, ages and photos and what they are best at. In the evenings there are shows! Is that clear?" Louise asked. "You will always wear a pair of thong panties, short skirt or dress and that is all. At mealtimes you will wear short dress, no bra. If a guy has his cock hanging out from his underwear on the left side that means he wants oral sex from a girl. If it hangs from the right he wants it from a boy. With a woman, she will grab whichever sex she wants. You cannot refuse sex with anyone unless the fetish is not listed under your name." She showed me the listing in the book of myself. It had my vital statistics and what activities I would participate in. "Is this correct?" She asked. I nodded.

"Strip!" she ordered. I did as she asked and removed my top, bra, and jeans and my panties. She approached me and put her hand between my thighs and fingers inside my pussy.' She is quite wet there". John came over and slid a finger into my hole then licked it clean and agreed. Louise gave me a pair of thongs to put on. They were a tight fit, the thong fitting snugly against my anus and also against my cunt. "She looks sexy now, doesn't she?" Louise took me to my room and introduced me to my roommate or rather my bedmate as there was only 1 double bed in there.

"Chantal is from France." She was lying on the bed, with a vibrator between her panty clad pussy, frigging herself. "She is preparing panties for the guys that have ordered wet panties. Chantal is glad that you have come to help her she has been working long hours. I will leave you 2. Chantal will show you around when she has finished."

Chantal was enjoying what she was doing. Her nipples were very erect and she was tweaking them occasionally as she masturbated with the vibrator. A few minutes later she had finished and peeled the panties off and put them in a plastic bag with a name on it.

"Hi Jill. Want to give me a hand?" I nodded. She gave me a form. On it was listed the guy's name, the type of panties he requested and what he would like done in them.

"What's this TBC?" I asked

"To be called. He wants to watch you. Call him on 345 and tell him to switch to TV channel 5 so he can watch you do whatever he requests on the form." I called him and said to me that he was ready. I picked up thong panty from the bottom of the bed and slipped off the pair Louise had given me, lay next to Chantal on the bed and spread my legs. I slowly inserted the panties into my cunt until just a couple of millmetres were protruding. Then I started to finger my cunt lips, closing my eyes, making tiny sighs of pleasure. Chantal whispered in my ears to only take 5 minutes. I did not need 5 minutes to orgasm. The panties inside me absorbed all my squirting juices which soaked the material. I removed them from my pussy and sealed them in the bag. Chantal had finished. We both slipped on our panties. She handed me a tight black micro skirt that just covered my backside. Chantal had a tanned body. She put on a white one which made her look terrific.

"Let's deliver them!" She led me to the rooms and we put them in the cabinets beside the room. As we were returning to the room I felt a hand go up inside my skirt from behind.

"Chantal, who is this sexy creature with juicy panties?" A man, wearing stockings, suspenders and panties with his cock hanging from the left side of his panties

"Phil, this is a new chick. Her name is Jill and she is sharing my bed. She is really a hot girl. I am looking forwards to getting it on with her." She said, looking at me, with a mischievous smile on her face." Maybe, Jill you should give him a blow job?"

I knelt in front of him, put his throbbing cock in my mouth and sucked the tip of it. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me so that I was sucking his cock at the speed he liked the most- very fast -- I could tell he was very horny- and soon shot his load into my mouth.

"Does she give as good as me? Chantal asked.

"I'm sorry to say she gives better than you. In fact, I'd like to book you after lunch."

Chantal agreed on a time and showed me how to do the booking. She showed me her phone with a small computer on it which displayed his profile and then she booked me in.

She led me to the toilet room where there was a guy lying on the floor completely naked.

Chantal straddled his face and told me to crouch over his cock. She lifted her skirt and shifted the panties to one side and pissed straight into his mouth. I followed her example and did the same, aiming my stream over his cock, covering it with a copious amount of yellow liquid. As I urinated over him, he wrapped his hand around his cock and stroked himself. Chantal handed me pair of surgical gloves which I put on, removed his hand and replaced it with mine. Chantal sat on his face so that he could lick her cunt clean while I jacked him off. It was all over in 30 seconds. He came in my hand. He got up and went to the shower while Chantal and I carried on.

It was lunch time so we headed for the dining room. We got some food from the self service area and found a couple of seats next to another 3 girls and were introduced to them. 2 of them were from Asia who had been brought in to service dominant men from a brothel area in their country. They were really hot and I wondered whether I would ever get to get it on with them. I was seated next to one of them and put my hand on her knee to see what would happen. She looked at me and smiled. That was it. So I removed my hand.

I had my appointment with the guy whom I had fellated earlier and made my way up to his room. He was waiting for me on the bed, wearing the same outfit as earlier. He was watching the TV where 2 girls were laying on the bed 69ing each other. I lay down beside him and asked him what he would like to do. He said that he would like me to start with a porno show.

I stood up and did a slow dance, slowly removing my white singlet, and then bent over so he could look up my skirt. All the while he was stroking his cock. I Backed up to him and stood beside him on the bed so that I could take his hand and put it under my skirt. His fingers went everywhere, up inside my cunt, down the front of them, and his other hand squeezed my nipples. He ripped my panties off me, pulled me on to the bed, spread my legs and lay on top of me. His cock, rubbing against my pussy, but not inside. He was not fully erect so he could not penetrate me. So I pressed myself against him, feeling him slide along my slit, up and down until I felt him ejaculate. I continued sliding until I felt he had been milked dry. He pushed me off him, got up and gave me a pair of thongs to wet for him. I pushed them up inside me as I knew that I was wet and left them in there for a few minutes, inviting him to pull them out of me. He was shaking when he pulled them out and put them on. It was a tight squeeze, but I helped him to put them on. As he was flaccid he could just get into them, but I could imagine if he was rock hard he wouldn't get them on. He asked me to leave him and thanked me.

I went back to my room and Chantal was in there completely naked, legs splayed, fingerfucking herself.

"God, Chantal you certainly know to get me turned on, don't you?"

"Jill, I am not turning you on. I am turning on the guy in room 234 and now that you are here maybe we should get it on together! I know you have wanted to, haven't you?" she asked with a mischievous smile on her face." And you too John, don't you?" Without waiting for a reply, she grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the bed, unzipping my skirt helping me off with it.

"Jill, eat my cunt out!" Chantal ordered. Maneuvered myself between her thighs and put my tongue inside her pussy as far as I could get it. Chantal grabbed the back of my head, holding my head tight against her cock pleaser. Not only could I taste her own juices, but I could tell she had recently been fucked by a man as there was a taste of a man's cum inside her hole.

"Oh yeah, Jill get that tongue in deeper! Fuck me with that hot tongue of yours!" I could sense that I was arousing her because I could taste rivulets of yummy pussy juice start to dribble out of her dripping cunt and into my mouth. "Oh baby that feels so good! You are making me cum. John are you cumming. I bet you'd like to taste my cunny juice, wouldn't you?" I could hear John answering that we had made him cum already and he thanked us for letting him see us together. Chantal reached up and switched the TV off saying we have 1 hour before her next appointment. We reversed position and she started to tongue me out.

After a few minutes she said "God you are one of the wettest girls I have ever met and I do love wet girls!" she took her tongue away from my mouth and replaced it with her fist which slid in easily. She removed it after a few thrusts and stopped." You know this is a great way to wet the panties for the guys who request them. I could shove the pairs up your wet cunt and I could do the pissy ones. Would that be ok?" she asked. I nodded

"How many pussy juice panties are there?" I asked


"Ok shove them up there one at a time and leave them in for 30 seconds. That should cover the material with enough juice to satisfy most guys!" I said, laughing

"So much easier than doing them one at a time and my pussy gets a bit raw from rubbing my finger against my cunt"

So within 5 minutes we had prepared the entire request and sealed them in Ziploc bags ready for delivery.

The 3 pissy ones were easy to do. Chantal just put all 3 pairs on and pissed in them. I felt a bit kinky and buried my mouth under the gusset so any excess that seeped out I could drink. We decided we would do this every day and enjoy having lesbian sex at the same time.

We both had appointments. We kissed each other and went to our guys.

Jean was in his room, waiting for me, dressed in leather mini skirt, stockings, high heels and a blouse with a padded bra, kneeling on the floor. I had been booked for a foot fetish session and had come wearing a black latex microskirt, fine denier stockings, high heeled shoes and a boob tube. He had told me at time of booking that he liked to be humiliated.

"Right slut, lick my shoes clean with your tongue and you can run your hand along my stockinged legs up to the ankle and tell me what my legs feel like!' I ordered him as I sat down on the edge of the bed. He had his tongue out and was licking the tops of my shoes and running his hands along my stockings above the ankle, rubbing my calves. I decided to let him do that for a few minutes before I asked him who gave him permission to go up to my calves. He replied that no one had. I reached under his skirt, his balls were tight against the panties and his cock was straining outwards against the tight material

"Now you pervert. I know you want to relieve yourself, don't you? Well stand up and fuck the soles of my stockinged feet!" I ordered, lying back on the bed and putting my feet up. He lifted his skirt, lowered his panties and pressed his cock against my feet. He rubbed his penis along my feet slowly at first, but as his excitement built up he grabbed my ankles and thrust against his cock, making one of my soles the object of his lust. He used my ankle to press the sole hard against his manhood and soon he was spurting on to my stockinged feet.

"Now, you pervert, lick the cum off my stockings!" I ordered him. He knelt on the floor and licked all his cum off my stockings. I removed my stockings and gave them to him before leaving.

I went down to the restaurant and sat next to Chanel who had already started dinner. I whispered to her that none of the guys I have serviced had fucked me. She laughed at that and whispered back this was a place for fetishists and perverts what did I expect.

After dinner we all went to the large room where the live sex shows were going to be performed. On the stage was tied one of the Asian sub girls to a low coffee table completely naked and a girl in a leather mini skirt with a dildo in her hand. She was sliding it in and out of her pussy. As the guys came out from the restaurant, they surrounded the girl, stroking their cocks. Several of the men used their other hands to play with her nipples. The girl with the dildo in her hand took one of the guy's hands and got him to slide the dildo in and out of her cunt. He was rougher with her and literally slammed the dido all the way in very hard. The other guys looked on as he dildo raped her tight Asian pussy, the sight of this rape sent the guys to an explosive ejaculation, covering her breast and face with a copious amount of jism.

The guys left the stage and sat on chairs below the dais to watch the leather clad girl sit on the Asian girl's face after she had removed all her clothes and eaten her pussy out. She asked for a female volunteer and I watched a girl with tight denim shorts approach her.

She made me feel very kinky and knew that at some time I was going to have her and it would not be too long to wait!

She slipped off her shorts. She had an all over tan and I could hear the men muttering how hot she was. She climbed on to the Asian girl so that her breasts were lying on top of the Asian girl's breasts. She was rubbing herself against the girl so that the cum over her body was being wiped by her. When she got off the 2 bodies glistened with a bright sheen of cum soaked bodies. The Asian girl was untied and the 2 of them walked over to the seated men and sat down on their laps, grinding their pussies into their genitals. Before getting up and moving to the next guy.

When she had finished with the guys, I walked up to her and said she was one of the sexiest girls I had ever met. She looked me up and down, took my arm and led me back to the stage, removed my clothes and got me to kneel on the floor across the coffee table so that she could secure my wrists to cuffs on either side attached to the floor. She spread my legs and placed small pillows under each of my knees.

She slid a finger along my pussy lips, pressing down on my clit until I was writhing. I watched her stand in front of me, as she strapped on a dildo. I was facing the male audience who were waiting in anticipation as she knelt behind me and thrust the artificial cock between my thighs. As she did this she played with her nipples, tweaking them with her thumb and forefinger. There was a collective sigh of excitement from the audience. This was not what I had expected -- to be used as a tool for the men's sexual gratification. Yet, being the centre of it got my juices working. It did not take long for the first guy to stand up and order me to open my mouth so that I can take his hot throbbing cock in his mouth. Soon several of the others got up and the girl withdrew from my pussy and got them to form 2 queues 1 at the back and 1 at the front. I was being double penetrated and there was nothing I could do about it except accept that I was rape material and was fucked by just 5 of the guys there while the others just watched..

The girl went over to Chantal and said something to her which made Chantal smile.. She came back to me after the guys had had their way with me and shoved a couple of fingers inside me, saying that now I had been truly fucked as she put the cum drenched fingers into my mouth to lick. She untied me and left the room.

I had my final booking in a few minutes with a couple and made my way up to their room after I had dressed. I knocked on their door and the door was opened by the man completely naked with a rock hard erection. The woman was lying on the bed.

" That was a hot show you put on!" the man said." I bet your cunt is full of cum! I nearly shot my load when I fucked you downstairs, but decided to save it for now. My girlfriend, Wendy, thinks I have admirable self control."

I looked at Wendy on the bed with a vibrator inside her pussy. The guy whispered to me to join her on the bed and eat her pussy out. I moved to the bed and knelt between her thighs, lowering my mouth to her cunt so that I could slide my tongue inside her. While I was doing this her guy slid a couple of fingers through my panties into my pussy, shoving the panties inside me so that the material could absorb the mixture of cum and my juice.

"Take the panties off and give them to Wendy and sit on my face so all your sexy juices drip down into my mouth. Feel free to piss into my mouth too."

My panties were saturated. I gave them to Wendy who put them to her face while I sat on the man's face in such a position that he could felch me. He buried his tongue inside my wet pussy and as he did that my juices dripped straight into his open mouth. I probably had more male cum inside me than my own, but that did not stop him from lapping it all up. I started to open my bladder and slowly piss into his mouth. I had quite a bit to give him, but he lifted my arse up and asked me to stop as Wendy wanted to drink my piss too . He got Wendy to lie beside him and I stood up and over them aiming my stream of piss alternately to each others mouth.

"Piss on his cock!" Wendy asked. I moved down and did as she asked. When I had finished she sat on his cock and rode him till he ejaculated inside her. She got off him and pushed him out of bed.

"Now Jill double fist me!' she ordered. She knelt on the bed so I could insert one hand into her cunt and the other into her anus. She had been well lubricated and my hands slid in relatively easily. I had a rhythm going and soon her cunt was loosening up. Her boyfriend came over to me and managed to get his hand into her pussy beside me so that that the palms of our hands were in contact, forcing her cunt lips apart. He next slowly slipped a couple of fingers inside her arsehole beside my hand, forcing slowly the rest of his hand so that both her holes were being fisted by me and the guy.

"Faster! She demanded. Another first for me. I had fisted guys and girls before but never with a partner. I could tell she was lost in the throes of an orgasm. My hand was getting wetter and even though she had had her orgasm she ordered us to continue fisting her 2 holes until she had climaxed for a second time.

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